Wednesday, December 31, 2014

12/31/14 NO Matter What!

The Kingdom of God is at hand.
You don't have to search or battle for it.
It is yours always.
You just have to recognize it and know that it belongs to everyone.
Competing and restricting it's entry actually puts you further from where you want to be.
It is limitless and has no boundaries.
So there will be enough for everyone to have some.
You will not be closed out, NO Matter What!
Only you will reap the benefits or woes of your life's actions.
But that will not take the Kingdom from you.
If you believe that you don't have to compete for it would that change the way you live.
Stop all the hatred and war.
Replace it with understanding and love.
There will be more peace and a better life for all.


Happy New Year 2015

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

12/30/14 Peace On Earth

Peace on earth...goodwill to man.
This is a prayer that is said very often this time of year.
It is hope for a better tomorrow.
Offered to unify the thoughts of many in order to achieve such a state.
Keep this same prayer and hope throughout the new year.
It helps increase the vibration of the planet.
Elevating many to a higher level.
Movement toward a greater peace is possible.
The gifts of love, hope and peace are the greatest of all.


Monday, December 29, 2014

12/29/14 Start Each Day

Wake up and set your intention to have a bright and cheerful day.
Let everything happen just how it may.
It causes you too much worry and tension to plan too far ahead not knowing what all is involved.
So let it be.
You'll have the experiences and lessons that you were intended to have.
Start each day and see if some of these plans are easily rolled into
the making without your stress and worry.
Take a minute every morning and be grateful and open to whatever may be.
The blessings flow easier when you are more content, don't you see.


Sunday, December 28, 2014

12/28/14 Listen To Your Guidance

Listen to your guidance.
It is given all the time.
You may not recognize it because it comes to you in many ways.
We try to get to you in a way that you might take seriously and pay attention to.
Your body may talk to you.
It can give you small warnings about decisions you are making that may affect your growth and safety.
Your mind may be sending you things to consider about both sides of the issue.
Maybe some messages can come to you from something someone else says or does.
We may even use other media like –TV - books - music to get across a point we want you to consider.
But all in all, the decision is yours and you are not wrong or right in any decision.
There will just be a different outcome.
So listen to your guidance both internal and external.
Take a few moments to understand the outcome for yourself and others.
Then go forward.
You make many of these decisions every day.
Some are just more serious and have a larger impact on who you are.
The guidance is there if you ask for it and pay attention.


Saturday, December 27, 2014

12/27/14 Positive Place

Keep your mind in a positive place.
Don’t always go looking for something wrong or a problem.
It is a talent to find something good in everything.
With practice it can be your go to response.
Then more positive energy will be attracted to you.
Great way to start the New Year off.
Stop complaining and criticizing.
Look for something good.   It’s there
It won’t take long and you will see the change.


Friday, December 26, 2014

12/26/14 Humble Evaluation

Think of all the growth and awareness you have had this year.
You have become closer to who you want to be.
It is a time of celebration and trump over certain goals.
What will be your focus for the coming year?
What growth and new development would you like to see?
It is time for an assessment.
See what you would like to change.
Set intention to make progress on that goal.
A small humble observance is all that is needed.
The choice is always there.
It feels so good when you see progress and accomplishment even a portion of your goal.
Write it down as to commit it to sight and memory.
We will help you.


Thursday, December 25, 2014

12/25/14 Lighten and Brighten

Let the light come in.
Let it into your heart.
All are born into the light.
It is sometimes darkened with the human woes.
To learn and love the light you must know the dark.
But today is born a new light.
A light knowing and choosing love.
This is who you truly are.
Not the darkness you hold on to.
Let that be lifted and allow this new light to brighten 
your very soul.
It is a pure selfless light that knows only love.
This is the true truth we celebrate today.
May the hearts of all beings be lifted and brightened by 
the light today.


