Monday, June 30, 2014

6/30/14 Hear The Words of Wisdom

We speak to you always from a place of love.
Some will not be ready to hear all that is said but others wait for it anxiously.
They want to know the truth, the wisdom is clear.
They want to have every word to find peace with it.
So say it anyway.
Say it all for some will open their door way and be able to see more light, more choices to make a change that will allow this peace.
We offer you this doorway of opportunity with the most gentle understanding to know how it will affect each one and in time the all.
Take what you can from these words of wisdom and guidance.
Be settled or create a new.
It doesn't matter because all is perfect for each moment.
Let you heart soar.


Sunday, June 29, 2014

6/29/14 Most Powerful Language

You mostly use vocal language to convey your thoughts and wishes to each other.
But there are many other ways to get your message across.
There is of course, the written word, which we are using now.
And then there is body language, which is quite comical at times.
Yet the most powerful language which is available to you, yet not recognized so much, is mental telepathy.
Yes, we said available to you.
We use it all the time.
This is how we give you guidance and wisdom.
You too use this to communicate with each other.
You send your thoughts and emotions out to each other all the time.
It does get there, know for sure.
Begin to see how powerful this language is.
Your emotion and thoughts arrive intact, just the way you sent them.
Leaving little room for mistakes or miss-communication.
All thoughts, both loving and not are delivered. Remember that.
That emotion and energy are received and felt.
So start to monitor all your forms of communication.
Know that what you say, write, or even think is what is being received.
That energy is what is actually creating the experience.
Allow love to guide the way.
Then you will start to see what you truly want.


Saturday, June 28, 2014

6/28/14 Virtues

Love is the core to living a good life.
The supporting virtues are compassion, gratitude and generosity.
With these virtues you can find a balance within yourself.
With many years of conditioning your human response is generally from the selfish aspect of judgment, attachment and greed.
You think with your separate mind, not with your open heart.
Practice these virtues in your everyday living.
Intentionally and consciously be generous, compassionate and grateful several times a day.
In no time at all, you will feel the love generated and see your life changing.
Balance will bring you peace and back to who you truly are.
Love with an open heart.
All else is stifling your spiritual growth.


Friday, June 27, 2014

6/27/14 Triumph

You feel triumph when you accomplish something even faster than those around you.
It is part of your human trait to have these competitions.
They make you feel superior even though you are not.
It is in the lesson of winning or losing that you are learning more and more about who you are and who you want to be.
It is part of your relationships you are testing out.
Most of it is just an innocent push to do better next time but sometimes one can take it too seriously and believe them to actually be superior.
This is not true. All are created equal.
The perfection of the journey is that you are always perfect – always.
What you learn, win or lose, benefits the self which benefits the whole.
Adding triumph to it all.
Play your games, have your competitions, but keep in mind that all is perfect and the biggest prize is the experience of knowing who you are.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

6/26/14 Crème Brûlée

Heaven is like the Crème brûlée of life on earth.
It is the dessert after living your life here, learning the lessons, facing the challenges, bearing the suffering.
You deserve dessert.
In heaven you can do what you want, have what you want.
There is no pain and suffering.
So it feels like the frosting on the cake or the sweet finish to the main course of your life.
As you are living your life, learning the lessons, facing the challenges, enduring the pain and suffering, know that there is something at the end of the physical life that you will enjoy more than the best dessert ever - Crème brûlée.
Waiting for you. Ready to enjoy.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

6/25/14 Dream state

In the dream state you turn off a part of your waking consciousness but another part is still processing.
This is the part that will remember what you have been dreaming.
If you are able to access this part, you will be able to remember your dream.
Sometime setting an intention and practice drawing the dream into your waking consciousness will help you to remember easier.
In the dream state many things are happening all at once.
Your waking consciousness that has been processing for hours takes a well needed rest.
The part of the brain that runs your physical body functions continues to run although at a resting state.
Your spirit has a couple of choices.
It can choose to stay near the body because of the light state of sleep you are in.
Or when you are in a deep state of sleep, it may choose to leave and astral travel gathering strength and experience needed for your journey.
Some people wake up and feel that they have been someplace.
Truly a part of them has.
All the functions that occur when you are sleeping are vital to your alert awake state.
Make it your regular practice to allow your body to sleep and rest for the appropriate amount of time.
You will have a better experience.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

6/24/14 Your Essence

The essence of who you are is what you call the spirit, the soul.
It is in the core of your entire self.
All the characteristics and traits that you have accumulated over life times make up your essence.
When you awaken to knowing that part of you, you can understand the many facets that you are.
These many layers of traits and experiences are intricately woven to the beautiful essence that you have now become.
Treasure the fact that you have such depth and complexity to your being.
Call upon some of this accumulated knowledge and understanding when faced with challenge.
It exists within you to assist in your journey.
Your essence is growing and expanding with each new experience you have.
Your essence is who you are.
Love that!


