Wednesday, June 24, 2020

6/24/20 Trust and It is Done

6/24/20 Trust
Trust in God’s Plan.
Allow the opportunities to come as they will.
Trust your inner guidance to know what is best for you and why.
You will feel that it is right and you will be comfortable with the decision.
There is always a reason.
It will present itself and you will understand.
True compassion and love will be there to provide the energy needed.
All else will fall to the side.
This will take precedence.
Look for the opportunity.
Have no fear only love.
We are with you.

 6/24/20 It is Done

It is often said that having the right attitude is the first step to a completed project.
Your attitude and intention set the stage for the work and creation being done.
Set out with a goal in mind and work towards that with determination.
See the end result as being accomplished and never wavier from your path.
Keep your thoughts on what you want to see and the energy will follow.
Knowing and trusting the process is a way of cementing the deal.
And so, it is done.
We are with you.

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