Thursday, December 31, 2015

12/31/15 Peace and Harmony

Go to sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow ( as every other night) ready to start a new.
Babies do this very easily and so should you.
Leave yesterday behind and start a new outlook.
No regrets – nothing lingering, just a smile on you face.
Have a bounce in your step as you go off to make the day count.
You have the chance to make different choices and have all new experiences.
Certainly make being happy and healthy on the top of your list.
Live moment to moment in peace and harmony.

Reminder of last years words
12/31/14 NO Matter What!
The Kingdom of God is at hand.
You don't have to search or battle for it.
It is yours always.
You just have to recognize it and know that it belongs to everyone.
Competing and restricting it's entry actually puts you further from where you want to be.
It is limitless and has no boundaries.
So there will be enough for everyone to have some.
You will not be closed out, NO Matter What!
Only you will reap the benefits or woes of your life's actions.
But that will not take the Kingdom from you.
If you believe that you don't have to compete for it would that change the way you live.
Stop all the hatred and war.
Replace it with understanding and love.
There will be more peace and a better life for all.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

12/30/15 Care For Yourself

The end of the year is a good time to say “Good-Bye” to bad habits.
It is a better time to start some new ones – ones that will promote good health and peace.
But don't stress out about it.
Just give yourself a gentle reminder.
Set an intention and carry it through.
You will see and feel the difference in a very short time.
Take care of yourself so you can care for others.

12/29/15 An Open Heart

Keep your heart open.
Many things will be coming down the road.
You will do better if your heart can accept and help you understand it all.
Your heart will help you to see and feel from others perspectives.
Life is different for each person and therefore they see it differently.
Do not judge just allow it to be and be an understanding bystander.
Learning from all perspectives and shedding love and light wherever you can.

Monday, December 28, 2015

12/28/15 Love and Compassion

Love and compassion go hand in hand to help mend a broken heart.
Love is a constant that exists although sometimes goes unrecognized.
Love is the building block of who you are.
It is always there.
Compassion is love in action.
It is shared when you understand others pain and suffering.
It is the balm that holds the love in place.
Together they surround and heal the broken heart.
In this tender way you can show others that they are so special and truly worthy of all the love that is there.
See how this can make a difference in your self and others.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

12/27/15 Call Upon Us

When you feel lost and afraid we are there by your side.
Talk to us if you want then the response will make more sense.
Call upon us for the information that you don't know or forget at the moment.
We will help you as best we can.
If you think “Google” is good give us a chance.
( I can't believe I am writing this !)
We are your guide and teachers and have been with you all the time.
You are never completely lost or alone.
Call upon us – you will know!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

12/26/15 Looking Ahead

Do not loose site of your mission.
Keep it close to your heart.
And much will be brought to you in the new year.
The word will go out, no worries about what you will find.
There is much less stress this time of the year, so you will have plenty time to work on your mission.
Much can be accomplished if you keep to the plan.
Do not stray too far from the path.
Look for the signs.
We will help you.

Friday, December 25, 2015

12/25/15 Christmas Time

Christmas time.
The birth of the light of the world.
Jesus carried that light just as you do.
It is the God light.
You carry it too.
Let yours shine out by living as he would a loving and compassionate life.
Celebrate with joy and love, the awakening of the light within you and all that will know and accept this power.
Christmas is not the celebration of the past but the celebration of the new light.
The light that will light up the world.
Enjoy and love each other.

Last year's post:
12/25/14 Lighten and Brighten
Let the light come in.
Let it into your heart.
All are born into the light.
It is sometimes darkened with the human woes.
To learn and love the light you must know the dark.
But today is born a new light.
A light knowing and choosing love.
This is who you truly are.
Not the darkness you hold on to.
Let that be lifted and allow this new light to brighten your very soul.
It is a pure selfless light that knows only love.
This is the true truth we celebrate today.
May the hearts of all beings be lifted and brightened by the light today.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

12/24/15 The Moon

The Moon is your sister,
A friend.
It moves around you with grace and precision.
Together Mother Earth and the Moon create a gentle energy.
Tonight when you see her in All of her beauty, feel that gentle energy lift you.
For those who are sensitive to this energy you will feel this gentle pull.
Pulling you -
Closer to the heavens.
Use this time to make a greater connection.
A connection with all the universe.
You are a part of this natural wonder.
Feel one and at peace.


(powerful – tears at my eyes)

Merry Christmas

From last year....12/24/14 On the Eve

On the eve of loving and giving keep that focus in your heart.
It is this that is the message here, to bring with you throughout the day.
Each one holds their own issues to be put aside today.
Only focus on being the loving kind friend of another.
Listen with concern and compassion if they want to tell their woes.
For this alone can ease their pain, knowing someone else cares.
A smile and kind words can go a long way towards the healing that you all can use.
For each one has the human trait of missing someone during this time of year.
Time changes everything and memories are bittersweet.
But the love you once shared on the earth still exists today.
You still love them and they are close sending love your way.
Give everyone hugs for them and smile knowing you carry them with you in your heart.
We are never far away.
Merry Christmas.