Monday, June 23, 2014

6/23/14 True Love.

True love is felt with no restrictions attached.
It is the love of your new born baby.
No expectations, just a connection that is unexplainable.
True love has no boundaries.
It is felt for those close by or even far apart.
True love is endless and eternal.
You will always love them even after their physical death.
You will have a certain place in your heart for the essence.
They are in fact a part of who you are.
You can feel it on a very deep level and it comforts you in a way.
For if you love so deeply, you too are also loved.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

6/22/14 Fortitude

Fortitude is the strength that you face the largest challenges with.
Fortitude being built up by the confidence and faith you have after being successful repeated times.
This is why you should always try and try to accomplish what you want.
When you repeatedly try something, you get stronger and stronger at it.
You find out the secrets to succeed and strengthen your resolve.
Then when you are ready and strong enough you will overcome that challenge with ease.
You will be ready to move on to the next challenge.
So this is life.
You will have these challenges.
Some will take a repeated effort to feel that you have successfully overcome the challenge.
Some you may have a lot less difficulty with.
Never the less, they are there along with all the gifts of love and relationships,
binding together to form the pattern and maze of your physical existence.
Use your fortitude, your innate strength, to help you through.
Use love and oneness to cushion the falls.
All is well.


Saturday, June 21, 2014

6/21/14 Gifts Encountered

How many people do you come into contact with during the normal activities of the day?
Many you know as family and friends.
But many are total strangers, you may only see once for a few moments.
Yet every interaction with another has the potential to be meaningful.
The energy and emotion that you exchange with each person has an impact on their energy and conscious mental impression of the moment.
At that time you have the ability to pass on love and compassion.
It may truly make a difference in the way they are viewing life.
Always be of your best and you will promote the highest result and energy.
Be willing to see and receive the best from them.
Life then unfolds and the gifts encountered will be seen.
Love is with you.


Friday, June 20, 2014

6/20/14 Happy

Happy for no reason.
When you are happy, when you allow that feeling into your physical body, lots of changes happen.
Chemicals are secreted to create the feeling of happy.
Your system is livelier and responds more quickly, without delay.
Happiness, in general, can lead to love and compassion.
Generosity is more likely to happen.
Just an overall feeling of being loved and appreciated, or appreciating can happen.
Smiles are easily a part of this feeling and they are contagious.
Others will smile then helping others to smile.
We appreciate your effort to share this smile and happiness all around you.
Enjoy the reaction to happiness.


Thursday, June 19, 2014

6/19/14 More Hellos

Aloha. Hello from anywhere you would like to be.
Even if this would be the place you would like to go, it is a very long flight.
Not one you would like for no reason.
Here, in spirit, you can be there just by thinking about it.
Very convenient, best travel.
We are only a thought away.
Continuing to be with you and send love whenever we can.
Keep your heart open.
Keep your mind open to this possibility and you will see more of our hellos.
Love to you now and always.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

6/18/14 Rejuvenating Self

Sleep is so important to rejuvenating the physical body.
Meditation or quieting the mind rejuvenates the non-physical body, the ethereal body, which is where your spirit resides.
Take these times very seriously for this is where you grow and become stronger.
Use this strength to make a better connection to who you are.
It will help you to find the truth and peace within you.
And that is what makes living more authentic and the true experience that you've come here for.
Give this gift to yourself on a regular basis.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

6/17/14 Can You Change Who You Are?

If you really don't like who you have chosen to be, can you change it?
You have come to this place, earth, to experience what it feels like to be who you are in this life time.
You have certain lessons and experiences you have chosen to have.
Once you have accomplished them, you have completed this experience, you have free will and you can choose to change certain things about yourself to experience something different.
It is your consciousness and your free will that will decide what you will change and how.
You have more power in this regard than you know.
Both mental and some physical conditions can be altered.
Your core essence, your spirit, your soul can not be changed.
It is eternal.
But your personality and physical presence can be altered.
Love yourself and respect why you have come, then decide what changes will be for your highest good.
We will help you.


