Saturday, January 31, 2015

1/31/15 Stretch Your Horizons

There are many good books out there that you could read.
They are a source of information to widen your understanding of reality.
Be leery of the ones that state infallible truth because No One has got it right yet.
They are representations of one or more's personal beliefs and interpretation of what is known at that time.
Constant change, growth and expansion are not usually part of their understanding or perception.
Reading books spark the curiosity and interest in your own consciousness which fuels your own growth.
Your quest to find your truth leads you to seek more possibilities.
Many great thinkers continue to write a spectrum of great ideas on a huge variety of subjects.
Pick one that you want to learn about and then dig in and read what you can.
You will be guided to find what will stretch your horizons and expand your consciousness.

Friday, January 30, 2015

1/30/15 More Than An Analylical Solution

There is much to be said about changing your mind.
Your mind does the critical thinking and finding solutions to problems.
This is analytical and very predictable.
Your heart on the other hand thinks about compassion, reason and love.
With combined thinking you may come up with a good solution but that is not always the case.
Some of you only trust what the mind is saying and ignore what is felt in the heart.
You must give the heart its place to add a personal touch to the analytical solution.
Together the answer could be right and correct at the same time.
This is why you should think and feel out problems.
Your heart can serve as a kinda tuning fork for the situation.
Adjust the solution until it feels better in the heart.
It is not easy to always follow the heart but there is where love is and will lead to the best answer.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

1/29/15 Active Life

There is so much still to do.
Do not give up persuing experiences and growth just because you may be in the autumn of your life.
You may go a little slower and take precautions for bodily safety reasons.
But there is no real reason not to go and do whatever you want.
Active life stimulates more change and growth in you.
You learn so much from each experience.
You must not live like a hermit just waiting for time to pass.
Make a list of things you want to do and set forth on accomplishing some of them.
No worries.
We are with you.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

1/28/15 How To Live In Peace

Your guidance comes so easily and clear.
You have been receiving guidance from us since the day you were born.
Now that you know about it, it is your goal to know more about who is helping you and how and why.
You are no different. Everyone has guides and helpers.
The fact that you can hear us so clearly is a gift that you are to share.
We are to guide you that you may help others to get the message too.
Raising the level of understanding helps the overall level of consciousness.
We must work towards peace and understanding to save your world.
You must stop killing each other and wasting natural resources because of fear and greed.
We have to talk about love, compassion and hope to show you, to share with others, how to live in peace.
Thank you for listening with such devotion and care.
Peace be with you.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

1/27/15 Embrace Change

When you are in the process of changing something you may often feel unstable and uncertainty.
But if it's a change that you have wanted and needed for your personal growth then this uncertainty will soon disappear.
In its place will be the joy and peace that is brought forth by moving forward.
Do not resist these changes because of the unsteady energy.
It is shifting and doing its work.
Have faith and trust that these changes are good for you.
They will bring needed lessons and experiences and through them a new understanding of who you are.
Embrace change and be prepares for the wonder it will bring.
We are with you.


Monday, January 26, 2015

1/26/15 Celebrate the Eternal Essence

Grief is a natural process that as human being you have to go through during your life time.
The way you handle it is personal and no two people are alike.
What you think about and the way you process your grief depends on your conscience awareness of the reality of the situation.
Your belief system and trust in the eternity of consciousness will effect how you look upon these events.
As humans, you are programmed to see your physical life as the primary so as to accomplish and value it as that.
But your eternal essence in reality is the primary life (essence) and therefore never dies.
Grieve the physical and celebrate the eternal essence.
The spirit (soul) continues to exist and have an impact on your love and life forever.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

1/25/15 A Life of Peace and Prosperity

Thou shalt not steal.
Do not look upon these as commandments but more guidelines.
The punishment, if you want to think about it like that, is the uncomfortable feeling you get inside yourself when you step across that line.
You know when you are taking something that belongs to someone else.
It could be their possesions, their accomplishments, even their self esteem and confidence.
You are hurting them from your own ego, gain and greed.
It is out of fear that you need to belittle what they have to make you feel bigger and better.
These guidelines are there to help you live a loving and compassionate life.
A life of peace and prosperity will come from these virtues not fear and greed.
Be on your way now to creating the life you truly want.
Remember you trully have all that you need inside of you.


