Monday, May 22, 2017

5/22/17 In God's Hands

You are rocking in the cradle of God’s hands,
 protected and cared for.
You choose to come out and experience life as you make it.
But that place of peace and tranquility is always there for you to retreat to.


5/21/17 What You Choose

The world out there is in shambles.
You keep it at bay from your heart.
This prevents you from feeling and learning
 from the contrast that is available to you.
You can choose to evaluate it from a distance
 but it has a different sense when you get up close.
Then you are able to choose your response.
It will provide for you the learning experience that you need.
Remain fearless for it is all an illusion.
Your true self remains not faulted by this.


Saturday, May 20, 2017

5/20/17 Guidance

 All the guidance you receive along the way comes across the veil.
It sounds so distant, I agree,
 but we are closer than you know.
Pay close attention when we speak.
All things will go your way.
You still have lots of choices you must make.
We just give you a nudge here and there.
The way gets congested, as you know,
 with so many outside influences.
You are doing so well growing and expanding in so many ways.
There is always more to see and know.
Keep love in the center of your heart.
Peace will come your way.


5/18/17 Give Miracles

Today is just a small sample of what giving miracle can be like.
To give is just as great as to receive.
You will feel the magic.
All else will be nonessential because it is where the love flows.
We wanted you to experience this so you will be excited to follow your heart
and where prompted -
Give miracles.


5/17/17 Easier Way

Struggle if you want but there is a much easier way.
Give those things up to God’s will to do what they may.
Then you can focus on the more important stuff-
Being love, sharing love and miracles, if you may.
That’s all it takes.


5/16/17 A Promise

Much of what you think about are things just dealing with the earth.
Spend more time on spirituality and you will reach a higher vibration.
Then the good stuff will be easier to see, learn and do.
Giving light and glory to God’s creation.
We are with you –
It’s a promise.


5/14/17 Now

Now is only there a fraction of time, there, in your world.
Now, here, is eternal.
It is constant, continual and consistent.
We now love you and will never leave your side.
We wish you now to further your understanding of who you are.
We are now a part of your spiritual guidance that cares about your progress.
Now go and spread the word.


5/12/17 More and More

When it comes to practice
You are getting better and more devoted.
Just deepen your trance and you’ll be there.

More and more do you see the light?
More and more do you find the peace?
More and more joy is there in your life?

These are the steps you take every day.
To allow the most difficult to just fade away.
You are understanding so much more.


5/11/17 Definition of Life and Death

May all of your sorrows be changed into joy.
This is done through bringing in a new understanding
 to the definition of death – life and death.
Yours is a quest to find this out.
We are here to guide you.
The answer is near.


5/10/17 The Key

Peace and quiet are the key,
Your mind needs to just be.
Then creative energy will come in.


5/9/17 Blessings

May your blessings bring you inner peace,

Today, tomorrow and always.


5/8/17 Cultivate

There will be enough time to cultivate the other gardens.
Go along merrily as before
Every moment, every effort is a positive.
You are making progress
And in your own speed.


5/7/17 All's Fair?

Listen to the Americans line
All’s fair in love and war??
Be it what there is?

5/6/17 Be Pure of Heart

Ask not what you can do for your fellow man
But what your fellow man can do for you-

What great stuff will you learn from this today?
How will you value advancement from the lesson they’ve brought with them.
Pay close attention for they are there.
Kindness, Patience and Love
See opportunities as learning tools.


5/5/17 Your Path Now

Be still and listen.
Set aside your mind.
God’s voice can be heard.
For that is where the guidance comes in.
Prepare the way,
Nothing else matters.
Your path here, now, is to let miracles come forth every day.
Sharing the light of which they come.
Worthiness is all that is needed.


5/2/17 Mission (beach scene)

You never walk alone.
We are with you always.
Whenever it gets hard
We will lift you up.


4/30/17 Uninterruptable

Life is like the birds chirping –
Uninterruptable but enjoyable.
Move forward on your commitment.
You will be given all that you need.
And we will help you to be prepared.
Your worry and anticipation only slows down the progress.
Believe more in the mission.
This is a good one.


4/27/17 All Are Important

The ones in the center are important too.
Don’t just eat around the edge of the dish.

We are one with the Creator.

4/25/17 Instincts

Follow your instincts.
They are your guidance getting your attention.
When you come to the fork in the road,
make the decision that you feel will bring you what you want.

Trust your inner soul, follow your instincts.
Your guides and your higher self will be speaking to you.
Follow the guidance.
Each time you do life will become easier.
You will be grateful for this help –
More and more will come.
Make it your experience, no one else.
It’s your journey, your path, create what you want.
We will help you.


4/21/17 Quote from ACIM Lesson 106

Let me be still and listen to the truth.
I am the messenger of God today,

My voice is His, to give what I receive

4/20/17 Satisfy

Don’t try so hard to manipulate the world.
Let it be.
Let the lessons and the repercussions just come to you.
They are the ones that you truly need.
They are the ones that will finally satisfy your wants and needs.
This is the truth and you will see and it will bring you peace.


4/19/17 United as One

Looking at the world through different eyes you see, begin to see,
that it’s not the differences that are important
but it’s the things that make us united as one.


 4/19/17    Personal reflection  

Even if my heart
Sings a little
It is only being lifted
By your fulfilling Love.