Wednesday, July 31, 2013

7/31/13 Higher Perspective

Unless you are able to see from a very high perspective all the integrate issues that are part of a situation, you have no right to judge it right or wrong.
There are underlying issues that have been taken into account for this to be happening.
Some may appear to have a wrong aspect to them but they actually might produce a positive result in ones learning or growth.
Save your judgment for yourself.
Let the natural law of cause and effect produce the consequences that are warranted.
It is not your place to interfere and certainly makes it more complicated.
It is natural for you to only want good things to be happening but some learn from seeing or feeling the opposite.
Seeing a situation and watching the outcome, even you are learning from it.
Many things are happening to help bring upon a change that is needed right now.
Not all of them will be understood immediately.
So trust that the overall balance of life will be fulfilled and it has a greater meaning then first perceived.
Practice the virtues of love, compassion and patience and your suffering will be lessened a degree.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

7/30/13 Dreaming

You must take your dreaming a lot more seriously.
It is a special way that we can connect with you.
In this special state we are able to exchange many ideas and you can experience adventures you are not able to take while you are awake.
Even if you can not remember all the details everything that was exchanged is now in your consciousness.
It is part of the experience and lessons you are here to have.
You learn and grow from your dreaming as much as your waking hours.
There are times when a loved one who has passed comes to also be with you in your dreams.
This is a special time that they can take care of unfinished business or just to say “Hello” and exchange love.
So upon waking and pondering what you do remember of your dreams look for the wonders of experience that you've had with the other world.
Take seriously the guidance, warnings, reminders and especially the love that is shone to you.
Your body may have rested but your soul has continued to grow.


Monday, July 29, 2013

7/29/13 Acting Foolish (Funny)

Sometimes acting foolish can soften a difficult place.
With all that is going on today, there is occasion where humor can ease the way.
A gesture and a laugh can actually raise the vibration and take a very down energy to a higher vibration.
This comical gesture is not meant to ridicule or hurt someones feelings.
It just takes the focus off an uncomfortable situation.
Do this with love and kindness in your heart and all will be well.
Be able to relax and laugh for sometimes it is good for you.


Sunday, July 28, 2013

7/28/13 Being Healthy

Taking good care of your physical body is also good for your soul.
The physical body is where the soul resides while you are on the earth plane.
You can go on many exciting and wonderful adventures if you are in good physical health.
Working at top notch condition is the ideal state.
Eating, drinking sleeping and getting some exercise helps you maintain this desired state.
You choose each day how you are to take care of your body.
You are given most of the information you need.
Balance and using common sense are the key to maintain the health you need.
Overindulging often makes the result unbalanced.
Your physical health effects you emotional and spiritual health as well.
Make a new commitment to putting your health and state of being at the top of your list.
You will feel better and see a difference in your life.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

7/23/13 The Spirit of Peace

Bring the spirit of peace into your life.
To do this you must choose the way with least resistance.
This is not always an easy thing to do.
You must follow your heart when making choices.
Ask for the peaceful way to be shone to you clearly.
Then look for the signs that will lead you to that peace.
Being at peace is a tranquil place, there will be little confrontation there.
The challenge in your world today is staying there.
Many outside influences will seem to bring other energies close by.
Eliminating these influences helps to allow peace to remain.
Surround yourself with the energies of love and kindness.
Spend more time in a peaceful natural setting.
This vacation from stress and struggle will bring you the repose you need.


Friday, July 26, 2013

7/26/13 Feeling Accomplished

Time seems to be ticking away, making us feel anxious about what we want to accomplish.
What you don't understand is that you have already accomplished it.
Your true job here is to be who you are, doing exactly what you are doing!!
(No more, no less)
Experiencing what you want, what you are lead to experience and learning from it.
What makes you feel less than accomplished is that you think you need to get to the end or finish.
But what you need to realize is that you will never finish it because you are here to be constantly learning and experiencing.
Do not judge where you are by what you see in an others journey.
That is not your quest.
If you become so critical of your own path, ask for guidance and help to see the way.
Take to heart that you are doing what you are here to do.
Experience and learning from where you are.
Look ahead to what you might want with patience and understanding that you will get there in the right time.
Take a deep breath and set your clock for now.
Live today fully and it will be rewarding and bear fruit for tomorrow.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

