Saturday, April 30, 2016

4/30/16 The Peaceful Challenge

 Take the peaceful challenge.
Spend at least 10 minutes everyday this week in complete silence – no cell phones around.
Just 10 minutes having the only thoughts being to come to peace;
Peace with yourself,
Peace with your neighbors,
Peace with the world.
Let go of all things bothering you and just be at peace.
You will begin to feel that peaceful state.
Extend it both in time and duration if it is working for you.
Your peaceful state will help the peace on your planet.
Thank you.

4/29/16 Love Thyself

Peace be unto you.
Make peace with yourself.
Don't judge or beat yourself up for any misdoing.
They are the learning curve to finding out what's real.
Sometimes mistakes are made -
You know it. You feel it.
Just acknowledge it and be willing to forgive and move on.
The lesson was learned and you have grown in understanding.
Be happy with who you are.
Love thyself so you can love others.


4/28/16 Miracles

It's time for the miracles to be.
They are happening everyday and now suddenly there can be more.
Your reading and understanding will bring you closer to living the dream.
The dream that your reality will be exposed and you will see clearly what you are to be doing with your life.
You are to be love, be and sending love.
They are both the same, in that way, vibrationally all love experiences are the same.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.


4/27/16 Your Birthright

It's not your pride it's your birthright
You are divine.
And when you achieve something wonderful you deserve to make notice of it.
Don't rub it in but make full claim, full honor and responsibility for this acheivement.
This is the way.
Be respectful of others decisions.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

4/24/16 Make Peace

Don't let them go away angry.
It is time to make peace.
Forgiveness is also for you.
You won't have to carry such a heavy heart.
There is time to heal.
It is the loving thing to do.
No more sadness, no more pain.
Be at peace with yourself and all those around you.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

4/23/16 No new post today. 4/23/15 Appreciate What You Have Now

A very easy lesson to learn is to appreciate what you have when you have it.
Everything is changing and you never know when things will change and you won't have it in the same way.
Nothing is permanent.
The more attached you are to it the more it hurts when it is changed or gone.
So take the time to appreciate and give value and honor to what you have and enjoy now.
Be flexible to adapting to changes.
There is a reason for these changes.
It will help you learn and grow.
We are with you.


Friday, April 22, 2016

4/22/16 Be Love, Be Peace

There is a way that many people may choose love, in God's name.
And there will be peace.
It will be a bye - there will be another chance.
Believe it.
For it can be and will be.
You will feel it in your heart.
At that moment there will be a reconciliation, a forgiveness and peace.
This is what some live for, to bring about a time when all of this will be.
They bring the light, the truth and the way.
Hold on to that.
Know that you can be a part of that by believing in that truth.
Be love, be peace.

4/21/16 No new post today. Post from 4/20/15 The Incidentals

The incidentals of your life are of little importance.
You choose to have many or a few according to your own free will.
They may become a distraction to your mission.
Notice what you don't need and share them with others.
Having less and being more organized is better for you.
It will free up your space and energy to do what you really want.
Be frugal in your acquiring extra stuff.
Admire things for their beauty and craftsmanship but you do not need every one.
Peace be with you.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

4/20/16 A Beautiful Expression

There are many worried about some basic truths.
They are spinning their wheels trying to figure out how to be comfortable with each other because of their differences when they should be trying to figure out how to be comfortable with each other because of their similarities.
You are all the same in God's eyes.
Don't make each other freaks or idiots.
Make each other beautiful expressions of love, God's love, which is life.
It's not there to offend or hurt you.
It is just there as an expression.
There is no right or wrong.
Therefore it will become just as everything else when you accept and grow accustom to it, the length of ones hair, facial hair, pierced earrings, tattoos.
In time you accept it and it becomes an expression of oneself.
Have an open heart and an open mind.
You are all loved.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

4/16/16 Reality In The Heart

The physical world is an illusion.
The reality is what is going on in your heart.
You can feel it growing.
Through all the ins and outs of people, places and thing in your life you learn what has meaning and importance.
Through these lessons you grow in understanding and love.
This is life's true meaning or what you must see and feel as your reality.
Go past the physical communication to find the meaning for your personal advancement.
When you can do this you will find comfort and peace in everything you do.

4/19/16 An Adventure

When you are out in nature trust your instincts.
You and nature are one and belong to the same family.
The family of the divine.
They live their lives trusting their instincts and so can you.
Your guidance your inner self will help you along the way.
Just be peaceful and quiet and listen to what your heart speaks.
You will be shown the way.
It is an adventure is it not.
One of exploration and new understanding.
Be open and allow it all in -

Monday, April 18, 2016

4/18/16 Benefits All

Look upon yourselves and others as the divine souls that you truly are.
Do not look for the human traits and flaws but the flawless divinity that is there.
The people, souls, that devote their entire life in service to others are genuine examples of love.
They call it work but they do it with such compassion and love, day by day.
Respect and honor them for their quest of unconditional love benefits all.

No new post . Post from 4/17/15 Driving Force

You are more powerful than you know.
Anything you can think you can do.
With positive energy and faith you can succeed.
This is the driving force of creation and invention,
man's willpower to make things better and improved.
Use this in your life to create a new.
Make a change in your life that you want to see.


Friday, April 15, 2016

4/15/16 Such Optimism

Some changes in life are made for your benefit.
They will be times you look upon them as catastrophes but in reality they are blessings.
They help you to make necessary moves and choices that you need to move forward on your path.
New changes and energy will come into your life that will help you continue on your way.
Follow your life with new adventures and opportunities.
It is so good to have such optimism about change and growth.
You will find your place and rhythm and peace will return.


