Tuesday, March 31, 2020

3/31/20 3/31/20 Innocent Change and New Normal

 3/31/20 Innocent Change

There are times in your life that you feel like you are being taken advantage of.
Things just aren’t the way you had thought you had planned.
But all of A sudden, things changed and your trajectory is different.
This feels off balance and you’re not sure how it got that way.
Well, this is your Higher Self making an adjustment in your energy, helping you to reach a goal or a direction you had set to make.
Just allow the energies to make this adjustment and you will soon be in a place that you need to be.
Life will begin that new direction and you will feel comfortable there soon enough.
Trust that what is appearing in your life is there for a reason and any innocent change is also part of the path.
Let necessary adjustments help you to achieve your goals easily
   and you will be where you needed to be.
We are with you.

3/32/20 New Normal

Many things are in movement now.
There are many things happening even though from a “Stay at Home” it seems that life is at a standstill.
It is not.
The changes take place, both physical and mental, are part of what will be needed to fuel the balance and health needed in the future.
It will not go back as before.
There will be a new normal.
An adjustment for many but a good one indeed.
Your part is to allow the changes to be a part of how your life can be better and you will find the peace you are looking for.
We are with you.

Monday, March 30, 2020

3/30/20 Charity /Charitable acts.

 In these days of uncertainty, you can keep your mind and heart on what matters at hand.
“What can I do?”, you ask, “How can I help?”
Staying at home and not spreading the germ is helping a lot.
But it is in these times that you can look for small acts of kindness.
Charitable acts of care and concern that you might be able to render done.
Help out where ever you can but keeping those involved safe too.
We are with you.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

3/29/20 Powerful Thoughts

Your thoughts are so powerful.
They are energy.
They are the basis of creations.
What you create is your choice.
In what direction do you allow your thoughts to take you?
When you find them going in a direction that is mean or disturbing towards someone else you can easily change that projection.
If you stay aware of your intention you have all the control.
Don’t let others or the media warrant where you allow your thoughts to take you or what you are creating for yourself.
It can so easily be done.
Each day you have the chance to create your life, yourself into the best version of yourself.
Don’t waste the time or effort on less.
We are with you.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

3/28/20 There Already is Change

My thoughts: (So, what does a clean world look like?
What happens when we all come out of our homes?)

Many of them will not notice the change.
They will go right back to their consumerism.
But a few, maybe more than a few, will notice that all of that need for nonessential stuff was not necessary or in their best interest.
Those on both sides of that issue, the seller and the buyer, are going to have to make the necessary adjustments.
They have had to slow down and take time to re-evaluate what their hectic lifestyle was like.
What are you going to do differently?
A perfect chance to just breathe –
     adjustments to schools, businesses, and shops, big cities, and small communities -
          all looking at how you’ve pulled together in these times.
There will be change.
There already is change.
Look at what you already have been thinking about.
Yes, these are the “gifts” that are to come.
Families have learned what it takes to be together for a longer time now – how to help and love each other.
There will be change.
There already is change.

Friday, March 27, 2020

3/27/20 Be Part of the Change

 There are many people whose lives will change.
A piece of humanity will be different.
The bigger the piece, the better it will be for all.
You live in a predestined time when this change will be done.
Take these new ideas and form your own change.
What will you do differently?
The decisions you make will be part of that change.
Allow these thoughts to become your new ideas for change.
Less is more.
And sharing what you have an excess of will go a long way.
You are on the right path the change will be good for you and mankind.
You can feel it in your heart. – It is good.
There will be an adjustment period.
It has already begun.
But you all are resilient and will do fine.
We are with you.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

3/26/20 Positive Creativity

Hope- you’ve heard “Hope is Nope.”
But there is a thing called Creative Optimism, where you are thinking positively about a situation and your mind is creating the situation that it wants to see as an outcome.
This form of Hope is a way to shift your focus in the direction of creation.
When you create you are able to feel a part of your destiny.
Put your mind and creative sources at work to provide for you a focus on where you want to be.
What do you desire to see come forth and how will it help you change want in your life.
These are the challenges of today.
Positive Creativity for tomorrow.
We are with you.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