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

12/23/15 Let Love and Life

Do not worry about making everyone happy.
It is up to them to find their own happiness.
Do what is right for you and be happy yourself.
Sometimes that's enough for the feeling to spread.
Allowing space and opportunity for each to seek their own.
Let love and life do its thing.

12/22/15 Love is Everywhere (inspired by Nicole)

Love is like the air.
It's so abstract you can't put your finger on it.
And yet it is everywhere.
Open your heart.
Let it in – let it lift you up.
Lift you up to go places and do things with new enthusiasm that you haven't been feeling lately.
Love can create the sensation of bliss and youth.
It will give you a new foundation on which to build the future.
Love is everywhere.
Just let it in!

Monday, December 21, 2015

12/21/15 Be Mindful of Life

It's not the transition you should be spending your time concerned about.
It's the life you are leading and having right now.
Concern yourself with the choices you are making every day.
What you are learning and the joy and love you are spreading around.
It is this impact that you have a large chance to choose.
All of these day to day events add up to the sum of your life and that is what you'll take with you.
(That is what will become who you are.)
Be mindful of all of these times – day to day – where everything you think, say and do become who you are.
Be only concerned with the end, when it is near.
And there will the love be surrounding you.


12/20/15 Making Major Changes

Making major changes in your life is not easy.
You must be ready to have much of your normal routine disrupted.
But this is good for it will open up the opportunity to discover something new and different.
It may be just what is needed to grow from where you are.
Go slow and make small adjustments.
Trust your guidance and messages from your heart and body.
You will know what is good for you.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

12/19/15 A Year of Love.

You are doing a great job avoiding all the trouble and violence in the news.
Giving energy to the stories that promote loving kindness and acts of love and caring.
This promotes more peace and joy in the atmosphere.
Others are receiving that energy and it helps them to react the same with a higher form of energy.
It's easy to do this during the Christmas season try extending this same feeling and energy beyond this month into the year to come.
Leave the light on a little longer.
It would be so nice to see that same love extended throughout the year.
Not so much buying presents but just caring about others welfare.
A year of love.

Friday, December 18, 2015

12/18/15 No Prejudices

Two questions that sometimes come into your mind.
What will others think of me?
And will I be accepted?
The fear and not knowing that follows put you not at ease.
The question of judgment stands in the way.
Put away the judgment and be yourself.
That's always the best.
Be like a young child with no prejudices and your true self will shine.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

12/17/15 Best Wrapping Paper

It is hard to decide what gift to give.
Give the one that you want to give.
They change what they want so often, it would be hard to really know.
But if it makes you happy to give it then it comes with the right energy and will be appreciated that much for sure.
Love is the best wrapping paper.

12/16/15 Speak Through Your Heart

You have everything you need to have a successful communication with your guides.
You just have to listen.
Again it's with your heart not your ear.
They speak through your heart.
You know what it is.
You just have to trust and believe.
It's not something new.
They've been doing it all the time – since you were born.
Following their advice because it comes from them might be a new concept for you but it's not new.
We have been with you forever.

12/15/15 Taking You

Don't worry about where your spiritual path is taking you.
It is in the plan.
Just allow it to unfold and live it as you will.
Every next step will be there and it will always take you where you need to be.
Next lesson/ next adventure/ next mission – all there.
Be amazed.

Monday, December 14, 2015

12/14/15 No new post today. Last year's post 12/14/14 Deep Conditioning

Come let me tell you about deep conditioning.
This works on a heart that is relatively firm from a hardening.
There are emotions, hurt, resentment, and blame that can cause them to feel so withdrawn and sad that it seems to have hardened their heart.
They will not let any emotion show.
They have turned away from who they are and kept themselves separate.
With deep conditioning they are surrounded by love and kindness.
It is shown to them in many ways by many others.
No matter how they resist love is still there.
They are presented with experiences that work on opening their heart.
It may take a while but that is the goal.
Finding something that will bring them home again to a place where they will allow love to exist.
If someone near you seems to have a hardened heart use every opportunity to show them love and kindness.
It takes a deep conditioning to soften their resolve.
We all rejoice when this is accomplished.

12/13/15 The Welcome Mat

There is room for everyone.
None will be turned away.
Do not fear your going home.
The welcome mat will be out.
Until then live with all your might.
The Power of God be with you.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

12/12/15 Gift of Love

Give the gift of love.
It keeps on giving.
It spreads into every compartment of your heart.
And keeps it beating.

12/11/15 No new post. Last year's post 12/11/14 Clarity

Sometimes you wake up and your head feels like it's in a cloud.
Be what it may, but the fog is there.
Sit for a minute to get a better prospective.
Why are you feelings so lost and confused?
Call upon clarity and guidance to come.
Wipe off the windows of your mind with a clean towel.
Open your heart and let inspiration in.
Something worth thinking will come.
Hold the highest intention to hear the best and don't let anything less have a chance.
Reach high and surround yourself with love.
Give peace a chance to take hold.
As you busy your day don't let your mind go astray.
Clarity will return.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

12/10/15 Harboring Judgment and Resentment

Harboring judgment and resentment imprisons your heart.
The issues of conflict and misunderstanding stem from a difference of opinion.
Respect and honor that.
Because of your different perspectives you may each have a different opinion.
This does not mean that one is right and the other wrong.
They may each be right in their own hearts.
What is wrong is the way this places judgment and hurt upon another.
Open your heart and allow for forgiveness and resolution.
Forgiveness will set you both free.
Then love will be able to heal.

