Friday, May 31, 2013

5/31/13 Your Name

Your name carries a strong vibration.
It is the signature vibration of who you are while here on the earth plane.
It was chosen for you with the guidance from above.
It sets well with your path and journey through life.
It's vibration is there to match the vibration of others in your soul group.
You will be recognized by your name as well as it's vibration.
Some adjustments in your personal plan are made if your name is changed, for instance
a woman getting married or divorced.
When you first meet someone and learn their name you are already seeing if you recognize
them and their vibration.
Some will feel more comfortable than others.
Paying attention to this feeling will help you find the reason or closeness for your contact.
You may even be aware that you were supposed to meet.
Being more aware, you will remember not only their name but the way the vibration feels.
Knowing this you can know the depth of the contact or communication the two of you will have.
Who did you meet today?
What was their name?
Could you feel a vibration?
How did it make you feel/
Did this person come into your path for a reason or bring a message.
Pay attention and be grateful for such awareness.
It will always serve you.


Thursday, May 30, 2013

5/30/13 The Virtue of Compassion

Let's talk about the virtue of compassion.
It is the way you view the condition of your fellow man and all that is going on around him.
Viewing it with concern and love is where compassion comes into play.
You will be able to offer the kindness from your heart that should help him deal with his situation.
Compassion is the humbling way you look at your own situation.
Being able to see things through the eyes of the heart, offering concern and any kind loving
help or understanding.
When compassion is there you are feeling the love for yourself or fellow man.
Such high energy elevates the vibrations and allows the highest frequency to be responding.
Spiritual growth is being obtained .
You can not go wrong by having compassion in your heart.
Eliminating judgment and seeing the oneness are ways that true compassion is being felt.
Your soul knows that life's journey can be difficult at times and offering compassion can ease the way.
Carry compassion in your heart and offer it often.
You will feel the uplifting in your soul.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

5/29/13 Highest Content

When teaching new words start with love and compassion as the core.
Set the tempo for the creation to be a more loving kindness than there was before.
God's grace will be with you and you will find the flow of magical healing will be coming from within.
Ponder what there is needed to bring upon the highest good and set that in motion.
Gentle and kind situations portray the grander scheme.
Use this as samples to which you talk about.
Getting instructions from the ones who know what he should know will set this up, you see.
You will find it easier to stay the course when the words and thoughts of this one is of the
highest content.
We will help you. We are close at hand.
A clean slate in which to draw upon with grace and love combined.
All is well and in perfect order for the new will be revealed.
Go now and rest before the break of day.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

5/28/13 Positive Energy

Words are thoughts in action.
We use these words in simple ways to put together the best way to express ourselves.
You can also learn how to use your words to create the best known (...) at the area outside.
Your biggest known responsibility is to yourself and your fellow man.
Proper planning of what you are saying gives you the best outcome.
The particles of energy in the words are charged with your emotions.
Knowing that, you should be able to tell the charges of energy for each thought you have.
Positively charged thoughts are going to have a stronger effect on things than
negatively charged thoughts.
Use this to help you know what you are going to effect and how.
Praying for someone is a useful way to use positively charged thoughts to bring about positive results.
Think of their highest good always.
Cheering is also a great positive reinforcement.
Cooking good healthy food can be another way of adding to the positive energy you are creating.
Use the positive energy coming your way to elevate and expand the world around you.


Monday, May 27, 2013

5/27/13 Spiritual Solution

Pulling out of a difficult situation is not only the best action but it takes the greatest character.
Not adding additional drama and graciously leaving without harsh words being exchanged is the spiritual solution.
Rest assure that if you would have stayed more hurt and blame would have been the consequence.
It is not that you did not have a stance on the side of the discussion.
It's that you know the only way your opinion would have been heard was with a violent response.
At this point there was no reasonable solution so it was with compassion that you retreat.
It takes a lot of courage and self esteem to know you have something meaningful to contribute but
be silent while others battle on.
Just save it for another time when they might be able to listen and hear the wisdom in your words.
The fact that you have waited will give more value to your opinion.
There will come a time when it is right to explain how you feel and it will be accepted with more respect and understanding.
Kind and gentle thoughts and words work out better than harsh angry ones.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