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

12/24/14 On the Eve

On the eve of loving and giving keep that focus in your heart.
It is this that is the message here, to bring with you throughout the day.
Each one holds their own issues to be put aside today.
Only focus on being the loving kind friend of another.
Listen with concern and compassion if they want to tell their woes.
For this alone can ease their pain, knowing someone else cares.
A smile and kind words can go a long way towards the healing that you all can use.
For each one has the human trait of missing someone during this time of year.
Time changes everything and memories are bittersweet.
But the love you once shared on the earth still exists today.
You still love them and they are close sending love your way.
Give everyone hugs for them and smile knowing you carry them with you in your heart.
We are never far away.
Merry Christmas.


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Post from 12/23/13 Be Happy- Be Healthy

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12/23/13 Be Happy - Be Healthy

You can hear clearer now when you think of things that make you happy.
The vibration of being happy is stronger than before.
You feel uplifted and there is hope that good things are coming your way.
You look forward to upcoming events with great expectation.
A little change in attitude, what a difference it can make in your life.
These good vibration actually have a positive effect on the vibration of others and everything around you.
Don't sit in a slump, look for a way to that happy spot.
Then open up and embrace the wonder that's there to enjoy.
Pay attention to how you feel inside.
Your whole body (heart), mind and soul feels better (different).
This is a healthy place to be.
Be happy - be healthy.


Monday, December 22, 2014

12/22/14 Set The Mood

Even though you may not get the weather for a White Christmas, you can have one of your own.
Keep the brightest light and greatest love as your mantra and center of your meditation.
You can bring this pure white light into your holiday.
Picture the pure white snow gently falling from the sky in peaceful quiet presence.
If you can see it in your minds eye, it can have that effect on your heart.
As you sit go through some of your fondest memories of which the holidays brought you joy, love and peace.
Allow that feeling – emotion back into your mind and heart.
This will set the mood for this holiday.
Keep in mind you get to choose how your days will be.
Start from a place of love and carry it through.
It could be the brightest holiday of all.


From last year:

12/22/13 Maintain Peace

Many riches are found upon the earth.
But none as rich as those who have peace in their heart.
Peace to know that all is well and all is exactly how it shall be.
None of this will effect your going home.
You are here to learn and grow.
Have the experience that brings you closer to who you truly are.
Each of you individually are having a unique experience yet the sum of it all creates the oneness we share.
We wish you this peace for the holidays and share good will to all.
For what you do for another you are truly doing for yourself.
It is the experience of oneness we share.
Maintain peace and you will feel rich.
We are with you always.


Sunday, December 21, 2014

12/21/14 Holiday Blues

There are still some things for you to consider before you give up on the Christmas cheer.
Most of the things associated with Christmas are based around love and giving.
Do not focus on the times when jealousy, greed and resentment are the emotions being displayed.
Be love and you will give love that energy to grow.
Do not join the others who have found lower energy to bring forth.
Always reach for the highest energy – love.
Only think and focus on who you want to be.
Let their energy speak for itself.
You are not held responsible for such action.
Just don't let them get you down.


If you feel the sadness dragging you down.
Your heart is heavy and aching for relief.
Turning your thoughts and actions another way that will bring the true you to a better place.
Do not let the war of others shadow your own feelings of love.
You can be sharing loving kindness is hope that the vibration is known.
Pick yourself up and get out of the rut.
There is so much to be done in order to heal.
Look how much better just the thought of it makes you feel.
Concentrate on filling your heart with feeling of gratitude and love.
It will uplift your spirit and free your soul.


Saturday, December 20, 2014

12/20/14 Where You Direct Your Thoughts

Everything that you see that man has created began as a thought.
Thoughts are very powerful energy.
They are what sets in motion the creative process.
Pay close attention to where you allow your thoughts to go.
Lend no energy to destructive or cruel thoughts for you then direct energy to that force.
Instead direct your thoughts, so therefore energy, towards something creative and loving.
This raises the vibration and the energy surrounding you.
It is a domino effect that raises the vibration of a larger area.
We can be closer to this vibration and you can draw your loved ones closer too.
Look for signs and messages from them.
This season of family and festive celebration allows a closer contact.
Call and they will come.
Peace be unto you...


