Sunday, February 28, 2021

2/28/21 Answers

When you are looking for answers, large or small, you’ve gone through the surface level resources, you’ve come up empty, frustration is setting in, ask.

Ask the Universe, ask God, ask your guides, ask your Higher Self.

Put it out there.

Trust that the answer will be given.

And then keep your eyes on the horizon, ears open and heart full of love.

The right answer will be given to you.

What is right for you and those around you will be brought forward.

Recognize it as such and allow it to come into your life.

It will fit and you will see why you missed it before and needed to ask.

All of which is a learning curve for creating.

It’s not magic, it’s law, it’s creation.

You’re practicing and getting better at it all the time.

We are with you.


Saturday, February 27, 2021

2/27/21 Recollections

Your memory is a very tricky thing.

One small incident can trigger your mind to reflect or recall many things related to that particular event.

Some are etched into you brain in the groves made from this lifetime.

But others are not found there.

They are deeper in a subconscious state.

These usually surface when you are in a subconscious level like the dream state.

These memories can be mixed with a variety of facts, illusions, and also fantasies can surface at this time.

After returning to your normal conscious level, you might find it difficult to know what this all means.

Parts of your dreams you will recognize right away but others will seem familiar but not recognized at this time.

It all has meaning and purpose, of course, so reflect on what you can.

As for the rest, know you are working through it with strong conviction and your guidance and help is not far away.

What you need to know will be brought forward into your conscious state.

This will bring you peace.

We are with you.


Friday, February 26, 2021

2/26/21 The Heavens and from 2/26/21 Glimmer of Hope

The Heavens 

The Heavens is not a place up in the sky, although it could be if that’s what was thought of.

The Heavens is everywhere (and nowhere).

Because no physical life is there, it doesn’t have to have a physical location.

Over many years it was given the physical location of the sky because that was the unknown and easiest to imagine a soul to go to.

A lot of the mysterious events were seen among the sun, moon, stars, planets and so it was imagined that the vastness of the universe would make a great heaven.

As so it does in many minds.

Because it can and does exist everywhere it can, certainly, include the sky above.

It can also be right there with you, as well.

It’s hard to become consciously aware of something you can’t imagine, won’t imagine.

If you want to be more aware of “The Heavens”, you need to open to more possibilities and allow them to enter into your consciousness.

It’s more than you’ve known and it’s more than you’ve imagined, so don’t give it a definitive location.

The Heavens have limitless possibilities, far and near, all encompassing, all inclusive.

When you think of it in that way it brings you to a place of peace.

Peace be with you.


 2/26/15  Glimmer of Hope

 Even a glimmer of light can lighten a darken room.

It doesn't take much light to spread throughout the area and change the way it looks.

More clearly, you can see the objects within the walls.

You won't have to trip over the things in the room.

You will be able to walk around them.

Just a glimmer of light can make all the difference.

It will soften any fear or anxiety of going in the room,

Look at your life as that room darkened at times by the lack of light or understanding.

Just a small glimmer of the light of understanding or awakening to new ideas can be that glimmer that lights up the trail.

That changes your perspective and allows more movement and growth.

Let just the glimmer of hope and understanding in.


Thursday, February 25, 2021

2/25/21 Book of Love and Judgement

 Book of Love

Today, we continue the Book of Love.

Yes, it will fill a book and we may still never cover everything.

Love is there all around you even when you are feeling sad and alone.

Look around.

You’ll see it in the faces of those you’ve never met, the smiles of those just passing by.

The human being usually responds with love whenever it can.

Mostly it’s because it’s part of you.

Showing compassion or love makes the giver feel good as much as the receiver.

So, reach out with compassion or care.

You’ll not only be helping another but feeling god yourself as well.

So much as a kind, caring thought about yourself or someone else is enough to produce the emotion of love.

It’s there inside of you.

You’ll see love in the beauty of nature all around you.

You see how one thing is there supporting another.

Open you heart and allow the feeling to be know and expresses.

Love is everywhere, if you let it be.

We love you.

We are with you.





We’ve discussed judgement but it’s still on your mind.

Others may verbally criticize you but it has no impact on your plan.

Unless you, of course, allow it to.

Then it is actually your action that is causing the issue.

The only judgement that exists is that which you create yourself of yourself.

That is what is creating the pain and holding you back.

Trust yourself, hold your head up high and allow yourself to flourish, untarred with outside opinions.

You are doing well.

We are there with you.


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

2/24/21 Faith, Hope and Love

Faith – that you trust God has your back.