Thursday, April 14, 2016

4/14/16 Part of The One

Nature has the pattern of life.
They are in perfect rhythm.
Every petal seems identical but when you look closely they are unique and different.
You know each other by their uniqueness and their energy.
This is the way the soul is.
It is like the grains of sand or the stars of the sky that together form one look but are truly separate and unique.
You can identify them by their unique energy.
Remember you are part of The One.

4/13/16 Making The Right Choice

The meditation is for you.
It's for you to center yourself and find some peace in the many moments that go fleeting by.
Just relax and let go.
Just breathe.
Tomorrow will go smoothly, as planned.
And if anything comes up.
You will know how to make the right choice.
Because you will choose love.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

4/12/16 Spiritual Gifts

Each one of you have spiritual gifts.
They have come with you since birth.
You all have the ability to communicate with Spirit or you would not be hearing from your guides.
Fine tuning you connection is all that it takes.
Then you too would be having and knowing your guidance.
These gifts were with you all the time.
You must learn to trust and know they are there and working for you.
We are with you always.

4/11/16 The Power of Love

Look how love can extend far over the world.
It is the most powerful force.
It heals and delivers hope.
It's silent power is the force of reconciliation and forgiveness.
Focus on the love within ans send it out daily to heal and comfort.
That alone is a worthy on taking.

4/10/16 no new post . Post from 4/10/15 Your Wisdom and Maturity

Most are dealing with the changes of your life.
Don't let the fear of tomorrow stop you from living you life to the fullest today, for there will always be change.
Look upon change as a sense of growing and expanding.
New horizons and experiences of the physical life are to be known.
Adjusting and learning these new attributes requires an openness and willingness you possess.
Remember with each new change comes understanding and an opportunity to learn more about who you truly are.
Your wisdom and maturity will help to guide others.
We are with you.

Monday, April 11, 2016

4/9/16 Relationships

Treasure all relationships.
They bring with them a gift.
The gift is a way of understanding yourself.
For you are yourself and with each one of them you are able to know who you are.
Sometime the relationships nurtures the part of you that you like and want others to see.
But other times the relationships put you out of your comforts zone and you must be more aware of who you are.
It is a struggle to be patient, kind and loving.
They push your buttons, but they do bring a gift.
They bring you to realize that we are all one.-in our own individual f acid of human nature who have come here to encounter.
Greet each other with love and learn more about yourself through understanding them.
You can truly help each other.

Friday, April 8, 2016

4/8/16 Beyond Seeing

There are only those who see with their human eyes and those who see that there is more.
More that the humans eyes can see but know that it exists.
Somehow they sense it, they feel it, they have moved into the knowing and believing that it is there.
They are conscious of it, all of it.
When you are conscious of it, it is in your reality and you know it.
You have moved beyond the physical to the non-physical.
It still has an effect on the physical because all is energy.
Be conscious of the way energy effects your physical body.
You too will be able to sense it, feel it, and know it is real.
Then you too will know that there is more to know and see beyond what your physical eyes can see.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

4/7/16 Quietly

Sometimes the voice is speaking quietly.
You must still all the other chaos you own inside your head to hear the voice of guidance and love.
If you can get it quiet for a few moments the words you are waiting for can slip right in.
We've heard your heart asking and know how to ease the pain.
So listen while we tell you again and again.
You are loved – unconditionally.
They are near – intimately.
Life is eternal and you will see them again.
Patience and living with love and peace is all that is asked of you.
We will comfort you.
Bringing you closer to where you need to be.
And continue to listen to that small voice within.
You will know peace and happiness again.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

4/6/16 Adventures Of A Lifetime

As you go about living your life there will be many doorways to opportunities.
Some you will open and just look inside.
Others you will open and step inside.
Trust you intuition and the feeling in your heart to know which way to go.
There is no right or wrong.
Some maybe better for you and your own personal quest.
Don't get stifled by the choices for they are opportunities to learn and grow.
Adventures of a lifetime still are waiting for you.
People to meet that are part of your path.
The exchange you encounter will be beneficial to all.
Fostering wisdom, understanding, love and peace.


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

4/5/16 Not Far Away As One Once More

4/5/16 Not Far Away

It was just like yesterday when you were standing right here and I could hug you and touch you.
I could hear you calling my name.
You are still right here.
I can no longer see you but once in a while I hear you calling my name and once in a while I can feel you touch me.
You are not far away just not as close as I would like you to be.
I can still feel your energy.
I can still feel your love.
Thank you for being with me to help me to understand.
I love you – dear one.

4/5/16 As One Once More

The message of hope is crystal clear.
It is a message of love.
Love is always there.
It will never die or fade away.
Hang onto that love and you will have your connection.
That connection is your message of hope.
Everlasting hope for us to be together as one once more!

3/31/16 All Are Welcome

The sign said Welcome.
It was the writing on the wall. (fence).
All are welcome in your new home,
Heaven or the afterlife as you call it.
There is not exclusions.
There is no secret club that will only be admitted.
That is the fallacy that is being given.
Nowhere was this made clear so why do they preach it.
It is for fear.
So you might fear that you won't make it for some minor detail.
And then where would you go?
Death without the afterlife is impossible.
All are welcome.
What you believe becomes your reality for a while and then it becomes more clear.
Memories or everything you said or did are with you.
It is all there- crystal clear.
You will take your place of honor for all of your accomplishments.
Love and peace will surround you.
Do not fear.
All is well.