Friday, December 19, 2014

12/19/14 Gifts of The Season & Venture On

Gifts of The Season

We call to mind the gifts of the season,
The Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
Let them enter your heart as well as your home.
And bring the Christmas Peace, Love and Joy, as it is said.
These are the ones that are most important to have.
They will continue to last well into the New Year.

Venture On

Be of strong mental solace.
Do not let them chip away at your fortitude.
You are a visionary and a pioneer.
They are not able to see that far in front of them.
And because of fear they hold others back.
But because of your faith, courage and the need to understand you will venture on.
Much more is there and will be presented.
You will be rewarded for this pursuit.
Fear not, you are never alone.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

12/18/14 Master of Your Universe

You are the master of your universe, divine, exceptional loving presence.
Always consider these qualities you embody.
This is the way to see yourself.
And it is not out of arrogance but out of humble trust that you know who you are.
You must feel this way in order to be sure enough to co-create your experience.
You must know that you are worthy and confident enough to believe this possible.
Otherwise you fall victim to the circumstances of your life without knowing of your power to choose and create.
Know that it already exists and allow it to come into your reality.
Put your energy towards the world you want to see and you will see it.
Don't let the distractions of other fields clutter your vision.
Attitude, intention and trust is your building blocks to manifestation.
You will see great accomplishment with conscious effort.
We will help you.


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

12/17/14 Thoughts

Don't be so hard on yourself.
Thoughts wonder here and there.
Only pick the ones that best serve you.
They will lead you to live the life you want and be at peace.
Let all else pass by with little notice.
Set high expectations for the day and see what comes.
That is where inspiration will be.
Then experience the peace you seek.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

12/16/14 Balance and Healing

Ask for your spiritual guidance to be shown to you.
Then follow it to the tee, exactly how you interpret it to be.
Along with the guidance will come the healing flowing into you.
Believe that it is done.
Trust that the spiritual healing will come first.
Love and Kindness will take the place of anger and fear.
Then you are able to work on the physical.
Bringing balance and healing back to those places in your body where you had held the pain.
Stay consistent. Your body takes a while to respond.
It is time to let go of those pass resentments and embrace the new.
All is well.


Monday, December 15, 2014

12/15/14 Mother Mary

Bring the Blessed Mother Mary into focus.
Honor her for the beautiful brave mother that she was.
A controversial start but she accepted the challenge.
They traveled a great distance to find a birthing place suitable for them.
She raise the child to know his place and allowed him the freedom to speak, learn and grow into the man he was.
She accepted his mission to go off and preach.
She gave him little resistance for whatever he did.
Then she had to witness the suffering and dying on the cross.
She then became a bereaved parent.
Such faith she had, suffering his loss, to know that all was well and he would continue to live in another way.
You now look to him for guidance everyday.
So give her great honor and look up to her strength, devotion and her faith.
Pray to her now to know there is much more to this journey, that doesn't end at death, but continues well beyond the veil.
Mother Mary will help you if you allow her to.
She will walk along beside you all the way.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

12/14/14 Deep Conditioning

Come let me tell you about deep conditioning.
This works on a heart that is relatively firm from a hardening.
There are emotions, hurt, resentment, and blame that can cause them to feel so withdrawn and sad that it seems to have hardened their heart.
They will not let any emotion show.
They have turned away from who they are and kept themselves separate.
With deep conditioning they are surrounded by love and kindness.
It is shown to them in many ways by many others.
No matter how they resist, love is still there.
They are presented with experiences that work on opening their heart.
It may take a while but that is the goal.
Finding something that will bring them home again to a place where they will allow love to exist.
If someone near you seems to have a hardened heart use every opportunity to show them love and kindness.
It takes a deep conditioning to soften their resolve.
We all rejoice when this is accomplished.


Saturday, December 13, 2014

12/13/14 Recognizing Guidance

I did not on purpose ask these questions but heard them in my mind also.