5/26/13 Creating What You Want

So many times we take advantage of the situation to bring us what we want.
But you should do the opposite.
You should know what you want and by putting it out there have those powerful thoughts
create the situation that corresponds with your wants.
That is what creation can be- should be.
It will challenge your trust and beliefs in the Universal Laws.
But we've taught you that before.
Your thoughts are the words for your feelings and emotions.
You use these thoughts to send out the vibration of what you want your life to be.
Stay focused on receiving this experience.
Be steadfast in your belief that it will come about.
Keeping your highest good and loving kindness in your state of mind.
Receiving your desire is just a simple matter of vibration and time.
Know the feeling of already receiving it and it is on it's way.
Being grateful in advance cements your receiving to match the intention. Drawing it near.
So it is time to turn this around and just not waiting for what might make you happy to
show up in your life.
Let's start being happy and creating what you want to be part of your life.
Practice with small experiences and you will gain control.
Then make the big ones appear and you are on your way.
You'll be surprised at how fast it will come if you stay focused on your goal.
We are there to help you if you ask.
Be prepared to move forward and to learn how this is done.
Your life will take on a new meaning and bring the joy and happiness that you intend to have.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

5/25/13 Peaceful Loving Resolution

Finding the right words when faced with a difficult situation.
You must first be calm so a few deep breaths will bring you some relief.
Breathe in peace, let go out.
Then be still for a moment and allow the quiet mind to have space.
Now you are ready to speak from the heart.
Feel the emotion in the heart area.
You will find that these simple gestures has taken the edge off the situation.
Now you are able to speak with more compassion.
Remember that words are thoughts that create your reality so choose the way you want
the outcome of the situation to be.
Words carry the energy of your emotions so displaying the highest understanding will bring
forth a peaceful loving resolution.
Words of fear and anger will generate struggle and resistance.
They come from your own vulnerability not creating what you want.
If you still find yourself in a volatile situation offer no words to fuel the fire.
Place your thoughts on a loving outcome and allow God's grace to enter in.
If you can see the reflection of yourself in others, you will be able to choose the way you
speak with more care.
Stepping back from the initial situation and allowing the emotion to settle will help allow you
to choose the appropriate words to facilitate the way you feel.
Carry God's love and peace in your heart and radiate light throughout the day.


Friday, May 24, 2013

5/24/13 Rhythm and Songs

Songs are another form of inspirational writing.
The lyrics carry out the theme of the inspiration.
Through the words of the lyrics you can say what you feel in a way that has movement
and is pleasing to the soul.
Each person finds a different style that speaks to them
They relate to the rhythm and the beat.
The energy and movement to the song raises your energy as well.
Songs about love and compassion are favorites because these are the emotions of life.
You easily relate to the feeling of being loved or giving love .
It's powerful energy that fuels a lot of major movements through out your history.
Find the rhythm and songs that speak to you and fill the air with your energy and emotion.
Raise your spiritual vibration.
There is so much more to the combination of words, feelings, rhythm and beat that allows
this vibration involved to blend into a perfect match.
You can feel it when it's right and speaks to your heart and soul.
Enjoy the creation.
Allow it to bring in joy and happiness.
There you will grow and glow.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

5/23/13 The Voice Within

Many of the words you hear in your head are bits of guidance coming from within.
They are sometimes your higher self reminding ego just what are the challenges and
direction they want to go.
You weigh each thought to see how it feels and make a choice based on that feeling.
The choices you make create where you want to be.
Often it is these little things that will guide you on your way giving you the opportunity
to experience just what you need.
Paying close attention to your thoughts can help to produce the kind of life that you want or need.
We suggest some quiet time to let this all be worthwhile.
It is in this reflective time that you can sort it out.
Dig deep through those outer thoughts to find the voice within.
It speaks so clearly to your soul/self when you stop and listen with your heart.
Take the steps that you believe are the ones that take you where you really want to be.
It will feel good you will see.
The flow of your life will unfold as it was meant to be.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