3/25/20 A New Routine

 Set up a new routine.
Change your priorities around a little bit.
It’s time to shake up the energy.
Establish a healthy routine.
Eat, sleep and exercise on a schedule that gives you the most energy and leaves time for your own projects.
Work on your spiritual understanding and connection.
You used to say there wasn’t enough time –
Now you can have the time you need.
You’ll reap the benefits later.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

2/24/20 Intention

3/24/ 20 Intention (part 1)

It’s all about intention.
You have to set a good intention to get a good result.
If your intention is to get back at someone or to hurt their feelings it is not going to result in what you truly want.
Set out again with peace, love and understanding and maybe your quest will result in something you both can live with.

3/24/20 Intention (part 2)

When you set out with the intention to have everything your way,
      you are not taking into count the others involved.
Life must have some accommodations for all involved.
Compromise might be the key to a peaceful resolution.
Focus on the issue and keep love and understanding foremost in hand.  
It can all be worked out,

Monday, March 23, 2020

2/15/20 Guidance Given

Whenever it may seem that you know the answer to a question that is new to your experience that is usually our guidance on that subject.
You have the gut feeling that the answer is right even when it seems to have come from out of the blue.
Life, now, is complicated and you don’t always have prior experience so ask for the proper guidance.
We can give some guidance when it is not something you need to work out for yourself.
Just the other day, you heard us and followed the guidance to a T and you arrived earlier without the unnecessary delays.
Recognizing that guidance makes it easier for us to help you.
We are talking to many of you for you know what we are speaking of.
We are working with you all not just her.
Make this communication a group event, a conference call.
There is much to be done.
We are with you.


2/29/20 Today, As Any Other Day

Reflection on the day of February 29.

What does it mean to have this extra day this year?
How do you add moments not used in previous years to this year?
It all doesn’t make perfect sense but it is a solution you’ve come up with.
In truth, it is still another day in your earth’s rotation and a way to round out your physical time schedule.
But nothing is added except on your calendar.
The sun still rises on the time rotation as always.
It is a solution they have come up with so many years ago.
It seems to work well and is widely accepted.

2/29/20 Today, As Any Other Day

We are very impressed with your dedication to the moments in your life.
You are starting to make them count for progress.
You have tried to eliminate the ones wasted on criticizing others.
What they spent their time on, their energy on, is not of your concern.
When you spend too much of your own moments reflecting on their moments, it is just as wasteful.
Spend every one of your moments understanding more and more about your journey here, about what you might do to enjoy what is given you.
Learn more and more about how you can grow to be who you want to be and find peace and joy in your life.
This will be beneficial to yourself and others.
It is the way!
You’ll see the light and love shine on.
It will brighten the darkness.
We are with you – today,
                      as any other day.

3/23/20 Let Go

Often when you think you know what’s going on – you don’t.
You try to second guess what is to come – well don’t!
Try to let go and let God, a little.
Let what’s going to be, be.
What is might be in your best interest.
Trying to be in control is your human fear at work.
Trust that it is in divine order
     and your path is good.
We are with you.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

3/22/20 One Step at a Time

Wipe away your tears of frustration.
You are doing well.
You are allowing others to do what they do best –
   not complicating the situation.
You can change this with intention.
Set the positive mode for the healing.
Allow that to be your focus.
Take small steps to the change you need to be.
You can make a difference, one step at a time.
One step toward a clearer, better world.
We are with you.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

3/21/20 Positive Change and The Number Three

The sun, the moon, the stars, your planet – they are all beings.
They are all alive.
Energy is life. Life is Energy
They each have a role to take.
They are each doing their part.
They are a part of the universe – just as you are.
It’s harder for you to see and understand all of their roles and their part.
But it’s there and when things change you often wonder why.
What is causing these changes?
You don’t seem to ask who might be.
Here on your planet, you know that the changes are mostly caused by the interaction of your planet and mankind.
It’s not always a positive exchange.
Put yourself in its place and see what your reaction might be.
Overload and disrespect, how would you react?
It’s time to take a step back and reevaluate this relationship.
Things have got to change.
Then you will begin to see and feel the difference.
A clearer, healthy living for all.
It is worth it.
We are with you.