When rockets are fired off into space are they any closer to Source Energy?
Is the resistance in space less than here on the earth?
Are the astronauts able to have spiritual experiences easier because of the lack of atmosphere there?

The answer to these questions is Yes and No.
There is less interference so the vibration is clearer and more easily recognized.
But the awareness and consciousness of the scientific astronaut is not always able to receive and understand the guidance and messages any better than if they were on the earth plane.
That said, there has been a few that because of their conscious level have been more acceptable and have become more aware of guidance during and after their space voyage.
We can only claim that a small part can be contributed to the lack of atmosphere and placement of the astronaut in space.
Our messages can and do reach you wherever you are.
You only have to raise your vibration and conscious understanding a little to be reached.
We have been doing this for thousands of years, way before these scientific advancements.
But interesting concept to discuss...

Elevate your vibration by the positive uplifting place you set your intention.
You are already consciously aware of our desire and ability to communicate with you.
Open your heart and trust that we are with you always.
Who else is it that helps you when you call?
Believe and you will be able to recognize the guidance more often than before.


Friday, December 12, 2014

11/12/14 Appreciate The Changes

side note:
I heard reciting of The Night Before Christmas story.

The weather outside is delightful.
The changes brought about this time of year helps to prepare nature for the changes yet to come in the spring.
It is a balance for many things.
It is part of their cycle of life.
Appreciate these changes and learn what you can from them.
Find the rhythm and cycle of your own life.
Discover the balance and meaning for you.
All is well.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

12/11/14 Clarity

Sometimes you wake up and your head feels like it's in a cloud.
Be what it may, but the fog is there.
Sit for a minute to get a better prospective.
Why are you feelings so lost and confused?
Call upon clarity and guidance to come.
Wipe off the windows of your mind with a clean towel.
Open your heart and let inspiration in.
Something worth thinking will come.
Hold the highest intention to hear the best and don't let anything less have a chance.
Reach high and surround yourself with love.
Give peace a chance to take hold.
As you busy your day don't let your mind go astray.
Clarity will return.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

12/10/14 Lightworkers

You are a lightworker.
You carry the light for others to see.
When there is darkness you find light and bring it forward for others to see and know.
The flame on your light comes from the Source Energy and can not be extinguished.
It takes an open heart and clear mind to carry this light.
It is a great honor to carry this light and offer it to others so they may see.
Stand tall and know we are with you.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

12/9/14 Greater Understanding

It is with a heavy heart I meditated on the tragic death of several people in a accident yesterday.  I often can't seem to understand the meaning in what seems to be a horrific act of fate.  Here is what was given back to me. It still feels harsh to my human emotions and I pray for a greater understanding. 
My sympathy and prayers go to all those involved and to you also who have to struggle with grief and death.

Yes you feel compassion for those who have died and the families left behind.
Know there is a greater plan than the one you may know.
It is very hard to understand when all this comes about.
It seems that fate is cruel and dealt another blow.
Those who have crossed over to the existence they now know are there to help the others learn how to cope and grow.
They will be surrounded with love and guidance to help them along the way.
It isn't easy but the rewards will be a greater understanding about their true self and what they've come here to know.
You can send them love and prayers to help them to be strong.
This has touched so many lives.
Each one will have to learn and understand and trust their own guidance.
Grief is a personal part of ones own journey here and helps you to be who you are.
Presence and love surround all of you.


Monday, December 8, 2014

12/8/14 Attitude

We haven't really talked much about your attitude.
Your attitude is a reflection of your thoughts and feelings about something that you express.
You can have thoughts and feelings and keep them to yourself.
When you outwardly express them we call that your attitude.
Because attitude gives others a window to your inside feelings it may effect the way they think about and view the same situation.
This expression and the new thoughts and feelings related to others viewing your attitude gives energy to that issue.
You can see how powerful your expressed attitude then becomes.
It may also help to change the way others around you view a certain issue in a positive loving way.
Pay closer attention to the attitude you project and the response it commands.
This may help to bring peace and love throughout the world.


