Saturday, August 31, 2013

On Retreat for 3 days so I am posting from March 2013

Imagine that we were here all the time.
You trusted that we would be.
Follow your heart,
it will lead you home to where you ought to be.
Love is the Key to open the door.
Express more in your daily life
and more will come to be.


Friday, August 30, 2013

Second meditaiton 8/30/13 Making Choices

There are many places in the heart having the capacity to hold many emotional responses to life challenging experiences.
The heart is connected very closely to the brain, where it gets it’s impulses from to create the emotion of the heart.
You process each experience in the consciousness of the brain, relating it to past experiences.
Each experience has thousands of triggers.
The brain matches them up with other similar experiences and chooses the best of appropriate responses for that event.
In an instant you choose what your response will be.
Sending the impulse for that emotion to the heart.
Immediately your heart knows how you are going to feel emotionally.
It takes a lot of awareness and understanding to be able to choose a different response to a new event.
But if you want to change the way you look at experiences you must start there at the first response.
An actual pause and taking time to reflect on how you want to feel….
What is best for your highest good?
Can you replace understanding and love with any anger and fear before you choose your response?
If you choose a different response with love and understanding you will trigger a different emotion in the heart.
Then you will feel differently.
Leading you to live differently.
These changes are the beginning to having a life you choose not one of immediate reaction.
Being totally responsible for the choice of how you live your life allows you to create the life you want to have.
Be the creator not the victim.


8/30/13 Choose Your Mood

Go about your day in peace, love and understanding.
All that will be presented is for your highest good.
Reflect and choose how you want to respond.
Set the mood of who you truly are.
Knowing that each experience allows you to investigate the possibilities of all human trait.
Be the best version of your true identity.
Don't let anyone else choose for you.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

8/29/13 Spiritual Essence

The true sense of the word spirit comes from the part of you that is eternal.
Some of the other material make up of who you are is physical and not eternal.
You will have to leave it behind when you leave the earth plane.
You do this sometimes while you sleep.
Your spiritual essence can go on jaunts while your physical body rests and heals.
When physical death comes to the physical body your spiritual essence will leave your body for good.
All that you are, consciously and subconsciously, is part of the spiritual essence - your spirit.
It is eternally growing and evolving into a much higher self all the time.
With awareness you can see that growth and movement.
Coming to an understanding, a new realization is what promotes that growth.

All the experiences we come upon in life are there to help you make that realization and grow spiritually.
Look upon it as feeding the spirit when you are faced with a new challenge.
Don't worry much about the aging and growing of your physical body.
You should focus on your spiritual movement and growth.
Make more progress there; that is what counts.
Feed the spirit daily with understanding and love.
Become spiritually who you want to be.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

8/28/13 The Matrix

The beauty of the matrix of life can be seen on a much smaller scale by looking at the streets of any large city.
Many people going in many directions; each carrying out their own plan.
The rhythm is extraordinaire.
Once in a while they collide adding a bit of confusion.
But in no time the pulse of the flow is back to normal.
You fit neatly into this matrix with all of your twists and turns.
It's a perfect plan you see.
Allow the beauty of that rhythm and flow to carry you on.
Your life will have less struggle if you can just let it be.
Set your course aligned with your heart and soul; enjoy the journey.
It is what was meant to be.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

8/27/13 You Are Never Alone

We are with you everyday; even though you said you can't hear us talk.
You asked a question and we answered back.
It may not even be about the question.
It's just about being there.
The vibration fills the empty air and you know you are not alone.
That is the peace that you find in knowing you are never alone.
Your soul can remember the answer and where you need to be.
When the question is sincere, you'll think the answer is coming from your mind but the true answer you'll feel in your heart.
The answer to your question is there is no good bye because we are with you always.


Monday, August 26, 2013

8/26/13 Apple of My Eye

You are the apple of my eye.”
Your are special, very special. Unique!
Each one of you is a 'one of a kind' specimen of the Divine.
How can that be?” you ask.
Each one of you are born with endless possibilities.
But after years of them telling you there was something you needed to do, to be better, you question your own potential.
Very few have gone above that ridicule and become all that they can be.
But you can do it if you would believe in yourself and your worthiness.
You each have the potential to live you life to the fullest if you trust and stop putting limits on those possibilities.
Raise the bar and meet the challenges with the belief that it will be.
You'll see the difference in no time.
Nothing is holding you back but yourself.
Break the bonds and unleash the power of the Soul.
There you will gain the strength and courage to become limitless to some degree.
Can you already feel it in your heart?
The excitement of the possibilities is real.
You have permission.
Now Go and Live Almightly...