Saturday, January 24, 2015

1/24/15 Life Lessons

Many things that happen to you on earth do so for a reason.
They involve a lesson or situation you can learn from and grow from.
They are life lessons, not just for you but others around you as well.
You may not understand why this has come to you in this way but it will be revealed later and you will know.
Look for that lesson and take it to heart for then you will understand at more fully.
We are with you.

Friday, January 23, 2015

1/23/15 Communication Open All The Way

Your loved ones are close by.
They want to communicate with you more than you know.
They see you suffering so and need you to realize they are OK and still near.
Many learn different skills to help them say “hello”.
Just the tapping on the wall is one of the easiest of all.
Sit very still. You may hear them.
Some can make objects appear and disappear at will.
You are not going crazy when you loose things for a while.
They will return them just so you know they are near.
Special coins are found here and there.
In such a clever place it can only be from them.
You know. You feel it in your heart.
Your mind and body know it too.
Just at the right moment, when you are feeling quite low, the special object will bring the “hello”.
Orbs in picture at family gatherings are the spirit's new composite of their presence.
They are so excited to show you that they are there too.
Your loved ones can also come in your dreams.
They bring hugs and kisses for you from above.
All to let you know how much you are loved.
They may even whisper something in your ear.
A special song or saying, that you will know for sure, came just as you were thinking about them and needed to hear.
All of these and more are ways your loved ones are talking to you.
Now it's your turn to.
Say their name. This brings them near.
And talk to them because they are quite near.
You won't be so sad if you stop leaving them out.
They will be there to help you whenever you say.
Keep the doorway to this communication open all the way.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

1/22/15 This Too Shall Pass

Some of the situation of your life were planned by you to give you the opportunity to experience just that situation.
You must look upon them as just that and not bad luck or punishment.
It can bring about a lot of growth and positive personal development if you allow it to.
When faced with this difficult situation look for the lessons and what you can take from it to be who you want to be.
Where there is confusion step back and take a deeper look.
Let you spiritual heart speak to you.
Don't let this challenge smother you but allow it to propel you forward to a better understanding of love and compassion.
There is no blame/ no guilt, just experience and learning.
This too shall pass.
All will benefit from the lessons.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

1/21/15 Worrying or Enjoying

The weather on the earth is an atmospheric change.
For the most part these changes bring needed change to your region.
Worrying and fretting about this development gives the potential energy even more power.
The weather and the changes it brings is necessary for the earth cycles.
Relax and see it for its beauty and natural effect it has on life around you.
It is part of the perfect rhythm of life.
There is a time for every season.
Decide what is the best way to spend your time.
Worrying or enjoying.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

1/20/15 More Focused

Take a moment several times each day to stop and center your thoughts and motion.
There is so many distractions around you that you get caught going the other way.
It takes a concentrated effort to form the energy you need to produce what you want.
Try to stay more focused and see if you succeed.
We are with you.


Monday, January 19, 2015

1/19/15 Continued.....Finding Yourself

1/19/15 Continued
You have more to say!
You are telling me how we sabotage ourselves.

You live with so much fear of the other.
You are so afraid they will see a vulnerable part of you.
You are so afraid that they will criticize you and make you feel unloved or unworthy.
Your ego runs the show because of this fear.
You build up these false facades to protect yourself.
But the true you is all that you really need.
Take off  this pretense of separateness and know who you truly are.
Look deep within and find the oneness, the love
Let down the guard and be your true self.
You are loved and never alone.
All goodness and honor are in you.
Live from this place of divinity and you will have peace.