Sunday, December 7, 2014

12/7/14 Uplifted

Your heart is full of gladness every moment of the day.
It is when you don't allow it that it seems to disappear.
Your heart knows the true nature of yourself – which is love.
You feel it in your heart when you allow yourself to express it.
Work on whatever is blocking you from expressing the love that you are.
Expel it from your life.
It is what is stifling your growth and movement forward.
It is what is making you sick.
Forgive if it is anger.
Forget if it is resent.
Free yourself from the worry.
Allow love to lead the way.
You can already feel the difference.
It is uplifting and lighter in itself.
Others around you will feel it also.
The resistance will be lifted.
And more will come your way.
We are with you.


Saturday, December 6, 2014

12/6/14 Key to Communication

Reaching that higher frequency is most often the key to communication.
If you are out of alignment and not at your highest level you may not be able to receive.
Stop and meditate for a few moments, clearing all the earthly stuff out of your mind.
Breathe in deeply for a few minutes.
Then bring in your purpose for the communication and reach high for the inspiration.
It is for love, understanding and service that you want the communication.
These are of a higher frequency so a match is made.
Listening and letting the message and words of hope and wisdom bring peace and gratefulness to you heart.
Those too are of a high level of vibration.
This is where you can heal and be who you truly are.
We appreciate your love and effort.


It is with the greatest gratitude and humility I accept this honor to hear these words and pass them on.
But you too can do this. It is open to all. Call and then listen... “ 

Friday, December 5, 2014

12/5/14 Perfect Order

Be in awe every moment of the day of the magic that surrounds you.
Man has grown compliant with the wonders of the things around him.
You take so much for granted that is remarkable to see.
Start with your own physical body and the way it works perfectly.
It heals, grows and replenishes itself without much help from you.
In fact you quite often jam the works up unintentionally.
Next take the nature that covers your planet, feeds and clothes you.
It's a perfect example of co-existing type of elements.
You breathe oxygen and plants breathe your carbon dioxide.
Perfect match you see.
When you closely look around you will find this perfection order and wonder in everything.
Remember your part in all of this is perfect also.
Never question your existence.
You fit right into the scheme of things.
You are doing exactly what you are to be doing – learning and growing along the way.
Trust that all you feel, know and wonder are the tools to move forward on this journey.
More to go.


Thursday, December 4, 2014

12/4/14 Legacies

Give tribute to those who have passed before you.
Think of them as leaders who show you the way.
They are known for their courage, values and generosity.
They have left legacies for you to learn from.
How did they handle life's biggest challenges?
See which ones you relate to and what you can learn from them.
Call out to them.
They hear you and can help you when you need it.
It is their honor and privilege to be close by.
We are all connected for just that reason.


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

12/3/14 The Gifts

Blessings spread throughout the land.
Blessings of Faith, Hope and Love.
Not everyone will recognize these gifts 
     because they often come wrapped differently.
Each day you open your heart and let the bounty in.
Warming your heart and allowing it to glow.
You share this with those around you in the days to come.
And they in return pass it on 
      and more of it becomes.
If you could see the hearts as lights this time of year, 
     the earth has a special glow.
Much like the Christmas lights twinkling that you show.
Take this special time and these gifts  
    and spread the Christmas Cheer.
You'll never know whose heart you've touched 
    that needed it so dear.
Slow down and catch the moments of love 
    and friendship that's around.
It is the magic they talk about 
    spreading with leaps and bounds.
It calumniates on that day but let the love spill over.
It doesn't have to end there,
    carry it on throughout the year.
Keep the hope and love in your heart, 
      remembering it's special glow.
Doing this will bring you peace 
    and happiness throughout the year.