"You are the apple of my eye" means somebody who is very important to me.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

8/25/13 Patterns

There are always patterns forming as you look upon your life.
You will see them over and over and wonder why.
They are there as constant reminders of where you want to be.
It is like the trail into the woods that's marked so clearly.
It should make you feel comfortable when you see the next mark.
As you come to an intersection, you have a choice and there are signs for you to see.
At this point you may choose another trail.
It's OK. You just have to look for another mark along the path you chose.
You are never alone. We've marked it all.
Just open your eyes to see.
When caught is an unfamiliar part just look for the patterns of signs to guide you.
Relax into the journey, your awareness is you compass.
It will help you find the true direction of your quest.
The stronger the awareness the easier it will be.
Walk on and know how truly love you are, you see.


Saturday, August 24, 2013

8/21/13 Love Is The Trail

Life is about the love that you have in your heart.
It is about how much you may share this with yourself and others.
For sometimes it seems easier to withhold this love and feel fear.
Step beyond and believe in the oneness that you share.
Each of you are the same.
You may be acting differently but the core elements are the same.
Loving them is like loving yourself and that love is God's glory.
This is the path, the journey you seek. So follow your heart.
Love is the trail.
All else is distraction.
One step at a time, let love prevail.
Your heart will know, your soul will guide the way.
Trust and see.


Friday, August 23, 2013

8/23/13/ Wanting More

A human trait is never to be satisfied.
You are always expanding and growing.
Part of this characteristic of this growth trait is to always want more of something else.
You have come here to experience all that you can so always have an open heart to more.
The problem arises when what you want belongs to someone else.
You must respect what others have or are doing.
Believe that everything is in perfect order.
What you need will come to you just as you planned.
Jealously has an ugly face and can stifle the flow.
Be aware of this tendency because it does not serve anyone.
Be happy that they are being who they are and expressing God's greatest glory.
This is the expression of who you are and who you want to be.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

8/22/13 Justice

Life is not fair. 
Some people have many more things and more money while others have very little.
That is not what tips the scale of balance in life.
You should not judge by the exterior stuff that some have collected.
There maybe many problems attached to that stuff.
The true balance is within your own life.
Look within to find the scale.
If you are feeling a little imbalanced, you are not focusing on the part that is lacking.
Put more thought and energy into that part of you life and you will feel the shift.
Be content and pleased with your blessings and your heart will grow, allowing more room for more of the most important thing......Love.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

8/21/13 Opportunities

Sometimes you can not see all the opportunities in your life.
There are too many distractions and things going on around you.
You might just miss them.
Because they usually are accompanied with a bit of change you might find yourself avoiding them all together.
When you see similar choices come about a number of times it is then you should face the challenge.
These opportunities are there in your life to allow for change needed for growth.
Be bold, take a step, it's only new for a short time.
Then it will feel familiar and you will be glad that you did.
These challenges and changes are given to you as a blessing.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

8/20/13 Happiness

Being happy is the number one thing you can do for yourself.
Today, find a way to bring more happiness into your life.
It may be a song or a special thing you eat or even getting a little more sleep.
Whatever it is that makes you feel happy explore it, indulge in it.
Happiness raises your core vibration and brings you closer to where you want to be.
Then the flow of life and all it brings to you is easier and you will see it more clearly.