5/22/13 Inner Turmoil

How do you deal with inner turmoil?
When you are suffering because you can't change what you see happening outside of your self.
It is these moments that you must go within, find a quiet place and allow your heart to talk to you.
You trust that what you are feeling inside and know in your heart what is true and matters to you.
All else that is happening outside yourself is part of the duality that helps you to know your truth.
It creates the difference, the hot and cold, the light and dark which helps you to know what you want.
This is where the struggle lies.
You can't always see the big picture.
You must trust that there is a reason that the other exists.
From another perspective that could seem to be the other side of the spectrum.
So opening to this idea allows more space in your accepting and with that space come
relief from the suffering.
You don't always have to be right.
You only have to know that you have tried to see things with love and compassion to all.
Things happen for a reason.
They are there to bring meaning or a lesson to the situation.
The possibilities to this can allow the meaning to be found.
Breathe in and relax into the idea that there are many ways to view the world.
You will find peace in knowing that we are all one.
Goodness and light are the strongest vibration and therefore are part of the answer.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

5/21/13 Natural Disasters

When natural disasters happen many lives are affected .
In some cases many have lost their physical lives.
It happened so quickly that there was so little time to prepare.
Seeing and hearing about these disasters effect the emotions of the people watching it unfold
on the TV, the reporters, the people doing the rescue, the medical professionals, and especially
the victims and everyone who knows and loves them.
It actually effects us all.
So much love and compassion is felt and put out.
It raises the energy of the situation which allows the best work and healing to be done.
Even from far away your compassion and prayers help in the recovery.
The human response to this devastation is sadness and grief.
For some their time here on earth is over and this is their way back home.
For others their journey has taken a new turn.
They will have to learn how to start all over again.
Brotherhood, love and trust are going to come into play.
They will learn how to work together to make the best out of the worst situation.
Friendships and alliances will be formed to support each other.
We know this is a tragedy but you must try to look for some good to come from the outcome.
Many new insights and learning will be developed and used later to protect others.
The personal families and friends will grow spiritually through facing their losses and
grieving this tremendous change.
God;s grace and love is being sent to help in the healing and rebuilding of the lives in the
path of this destruction.
Send them prayer and thoughts of love to fill the air with the healing vibration.
Trust that all is being done in the name of compassion and love.


Monday, May 20, 2013

5/20/13 Something New

Pleasantly surprised are you when all you've worked for is here.

You often wonder how or why.

You can't always tell when new things are going to work or satisfy your need.

You must trust that they will be until you've tried it out.

Experiences are similar in this way.

Many have to be tried before you know how it will fit into your needs.

That's why you are here, to try out many different experiences and see how they feel.

What will your reaction be to each one as they appear?

Some are a good experience and you feel happy and joy.

Others are not so good and you must know the sad and disappointed emotion.

But all are a way of learning and making you who you are.

Forming the way, you will look at yourself and life with understanding and care.

Seeing life with love and faith will help you find the best of any situation.

Getting lemons and making lemonade, so to speak.

Learning to do this......

Learning to look at the challenges of life with love and faith will help you find the

meaning in the situation.

Letting life flow even with its ups and downs is a practice that will bring you more peace.

Everything changes.

Just trust that this too shall pass and something new will come along.

Something new and it will feed the soul and move you forward on your way.




Sunday, May 19, 2013

5/19/13 Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement comes from many outside forces.
We always know where you are and when you are struggling.
You are not alone and when you need encouragement we find a way for you to get it.
Do not be surprised when what may seem like a stranger is suddenly there witnessing your accomplishments and giving you praise.
It is our way of making sure your human side gets the pat on the back when needed.
A smile, a handshake, kind words, they do a lot to boost your self-esteem.
It may be just what you need to propel you to the next step.
We are near and love to see you doing well.
On occasion we are able to help your loved ones send you a sign that they are near and
with you always.
This feeds the heart and uplifts you to help you find peace.
Allow the gesture of love to bring you faith and trust that you are never alone.
We are with you and you are always loved.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

5/18/13 Everyday thoughts

Plenty of thoughts come into your mind everyday.
This is the flow of energy that fills your environment.
Picking and choosing what you want to focus on is your free will.
Then allowing those thoughts to influence your feelings and emotions are the first steps
in the creative process.
Therefore it is particularly important to choose with care, focusing on what you want and desire.
Thinking about what you don't want can create more of that in your life.
Let go of that and allow God's grace and the natural forces to move it farther from your energy.
While concentrating on what is good for you will put the vibration of the energy in motion
to attract more of the same.
Worrying also brings the vibration and the energy of that closer to your experience.
It is more productive to use this thought process to create the what you want.
Open your heart and allow the love there to be part of your everyday thoughts.
This will make a difference in the way you see those things around you and
hope will replace the fear that is there.