3/21/20 The Number Three

Trinity, Three, and the word The, in your (our) language they all have important meanings.
Trinity is the number used in the Bible when talking about some of the phases of God.
Three often shows up and it is used to show the number needed to make more than an even number.
The number needed to balance a tie.
The word The is used to give reference to The One when talking about The One God.
They are all important words and have other meanings as well.
These words are used tonight as reference words that have spiritual meaning used with reverence when speaking of God.
And they will come into focus soon.

Friday, March 20, 2020

2/20/20 Stay Vigilant

Stay Vigilant to your cause –
It seems to be a long duration but so much progress is being made.
Today is brighter, clearer than yesterday.
Much of the initial clearing is in place.  
But it is just the initial part.
The harder, more direct part is still down the road.
You must stay vigilant to the cause –
It will be productive in its resolve.
You will see the benefit in due time.
We are with you.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

3/19/20 Stay Positive

Wash your hands, eat well, public distancing, all of these things help but one of the most important things is to stay positive.
Go within, look deep inside.
Find out what you need to know about you and your position with this virus.
The experience is bringing you a message.
Just take all of the other experiences that have presented themselves to you in your lifetime.
It will be different for each because you are here to learn and experience life differently.
Looking at what is important for you and staying positive are things you can do while you have more time to yourself and less distractions.
This experience will have an impact on your life - let it be a positive one.
You are so loved.
We are with you.
Me: (Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.)
All is well.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

3/18/20 The Bubble of Protection

Along with any of the physical things you are doing to protect yourself from being sick, you can place a bubble of protection around yourself.
It’s your energy.
Just think and see this bubble being there.
Some of you may actually construct it in your mind and then with hand gestures place it all around you.
Some call it “white light” because it is pure energy.
It is your energy.
You are calling upon your Higher Self to protect you from the dangerous elements around you.
That doesn’t mean you can break your social distancing but it will give you another physical protection.
Surround yourself with “white light”,  the bubble of protection and go about your physical restriction with the peace and love that is with you.
You are comforted.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

3/17/20 Love Is Always the Answer

At times like these, you are looking for a word of guidance.
And the word is and always is love.
If you continue to act out of love you are always acting in the right way.
When times are hard and there is confusion the correct thing to do is follow your heart.
Love is the answer.
Love thy neighbor as thyself.
Be kind and generous.
Stay peaceful and calm.
Trust your path.
In other words, do what you believe to be the best thing for you and humanity.
We are with you.
You are so very loved.

Monday, March 16, 2020

3/16/20 Stay Busy

With everyone staying home for two weeks it should make an impact on the economy.
Less shopping, except for food, and less driving around. 
Less vacationing but it will be more stressful just not know what is next.
A certain number of people are essential to having the main businesses run.
They will have to work and leave their homes to do this.
But in general, it should be a quiet week.
Stay busy. Try to decide what you want to accomplish and do it.
It may help to take your mind off what the media is covering.
You are doing a good job.
And we are with you.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

3/15/20 Change Things Up

(There is always a certain order in which things come.)
In order to complete something, you usually have to follow the instructions, pattern or recipe.
But some of the time you can use your free will or imagination to finish the project.
In this case, you’re not really sure how it will turn out until you are done.
You might have an idea but don’t know for sure.
This is the way your life plan was made.
Certain ingredients were planned but somethings were left up to your free will or imagination.
This is under your control and offers the result that makes up your life unique.
Do not always follow along with the crowd.
Change things up.
Use that free will and imagination.
Make your life unique.
You’ll benefit from the excursion and so will we (All).

Saturday, March 14, 2020

3/14/20 His Ball! and Lighten Up

3/14/20 His Ball!