Hope – that you will recognize it as such.

Love – that you share it with others


The message of Faith, Hope and Love is a message for all.

Live your life with these 3 principles and that will give you strength and peace.

We are with you.


Tuesday, February 23, 2021

2/23/21 Connection and Movement and Growth


You are connected to All.

The things you feel a stronger connection to have that pull on you for a reason.

You are here helping each other through life.

It may be someone you know or even someone you have only slightly met.

But your connection serves a purpose and is there.

Don’t shy away, engage with this situation until the purpose is known.

We are with you.



Movement and Growth


Life – you talk about the twists and turns and the ups and downs but looking from a distance you will not see them so distinctly.

They create a rhythm, a flow.

Moving you ever so nicely forward and more.

So, allow that movement in your life and don’t get hung-up on one thing or another.

Movement brings with it change and change is growth.

We are with you.


Monday, February 22, 2021

2/22/21 A Bump in the Road

And there it is…

Things are going along so great and there it is…

A little bump in the road.

How are you going to handle it?

It has caused you to be off-centered, off-balanced, and not performing perfect.

Once you get a grip on what it is and how it will affect your life, you’ll be able to deal with it.

Don’t give it more attention than it really requires and it won’t become more than it is.

It is there for a reason.

Worry and fear will not be the best response.

But understanding and love would be a better choice.

Remember what is learned is gained.

Then smooth riding again.

We are with you.


Sunday, February 21, 2021

2/21/21 A Challenge

You often don’t understand all that is asked of you during your physical life.

You might not consciously want to have these experiences.

But there they are…

And you are having them.

This is what has been chosen for you to experience.

Chosen in your plan.

The reason might be unknown to you at this time but there is one.

Can you accept this?

Can you accept and learn all that you can from each experience in your physical life?

This is a challenge, some harder than others.

Handle each challenge with the care and honor it deserves.

Ask for help and guidance and it will be given to you.

We love you.

We are with you.


Saturday, February 20, 2021

2/20/21 All Comes Together and Love Conquers All and A Gentler Way


Last night's message had a different vibration to it. It was strong and unyielding even though I was struggling to understand. I have committed to give what I get. Comments welcome.

2/20/21 All Comes Together

All that comes together belongs together at this time.
The support team is here.
They have all chosen to be here together.
Here to help find the answers.
Some of life’s biggest questions will be the focus of this inquiry.
If only they will be heard and understood.
Now, wait and see.
Watch for the ones that come forward with the answers.
It may surprise a few but will be expected by some.
Heighten what you’ve known for a while about consciousness and Oneness.
You will see, you will know.
We are with you.


You’ve come together at this time for a reason.
You are here to support each other.
The news is extraordinary and will need understanding and support.
A broad mind and an open heart are needed.
The small stuff doesn’t matter.
It’s the bigger problems that will be solved.
Pay attention and focus on those who come forth with hope.
Support the mission.
It has merit.
We are with you.

2/20/21 Love Conquers All

There is not better time to be here.
Some of life’s biggest problems are being explored.
The answers of which will bring the change needed.
It will take the love and support to be realized and understood.
Many are here for that reason, to bring the energy to that focus.
The small stuff doesn’t matter.
It will fall aside so that the real answers will be seen, understood and known.
All is well.
We are with you.

The message is bigger than you know.
Give it as you get it.

2/20 21 A Gentler Way

A gentler way to put this is to say it is all there for a reason.
A greater reason than you’ve imagined.
Trust that life, all life, has a purpose, larger and more significant than one realizes.
Everything is interconnected and has an influence on everything else.
You are here to witness and help this transformation.
Your focus is needed and appreciated.
We are with you

Friday, February 19, 2021

2/19/21 At the Crossroads (Personal but may be helpful) and Repost from 2/19/14 Eternal Love

 2/19/21 At the Crossroads

You’ve come to a crossroad in this situation.

The direction is not clear.

You’ve asked for guidance.

And still feel unsure and the direction is unclear.

Patience is needed to fully collect all the information and understand the detail of these decisions.

Open to this opportunity to learn more and you will see more clearly

We are with you.



 Re post from 2/19/14 Eternal Love

Eternal love rest inside you.

Never fear of being rejected.

There is nothing you can do, think or say where you are not loved.

You are trying out the spectrum of life to know who you truly are.

Some you will like and some you will not.

This is your choice.

All are part of you experiencing the facets of your personality.

The changes you make to become the one you want to be are the growth and movement you see.