12/9/15 The Tree of Life

The tree is a sign of life.
The sign of your physical relationship with your offspring and ancestors.
The sign of power and strength.
Longevity is often linked to the tree.
Over your known history on the earth plane, the tree has been known to “stand'” for many things.
These are just a few.
At this time of year many display their trees with signs of love, joy and hope.
Let it continue to bring meaning into your celebration.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

12/8/15 Focus on Peace

Yes, more and more people will die due to this violence.
It will only escalate to a higher level, bringing arms to clash with their arms.
Until there is a better understanding and respect about why there are differences is the human form there will be competition and conflict.
It is a sad and difficult time.
Each person must take a stand about how they feel.
Stand up and be counted on the side of peace.
Show others the goodness and love you have for all of mankind.
Focus your energy on peace.

Monday, December 7, 2015

12/7/15 Love and Peace

We come to know you because you can hear and understand us.
Our mission is to spread love and peace throughout the land.
It is through your efforts that this is happening.
Every soul you touch we touch.
We help you to facilitate this awakening.
Be not so anxious for the big movement to be seen.
It is through individual growth and development that it will be possible at all.
Many others are helping in similar ways.
Be it as it may, all are working towards the one cause of love and peace.
We are with you.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

12/6/15 Your Own Guidance

Don't always look for your guidance from someone else.
Discover your own guidance.
It comes from within.
Sit quiet and listen.
We are always speaking to you.
We bring you messages of encouragement and love.
Start your day with a few quiet moments to center yourself and feel the love wrapped around you like the blanket you are holding.
Let your heart speak loudly of what you want to do.
This is what is real not what you hear from the outside – TV.
Let that chaos be not a part of your life.
You are loved.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

12/5//15 Beneath and Beyond the Differences

You can all see the differences.
The color of the skin, hair, shape of face, the way you talk, live, eat – all the surface elements.
But look beneath the surface – you are all basically the same.
Internal organs, blood, brain, guts all made of the same matter.
Look even deeper and you will find the ethereal body and the soul – again all the same make up.
Beneath the surface differences there is the sameness, oneness by which you were created.
The differences give you the unique opportunity to experience this existence differently.
Without them there would be only the same.
None are right or wrong or better or worst than the other.
All have strengths and weaknesses.
It is your challenge and ultimate joy to see beyond the differences to the oneness – the All that is.

Friday, December 4, 2015

12/4/15 Acts of Kindness

These simple acts of kindness are a good way to spread some seasonal cheer.
Another way you call “Pay It Forward” will also do the trick.
Just to let someone else feel loved and special is what your aiming for.
It doesn't have to take a lot of you time, energy or money.
But it can really have a great effect on someone's mood.
There are a lot of lonely or depressed people around this time of the year.
They may not have the close family or friends that you have.
So do something small but kind to show them there is good coming their way.
There is endless opportunity and it will make you feel good too.

12/3/15 Respect and Honor

Remember they are your brothers.
Whatever you do to them, you do to you - all of you.
Learn to treat all with respect and honor as you would you own brother or yourself.
If you want to learn at least one thing this Month of Christmas learn that!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

12/2/15 Stepping Out

Pretend you are walking a dog.
He is pulling you along to a place where you've never been.
Are you excited?
Or are you afraid?
You must go with your instincts.
Is the dog's tail wagging?
Is he excited and happy to be there?
Have this excitement and trust as you step out into a new area of your life.
Look forward to it with anticipation and eager to discover new things.
Don't get blocked into a routine path.
Step outside of the norm to a new adventure.
There is so much more to see and learn.
Go forth!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

2/14/15 A Loving Peaceful Day

Love is the ultimately the strongest power on the earth.
It is also the strongest energy to affect you.
Its effect is broken down by hate and fear.
So if you want more love energy around you, you must not have hate and fear there also.
We've talked about the soul of each human, where they've come from,who they are.
You might not like every action being done by someone but that is different than having hate.
Stop hatred in it's tracks!
The human worry of judgment and consequences is fear.
Fear prevents you from loving openly and freely.
Stop fear in it's tracks!
Just spend the day loving openly and freely without fear or hatred of anyone or anything.
You will raise the consciousness and help mankind achieve more peace.
Have a loving peaceful day.


12/1/15 Life's Observer

Be life's observer.
Watch as it unfolds right in front of you.
Do this with an open mind and heart.
Seeing all that is carried in with it.
How it interconnects and has meaning for all around you.
Witness how each reacts and learns from the lessons brought forth.
All of this has an effect on what you do and the choices at hand.
No judgment because for each there is special meaning and an opportunity for growth and understanding.
Observing life's every moment brings you to know how these unique experiences are the very fiberthat makes you who you are – part of the All.