7/25/13 The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm
What is the perfect storm?
A combination of conditions coming together at one point to give a certain outcome to the situation.
It changes the climate, so to speak.
Not necessarily good, not necessarily bad, just a different result.
Look for these moments in your life, when things are coming together in a certain way.
They are the conditions that will bring a change for you.
Ride them out for they bring with them exactly what you need.
Many times you look upon the changes with fear but you should welcome the relief.
A different sky will be revealed with all of its reward.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

7/24/13 Bring Awareness

Bring awareness into your life.
Start each day by inviting spirit to be part of your decisions.
When faced with a decision allow spirit to lead you to the one that will make your heart feel light.
A lighter, happier vibration is what you are looking for.
If there is resistance or it begins to get complicated then go back and choose the way of the heart.
Trying to cover too many issues are complicating things.
Keep it simple and look towards the way where there is love.
Allow your life to flow more easily and you will find the peace you deserve.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

7/23/13 Patience

7/23/13 Patience

I said, “Of course I want to know what you have to say about the word patience.”

You've heard ” Patience is a virtue.”
Well it truly is.
To wait for something that you are emotional eager to have without being too dramatic or insisting takes a great amount of patience.
You stay in this state without loosing you composure by knowing that when the time is right you will have what you are waiting for.
It will be in perfect order and receiving it will be sweeter than you might expect.
Trusting and allowing the timing to be right is the grace that you call upon to wait.
Knowing that the outcome will be what you want and it's just a matter of time allows you to wait gracefully.
You are learning not to give in to the urge to insist or worry about it happening because you trust your source.
Open your heart and feel the love and be patient for everyone and everything to be in divine order.
Then it will come.


From Nicole-----
Never forget where you come from.
And believe in who you are.
You will rise above all that you are and know who you truly are.”

Monday, July 22, 2013

7/22/13 Being Happy

What makes you happy?
Does wearing a certain shirt make you happy?
Does it bring your energy up?
Does doing a certain activity make you happy?
These are the things that you choose everyday to make you feel happy.
They raise your vibration allowing you to be closer to our vibration.
Then it is easier to hear, see, or feel the guidance we are sending you.
It is when you are down and a deeper vibration that it is hard to get them to you.
Yet this may be when you really need to hear from us.
Our first nudge to you may be just enough to help us to get closer to you.
When you just feel stuck and can't seem to get out of the rut do that something to make you happy and look for the guidance along the way.
Being happy is a powerful energy and it is transmutable to others.
Take the time to find what makes you happy and allow that to be part of your regular practice.
See the energy around you change and enjoy the flow.


Sunday, July 21, 2013

7/21/13 Gossiping

Because of the power of attraction the act of gossiping is counterproductive.
When gossiping you believe you are talking about another, when really you are putting so much energy into your words that you are calling those characteristics to draw near.
These characteristics are drawn nearer to you and if the thoughts prevail they will effect you too.
Should someones actions be bothering you, you should see them in a better light and send them the energy in which they might be influenced to change.
This will help them and you.
Gossip comes from the basic elements of fear, jealousy and anger.
If you find these in your heart you are not where you need to be.
Replace them with kind loving thoughts by looking for the goodness in the situation.
Then you will find yourself in a better place and raise the vibration.
Step up to the Highest Good for All.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

7/20/13 Coping

Coping with the stresses of the day can be frustrating and bring you away from where you want to be.
Look upon these for the lesson they bring and then let it be.
A fresh new start arrives each morning with the sun.
Take advantage of this glory and reset yourself as well.
Raise your thoughts, ideas, and vibration to the highest possible and approach the new day with greater anticipation.
You will then be able to have each day just as you please.
Think about what you want to change only in the reference to that change and see your life move in that direction.