The love and support you feel through this process is eternal and always with you.

With confidence find out who you are.


Thursday, February 18, 2021

2/18/21 Healing (Personal - Your lesson is given) and Repost from 2/18/15 Namaste

Sometimes, when you put a foreign chemical into your body, it isn’t accepted well.

Your body objects to its presence and does what it can to let you know that it is unhappy with this foreign matter.

You’ve gotten a reaction, a painful one, indeed.

Your body continues to let you know that this chemical doesn’t belong in it.

You physical doctors have given you more foreign chemicals to mask this reaction but it’s still there.

It’s kind of a battle going on inside your body.

You feel the pain of this.

Actually, your physical body is working hard to deal with the situation.

It’s building up a resistance to these foreign chemicals (which is what was intended).

You feel the pain of this.

Ask for help. Ask for your body to find the right way to adjust and deal with this.

Your body is building up a defense and learning ways of coping with these foreign chemicals and viruses, if and when they are presented.

Science is learning how to help the human body to do this with less reaction.

It works well for some but for others it’s a little more complicated.

More work is needed on this.

There are chemicals that your particular body doesn’t want to work with.

They are to be avoided.

You were able to mask over the rejection this time but it won’t be so easy next time.

Take this information seriously when deciding what next to do.

Your team is helping you.

The healing and guidance will be given to you.

Not every solution that science is trying are for everyone.

Pick and choose the right one for you.

We are with you.

Now go and rest.


 Repost from 2/18/15 Namaste   

Certain things must be done to make certain other things happen.

But the way they are done has a variety of solutions.

It is important to know that your way is not the only way and sometimes not even the best way for another.

More pain and suffering are caused by this premise than any other.

Learn to allow others to explore their own solutions.

They may come upon some difficulties but there will be learning and growth.

Each person needs to explore what works for them and have the self-reliance to work it out for themselves.

If the assignment is so rigid and there is no leeway permitted there is no learning and growth, only repetition, much like an assembly line.

You stifle their imagination and their confidence.

In the end you've created what you don't want, boredom and resentment.

Be a resource for guidance not a regiment for control.

Step back and allow others to be who they are.

The divine in me recognizes the divine in you---


Wednesday, February 17, 2021

2/17/21 Life’s Work

You can’t really touch the feeling that you have in your heart.

But you know what it is.

You know when you are troubled or you know when you are at peace.

Finding that place of peace is one of the goals.

This is your life’s work –

  Facing the challenges and learning and understanding their meaning for you.

  Deciding how to incorporate those meanings into who you are.

  And coming to peace with it.

  Trusting all that is to come of it will be fulfilling.

Fill the moments of your life finding joy and happiness with all that you are dealing with.

Each has meaning and are there, in your life, for a reason.

They each become a stepping stone on your path.

The meaning and understanding are what brings you that peace.

We are with you.


Tuesday, February 16, 2021

2/16/21 Your Intuition and Your Journey

 Your Intuition 

Your intuition or guidance is with you always.

You need to learn how to best use it.

When you are faced with a situation that you are feeling uncomfortable with, you can learn to discern what you are facing and what action might best serve you.

It is a matter of learning to listen to your heart, your mind and your body.

They will be the outlet for your inner guidance.

If you feel the emotion of fear or unrest, your guidance is telling you something.

Pay attention and look closer at the choices available.

Ask that the other choices be known and understood.

When you are feeling at peace or more comfortable, your guidance is telling you something about that.

Taking a moment to discern these emotions and nudges will make these difficult situations easier to face and move through.

Life is full of lessons, some easier than others.

With your intuition and guidance, you move through them doing what best serve you and your purpose here.

The choices are always yours but having understanding and guidance surely help.

We are with you.

Be at peace.


 Your Journey 

You are not separate.

You are always part of the One.

Therefore, you are never alone. 

You have love and support everywhere.

Ask and allow it to be known to you.

Your guidance can become a stronger influence in your life the more you listen and learn from it.

The louder and easier it will become.

What is best for you and your purpose will be what you are guided, quietly nudged towards.

Trust your journey is a good one.


Monday, February 15, 2021

2/15/21 Friend Maker

When you love someone do you want to spend time doing what you like with them or is it then that you would do what they would like?

How do you share your love?

Love is patient, love is kind.

It may take hours but you will love every moment being with them and watching them being happy.

It will fill your heart just seeing them filled with the joy of what they love.

So, go on a new adventure, one of their choosing and let them show you about their love.

There is no better way to fulfill what you are trying to accomplish.

