Tuesday, June 30, 2020

6/30/20 In Due Time and Wasted Energy

6/30/20 In Due Time

Allow everything to happen in due time.
There is so much movement and much to be made.
Certain things can come in the blink of an eye while others will take some conditioning.
Focus on what you are comfortable with and allow those changes first.
The others will follow.
Center your thoughts about the peace and harmony to be felt.
It is all good.
We are with you.

6/30/20 Wasted Energy

Do not waste your time or energy on anything less than what you want to see in your life.
Yes, we said waste because that is what it would be, wasted energy, time wasted, all for nothing.
Follow your heart, because you are creating the good in your life -
Nothing less.
We are with you.

Monday, June 29, 2020

6/29/20 Given Me Something, Cherished and A Gift

6/29/20 Given Me Something

My thoughts:
As of this date, Spirit has not given me something, physically.
But there is always tomorrow.
Their Answer:

6/29/20 Cherished

Physical things are and can be important but not as much as you might think.
The things you are going to put the most value on are the things that bring you joy, happiness and peace.
These things are the true treasures of your life.
Some of these things are not as tangible as others but still very cherished.
Value your own time and energy as special things that you can share with others.
They too may be cherished and appreciated.
We are with you.

6/29/20 A Gift

As you wake up every day, look upon this day as a gift.
What will you get from this day?
What will you cherish?
Will it bring you peace and happiness?
Will it be a day to remember, talk about over and over?
All of this is possible, nothing is excluded.
Set an intention, allow your thoughts to create something special.
Allow your mind and heart to blend in this creation.
Remarkable conclusions.
We are with you.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

6/28/20 No new post. Re-post from 2014

6/28/14 Virtues

Love is the core to living a good life.
The supporting virtues are compassion, gratitude and generosity.
With these virtues, you can find a balance within yourself.
With many years of conditioning, your human response is generally from the selfish aspect of judgment, attachment and greed.
You think with your separate mind, not with your open heart.
Practice these virtues in your everyday living.
Intentionally and consciously be generous, compassionate and grateful several times a day.
In no time at all, you will feel the love generated and see your life changing.
Balance will bring you peace and back to who you truly are.
Love with an open heart.
All else is stifling your spiritual growth.


Saturday, June 27, 2020

6/27/20 A Small Movement

 Sometimes just a small tweak in your attitude can change the outcome of the situation.
It can cause the pendulum to swing back to the other side with just a small movement.
Check and see where you are and make any corrections needed.
We are with you.

Friday, June 26, 2020

6/26/20 Balance

Life is not always this intense.
There is a lot of work to be done,
But it can also be bringing you peace and jot.
It can be enjoyable.
Take some time today to relax.
There is much going on but you need to find a balance in your energy.
Set your intention out and then allow the universe to work with them.
You will see it in progress.
All in due time.
We are with you.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

6/25/20 Commitment and Decisions

6/25/20 Commitment

Once you’ve given you word, once you’ve said yes, you have a commitment to serve.
Spirit will not turn their back on you.
So, you should keep your side of the deal.
It is the trust that you’ve agreed to and that is not taken lightly.
It is an honor to be trusted with this arrangement and with that honor comes certain responsibilities and expectations.
This honor is a privilege and we know you take it very seriously.
We said share it but leave the ego out.
Only the words that are given to you, only our words.
You’ve done a great job.
And so, it is so
We are always with you.

Within the time frame of an agreement, it is a binding commitment.
If each keeps their word, nothing is broken

6/25/20 Guidance

When you open the door and invite Spirit in, there is a trust and understanding being made.
You’ve allowed this guidance to come and be shared with you to help you and others to find what is best for all.
It is given but you may pick and choose what you hear, what you listen to and how you are going to use this information.
The decision is completely yours.
It always is and always will be.
It has been given with no expectations except to be given openly and the rest is up to you.
Trust your own guidance and follow what feels right and brings you the peace that you seek.
Let the rest go.
We are with you.