Because then / it is / about a / dumb silly / little dog. /
If he / didn’t want / the ball / none of / this would / be written / down or / exist because / if he /
did not / pick up / the ball / none of / this would / ever matter. /
But it / does matter / to me / and some / others now. /
This is / a very / silly thing / and going / on for / way longer / than I /
ever dreamed. / But to / get up / and follow / a dumb / silly little/ dog and / his ball. /
Have a / nice day! /
Namaste (ha) /
I don’t / really know / the point / I was / just compelled / to write /it down / in two / word phrases.
It was / ridiculously long / and had/ an addictive beat/ to it / – done.

3/14/20 Lighten Up

Seriously, you have to lighten up a bit.
Give yourself a break.
You seemed tense and worried today.
It’s not good for you and it really doesn’t do any good to worry so.
Use that energy to find something constructive to accomplish.
You know a bunch of things just popped into your mind.
Pick one that you like and it will help.
We are definitely here always, also.

3/13/20 Your Physical Death

Death comes in many ways.
Always with concern.
Concern for those around you.
Concern for those around them.
It touches many lives.
Changes them a bit.
With hope and love extended…
May they all learn to know you -
   who you are and who you are going to be –
         forever in their hearts.

Friday, March 13, 2020

3/30/20 Staying Positive

There is a lot of people who are saying a lot of negative things right now.
It is so easy to get caught up in their energy.
So, we want you to take a step back and find some good in these times.
Find those thinking and looking after others.
Find those thinking about how much positive change can come out of all that is going on.
Stay positive like them and the change will bring fullness and richness to your life too.
We are with you.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

2/12/20 Finding Peace

Peace is a place within yourself where you are at when you can completely let go of your instincts and reactions to mental and physical concerns.
Let go and let God.
Let go of your physical fight and flight response that you normally have near the surface of your response mechanism.
Release and relax – trust and release.
Believe you are loved and all is well for your journey.
We are with you.

3/12/20 The Virus (The Coronavirus)

Everyone is concerned about this virus.
It is true they should be concerned but they should be more concerned about their response to the media than about the virus.
Their fear has caused everyone to act strangely and hoard what supplies are available.
Even you have gathered extra supplies out of fear.
Do not act in this way, out of fear, act sensibly concerned.
Change your awareness about cleanliness and have a good sense about hygiene and most will be fine.
If they are to pass-on because of an illness, they might because of this one.
Their journey, not yours.
Beware, there are always some things to learn from situations like this one, no different here.
Many will learn more about compassion, concern, common sense, fear, trust and of course, love.
Find a way to stay concerned at a needed level but not panicked.
Care for those who suffer from the virus.
And most of all, find a place where you can find peace.
Things will get better.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

3/11/20 Generosity – A hard concept to understand.

You are extending yourself to others without there being anyone else out there, that you can see.
Today’s lesson is to be generous even though there might not seem that there is anyone out there to be giving to.
Give anyway – trust.
There is always someone that will appreciate your generosity.
They might not be seen immediately but they are nearby.
Your generosity will help them to be at a different level, where they might be able to help someone else.
It will be a ripple effect and your generosity will go far.
In the giving you receive satisfaction and the wholeness in your heart.
That is worth more to you than that which you have given.
Be generous.

(personal reflection -The whole thing, the whole time, it was about the fact that it can’t be about me, so it’s about you but it can’t be that either.)

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

3/10/20 Super Moon Power

The power of the full moon, super moon, as you call it, does also have an effect on you as well as the environment.
Your healing energy and positive thinking process can be affected by the moon.
Focus on this change in the atmosphere to call these energies close to work with you.
Last night was the closest the moon will be in the position but it will be nearly as close tonight.
Sit still and allow it to strengthen you.
You don’t have to be in its direct light but know that it is near working for you.
It is a wonderful time.
It changes the pull in your body and allows it to balance and settle in a positive state.
We are with you.

Monday, March 9, 2020

3/9/20 Love Is The Energy

Not all of the messages are for everyone.
They carry a generic theme for all but are more specifically for a few.
So, today’s message is for all.
Love is the energy that powers your life.
The more you have the more you can share.
The less you have the less you can share and the lonelier you might be or seem to be.
So, fill your heart with love – not the lack of love – hatred.
Some may disappoint you at times but still love them for they are also full of less love.
It doesn’t take much to turn this around, just the strong, courageous, and fearless. And it can start with you!