You will know that you did when it comes together and the love is shared.

There is no better way.

We are with you.


Sunday, February 14, 2021

2/14/21 Love

Love – yes, the physical, emotional, conditional love.

You’ve set aside this one special day to show how much you love them.

But of course, it’s not just on this day but all throughout your lives.

It’s great to have a special day, participate in it if you can.

When you give love, you receive the benefits of that love back to you.

It makes you feel good as well.

If you can’t be physically close to them today, you can still send them the energy of love.

Send them love in your thoughts and energy.

They will feel it.  They will know.

Be at peace and let love surround your heart.

We love you.

We are with you.


Saturday, February 13, 2021

2/13/21 Working Together and Taking A Few Moments

 Working Together 

You’ve chosen this body for a reason.

Respect that it is there to give you what you wanted and needed for this lifetime.

It is unique and therefore you should not hold it up to compare with so many others.

You’ve had a partnership and have come through a lot together.

Pair up and work together on this next issue.

It is definitely better to work as a team that against each other.

Keep your focus aligned and energy moving in the right direction.

All is well.

We are with you.



 Taking A Few Moments


Give yourself more time to be at peace.

Sometimes the outside influences cause chaos and disruption in your energy.

Stop and take a few moments, several times during the waking hours to center and ground yourself.

Bring your focus back to where you want to be.

Allow this to clear your thoughts and strengthen your resolve.

Your body is giving you a reminder as well.

You will find great improvement.

We are with you.


Friday, February 12, 2021

2/12/21 Air Supply and On Your Mind

 Air Supply

The Air Supply is one of the methods oh healing and clearing the lungs and mind.

A fresh breath of air can help you to stop coughing and choking.

We want you to take a look at what was given to you last night.


In today’s environment the Air Supply is now questionable.

Is it clean and healthy of is speckled with the virus and flus?

Prior to this pandemic, you breathed in the air around you with little thought unless the pollen or smoke made you cough.

Now the health of you air will be in question for quite some time.

You don’t leave your home without the protection of masks and filters, etc. to ensure your safety and the safety of others.

So, the words Air Supply has a different meaning right now.

Air is a necessity to physical life and an important way to remember your creation process.

The letters A I R stand for:

A – Asking for guidance

II representing the eye you see it as real and presented to you.

R – Receiving and understanding the meaning and place it has in your life.

Go over and over these words and information until you can incorporate it into your life, for the process of healing and discovering more.

(Thank you SADO and my guides for helping for it to be clarified for me.)

Put it into your daily meditation.


 On Your Mind

Much is on your mind tonight.

You need to sort out and prioritize all that is going on.

Some are of small concerns and other of greater magnitude.

Which ones do you want to focus on or spend your energy on?

The smaller ones may seem easy and, on the surface, so to speak.

The others have a greater impact on your life and peace.

You are avoiding them because you think they will take more of your energy, emotional energy to deal with.

But this is not necessarily true –

It is your perception that adds the complications.

You are avoiding facing these issues because of a fear that you associate with that situation.

Ask to face that fear with understanding and love and the situation becomes more manageable and solvable.

Bring the knowledge that you have within you to know and understand this lesson will help you to

see (with your I) it more clearly.

 Resulting in a solution and peace and clarity returning.

Clearing your mind and breathing more easily.

We are with you.


Thursday, February 11, 2021

2/11/21 Indecisiveness

You are going zig-zag in your thoughts.

Sometimes you think about this and at other times you think the opposite.

Being indecisive has created the indecisiveness in your creations.

It’s Ok to weight the pro and cons of your choices to evaluate which you might prefer.

Then put your focus and energy towards that.

There is enough resource for everyone.

You can have what you want without the guilt of taking it from others.

Let the universe work out the logistics.

Just trust it will do so.

The basic mistake made is wavering and changing direction so often, so emotional, so opposite.

Practice this focus on the things you know you want and gain the trust you need to be confident in your other choices (bigger decisions).

Let you heart have a say in what will make you happy.

It has a lot of energy and the emotional pull that is needed.

You will know when you are ready.

Until then peace, don’t struggle.

We are with you.


2/10/21 Anger and Guilt and Forgiveness and Mending Grievances

 Anger and Guilt 

When a stone is thrown and someone is hurt, someone is killed.

The response is Anger and Guilt.

Anger on the side of them family of the one killed and guilt on the side of the one who threw the rock.

These emotions are very close in intensity.

(Are you talking about us! Is this to show the intensity of the pain and guilt?)