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

12/2/14 The Spirit of Giving

It is in the spirit of giving that you are here.
You've come here to give of your talents and gifts to others out of love.
These are all of the gifts that you need to give to find fulfillment.
There are no shopping lines or large amounts of money needed.
Just your time and effort.
Set some time aside to find exactly what others might need from you and be willing to give it.
Do this with a kind and generous heart.
Listen to their grumbling and complaining with true compassion.
They need someone to care enough to listen.
Open your heart and allow what you've found to become their peace.
The more of these gifts you give the more you will receive back.
It lightens your heart when you know you are helping others.
Bring the spirit of giving home where it belongs.


Monday, December 1, 2014

12/1/14 Feeling Freedom

You no longer want to feel enslaved.
You need to feel freedom in order to feel limitless.
Give no one the power to judge you.
No one.
Don't even be so hard on yourself.
You've come here to experience life as you need to.
But there are so many rules and restrictions.
So many to please.
Set aside time for yourself, where you only answer to what pleases you.
Taste a small sample of non judgment.
How does freedom feel?
Now practice on granting this power to others.
Take one day at a time and don't give anyone your opinion or impose any judgment.
Did they get to also feel more freedom?
It is the way to grow.
The lessons are still there.
You must learn about who you are and what you will choose!
Trust your true self.


Sunday, November 30, 2014

11/30/14 Heavy Heart

When your heart is just so heavy that it seems nothing will help, it is time to just surrender to the grief you hold so deep.
We know nothing can really replace that emptyness you feel.
You just have to sit with it for a time until you feel the love.
It is still there.
You didn't loose it.
Love surrounds you everyday, making you stronger to do what you need to.
You feel this sadness in your grief because its hard to understand.
There is no death, only change from there to here, which was all along in the plan.
Now it is time for your part to be strong and persevere for there is still plenty to do.
Keep your heart uplifted with visions of their love and let them help you carry on.
You will feel their love.
Open the darkness and let the light in.
We will help you.


Saturday, November 29, 2014

11/29/14 Significant Movement and Growth

As this month is drawing to an end, take a look at what you've learned and how much it has helped you to be who you want to be.
If you've made progress, good for you.
If you are stuck, then there is still time to go back and look at where the problem lies.
We've talked about forgiveness and thankfulness.
We've talked about changing the energy in your thoughts and around you.
We've talked about understanding your soul family and friends and your purpose on being together at this time.
Also focus on spending time healing and loving your physical and emotional body.
If more care and attention was taken in these directions you would see a significant amount of movement and growth.
We know these are rather complicated issues but taken one at a time and truly working on a change you can promote the change you want to see.
More peace and love to be felt and shared.
That's what you ultimately want.
Misunderstanding and negative thoughts and energies only leave you suffering and unhappy.
Be prepared to lay your differences aside and make peace.
Nothing is worth the pain and agony it can cause.
Live each day knowing you've done your best to help someone know love.
Peace be with you.


Friday, November 28, 2014

11/28/14 Emotional Suffering

Time is an illusion.
You may think that you are suffering for a very long time but it has been only a brief moment in your history.
And suffering is a choice.
You may at any time change your way of thinking and change the suffering.
Pain is inevitable.
At sometime in your physical life there will be some form of pain but your emotional suffering is a choice.
The mind is the tool and a most powerful one at that.
Change the way you are thinking about the situation and you will change the situation.
When you learn this many things that seem to be happening to you can also change.
You can see them from a higher perspective and not be attached to them at all.
Keep yourself in line with your true self, answering to who you are and who you want to be.
This is a lifetime challenge to learn the lesson and allow the change to help you grow.
Then let it go- no suffering.
We are with you.


Thursday, November 27, 2014

11/27/14 Being Thankful

There is so much to be thankful for.
We are actually surprised there is only one day set out for that purpose.
Have a happy one and celebrate life as you know it.
Celebrate the abundance that you have in your family, friends and faith.
Be grateful for your health and financial abundance, the physical property and warm home.
We could go on and on.
Maybe you should list all that you've accomplished on your own.
See how abundant you are.
But the most important part is to be thankful for your awareness, connection to your spirit, to God and to the universe.
Know who you are and where you have come from.
This will bring you the peace you seek.
Set aside your worries and sorrows for today.
Be happy and grateful for the love that surrounds you.
Live, Laugh and Love -
You are surrounded by love and be grateful for that.