Monday, August 19, 2013

8/19/13 Reflect

You must open your heart for the Words of Wisdom to be having the impact that they deserve.
All that is said has implied a need for you to do good.
They are pretty easy steps to follow and will make a great difference.
Your resistance comes because of the change that might take place in the way you act and treat others.
Change is growth and is good for the soul.
It makes you feel uncomfortable at first but you will soon be comforted by the difference it will make in your life.
We would not tell you something that you would not benefit greatly by.
Go back through them, at least a few, and take another look.
Have you made the change in the way you see yourself and others?
Has love expanded your heart to deal differently to challenges?
Sit quietly and reflect on these things we have brought to your attention.
Remind yourself of who you are and what you want your life to be.
There is still some work to be done, that we encourage you to do.
Lift your energy and allow the goodness to flow into your life and embrace the new you.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

8/18/13 The Vision

When you view the reality from a larger perspective you will see a different world.
All the small details will blend together into one and seem to disappear.
Your lives are full of things that seem insurmountable at times.
But the truth be known, they are just minor difficulties along the way.
The bigger tasks are still at bay, waiting to be addressed.
How are you going to face these?” is asked each day.
The answer lies within your soul and the unity of them.
Peace, love and tranquility will be restored unconditionally.

The world grows smaller all the time.
Communication and the web bring you closer and closer together.
Problems and issues still remain but the vision of oneness is growing stronger.
Ego and jealousy will be eliminated once you stop studying the slight surface differences and start to focus on the one true reality.
Each one of you are a spark of the divine expressing a unique facet of humanity.
You will remember the vision to experience it all, yet know the oneness and              who you are.
Peace, love and tranquility will be restored unconditionally.


Saturday, August 17, 2013

8/17/13 Natural Goodness

When you draw upon your natural goodness to play a special part in your life you help fulfill your destiny.
Some of the reason you are here is to experience these emotions in the body.
You are here to know who you are by understanding yourself during these times.
Natural goodness is a divine aspect of your human experience.
You are born in the state of natural goodness and you should experience it throughout your life time.
Some are distracted and venture away from this state.
Bringing you back to this experience is where you need to be.
You will know it because of the peace and love you will feel in your heart.
Come home to who you truly are.


Friday, August 16, 2013

8/16/13 Inspiration

Inspiration is the positive influence that your spiritual guidance has on you.
It can certainly help you when you are in a bind.
You are feeling low and no creative thoughts are coming forth.
Put yourself in a receptive state and open to possibility.
It may seem like out of thin air a creative beautiful idea will pop into your head,
complete with all the details and information needed.
Being inspired by your higher self and your guides always is uplifting and fills you with the confidence you need.
Inspiration is always there.
Open up for some today.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

8/15/13 Walk Among the Trees

Go and visit the earth, the formations, the mountains, and the oceans.
They are placed in your world to beautify it for your enjoyment.
Feel the energy around them and use their healing power for yourself and others.
Is it not enough just to be able to quiet the mind and get away from the chaos?
Walk among the tress and flowers, feel the uplifting energy they expel.
This is where you will find the peace and tranquility you need.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

8/14/13 Spiritual Gifts

The strength of your spiritual gifts are similar to the strength of your physical senses.
You can enhance their power and outcome by using them.
Focus beyond the physical senses to find the spiritual ones.
Look beyond what you see to notice more.
Listen beyond the noise to hear the voices.
Pay attention to your inner feelings to find presence.
Know with your heart, not your mind, what is real.
These are the keys to our communication.
You are already there.
You just have to trust and focus.
Step into the beyond to get the message.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

8/13/13 The Moon

The light and the energy of the moon is very special.
It has it's special orbit and placement in the sky in order to help you balance your own energies.
Pay attention to it's cycles and how they play havoc or bring in excitement or courage and strength your way.
The placement of the full moon in your cycle is powerful.
It will bring you the power you need to balance your unstable energies.
A full moon has a certain magnetic field that can help you change some connections in your life.
Stay awake and alert to the movement and feeling you will get during this new cycle.
It will prove to be useful in your other activities.
Pay attention to the cycle of the moon and your cycle of energy.
They will coincide with what will bring you new understanding and growth.
When the energy is high take advantage and we will be there to help you.
There is much power in the thought.
So stay with loving positive ideas.
Be ready for what you may discover to be useful to your needs.