3/9/20 Plentiful/ Bountiful

The Earth is plentiful, bountiful.
There is plenty of resources on this planet, if you would only share.
In some areas there are fewer people and more resources.
In other areas there are many people and fewer resources.
So, it feels like there is a lack and this makes everyone fear.
They fear there is not enough, the supply will run out, there won’t be enough for them.
The fear makes everyone act a bit crazy, unkind, and selfish.
But if they were assured and helped to know that there was enough for everyone, it would change how they act and no fear, no panic would arise.
They must find a way to balance the supply and demand issues around resources.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

3/8/20 Acceptance

To move forward in your present life, you have to accept where you are now.
This is because without this acceptance the starting place keeps moving.
Once you’ve accepted where you are you can make a projection on where you want to be next.
This acceptance comes in many ways.
But knowing you’ve found it will stop the struggle you are dealing with now.
You will then be able to take constructive measures to move into a place that seems stable and peaceful.
The battle will be over.
Accept the present and find peace.
Then move peacefully in the direction of your heart.
You will know it if you are paying attention to that.

3/8/20 Your Spiritual Gifts

Maybe you can hear words when you know they are coming from your higher self.
Maybe you can see spiritual lights flicker on the back of your eyelids.
Maybe you feel a spiritual presence when you think of a (deceased) relative.
If you can connect with any or all of these statements you already know your spiritual gifts.
These are given to you so you will know you still have an on-going connection to Spirit.
Find out where your strengths are and nurture that connection.
It will bring you much peace knowing you are not alone.
Spirit is reachable and always close by.
Keep your connection active and you will develop the confidence to see, hear, and feel more.
We love you
      and are never far.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

3/7/20 Grief

When you lose the physical existence of someone you love the emotion called grief sets in.
You are so used to having a physical relationship with that person you will miss it.
You will say that they left this world too soon.
You were not ready for them to leave.
It doesn’t really matter how many physical years they were there it’s always too soon and you will miss them.
Each person’s grief is unique to themselves.
Each one is different, just like their life.
Each one will move through their grief and learn how to live, without the physical presence of their loved one in their life, in a different way.
The time frame and depth of that grief are unique to each person.
It’s theirs and they are dealing with this change as best as they can.
Your patience, compassion and love can help them!
But what doesn’t help is judgment, ridicule or expectations.
When you are dealing with your own grief it is important for you to understand there is separation but not death, true death.
That loved one lives on in-spirit, another dimension, you are only learning a little about now.
But they exist, in-spirit, closer than you think.
They are with you - watching you and still loving you very much.
You can have a non-physical relationship with them when you are ready.
It’s not too difficult when you are open to it and give it a try.
The relationship is as unique now as it was in physical form.
You can decide what best suits you and how they can help you in your grief.
Most are happy to comply.
It may be more difficult for some to get this but for others, it will be a natural response.
Given the chance to believe your loved one still exists and is with you, still active in your life, can be a great relief.
The more you are open to this and share your experience the more it will help others to understand life.
We are always with you.

3/6/20 Each One Is Different

Today, like any other day will start with the sun rising and end when it goes down. Well, that’s what you believe to be the length of the day or daytime.
But if you think about it, in detail, that is only true for exactly where you are.
Because of the rotation of your planet, the sun shines somewhere else later.
So maybe today is when you get up to when you go to bed.
Well, again, that is only true for you because people get up early or late and stay up more or less.
So, there is no way to define when today is for everyone.
The point to us going on and on about today is there is also no way to define the experience of any given time frame.
Each one is different for each person.
Your past is different than theirs.
Your present is different than theirs.
You and only you are there in the now.
You cannot compare where you are to where anyone else is.
Just accept it for it belongs to only you.
When you learn to accept this, it will be easier for you to understand why it is different for each of you.

