Tuesday, June 23, 2020

6/23/20 Concern and Prayer and Intention

6/23/20 Concern

Use simple terms and simple actions to show how much you care.
Because it is the simple and purest ones that will be understood.
Your general concern will be felt and accepted.
It will provide the energy needed to move forward with care.
Your intentions to help will be healing and helpful.
The Oneness will be realized.
We are with you.

6/23/20 Prayer and Intention

Sending out your intention for the planet and inhabitants in a prayer will be greatly appreciated.
Stating how you would like to see it be us what is needed now.
Everyone doing their part in holding the energy high will improve the level needed to see change.
Just allow this to work and know that the best situation is on the horizon.
Healing and wholeness are beginning to be felt.
Everyone must do their part.
It takes all of us.
We are with you.

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