Look at both sides of this pain and emotion to find how to help, how to recover and find peace.

What can help it to heal and change.

Forgiveness – understanding and forgiveness.

We will help you learn about forgiveness now.

We are with you.



Baring all truths of the situation, knowing all the facts, seeing the human mistakes and inconsistencies, brings you to have strong emotions about the incident.

It has broken your heart and caused pain for quite a while.

What can be done to help, to heal, to alleviate this suffering.

You seek this healing but it is kept distant from you.

It feels too painful to let go and move forward.

Forgiveness is needed.

Forgiveness of self and forgiveness of others.

Trusting that it will help without changing the love felt.

When the pain is gone and the heartbreak healed it can love more.

It will be free to love more.

Take the steps, do the emotional work to be in that place of forgiveness

A much deeper understanding can be known.

We are with you.


 Mending Grievances

 Today is the day.

Today is a good day to take the time to clear your mind and mend your grievances.

They are causing you pain and keeping you from moving forward.

They are in the past, not part of the now of your part.

Forgiveness is needed.

Forgive yourself, forgive others, and move past these transgressions.

The lesson was learned and more has come from it than you know.

But it is now a lesson in forgiveness, atonement.

Both anger and guilt could be met with love and healed.

Take the forgiveness to a deeper level.

Allow it to heal from within.

You can feel the pain and even letting go feels like pain.

But with true forgiveness - atonement there will be no pain, there will be peace.

Ask for help. (Holy Spirit)

Help will be there in an instant!

We are with you.


Tuesday, February 9, 2021

2/9/21 Worry

Worry – waste of energy.

You are spending that energy on focusing on something you don’t want to happen,

     giving it more and more energy to happen,

        convincing you that it will happen.

All of this is causing you anxiety and pain.

Turn that energy into more positive thoughts about what you do want,

      something personal that you care about.

The way you feel creates energy to project that thought out into creation.

The stronger the feeling, the stronger the energy.

Then when your worry and pain subside, so does the energy it holds.

Trust in this.

Trust in your power.

Make a focus board to help you focus on what you want to see.

Feel the difference when you focus on the good.

We are with you.


Monday, February 8, 2021

2/8/21 Peace With It

The Earth contains the relics of generations passed.

Whether it’s in a casket, urn, wooden box or just ashes spread under a tree, they are all there.

It’s sacred ground.

The important part of who you are, your Spirit, your Soul, has left those remains and is free.

Free to enter a different phase of its existence and free to be where ever, when ever it wants.

This is what you are learning to understand.

This is what troubles you so.

It is a little beyond the typical imagination.

How can one still exist like this?

Bits and pieces are revealed to you at times, so you can better understand this phenomenon.

The conditioning of the concept of death is slowly fading away.

When you totally accept and trust in this belief of life being a continuum of energy and consciousness, you will be at peace.

Your time here in the physical is brief, counted by Earthy moments.

Use them wisely.

Discover and experience everything that you’ve come here to do.

Learn from the opportunities presented for you.

Leave nothing unturned.

When your Spirit, your Soul is freed, you will carry with it this energy, this consciousness.

Only what remains is the vessel that has been the temple of your precious self while you were here.

This is what you’ve buried, you’ve scattered on the Earth.

The rest of you is free to exist and move forward into a new dimension or phase of your life.

When you learn to tune into this dimension and connect with this energy, this consciousness, you will know the truth.

You will truly understand life as it was meant to be –

Your stay here is the fragile existence of the vessel that holds the precious you, your eternal energy.

It only exists for a short time while you find it necessary to learn and grow.

Then the vessel is returned to the sacred ground and you are free.

This is what you are learning to accept and know.

Those that went before you, all of them, are free, still here for eternity.

We will continue to work with you on this.

In time you will understand and be at peace with it-

  with life.

We are with you.


Sunday, February 7, 2021

2/7/21 Spiritual Gifts

Your spiritual gifts are close at hand.

Ask “How can I serve?” and you will discover them easy enough.

They are unique to you and the way you use them will be unique as well.

It’s your choice, as always, but it could be part of fulfilling your destiny.

Helping yourself and others to understand and become aware of who they are and life itself is what these gifts are intended for.

Using them to answer these questions and move forward promotes growth and a true understanding of why you are here, now.

Now, being of the cusp of a new beginning, an era of greater understanding, which you have chosen to be a part of.

Unfold and allow these spiritual blessings to become a tool to help you discover what part you are to take.

How can I serve?