6/25/20 Decision

When there is a decision to make listen with an open mind and a true heart.
Allow yourself to feel it in your body and pay attention to what you feel.
There are only two emotions, Fear and Love.
Fear is an emotion of the ego and Love is an emotion of the true you.
What brings you peace?
If it does not then you must listen to that guidance for you.
Honor it, for in that peace you’ll find your truth, where you are and what you believe to be true for you.
Anything less is not going to work –
We are with you.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

6/24/20 Trust and It is Done

6/24/20 Trust
Trust in God’s Plan.
Allow the opportunities to come as they will.
Trust your inner guidance to know what is best for you and why.
You will feel that it is right and you will be comfortable with the decision.
There is always a reason.
It will present itself and you will understand.
True compassion and love will be there to provide the energy needed.
All else will fall to the side.
This will take precedence.
Look for the opportunity.
Have no fear only love.
We are with you.

 6/24/20 It is Done

It is often said that having the right attitude is the first step to a completed project.
Your attitude and intention set the stage for the work and creation being done.
Set out with a goal in mind and work towards that with determination.
See the end result as being accomplished and never wavier from your path.
Keep your thoughts on what you want to see and the energy will follow.
Knowing and trusting the process is a way of cementing the deal.
And so, it is done.
We are with you.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

6/23/20 Concern and Prayer and Intention

6/23/20 Concern

Use simple terms and simple actions to show how much you care.
Because it is the simple and purest ones that will be understood.
Your general concern will be felt and accepted.
It will provide the energy needed to move forward with care.
Your intentions to help will be healing and helpful.
The Oneness will be realized.
We are with you.

6/23/20 Prayer and Intention

Sending out your intention for the planet and inhabitants in a prayer will be greatly appreciated.
Stating how you would like to see it be us what is needed now.
Everyone doing their part in holding the energy high will improve the level needed to see change.
Just allow this to work and know that the best situation is on the horizon.
Healing and wholeness are beginning to be felt.
Everyone must do their part.
It takes all of us.
We are with you.

Monday, June 22, 2020

6/22/20 Job descriptions and Patience

 6/22/20 Job Descriptions

We talk about the descriptions of your jobs.
The job of miracle worker, lightworker, mother, or child of God.
See you have more than one.
Which one of these do you need a description for?
You just need to stay true to your heart and allow all the nudges and messages we send you to cross into your mind and find a way to your heart and then we have a chance.
All of these need a trait of compassion and the ability to follow through to succeed.
The job is yours if you want it.
Of course, it’s hard at times because it comes with letting go when the time is right.
Change happens and there are times when the physical is no longer needed and only the spiritual will remain.
But the strength in your awareness and understanding the process will see you through.
We are with you.

6/22/20 Patience 

Patience is the gift of the day.
It helps you to endure the strain of not knowing what is coming next.
If you wait with patience it will all unfold as planned and be crystal clear.
You will see your part and know what is needed.
It will come in perfect order and your role will be uplifting and inspired.
That’s what is needed.
We are with you. 

Sunday, June 21, 2020

No new post today. I selected a post from 6/20/2014 Happy

Happy for no reason.
When you are happy, and you allow that feeling into your physical body, lots of changes happen.
Chemicals are secreted to create the feeling of happy.
Your system is livelier and responds more quickly, without delay.
Happiness, in general, can lead to love and compassion.
Generosity is more likely to happen.
Just an overall feeling of being loved and appreciated or appreciating can happen.
Smiles are easily a part of this feeling and they are contagious.
Keep your heart open.
Others will smile then helping others to smile.
We appreciate your effort to share this smile and happiness all around you.
Enjoy the reaction to happiness.