Oh, how fickle you are.
You change what you want and what you need (or that you think that you need) so quickly.
Nothing can be fully known or developed before you are on to something else.
Your heart is racing from one to another.
Unsatisfied with whatever you find.
More and more – no this but that.
Why do you waiver with such uncertainly?
Be calm. Nothing is going away.
You may have it all if only you focus yourself.
You already have all that you need.
The other is your pleasure.
So choose with care and understanding of what you truly want.
These things are here but they won't satisfy your urge.
Only knowing who you truly are will do all that.
Once you are at peace with yourself will you truly be able to be fulfilled.
Feel peace knowing it is already here – within you.


1/19/15 Great Power

Such great power is given to you (mankind).
You must recognize what is within you.
You must know all that you can be and do.
You do have the power to move mountains and you do.
But the simpler things that you want to do stifle you.
You want to cure disease.
You can if you try.
You want to feed all the people.
Life is abundant. You can do this.
You want to live in peace.
This is also within your reach.
Know that this power is there for construction not destruction.
You (mankind) will rise above the restrictions and accomplish all that you want and need.
You are part of the whole and together is everything.
Each part is important to the whole.
Claim your power and worthiness.
All will be known.
Live your life, hold the light.
More will be shown.
Greater things than this are to be known.


note: Another post will appear later in the day.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

1/18/15 Living in Peace

The key to living in peace is to eliminate the fear and anger in your life.
Fear and anger brings you farther from where you need to be.
They upset your balance and make you react differently.
Understanding that they don’t have to be a part of you emotional response helps to keep them at bay.
Approach your daily life with love and trust and you will have more peace.
Pray often for a greater understanding of who you are and this trust will become stronger in your life. 
Peace be with you.


Saturday, January 17, 2015

1/17/15 Life's Benefit

Peace be unto you.
You give compassion and love to the other.
This is the way to promote growth and good will.

So what are life’s challenges really for?
Is it so important if you have walked a mile or hundreds of thousands of miles?
If you are here for a short time or a very long time?
You give too much benefit for living a long life.
Is it a long productive life or have you lived one imprisoned with fear and isolation?
Living a full and complete life is different for each soul.
You have picked who you are and all that you need to experience.
Do not hold back those aspirations.
If you feel you need to do it, do it.
Pay only attention to your heart, your intuition and guidance.
They (we) are speaking to you and helping you to get to where you need to be.
Then your life, no matter the duration here, will be rewarding and worthwhile.
We are with you.


Friday, January 16, 2015

1/16/15 Be Patient

Be Patient.
All will come in due time.
The intricate parts of life's puzzle all have to fit together before the main focus is seen.
You may get a glimpse of what is to come but the total picture is still being set in place.
Each piece has its own placement and depends on the one that comes before.
Benefit from the part that is complete to bring hope for what is to come.
All is well and it is good.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

1/15/15 Look Beyond

Watch out, things will get better.
When you find yourself seeing only the dim and gloom you must rise about all of that and find a glimmer of light to hold on to.
These are not the easiest of times but ones that are rich with lessons and meaning.
You must find yourself, your true self, and become firm in your dedication.
Yes, there are tests.
They are here to help you push pass and reach higher to where you want to be.
They will propel you forward if you meet the challenge head on.
Do not weaken but stand tall and know who you are.
They are not really there to lay judgment or guilt.
They are there to give you the opportunity to step beyond.
You are spirit, you are one with All that is.
Look beyond this and find more that is to come.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

1/14/15 Daily Clearing and Inspiration

Breathe easy and deep.
Pull the flow of life - air -deep into your lungs.
Feel it bring life into each part of your body.
Visualize it traveling down through your turso then into your arms and legs.
Let your breath clear out the areas that feel clogged and sluggish.
Breathe in slow and deep and exhale slower.
Clearing the lungs as well as the mind.
Do not think of anything but the breath and clearing.
Allow this exercise to take place for a few minutes.
Standing or sitting up tall, feet flat on the ground, back straight, and head held high.
Once you feel cleared and full life's oxygen you are ready for inspiration.
Keep reaching higher and higher as you breathe.
Think about the highest vibration – love.
How can love inspire you today?
Now enjoy what energy will be brought to you this day.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