Monday, June 16, 2014

6/16/14 Allow Joy

When your heart is full of joy you can look at all the parts of your life differently.
You can begin to see some positive moments and value in the more challenging parts.
Allow yourself to have that joy.
It is brought to you on purpose to help you heal and grow.
Remember life has a rhythm and there are ups and downs.
They bring to you the lessons and things you need when you need them.
We are with you.
Much love and peace.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

6/15/14 Freedom

You are working with defining the word freedom in your life.
You are making choices that allow you to feel more free from others opinions and ridicule.
You are searching for your own true identity.
This is the way.
This is the path for you to discover new things about who you are and what you truly love and value.
It tests your trust and faith in yourself and world around you.
Call on help and guidance along the way.
But love yourself for each new found freedom.


Saturday, June 14, 2014

6/14/14 A Child's View

How precious the little child that is?
The excitement, the wonder, the awe.
They get how to live in the here and now.
They want to be here now and are excited for what is all around them now.
Follow their example, learn to appreciate what surrounds you.
Be grateful for the moments that you are experiencing now.
Your imagination can keep you playing, busy for hours.
Then imagine something different and play some more.
All is right- nothing more, nothing wrong.
It is what is now.
Two thirds of you are like children, accepting just what there is for exactly what it is.
The others are wanting more.
Stay in the awe and wonder for the views of life.
Where you can be on top of the bridge and see what looks like the whole world at that moment.
You will slow down and enjoy more.
Experience today from a child’s view,


Friday, June 13, 2014

6/13/14 Understanding And Change

The timing of your earth is quite different.
We don't count the minutes, hours, or days.
But we do have a sense of what is happening.
We know when things are changing and coming forth.
We can sense the energies of this change.
There is a new understanding and this is fueling the change.
Many are looking to love and peace to bring more harmony to your earth.
Focus on this concept for the greater understanding and movement it will bring.
Have faith that there will be many to stand with and know the truth of who you are.
Your personal growth will be of much value to the whole.
We are with you, spreading the light.


Thursday, June 12, 2014

6/12/14 Interconnection

The pattern of woven interconnection that you feel and know exists.
There are times when you wonder how you are brought to meet a certain person.
There are so many things that you have in common.
You should be wondering how you could have missed them along the way.
Your paths have crossed back and forth for decades.
When you see and feel these connecting points you begin to put the matrix of pieces together.
All are represented here.
Sometimes your paths are close and at other times you feel distant.
Allow these patterns to draw you closer and closer to the ones who are to also cross your path.
The interchange of gifts, lessons and messages are there for all to benefit from.
It is the grand plan and one of great love.


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

6/11/14 Balance Of Energies

It is a balance of energies.
You call upon the energy of the earth.
You call upon the energy of the universal mind.
To come to you and blend, making it a very palpable and strong energy.
You can feel it. You embody that energy.
It shows you that we are near, not far.
Play and practice with this energy for it is there for you.
We too are also using this energy to bring forth messages.
Messages of hope, healing and love.
We appreciate your openness to bring forth the energy, the message and the love.
For with this there will be a greater understanding, a greater hope.
Continue to sit and bring this energy together.
There will be much healing and understanding.
We are excited to be there also. 
We love you.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

6/10/14 Endless Possibilities

One thousand choices, two thousands choices, unlimited choices.
How many do you have in one week, one year, eternity?
All of which are set up and directed by self for the growth and opportunity to learn.
Cherish each one, each opportunity.
Take time to weigh out what some of the decisions will bring you.
Open new doorways and embrace new experiences.
Step out of your semi-protected and familiar space to try a new adventure.
Live life to the fullest by going to see and hear and experience all that you can.
Many messages and guides will be encountered along the way.
Love and compassion will be felt and shared.
This is what life is for ---
Endless possibilities.


Monday, June 9, 2014

6/9/14 Sacred Space

There are many levels of privacy and sacred space, even in the spirit world.
You are venturing into creating some of your own.
Spirit will be present in any or all of these .
You will encounter spirit where you intend to do so.
Some will be more intricate and devout than others but they will all be love.
If you can create a space (even in your mind) where you can go fishing with your father, who has passed, then it is sacred space.
Learn to do this for it will bring you much peace.
We are always there, closer than you think.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

6/8/14 Bear Witness To The Continuance Of Our Lives

We are always with you and we do want to communicate with you.
We are so excited.
We want to tell you about all the love that we have surrounded you and even lift you up.
We are so grateful to you for allowing us the opportunity to rap on the wall and lift the table.
We were responding to the love we felt coming from your hearts in that room.
Similarly we want you to have affirmation and exhibit our love.
Please tell everyone how much they are loved .
We are so close and want to communicate with you.
Allow us the opportunity to present ourselves and for this love be the conduit to healing.
Moving the tray was easy.
Moving and changing your beliefs are harder and dismantling the fear is the hardest yet.
We've opened more than the bathroom door to let the light in.
Now bear witness to the continuance of our lives and love though the veil.