Saturday, June 20, 2020

6/20/20 The Passage of Time

Today we address the passage of time.
As you can tell, it is a constant thing created by man to keep track of himself.
It will tell you just how long you have been busy or idle for a certain spell.
It is a way to measure the length of your waking or sleeping periods.
It can also keep you accountable for working reasons.
All of these seem necessary and good reasons to have this measurement but remember it is human or manmade.
When you’re not counting or measuring these intervals what would your activities look like?
How would they differ?
Which ones would keep you interested and challenged more?
Would you spend more of your energy doing things that brought you happiness or joy?
Would you devote more to helping others?
It is good to reflect on not only what you are doing and is it restricted by the passing of time but what you could change if you wanted to not have that as a restriction.
There is so much more to living.
Peace unto you.
We are with you.

Friday, June 19, 2020

6/19/20 Pokémon Cards and Conviction

6/19/20 Pokémon Cards

Violence in child’s play can lead to very bad outcomes.
The kind of games that your children and grandchildren play is allowing them to think of violent behavior as being acceptable even enjoyable.
They are spending a lot of time plotting and planning these impalpable acts of violence on others to win a victory with some degree of satisfaction that comes from this victory.
When you think about it in that way, it sounds nasty.
You do not support this behavior and yet it still is happening.
The violence that is seen and heard of the TV is just as bad, if not worse.
It is a projection of someone’s thoughts in what they deem suitable creativity.
The authors who write these stories are also finding pleasure or humor in this kind of storyline.
What is going on in your cities and on your streets is a reflection of the kind of stories that have been told in books, movies, and games over and over again for entertainment and pleasure.
How can your society accept and promote it in your homes and then arrest or kill for it just outside?
They do not even see how it is connected.
Awareness of this contradiction in the social aspect of this behavior is needed and will help to bring change.
We are with you.

6/19/20 Conviction

It does not make you popular to stand up for what you believe to be the right thing when the majority think something different.
But if you believe it in your heart, it is your conviction.
What is best for you, your honesty to yourself or popularity?
They have got to come to their own conviction.
Be true to yourself and do not be led to think otherwise.
It is what feels right to you.
We are with you.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

6/18/20 Death Tolls, Being Counted

There is a lot of people dying from this virus.
It is a shock to some people but not to others.
They are comparing this to wars and other mass deaths.
But for some reason, still not shocked by it.
You are, we know.
It’s a large number to you and one that keeps you home safe.
It is an exit point for them.
An end to their physical life but not their spiritual one.
They all left too soon to their loved one, as is always the case.
This experience is bringing a lot of information forward and will help facilitate the changes that are needed.
Trust that.
 But change, the size needed, will take many to take part in the effort, the momentum.
Do not sit there compliant.
Put your thoughts and energies toward change.
Let it be known what you want to see, so others may follow.
The time is now to step up and be counted.
It will make a difference.
We are with you.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

6/17/20 Believing and Knowing

There is a big difference between believing and knowing it to be so.
When you are believing you are still trusting and relying on what you have experienced before.
There is an ounce of anxiousness because a belief is changeable.
But when you are knowing it to be so-
It is a done deal and no change is in the picture.
A deeper understanding is there.
You know it to be so, trusting beyond belief.
A strong statement and will invoke stronger energy.
Creation is in motion.
We are with you.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

6/16/20 Upset

Do not get upset if things are not always balanced.
When they are in motion, there is a lot of growth and understanding, and not always balance.
You can feel these energies at work.
When you feel them working on you, you may feel a little sick or queasy.
Much growth and understanding are coming from this work and you will feel better soon.
Balance will return.
Take advantage of these opportunities to see how much growth you have made.
We are with you.

Monday, June 15, 2020

5/15/20 Judge Not and Trust Your Gut

6/15/20 Judge Not

All that is going on is going on for a reason.
The negative energy is coming out and causing a ruckus but that is what is needed at this time.
This negative energy seems out of control but it isn’t.
There is just as much positive energy coming out to help balance this situation.
From one perspective, you may see and hear about one side.
From another perspective, you may see and hear about the other.
They each are trying to get you to believe their side of the story to convince you to side with them against the other.
Judge not.
It is hard to see all that is happening right now.
Look for what you want to see and put your energy there.
Then you will feel, at least, you are where you need to be.
We are with you.