Friday, May 17, 2013

5/17/13 Wishful Thinking

When you make a wish you focus your energy on what you want.
That energy sends a vibration out and it attracts a similar vibration to be returned.
This is what brings the idea of what you wish for closer to you.
Being in a receiving mode when this vibration returns allows the wish to be fulfilled.
It seems like magic but it is not. It's actually physics.
When someone doesn't seem to get his wish it is because he had changed his focus and vibration
before the other vibration had returned not allowing the match.
The Law of Attraction-
You can practice with it, get to understand it and use it more wisely.
When making a wish focus your attention on exactly what you want.
Don't waiver from your desire, have love and your highest good as you intention and
watch your desire be drawn near.
Be joyful and grateful when you attract what you desire into your life for you have learned
the power of the natural forces that exist here.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

5/16/13 The Small Voice

When is that small voice in your head the voice of spirit?
Much of what you hear in your mind is us giving you ideas and guidance.
How much of it you actually act upon differs greatly.
When hearing these voices you naturally think you are thinking things out and weighing ideas.
Logical thinking is different than inspirational idea gathering.
If you learn to ask for help and guidance you will get more.
More ideas and guidance will be offered.
You may even be able to distinguish between your thinking and our guidance.
There is a small difference but detectable.
Trust your intuition about the origin and you will be able to tell.
Trusting the guidance will allow you to move forward along the path.
Not all is given to you.
There are challenges that you must face because you need to experience those situations.
We honor you soul’s plan and only heed the way.
We are near.... listen and you will hear.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

5/15/13 Rise Up

Practical purposes of using words to communicate your feelings are the usual way you
exchange your emotions.
When expanding on vocabulary you should include the gentle words that glorifies the soul/spirit.
Words like divine, excellent and exalted are examples of the descriptions giving glory and
magnitude of how truly you are looked upon.
Using these superlatives more often in your words will remind each other of how
magnificent you truly are.
Let them flow from your heart and allow them to be part of your everyday descriptions.
It is not feeding the ego but it is feeding the soul.
The soul will react to such praise and raise up to a more recognizable place in your lives.
Step up to the position that you were born to take and allowing God's grace and this new confidence to motivate your actions.
Much more will be accomplished in the name of love and compassion throughout the world.
You will see and feel a difference.
Respect yourself, respect others and live in peace.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

5/14/13 Tone Of The Day

Use these unique flow of words; each one having a particular vibration.
The combination of the words becomes the melody that is playing right now.
The tone of the mixture of words is also unique to itself.
Together they represent the feeling or mood of the correspondence.
Vibrations that come from the heart are highest.
They will raise the tone of your melody, setting the tone of the rhythm of your day.
Allowing love and compassion to be your key or set a mark.
Raise up and meet your goal to enjoy each day.

Monday, May 13, 2013

5/13/13 Reflection

Listening to your thoughts with an open heart is the way to understand your desires.
Use the gentle tenderness that comes from an open heart to when reflecting on them.
Passing no judgment on your thoughts just applying comfort and love.
You will get a better look at the inner self as this develops.
In a quiet moment of reflection you may see who you really are.
Not letting outside influences effect the way you feel you will be able to find your true self
and heart's desires.
Acting upon these discoveries will bring you closer to where you need to be.
Do this often and you will find the journey down the path to be made easier.
Not so many times of struggle and a more peaceful passage indeed.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

5/12/13 Creative Powers

Words and thoughts are signals from your emotions about the way you feel.
The feeling behind this emotion is important because that is the spark of creation.
You use the key ingredient to develop what you want to create.
When we say “ Be happy” we are talking about the feeling of being happy.
From this feeling you develop the thoughts or words that describe it.
This is the basic first steps to your creative powers.
It is a most powerful force, creation.
Put feeling and emotion at the center of what you want to create.
The vibration that matches the emotion is attracted to you creating the next step in
manifesting your desires.
Practice this to learn the magic.
You will be well on your way to creating the reality you desire.
Joy and happiness are yours to create.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

5/11/13 Comfort

Take time to exchange some comforting words with those who seem out of sorts.