How can I help to bring about a new tomorrow, a better place of peace, love and happiness?

For you – for all.

We are with you.



Do not be afraid.

This will bring a smile to your face.

Your eyes will open with wonder and awe.

All that is ahead is magnificent and part of the bigger plan (bigger picture).

You have chosen to be here and be a part of this magic.

Step into the power. Claim your destiny.

You are never alone.

We are with you.


Saturday, February 6, 2021

2/6/21 Yesterday’s Message and Cradle of Discovery

 Yesterday’s Message

Yes, yesterday’s message was a lot to take in.

But it is a serious problem, for sure.

So, if you would just add today that it is about love.

Love for yourself, love for your planet and love for life.

You noticed, you noticed how big this problem really is.

And what it would take to reverse it.

What we are saying is to be aware and take some steps for yourself to do what you can.

Every bit helps.

Watch for new solutions to become available.

We are with you.



 Cradle of Discovery

In the peaceful, stillness of the night… much can be discovered.

It is easily recognized and understood because there is less distractions.

The thoughts are formed and the ideas to create are awakened with the dawn of each new day, new era.

The era of love and peace,

  where much is brought forward to promote that energy.

You’ve become an important part of that.

Part of the energy needed.

Come with an open heart and open mind to allow your thoughts and ideas to take flight.

Each of you are cradles for this discovery.

Help birth its creation.

You will be pleased and fulfilled by the outcome.

All is well.


Friday, February 5, 2021

2/5/21 Natural Solutions

Nature is reacting to exactly what you have been giving her – CRAP.

With all of the overproduction needed to satisfy your need for one of everything, in every color, resulting in tons and tons of leftover garbage.

Most of the waste is non-recyclable, non-disposable junk.

Even the natural disposable parts are disposed of in plastic to make it even harder for it to decompose in a reasonable way.

You are filling the Earth and its seas with debris that you found interesting enough to overproduce with no acceptable way to dispose of it.

And yet, it still goes on and on.

To you, the convenience of plastic and unnatural metals outweighs the existing pollution problem.

It is time to invest your time and energy into solving this dilemma.

Some efforts have been made but they are too few and non-effective.

A greater emphasis must be made to reverse this choking problem.

When there was a need for cleaning supplies and sanitizers, manufacturers were asked to switch their processes to answer the need.

Now, there is a need to stop producing garbage and clean up your environment.

Will that need be met with the same enthusiasm?

It’s up to each and everyone of you to make this change.

Start at home and then grow the awareness beyond your walls to be seen and heard by those who can help make a difference.

If you settle for less, this dilemma will expand into a bigger natural disaster.

Need less, buy less and they will produce less.

Find an acceptable way to dispose of what is already overproduced.

Use nature and more natural products to fulfill your need.

This is what was intended.

There are answers on the horizon.

Be brave enough to explore them.

We are with you.


Thursday, February 4, 2021

2/4/21 Back to Love

The year seems very long, when strict restrictions are in place.

But it is really a small amount of time when looking at eternity.

In this smallest of time intervals, a lot has been accomplished, so much more than you know.

Look upon this sacrifice as a love gesture, of sorts.

Even though there has been a lot of sickness and death, (pardon the word death- there is no death)

transitions into Spirit, there has bee change and healing also.

Much has been accomplished.

Many have learned about what they really need to be at peace.

Many things will be done differently.

Much less waste of time and energy.

The pause has created a much-needed break to reflect and make adjustments to your life.

If done well, you will find a great improvement (PEACE).

Respect and love each other, the differences are what fills in the gaps and unites you as a whole.

When looking for answer, come back to love.

It is the universal healer for all.

We love you.


Wednesday, February 3, 2021

2/3/21 Playing the Game

Everyone is talking about the Big Game, they think it’s football, but it is really Life.

Life is a Big Game, of sorts.

It has rule, challenges, goals, roles, opportunities, stakes and rewards.

The same you might find in a big game but the stakes are higher and the rewards greater.

If one looks at Life like this, you can see how you have picked and chosen many parts of the set up for your adventure.

How you go about executing it is completely up to you with your specific goals in mind.

Each are playing the game in their unique way.

Their roles vary and you are learning from them along the way.

The one big difference in this Game of Life is there is no winner, no loser.

Everyone wins.

Everyone gains and accomplishes something for the team, the All.

Whether you want to see Life like this or not it’s up to you.

Set your goals, take the opportunities presented and see what you’ve learned and gained in this lifetime adventure.

We are with you.