1/13/15 Your Best Interest

Guidance may come to you in many ways.
When you ask for specific guidance be aware of your surroundings.
The guidance will come to you.
You must recognize it and allow it to be part of your perception.
Trust that the message is for you not from your ego.
You must learn to tell the difference.
Guidance will be for your best interest but not at the cost of someone else.
You will know the difference.
Try the approach with least resistance.
Energy and life flows easier that way.
Trust your intuition and follow what you feel is best for you.
We are the whisper in your ear.


Monday, January 12, 2015

1/12/15 The Whole of Who You Are

Each person has his own personality, his own looks and his own unique qualities.
You are individuals.
Yet there is a common thread of creation that runs between you forming a connection that is the Oneness that you call human beings.
This Oneness is even more.
It is your spirit, your soul.
It is the infinite part of you that is who you truly are.
When you look upon others remember that under the appearance of the human individual is that spirit, that soul, that is one with you.
What you do to another you do to you.
Your existence is more interwoven than you might know.
Realizing this, you might treat others, everyone of them, with the love and respect that you want for yourself.
Walk along with your individual journey knowing the goal is for the whole of who you are.
We are all one.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

1/11/15 Live, Laugh and Love

Live a wholehearted life.
Remove fear and doubt to enjoy living the way you want to live.
Life is boundless.
Go for it.
Laugh wholeheartedly with your family and friends, even at yourself.
It is good therapy.
It removes the stress you hold inside.
Laughter is medicine for the mind, body and soul.
Love wholeheartedly.
Love is eternal.
It has no restrictions.
The recognition of love heals all wounds and frees the soul.
Love is home and you will know who you are and where you've come from.
Live, laugh and love often.
They are tools for making your way here a more meaningful, enjoyable one.


Saturday, January 10, 2015

1/10/15 Being at Peace

Most difficulty and challenges with others are because of a difference of opinion.
One is never totally right or totally wrong about anything.
It is a matter of perspective and beliefs.
Being able to see that others may look upon something differently and therefore have a different opinion gives leeway to a better interaction.
The reward does not come from being right.
It comes from understanding and learning the most from this challenging situation.
When both can agree that there are different ways of understanding, compromise is the option.
Work toward this kind of solution when faced with opposition and you will see the best results.
Acknowledging differences but allowing them to exist in harmony promotes peace.
This is the preferred state of being.
Being at peace feels better than being right.


Friday, January 9, 2015

1/9/15 Bare Witness

Fear not, all that is with you is love.
Do not let the woes of others blur your vision.
It is still clear to gain what you are here to do.
Listen with compassion as they complain about their trouble and sorrow- suffering, so to speak.
You know that there is more, so much more to every challenge that you meet.
Represent the love and compassion and bring hope to their heart for it is in this act of kindness that you will find peace.
It is not always easy to bare witness to the truth but it is where you can make the largest impact on the earth.
Be brave and share your wisdom for it will open up the window and let in the light.
Honor your self, who you truly are.


Thursday, January 8, 2015

1/8/15 Recharge and Focus

You should give yourself a reminder everyday to stay balanced and focus on who you want to be.
It is easy for life's distraction to pull you off course, just a little, but that wastes your precious time.
You may start off the day with good intentions but somewhere shortly after noon enough outside influence has disrupted you intent.
This is a great time to realign yourself.
A small meditation to bring back the full intention for the day, week-        whatever you are working on.
This will recharge your energy and the rest of the day will be more rewarding then before.
You will be recharged not tired and sluggish.
Stay focused and accomplish what you intended.
More will come.
We are with you.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

1/7/15 Reclaim Your Power.