It is in these moments that love is felt and expanded.

There can be no better way to start your day than to offer yourself some comfort also.

Putting all else aside, for these tender moments allow the gentle flow of energy to be.

When aligned with your source you can create what you truly want.

Ask for healing and guidance to come your way.

Then stop and listen to your heart.

These are clues to help you to ease the way.

The more you trust, the more you will hear and grace and guidance are drawn near.

During this turbulence, life can create.

It is comforting to know help is there.

We are with you.


Friday, May 10, 2013

5/10/13 The New Dimension

Recover from the way we were into the new dimension.
Come into the present perception via a new way of looking at all that is around us.
When we look at these things around us with a new perspective.
They suddenly look as if they are new.
Stepping back to do this you will see just what we mean.
Lots of things in your life will have new meaning and take on a higher sense of delight.
Start to see more joy and compassion around you and you will invite more of the same into
your world.
This ever changing world leaves much room for these positive experiences.
Focus on these powerful creative tools and bring the love vibration into your life.
We are with you, just call.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

5/9/13 This Story

Once upon a time” is the way you like to start a story.
A story about the way you have lived your life.
But it is never really started that way because you are eternal.
You have been alive for more than this once upon a time.
Interesting enough this piece that you know now is a true story that
holds many more facets to this tale.
Each time you return to earth you live out one of the many parts of your story.
Together they have come to form who you are.
Some are able to retrieve some of the memory of other times .
That will help them with this experience.
Some find it more difficult to recall, but you still are building from these times.
The soul remembers it all.
You are growing and learning all the time to become enlightened.
Through these physical experiences you have evolved into whom you are today.
Awaken to the wholeness of your soul.
Then this story will start to take on another meaning.
Be one with the fullness of who you have become.
This will help to ease the way.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

5/8/13 Melancholy

Melancholy, it is truly the attitude of the spirit.
It is with great care and emotion that these words are spoken to you.
We care about you deeply and want to share with you the wisdom and guidance to
help you ease the way.
Many things are changing and it may seem to be chaos and random but it is orchestrated in this way for a reason.
Many will see and feel the changes for the good that will prevail.
They know God's plan is in effect now.
Trusting all that occurs is for the highest good.
Open your heart and allow the changes to create the you that can see love and compassion.
Be not afraid to step out of the norm and be the you that you feel compelled to be.
The reward will be you are lifted up to a greater understanding.
It is this understanding that will allow peace to return.
Peace and harmony are where you want to be.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5/7/13 The Divine You

Turning into the word divine you get the feeling we are talking about someone or
something out side of your self.
But we are talking about you......
You are divine in every sense of the word.
You come into this existence to see how it feels to make choices and live by the
consequences of those decisions.
Based on these outcomes you will learn about life.
Then life will bring you more opportunities to make choices and learn new lessons.
In the series of golden opportunities we find the wisdom of the soul.
It knows what it came here to experience, what would allow it to grow in the right direction.
It is all in the path or plan of the divine you, the soul or the higher self;  the you that knows 
how divine the plan truly is.
So treat yourself with the respect you would give a queen or king because that's what
you are in the royal path of life.
You are the one that really matters in your life.
With divinity comes great power and responsibility to your higher good.
Respect yourself and then others also.

Monday, May 6, 2013

5/6/13 The Magic

Magical words do exist in your language for a reason.
They help to brighten up the focus of a otherwise bleak looking future.
You use words like miracle and hope as a way of allowing the unexpected to exist.
These things are already there for you to experience if you are open to the possibility.
When you are vibrationally aligned with your source and you focus your attention on
such things they are drawn to you as if by magic.
This magic is the Universal Law of Attraction.
Learn to use this force in your life and you will then see the magic that you want.
Start with something small and then when you are more steadfast in your intent the bigger
things that you want can be attracted into your life.
Be in awe of your own power to control these miracles.
To stay aligned with source you must think from the heart and allow love & compassion
to be the main fuel for these desires.
Be honest and fair knowing that all exists for your highest good and that of others.
Enjoy the power of creation.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