11/26/14 Eve of Many Thanks

On this eve of many thanks bring into mind those things that you won't mention tomorrow.
And yet they are things that you should be grateful for because they have brought you many blessings and you have learned a lot.
These are the people and the lessons where perhaps you had not your proudest moments.
The situation may have been caused from your misunderstanding yet there was a lot learned.
You should be grateful for these challenging times and for all the growth earned and lessons learned through difficult times.
You might have to humble yourself to discover what we are speaking of but in your heart you know it is there.
Send thankfulness to those people in your life that help you to learn, grow and be who you are today.
They were here doing only what you had agreed would happen to make it here where you are today.
It takes true courage to forgive and give thanks for these transgressions.
Now feel the freedom in your heart.
No more resent or guilt, only love and peace.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

11/25/14 The Knowing

Knowing that you are part of a much bigger world must be somewhat comforting to know.
Your conscious mind, while you are here, is somewhat limited but you can sense that.
Once you've had physical contact with the other part you can only imagine what more there can be.
Your brief encounter with spirit only brings a glimpse of what there is.
But it may open the possibility of much more for you to ponder on.
Let it help to enrich your life and purpose here.
These encounters can help you prepare for more to come.
Let it help you ease your pain and wondering about all that is.
You will know more in due time.
We are with you.


Monday, November 24, 2014

11/24/14 Doctors and Hospitals

Since you now know of your daily guidance, helping you along the way, you can imagine what a huge job there is with guidance and divine intervention used at hospitals and with those skilled hands of doctors.
They have done their homework and taken all the classes and training physically and mentally to become doctors.
But with our help and guidance they become even better.
For lifetimes the medical profession has had the help of many wise and skilled spirits to enrich their knowledge and steady their hands.
All of which have entered the same agreements that you have before you arrived here.

Your physical body is speaking to you .
Some of this needs to happen.
Think positive thoughts, put positive healing energy, at most, in your mind to experience the best outcome.
Your thoughts and energy have also a lot to do with your physical healing.
Give your physical body the love and attention it needs and deserves.
This experience is a series of choices in which you will learn from either way.
So make it a positive healing one.
Surround yourself with healing love and know it to be.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

11/23/14 Give Freely

Be socially correct and think about others during this holiday season.
Not everyone has the money or time to do the shopping you want to do.
So put some time aside and some money aside to donate to those who have less.
Less is more in this solution.
So give it out more freely and see something good for you to come back.
Put yourself in their situation.
Comfort and share your gifts.
Whatever they need, help them.
Everyone is different, you will learn.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

11/22/14 Stop All Judgment

There is no right or wrong.
So stop all the judgment and downing yourself because you want to do something.
All forms of enjoyment are experiences.
Some better for you than others.
But wrong is not to be associated with a choice you have made.
It will take many more years, lifetimes for the ego mind to accept this premise totally for it always wants to know it all and be judgmental.
If you place the decision in a not necessary or acceptable category then you don't really want to do it.
But for others it may be OK.
Each will see what reaction their choices will bring.
Practice this non judgmental attitude for a while and see that there is a larger variety of experiences in which to have.
Know you are loved and cared for constantly.


Friday, November 21, 2014

11/21/14 Special Relationships

So much is yet to say.
We will talk about relationships.
The ones that you have with your spouse or partner.
These ones are very special because they have agreed to love you and help you through the hardest of times.
And things will get tough will they not.
It is in their spiritual path to be right there beside you helping and supporting in many ways.
And you for them in challenging times.
You must be open and honest and tell them what you need.
Then allow them to give it to you.
You have formed a sacred bond to love, respect and serve each other.
Value the individuality and the united part of this partnership.
They each exist for the same reason, to help you learn and grow in your respected paths.
As long as this is possible the bond will last.
Keep that love and respect for each other yet working together as one.
Happiness and peace will follow.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

