Saturday, December 5, 2015

12/5//15 Beneath and Beyond the Differences

You can all see the differences.
The color of the skin, hair, shape of face, the way you talk, live, eat – all the surface elements.
But look beneath the surface – you are all basically the same.
Internal organs, blood, brain, guts all made of the same matter.
Look even deeper and you will find the ethereal body and the soul – again all the same make up.
Beneath the surface differences there is the sameness, oneness by which you were created.
The differences give you the unique opportunity to experience this existence differently.
Without them there would be only the same.
None are right or wrong or better or worst than the other.
All have strengths and weaknesses.
It is your challenge and ultimate joy to see beyond the differences to the oneness – the All that is.

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