Friday, July 19, 2013

7/19/13 Take These Words of Wisdom

All these Words of Wisdom are given to those who will listen.
Take the wisdom offered and make it part of your routine.
It may help you to know and understand why you have a rocky road and how to manage along the way.
Life will not always be easy for that is the nature of the journey.
But it can be more meaningful if you trust that there are times when things will go your way.
We offer you guidance and simple things that you can understand.
Your heart will know what works for you and how to help you grow.
Sit back and take a panoramic view of life’s majestic glory.
Let it feed the soul the calm and beauty.
Then you will have the energy and fortitude to face the harder times because you know that there is love and peace for all to heal.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

7/18/13 The Ego

The power that seems to come from being selfish is the nature of the ego.
It is born of fear for that is how it has to be.
When the ego is afraid it will help to protect the self.
If the ego had no fear it would be daring and take many risks, leading the self into danger.
The best way to handle the ego is to allow it to be bold when feeling safe but humble and naive when feeling intimidated.
The ego is there as your barometer to help you to grow.
Understanding its temperament can gain you back control.
The ego should not take all control but be there to help the self change and grow.
Learning how to live that way will be a discipline that will help you know that we are all in this together managing to get along not trying to defeat each other.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

7/17/13 Hope and Understanding

Hope and understanding can make your heart beat faster and raise your vibration allowing spirit to draw closer.
Keep an open mind and listen to the words that will bring you hope and understanding.
They are sent to you to help you on your way.
It may be difficult for you to know if you are resistant to any new ideas or beliefs.
You must be open to change and growth in your understanding of what it’s all about.
If the smallest glimmer of hope opens the door take that opportunity to grow and there will be more.
Everything is changing and growing towards the highest good allowed.
Being stuck and miserable is a choice.
So open your heart and step outside the pain you feel today.
It doesn’t have to be your main destiny.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

7/16/13 Start Fresh

Start fresh each day just like the sun rises in the sky.
Lift your thoughts and adjust to the highest level you can reach.
Holding on to the past resentments will not accomplish anything.
Be like little children and face each day anew.
Learning as you go and excited for the experience.
This will bring you much rewards and you will find peace and harmony.


Meditation in review - Magic Happens

Bring forth the practice of meditation into your daily life and help you sort out those wandering thoughts or the one you can't act upon.
In review, you sit quietly and breathe for a few minutes.
You allow your body to calm down first.
Noticing the aches and pains of the body but jut allowing them to be.
Breathe deeply then go to the normal breathing.
Sit comfortably. Now allow the mind to calm.
Just noticing thoughts but allowing them to move on not focusing on any one in particular.
Paying attention to your breathing and allow the mind to calm.
Once your body is calm and your mind is calmer you can start to feel the magic happen.
You might get messages in subtle ways that you can recognize.
Hearing, seeing or feeling a specific thought that seems to come from beyond.
With practice you will begin to sort out the random thoughts to let go of and hold the ones that bring you guidance and messages.
We bring this up now as a reminder of an easy way to bring help and direction into your life. 


Monday, July 15, 2013

7/15/13 Knowledge and Wisdom AND Express Yourself

Combined knowledge and wisdom are what you use to evaluate your life.
Knowledge comes from studying subjects, wisdom is only learned from the teacher.
So through knowledge you can learn about what scientifically is happening but all the spiritual work is still coming in from spirit during meditation.
Don’t discard it. It may be the most important guidance you receive.
Combine understanding, wise guidance, and your own intuition you should have all the information needed to make your decision.
Take your time to evaluate all the possibilities before making your recommendation.
You will know when you have the one solution that will have the highest possible results.


Second Meditation 

Express yourself.
Feel free to allow all that you feel to come out and be who you are.
You are here to experience life in the way that you need.
Your inner self knows what is needed and will be nudging you to allow this facet to appear.
You will feel so good not to be hiding it inside.
Don’t allow others to ridicule your free expression.
Encourage them freedom of expression also.
Assuring you will not judge or question their demonstration of such liberties.
Colorful and creative this world would be if everyone just felt totally free to be whom they wanted to be.
Masterpieces would fill the land.
Beauty would take the place of trash and debris.
Open up and free.