11/20/14 Where You Are

Different areas of your planet have different climates at different times throughout the year.
They are formed in the atmosphere by the different energy pressures that exist at that time and have a direct collation with the sun and its energy.
Each of you pick where you want to be for a reason.
There are lessons to learn, always.
Some of them relate to your weather and coping with these changes.
Instead of complaining and fighting these elements, relax into the seasons and appreciate something beautiful in each one, allowing this physical change.
Resistance is causing the uncomfortable feeling you are experiencing.
Compliance will bring ease, you will be able to do your work and find your peace again.
Do not waste this precious time.
You'll find something that needs your attention and care at this time.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

11/19/14 Pay Attention

Pay more attention to the signs that you get.
They are spirit letting you know they are close by and love you so.
They may be obvious or very subtle that only you would know.
Either way they are very special.
We love it when we can get your attention and even get a smile.
You don't see them all.
You've missed quite a few.
Just making it more challenging for us in getting through.
We rejoice when you happen upon one that was more difficult to prepare.
All of the signs are just to let you know you are not alone.
We are with you and helping you in anyway we can.
Go about with the confidence and love that we are sending your way.
You are on the right path and much more will come.
Personal reward and spiritual growth are among the benefits you reap, when you go about each day with love and gratitude in your heart.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

11/18/14 While You Sleep

A reasonable amount of what you remember from your dreams really happened.
You are able to leave your body and fly around consciously.
(The part that is not true is that only your consciousness is doing it.)
You have no body, no form with you.
It is in bed resting.
While you sleep you are consciously active and doing some of your life lessons.
Sometimes more is accomplished than while you are awake.
Take a few moments when you awaken to discover where you have been and what you might have learned.
It can enrich your waken life also.


Monday, November 17, 2014

11/17/14 Soul Families

Many souls have come here with you to fulfill life lessons and promote spiritual growth.
The soul families lives intertwine in order to support each other in this quest for advancement.
Most always they include your extended physical family but sometimes are souls that appear in your life at specific times.
Through these interactions the challenges and support needed are presented coincidentally.
Being aware of these relationships will help you to appreciate, respect and gain from the lessons being presented.
Yes, those that push your button are probably doing it for a reason.
Silently thank them and work through the situation.
Find out what you need to learn.
Look within yourself with love and understanding to solve most conflicts.
For that’s where you can make the only true change.
Remember that is why you are here.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

5/27/14 (Personal) Balance Ego and Spirit

Your spirit is stronger than you ego.
The ego is there to keep you safe and running efficiently.
I t prefers to do the same thing everyday.
Therefore, is a little resistant to big changes or adventures into the unknown.
You spirit is all knowing and therefore trusts these adventures and has no fear.
The key is to convincing the ego to allow spirit to be in charge for a while.
Practice this in order to allow the physical phenomena that you are wanting.
You will balance out and the will be no struggle.
All will come in time and order.

11/16/14 Rediscover Your Power

The messages are about who you are, how to live your life to the fullest and find peace in your heart.
We talk about fear and death as a way to help you understand them and free you from their power over your experiences.
You must do all the work yourselves to accomplish these results.
Listen and contemplate the ideas to see how they sit with you.
They may help change some of your responses to life’s challenges and ultimately your spiritual growth.
The truth is found within yourself and just needs to be rediscovered.
Slow down and allow yourself that chance to discover what you hold, the power within you, to reach this full potential.
You will know because there is no struggle and peace and love will take its place.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

11/15/14 Let Go of the Past.

Let it be known, all that goes before you does not define who you are.
Only what is here now defines who you truly are.
And that is constantly changing.
So you are changing also.
It is human thinking that gives the past so much say so in your life.
Learn what you need to know from these experiences and then let it go.
You will feel new freedom when you no longer carry all that with you.
Acknowledge and forgive all transgressions and move to a new place within your frame of mind.
This is the peace and freedom you are seeking.
Moving froward and expanding your horizons is inevitable.
Enjoy this new personification.
All is well.