5/5/13 Random thoughts

Random thoughts fill your mind.
So sorting them out can seem a chore some times.
Weigh each one according to it's vibration.
Where do you feel it's strength?
Do you feel it in your body?  Does it come from the head?
Do you feel it in your gut?  Or do you feel it in your heart?
The most important feelings talks to you from the heart.
The ones from the gut are next.
Contrary to most beliefs the logical ones from the mind are generally the least important.
The are the rote ones that computers can figure out.  But a computer doesn't know how you feel.
So look for the answers that make you happy in the ones that are felt in the heart.
Your gut is the instinct also coming through.   It is a thought of safety or preservation.
Knowing where these thoughts are felt can help you sort out what is important right now.
Then you can feel free to act upon those that set your precedence.
Be still and quiet the chatter of the mind.
Take a closer loot at the thoughts that fill the mind & head all day long.
Peace now.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

5/4/13 Love and Compassion

Love and compassion are the key to transforming your life into a life of joy and peace.
It illuminates the stress and anger that keeps you in that struggling striving mode.
We always look at these times and wonder what is causing such a strain?
It is usually at the situation that is taunted by fear or anger.
If you stop and take a breathe...
Let go of the fear or anger and rethink the situation with love & compassion.
You will immediately change the vibration and therefor all the
energies connected to the situation will be uplifted.
Love is the most powerful vibration on the earth .
You are here to learn to love yourself and others.
Use love as a transformational tool.
Be gentle & love yourself first. It will make it easier to love others.
Once you learn to use the key many doors will be opened to you.
Practice and enjoy the splendor.
Love to you & love to all.

Friday, May 3, 2013

5/3/13 Practicing Meditation

Practicing meditation is so important for your spiritual growth.
It is in the quiet space in your mind that you'll be able to meet your higher self and your guides.
You will have a chance to hear, see & feel all the guidance we can give.
Meditating gives your mind a chance to calm down and sort out all the impulses &
stimuli it is receiving.
Some of these vibrations you will want to feel but most are just going by.
Once you've slowed it down and there is some space we can send you messages that you
will start to recognize as guidance and wisdom.
When you listen and trust what you receive you will feel the peace and love you have
 been looking for.
This guidance will help you along the path . Things will start to make sense.
You'll start to remember who you are and flow of life will return to normal.
Chaos will seem to slip away and the peacefulness will return.
Make it a daily practice so you will find the center or balance in your life.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

5/2/13 Many Words

Many words are flowing into your energy.
They are here to represent the feelings that we are sending you.
It is your custom to put these feelings into words.
So that is what we are doing.
We could just send the feelings and you would know that love, compassion & peace are with you now.
You can send thoughts and feelings also.
Open your heart and mind and then put it into words an send it out.
This powerful because the part of you that is spirit can receive these thoughts ( feelings)
and use the energy for healing.
It is powerful stuff.
So ask the to pray for him.
Ask them to send love & light.
Ask for prayers and all the love & energy will be felt and it will raise the energy.
His spirit will feel the love and respond with the knowing of that love and peace.
Calmness will return.
Powerful stuff to be sure.
Go and rest now.

5/1/13 Make The Change

Now is the time to speak the truth.
It is important because of all the changes that are being felt.
We are sending lots of clues to help you to make the best choices.
They are just a little out of sight but if you are awake and looking you will easily find them.
Love and compassion are the way to open your heart and that will also help you to
understand the choice.
Be aware of all that is around you.
Focus on the things that seem out of place.
They are the ones that need the change.
Making the change and choosing the best path will make it easier to feel love.
Things should flow with great ease; that's how you will know.
Peace and harmony are there to help you feel the way to go.
Blending with these experiences the it is easy to move forward and grow.
All is well & peace be with you.

Simple words carry very powerful meanings they speak straight from the heart.
We use these simple words to help you understand what the true meaning of what you want to say.
When you speak to your heart you can feel the meaning does it make you make you feel
good or does it weaken you.
This is the test that you should give with every thought you choose to think.
Just check and see how does this make you feel?
If it makes you feel weak it is not good for you.
If it makes you feel strong and loved and empowered than it is for your highest good.
Such simple things you need to do to help you make the choices.
You have free will to choose everyday, so you it well.
We are here to guide and help you when you ask.
But you can learn to guide yourself through your heart.
Simple words are used but they have great strength and meaning.
We come to bring Love and Healing