6/15 20 Trust Your Gut

Continue to trust your gut on these situations.
Let them play out before getting involved.
They are being fueled by fear and the energies are not good for you.
Continue to send out thoughts of love, harmony and balance.
They are powerful and will affect the overall conditioning being done.
Your part is to stand firm in the truth.
You are all One.
Judge not, for each has got to find their truth their way,
The dance of energies has begun and it will take a while but you will see the shift and change.
We are with you.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

6/14/20 Brotherly Love

Until you look at each other as brothers and see each part of this at the same level, you’ll never see it as a solvable problem, situation.
Looking at each one as different instead of the same is what is extending and prolonging the situation.
Honor those differences but look for similarities.
Extend brotherly love to each one –
Make them feel understood and loved.
There will always be differences because of the nature of the planet and reasons to even be here.
Open your heart and see life as a testament to understanding the differences with respect and room to grow.
Your garden is an example of this.
Many different plants, needing different conditions and doing different things but blending together to create balance and one function.
You can find other things in nature that work together.
Keep that close to heart as you look for ways to have a reasonable solution.
We are with you.

6/14/20 Seen as Part of This

Interestingly enough when you take note of just what is affecting your life being quarantined looks different for different people.
Just as life it’s self, what you are experiencing is an integral part of your lessons here on the Earth plane.
Each person is here to learn different lessons, so their experiences are different.
Judging them on their actions and responses to these experiences can be one of your many lessons or not, your choice.
But you do have enough to handle just dealing with what is given you.
The choices and decisions need to come from your heart, a place of love, not fear.
Work out what is best for you and your family.
You will (intuit)know what is best for you.   You will feel it.
We are with you.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

6/13/20 Walk in the Clouds

As you stop and plan out your activities for the day, how many times do you include sending thoughts out for someone else?
These are troubling times and there are many suffering from the loss of jobs, income, or health, mental or physical.
Your thoughts have great energy and could be utilized to help in the healing process.
It will take very little effort and yet is very powerful.
You are called for this action.
The compassion and love that you feel will also put you in a great frame of mind to be receptive to similar energy.
Let your thoughts of peace and healing, balance and love walk in the clouds surrounding where it is needed.
We are with you.

Friday, June 12, 2020

6/12/20 Friendship

Over the years you have developed certain relationships, friendships.
The closeness of these friendships depends on the amount of trust you have with them.
This is a very personal subject.
If you have shared with them honestly over the development of the friendship then you have a deeper connection.
A true friendship will have respect for your choices and decisions even if they differ from their own.
Have this respect for their personal choices also.
These differences are what give life the opportunity to allow different perspectives.
Maintain this honest respect for these differences in all of your relationships.
It will serve all of you.
We are with you.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

6/9/20 Wholeness

Thank you for the opportunity to come and speak with you today.
We’ve come here with the greatest respect for the process.
Bringing the information to you through this process is highly approved and honored (revered).
This is an easy way to get the most information out in its proper sense.
Once in a while, a word or two is misunderstood or transcribed wrong but mostly the whole idea is covered completely.
So, today, we want to talk about you, the Soul.
In the true sense of the word, the Soul is not only the you we see and hear from in the body but the Soul is also the energy that remains in Spirit but connected to yourself here on the Earth plane.
It is a very important part of the Soul because it has a part in what the physical part of the Soul is thinking and doing.
So, when you speak of the Soul, you are speaking of the many facets of the Soul.
Many of you feel separate from the Spirit part of the Soul but you are not.
It is working along with the physical, mental part of you.
Spend time getting to know this part of you, your whole self, and see what a different perspective you may have.
We are here to remind you of your Oneness, your Wholeness.
We are with you.

6/11/20 Content and Happy

 Spend the day listening to what makes your heart sing.
The simple things that are in your life that allows you time to discover what makes you feel content and happy.
There lies the secret to being.
It may be just for you or it may be something you do for another.
Whatever it is, it is there for a reason.
We are with you.