Monday, August 12, 2013

8/12/13 Make a Change

A thousand times, that's a lot, but not as many as the ways you can change your life to be what you want.
The choices are there everyday.
You just have to choose something different .
Don't get stuck in the normal, the expected rut.
You feel secure and it appears to make you happy but going for the one that is a stretch will add excitement and a higher vibration.
There are no failures, so you will only experience the sense of trying something new.
Being aware of each thought and what feeling it brings will help you decide what you are willing to actually do.
Part of the doing is believing in the divine deliverance and the grand result.
Take one of the chances today and do something new and different.
Life is supposed to be an adventure.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

8/11/13 Just Be in the Moment

I am coming to you to make sure you are OK and straight with what we are saying.
The truth is sometimes hard to believe and is real.
Don't forget about all the wonderful things here of earth.
You've come here to experience and love them.
Each new awakening will bring a better understanding and appreciation for those things beings and things around you.
They are part of your story, part of your glory.
Each play a special role for you.
So relax, there is nothing pressing for you to do.
Just be in the moment with your life.
Bring on more and more experiences to which you are the major part.
Remember from whence you came and there too you will return.
There is not one single thing you have to do,
Just a feeling that comes from the heart and makes you feel divine.


Saturday, August 10, 2013

8/10/13 Potential

Potential is to reach for the highest vibration you can with the consciousness that you are aware of.
That is all that you are going for.
You are not compared to anyone else.
The only scale is where you are and where you are going to.
We know that you are all striving and struggling to reach this potential but it is already met.
You have been there before and you will be there again soon.
Don't look outside yourself, look within.
Living life to the fullest with what is given you from moment to moment is reaching your full potential.
Then you are happy and have peace in your heart.


Friday, August 9, 2013

8/9/13 Practice

Some things will move along rather quickly with a good amount of practice.
You go about each day with different goals in mind.
Moving toward these chosen opportunities with determination.
When the goal is not reached in the first attempts you try to come closer, bringing it within reach.
As you practice these meaningful actions you will gain the skills you will need.
Patience and perseverance is needed during this time of practice.
You will see movement with your effort.
At last, you feel accomplishment, bearing the fruits of all the time and effort you put into your practice.
Well worth the energy when you get the result of the victory you perceived.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

8/8/13 Acceptance

When you are learning about a new idea your mind is going back and forth about the notion of what is real.
Sometimes it makes perfect sense and you wonder why you ever had a doubt.
And at other times you can't see how it could be.
You couldn't have missed that all this time.
When everyone else all around you is also undisclosed to this it's even harder to believe.
But there it is.
The wonder you've been waiting for.
The answer to all the mystery, that you've been pondering for what seems like eternity.
Now the only thing that you need to face is how to make it real.
Your mind wants to continue the struggle.
It is uncomfortable with something so out of the ordinary.
It likes it when there is no change.
But let's look beyond the initial change and see the end result.
Acceptance brings the freedom you feel in your heart.
It beats a little faster now.
You know the truth of who you are.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

8/7/13 Disillusion

Don't give up, there is more to come.
When you are feeling low and sorry for yourself, you are not at your highest vibration.
Jealousy is an illusion that someone has more than you and what they have is best for you.
Well, that is not the truth.
You only see the surface of what is happening in their lives and yours also.
What is best for you is always happening in your life.
Of course, it is not always all the bells and whistles but you will gain from what you perceive.
What really matters in your life is not what you own or even who you appear to be.
What truly matters is all that you are spiritually.
Measure your capacity for love, kindness, and compassion.
Measure your humility, generosity and gratefulness.
The true value of life are the virtues that you display while here.
Don't be disillusioned by all the trinkets and niceties.
They are but distractions to the true meaning of being here.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

8/6/13 Understanding

So the mind does want to be in charge.
Whenever a concept that is over the top and a little harder to understand the mind often does not accept it in the way it was presented.
The mind wants to make logical sense out of everything.
That way it feels safe and not threatened .
It might take a lot of urging and looking at it from every angle to convince the mind that it could be true.
When there is no known logical way to explain it to the mind you call in the leap of faith.
That is the way you can go from what is logically explained to the new Reality.
Scientist and religious experts are trying to make it all fit into their nice known spaces.
But what you are now finding out to be real does not easily fit and is a little harder to explain.
Your mind, the logical, is fighting this acceptance but the heart and the soul knows it to be true.
They feel more comfortable with these new ideas because they are not new at all.
It is a coming home, waking up to what was always a part of you.
Just allow in what you can and be patient the rest will come.
New energies and conditions are being felt everyday.
They will help to add balance and call in understanding.
If you feel confused and struggling to understand just quiet the mind and listen to your heart.
There you will find peace.


