Wednesday, December 23, 2020

12/23/20 Memories

Pictures are a way of preserving the past.

Your memory also holds some of the past reserved.

When you are missing someone, you can draw upon these memories, from pictures and your own mind,

to rekindle the emotions that you have about the past.

This is sometimes a bitter sweet reflection.

Knowing you can and will still have a current connection with your loved one will help you find the joy in these memories.

Your loved ones are close by, letting you know you are loved.

Watch for the signs and synchronicities of their doing;

Little things that are directly related to you and your relationship,

Meaningful to you in a way that is beyond explanation.

It will rekindle those emotions and create a new memory.

Your current relationship requires conversation to bring the connection closer and stronger.

Don’t shy away.

Engage in this conversation and respond to their attempts to be acknowledged.

This continual bond will help to fill the void you once felt.

Try understanding that your relationship has changed but love never dies and you will always have them with you.

Work together on this process, on this relationship, and the memories from pictures and your mind will be ever so sweet once more.

We are all with you –


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