Reclaim your power.
This is not the power of battles and force.
This is the power of abilities and strength.
Your are very talented.
Many gifts were given unto you.
You must know your strength and abilities to claim your power and use these gifts.
With understanding and balance you can use your power to move forward in your spiritual development.
This is mostly inner work and no force is needed.
You all possess this ability.
You just need to recognize and claim your power.
Used correctly it can do great things for you.
Remember it is not a weapon or force.
It is just your strength and ability to know who you are and where you need to be.
This eliminates the fear that sometimes is present.
Without fear there is less struggle and more freedom.
Claiming your power will bring you confidence and peace.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

1/6/15 The Concept of Time

Time is a man-made concept.
It gives reference to the order or disorder things seem to happen.
The human mind can then use this concept to better understand and reference events.
We do not discount your reference to time.
For it makes it easier for us to communicate ideas, messages and guidance to you.
The reference is only for your benefit.
You can make it as important or unimportant as you see fit.
Do not allow time to run your life.
Your schedules seem to have too much control over your daily events.
Life should happen more freely, not scheduled.
Take a break from scheduling your every moment and see that your life may not change, only your reference to its regularity.


Monday, January 5, 2015

1/5/15 Receiving Guidance

Something is always coming.
Your brain can receive thoughts, messages and images even without you trying.
This is where it is possible for guidance to be there and influencing you at all possible times.
We are helping you to sort out and make decisions during very stressful emotional times.
It is best for you to just go with what you are receiving.
It may not make perfect sense until later.
We will not lead you astray.
It is in your best interest.
Sometimes fighting and struggling will only delay the response.
Learn to recognize our guidance as to know we are near.
Ask for the guidance and then follow it.
It will get you to where you need to be faster and with less obstacles.
We have had this relationship for all of your life.
It is a good time to make it pay off for you.
We are always with you.
Let’s practice today.
Ask for guidance and then pay attention to what is given.
Follow through with the message given.
See if it was not the better way to go.


Sunday, January 4, 2015

1/4/15 no new post 2014 last year's post 1/04/14 Dream Big

It is within the boundary of your imagination that all things possible exist.
Whatever you can dream of you can find a place where it can happen.
Push the limit if you want. It will not break.
All is the possibility of things possible, you see.
So when you want to dream of things to be or to have or do, remember they are all possible for you.
The world you live in is limitless.
Few have ventured to dream that big and less have seen it through.
Enjoy your fantasy and its dreaming.
It's part of your personality.
Someday you may even do those things that you think so obscure – Dream Big.


Saturday, January 3, 2015

1/3/15 Life is a Puzzle

Life is a puzzle with countless integral pieces.
You are here putting them together and creating a masterpiece.
You may have to try a few different pieces before you find the one piece that fits where it belongs.
It can be trial and error, you see.
Or you can take a more intense look and see just where things go together.
It is your choice.
But in the end, you will have created the unique canvas.
Through this process when the perfect piece is found it will all come together.
Closely fitting knobs and holes forming the landscape called Your Life.
Enjoy the quest.
It's beautiful, don't you see.


Friday, January 2, 2015

1 /2/15 Look For Confirmation

We are connected to you always.
We are sending you messages and guidance throughout your day.
But you are so busy that you do not recognize these messages.
They are sometimes believed to be your own thoughts or coincidences that have some reference to your needs.
That's just fine because we know how and where they've come from.
The important part is that you've paid attention and got the message.
It could be from one of your guides or even a loved one watching over you.
Ask for a sign and then be open and pay attention.
You will get one that you know.
We are all very excited to reach you and help you along the way.
Knowing the truth and our continual energy and love will help you believe in who you are.
You will have energy, love, hope and peace that you need at this difficult time.
This energy will help others also.
You are strong.
Look for your confirmation.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

1/1/15 Start Everyday

Start this day and everyday of the new year with love in your heart.
Do not let the worries of tomorrow get you down.
Stay focused on what you want to see and you will see it.
Allow guidance to be given when needed.
Walk with the confidence that all is in perfect order.
Allow life to bring you everything that you need for your purpose.
Trust that it will be known and you will live it.