Saturday, June 7, 2014

6/7/14 Going Home Again

Honor the message that you receive.
It may not become clear as you are receiving it.
It is there for a reason and surely given out of love.

6/7/14 Going Home Again

Each day brings you closer and closer to your day of transition.
To prepare for this you are receiving the guidance that you need.
All will be revealed to you.
Do not be afraid.
We will surround you with great love and support.
You are not for one moment alone.
The anxiety and stress of this is not allowing you to live your life.
You must believe this time will be sacred and comfort will be known.
Trust and believe the ones who have gone before you and told you the truth about how it is
Whenever you can let go of the fear and you can breathe a little easier and live a little fuller.
It will be like going home again.
Live in peace.


Friday, June 6, 2014

6/6/14 Discovery Of Self

You are all looking for the true meaning of being.
Coming here to spend one of your many lives takes great courage and devotion.
Many of the hardest challenges and lessons will be encountered.
Relationships and responsibilities are complicated at best.
Your personality and ego will work so closely together, it will be hard to discern the differences.
Yet many come and many more are lined up to have this opportunity for growth and expansion.
It can be quite a loving and fulfilling experience not found everywhere.
Life here has a unique quality all to its self and has supplied this opportunity for discovery of self for thousands of years.
Value the gifts of the planet and supporting environment before all is destroyed and lost.
You must have a stronger respect for your responsibility to its demise.
Then life can continue to provide such an omnipotnence experience for growth and expansion you find here.
Find that love and respect inside you.
Teach others the importance of care, for you, all are connected through self.
We love you and are helping you to know the truth.


Thursday, June 5, 2014

6/5/14 Step By Step

Many things that are not so clear, black or white, as you say, remain things for you to think more deeply about.
They are things that you need to discern with your higher self and process through the heart.
They will help define who you are and who you want to be.
You are a work in progress so you don't have to get if 100% correct the first time.
You make adjustments in these trait as you go.
You develop and expand.
There is always room for change and growth.
Nothing is set in stone.
Allow this change - adjustment to happen easily, with no judgement or remorse and you will find a place of peace.
A place where you are becoming the divine in you.
Allow every decision, every thought to bring you closer.
Step by step.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

6/ 4/14 A Fresh Start To A New Day

You wake up every morning to a new day. Like an infant look upon each day as a new start.
Everything that is going to happen is new and a fresh start.
Let life bring to you what it may and allow yourself to respond with the awe and wonder of a child.
It is a blessing to be here and experiencing these events.
All is in perfect order and you are there, receiving it's knowledge and wisdom.
Be in awe of its splendor and the rhythm of life.
All is well.


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

6/3/14 Thoughts Give Energy

Each time you are thinking of someone you are sending them energy.
The good thoughts and well wishes are especially energetic.
When someone is recovering from an illness or surgery then it is most important to send them thoughts, prayers and energy they need to recover.
Gossip and talking about other things they are trying to avoid also send energy to that.
So be careful what you energize.
Keep only loving, healing and positive thoughts and words about yourself and others, giving them positive energy to be so creative with.


Monday, June 2, 2014

6/2/14 Trust The Journey

It will all work out.
You spend too much of your time worrying.
Let go of the idea that what you want to happen is always the best experience.
Maybe life has a few more twists and turns for you to take that may provide more.
More of what you need and more of what you can learn from.
Most importantly, there may also be a situation that you know nothing about that will bring you something special.
Allow life to unfold as it will, instead of being driven by too much worry and planning.
Leave a little leeway. Trust the journey.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

6/1/14 Stardust

There are some ingredients that are present in your physical body that are also present in the stars.
We are all one.
You are certainly a part of the universe.
So closely related that from a molecular view it would be hard to tell much difference.
What makes you different is the way you are put together, the patterns, the construction.
What makes you human is your soul - your spirit.
This is the wonder of life.
Let that wonder be your force that gives you the power to be the magnificent being that you are.
Let your light shine,