Monday, August 5, 2013

8/5/13 Understanding Frees the Heart

A lot of times you feel all bound up because you are mulling over and over an others actions.
You had no control over what they have done yet it bothers you so much.
When it has taken your energy to go over and over it, you feel you are suffering.
You don't understand why they did not act the way that you wanted them to.
It was in their own path to act like that. They needed to feel the way they did.
If you allow yourself this understanding then it will become easier to see the truth in what has taken place.
Understanding frees the heart to move past this.
Look closely and see yourself in that position.
Have compassion for the misunderstanding and forgiveness will be allowed.
Even if the relationship is not mended send forgiveness to the soul and you will feel the change in you.
Send it over and over until you feel less suffering and an uplifting of your spirit.
There will come a time when this act of compassion will be afforded to you.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

8/4/13 Who Do You See?

When you look in a mirror who do you see?
To look really deeply and see who you truly are takes a lot of courage.
Not every aspect of yourself do you want to reveal.
You are a combination of so many things that you might want to pick and choose.
You want to protect the parts that are more fragile and have less confidence.
The way that others see you is what you fear the most.
But we do not judge those trivial things for they are only a decimal of who you truly are.
Be true to yourself and go beyond a comfort zone and you will grow with each encounter.
If you don't like who you see, you'll get another chance, change it.
There are many opportunities to improve your display.
But when it come down to the basics being honest and true to yourself will give you the best results.
You chose your image for a reason and learning from it will best serve you.
Don't shy away from those things that challenge your resolve.
They are there to help you grow and know once again who you truly are.


Saturday, August 3, 2013

8/3/13 Remembering Who You Are

Even though you live on the earth plane you are reminded everyday of your divinity.
Just look at the way your body heals and grows without much of your consciousness attending it.
Your mind is constantly keeping you company and always on your toes.
It engages you in questions and interesting matters whenever you give it a chance.
Your soul is the one who truly gives you that confirmation because it pushes past the earthly limits to show you who you are.
Allow the signs and awakening reminders to help keep you growing and learning.
Many forms of information is being sent your way.
They may arrive by personal contact, TV, or a book you are getting into.
The message is still there.
Much change and energy is needed to lift the vibration of the earth.
You are here to be part of this uplifting.
Divine order means that all is happening for the main purpose and that is
to enlighten those who are ready to accept their role in the plan.
To remember who you are, you must put the subtle parts aside and reach for the higher more meaningful roles you are about to play.
Step up to your true self with the honor and commitment.
Believe that you are in divine company doing and standing for what is Reality for all.


From Nicole-----
Never forget where you come from.
And believe in who you are.
You will rise above all that you are and know who you truly are.”

Friday, August 2, 2013

8/2/13 Keeping Your Thoughts Positive

Whenever you have a thought it announces to the Universe where your energy is.
In this field of attraction this energy is then having a greater impact on your circumstances than you perceive.
For this reason it is to your highest good to keep your thoughts positive.
Then the positive or good will be able to come near.
Think from the heart and allow it to be felt throughout your body.
The better you feel, the better the energy is.
Life is a continuum of fluctuating energy.
Some high and some low.
There is a balance and this is where you can influence the swing.
If you were to do one thing to help ease the way it is to look for the good ( God )
in everything.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

8/1/13 Notion of Time

While you are here you must have respect for the notion of time.
Your physical bodies and the work you do is mainly based on an hourly commitment.
Most things are scheduled in by the clock.
You get up by the clock, meet people and have meetings by the clock.
Bells ring, alarms go off to remind you where and what you should be doing.
But what about the spontaneity of the soul.
When is it time to just do its own thing.
Just sometimes stop and let the time of spirit have control.
Don't let time rush you.
You are not going anywhere.
Let the beingness come from within and the doing will come closer to you later.
If you don't quite finish, the sun will come up tomorrow and it will be there waiting.
Another day there is time to do it and still have time to go within and allow your soul to grow.
We are all in this together.
It is an illusion if you believe you'll run out of time because time is actually created here by you for you and you can create more.
Patiently focus on what matters to the heart.
Time will be created to finish all you need to heal.