Friday, March 6, 2020

3/6/20 Keep It Simple

The things we talk about are to clarify ideas you have to make life easier, not complicated,
to answer questions in simple ways, to bring you peace.
Do not put any stress on these things.
They are just clear communications.
Your own thoughts direct our input.
You’re letting others bring this stress to you, about something you have not created and have no control over.
Do not give it more energy than it needs to have in your life.
Keep it simple.
Stay focused on what you are doing.
We are with you.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

3/5/20 Growing Potential

 My thoughts – ( seeing a dilapidated old farmhouse.
We gather together to make the world a safer place, our energy, our thoughts, our prayers.
We only want life to be an experience but our human side wants a good positive experience.)

Not all learning experiences are positive.
They are not all of the ones you would pick if you had the chance.
So, because some are going to be more difficult than others you can prepare yourself for some of those also.
Knowing that they all have a growing potential; you look at what lesson each might bring you.
What can I learn from this observation?
How can I grow in understanding through this experience?
In my new understanding, how can I and my fellow human beings benefit from this experience?
Know that there will be growth and benefits help even the hardest ordeal seem worthwhile.
Each of your daily interactions are part of the plan so, make them count so something.  
Feel your heart open to this experience.
It is growing in compassion, peace, love, and understanding.
You are doing well.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

3/4/2020 Anticipation

Anticipation can get in the way of something great.
It takes over and doesn’t allow true feelings through.
If you can relax, the normal will come back into play.
Then life (and words) will flow easily.
So, what’s this all about?
This is about letting others judge and dictate what you expect in your own personal life.
Nothing more, nothing less.
But it’s all here and you know what you need to do –
Just breathe.
     yes then,
          you’ll be right where you need to be.
And peace will return.
Sometimes it is important to be frustrated with all that is going on in the world around you –  
  to take action to change or create something.
But most of the time it is from a place of peaceful observance the most happens in you.
Remember this and use it well.
Remember who you are.
Remember what you’ve come here to do.
We are always near.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

3/3/20 No new post today. Re-post 3/3/15 Your Team

You are talking to your own guides and teachers.
When you sit and contemplate the world or your personal problems you are not only going over and over it in your mind but you are also talking to your guides.
They hear your thoughts and are able to give you advice right back into your thoughts.
You can take all the credit, we don't mind, because that is what we do.
If you become aware of our influence and allow our transmissions to be more open and clear, we will do that too.
This is mostly up to you.
Either way, we are there and have been all the while.
Helping and guiding you to not only what you want but also what you need too.
We calm you down when you are anxious and not sure what to do.
We work so closely with you, your soul, that you might find it hard to tell.
But that's OK because we are your team and you are the one in charge.
Just guides and cheerleaders are we that stand by your side.
We are so close and connected that oneness does preside.
So go about your contemplating but be so open to all the influences that come your way.
All are choices.
You will know the ones that will bring you, truly, the experience that you need to learn and grow.
We are with you-- Your Team.

Monday, March 2, 2020

3/2/20 Simplify

Stop all the chattering in your mind.
if you want to get something accomplished you have to focus on what you want.
Let all the rest go –
We will take care of that.
It will all work out.
Your only concern is what you want to happen.
When you take on too much you potentially get overwhelmed and then less gets done.
Start with what you want to do and concentrate your efforts there.
The rest will fall into place or it is not important.
Many things just take care of themselves and your input is not necessary.
Simplify. Simplify.
Put all of your energy on your first priority and it will be finished in a reasonable timely fashion.
Then you can move on to the next.
You’ll see.
It is not as overwhelming as you might think.
We are with you.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

3/1/20 Be Proud and Trust

Be proud of what you do for humanity.
It may not be what others do but all good action is worthwhile and needed.
Trust that even the smallest contribution is going to make a difference.
If everyone withheld their contribution because it was not grand there would not be the progress you see today.
Humanity is benefiting from all the combined efforts.
Recycle, Reuse, and Relive.
Don’t give up!
Many new ideas are coming into light.
Progress is being made.
Do your part.
Take care of yourself and your neighbor.
Do as much as you can.
Not doing doesn’t feel right.
Don’t question others.
You know what your motives are.
They are for the good of mankind and Mother Earth.
Be proud and trust.
It will all be well.