Saturday, November 30, 2013

11/30/13 How Far Do We Go Away From The Body At Night?

You can leave your body and your consciousness can travel to the ends of the universe, so to speak, because it enters the spiritual astral plane where there is no time and space .
So it is not really far in our space.
It is there to continue its learning while the body rest and sleeps.
It builds up its strength and just takes time to remember where it came from and why it is here in this existence.
You will wake more refreshed after both your body and your consciousness has had their time off.
Get a good night sleep and allow the natural processes to take place.
Sweet dreams may come too.


Friday, November 29, 2013

11/29/13 Small Acts of Kindness

Every small act of kindness can make a larger impact on your world.
The joy you bring when you are kind to someone will show him that he is loved.
The love he feels will expand inside his heart and then he will be able to share his love with someone else.
That's the gift of giving.
Remember this as you go about preparing for your holidays.
There are so many opportunities for you to give and share your love.
All are there for you to expand and grow.
Allowing someone else to share their love with you is also a gift.
This is what you should be shopping for.


Thursday, November 28, 2013

11/28/13 Close Enough To Say “Hello”

When you talk to your loved ones in spirit you must talk like you know they are listening.
You must believe they are so near and hear every word.
They are with you and know how you feel.
That's the easy part and it does ease the pain.
What is so much harder is to open your heart, you mind and believe that you can hear them too with just as much ease.
It's your belief that you can't that's holding you back.
Letting that go makes all the difference.
Quiet your mind and listen, you'll know, a small familiar feeling will come to pass.
And then, yes, you heard it.
That loving energy is close by.
What you heard in your head, just a fraction away, is their thoughts coming your way.
Listen close for they will tell you just what you need to hear that day.
Clearer and clearer it will get as you trust and know they are close enough to say “Hello”.
Give thanks today for the peace you now have.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

11/27/13 Welcome All Teachers

Perfect is the word you could use to describe the Universe.
Everything is working together as to allow life to be.
Many multifaceted dimensions exist even though you are only aware of a few.
But you can see the glory in the ones you perceive.
You are part of this perfect state of reality and therefore perfect also.
Don't be so hard on yourself and others.
You are here doing exactly what you are here to do.
Love your life, experience it as you can, learn and grow with each new incident that presents itself.
Even the hard to swallow ones are here for a reason.
They will help you know who you are and where you've come from.
Welcome all teachers.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

11/26/13 Paint The Masterpiece You Deserve

Generally speaking, much can be gained from taking action towards understanding the larger picture.
Many small incidents happen in life all around you.
Most are just brushed aside and draw very little attention.
But in reality all are happening for a reason and have a bigger impact on life as you know it.
If you pay close attention to these small incidents you may see how they fit and surely have a part in what is created.
All are influences from your conscious awareness and what you create.
Take note of the times when your negative thinking brings forth exactly what you don't want and worry about.
Where as a more loving and positive outlook will surround your daily experience with the same love and happiness.
You are the creator of each experience so therefore paint the masterpiece you deserve.


Monday, November 25, 2013

11/25/13 Lighten Up

Just because you are always changing, growing and expanding does not justify your intense
need to over consume.
Enough is enough.
You don't have to have more that you could possible use.
You always seem to want extra, just in case it is needed.
But it is overkill.
This comes from a fear you have.
You are afraid of being abandon and left without enough.
But we have not abandoned you or left you without enough.
Those who have less still the basics are provide.
The extra is weighing you down and it is most generous of you to share with others.
Now is a great time to lighten up.
It will lighten your heart too.


Sunday, November 24, 2013

11/24/13 Follow Your Dreams

Follow your dreams.
Whatever you hold dear to your heart and want to accomplish is within reach.
Keep complete confidence that you can do it and it won't slip out of sight.
Positive reinforcement gives the energy a boost.
Any negative feedback you get from others let it negate and fade away.
It is your life and you can create it anyway you like.
Take the steps as they unfold and your dream can be your reality.
Some of man's biggest accomplishments and historical moments came from their dreams.
Let you imagination and your heart help you find what you are looking for.
The possibilities are endless and your potential limitless.


Saturday, November 23, 2013

11/23/13 Time For Peace

This is the time for peace.
Nature is the example of taking some time off.
Put the struggles down and let them lie.
Take this much needed time to reflect upon that which you are and where you want to be.
Relationships can be healed with the love and respect found within.
Generosity is a way you can share what you have with others that have less.
Allow yourself the opportunity to forgive a feud.
It feels better in your heart and in your body to be love and at peace.
Your love and compassion energy can be felt at a deep level.
Then healing can take place.
We tell you this now because you will also heal from this energy and love felt.


Friday, November 22, 2013

11/22/13 No Thing Wrong

The words fear and pain are tied so closely together for you.
One of your greatest fears is that you are not good enough or there is something wrong with you,
This fear monopolizes a lot of your waking consciousness.
You can not be free or your true self when all the while trying to satisfy that restraint.
The truth be that there is nothing, No Thing, wrong with you.
You are perfect in every way.
You are here experiencing these aspects of the life that you choose to learn and grow through them.
You've created each and every situation for just that purpose and they are perfect also.
Viewing them from that perspective will ease the pain and lessen the fear of them.
Welcome these...
Welcome these challenges for they are here for you.
Gather your energy and allow your strength and wisdom to face each one.
Acknowledge their existence in your life and be grateful for the lesson.
Contemplate who you are and how you will be through this experience.
Stay true to yourself and you will see it work its way out.
Much can be gained for this experience if you take the same No Thing Wrong attitude toward this experience.
This too shall pass...
You will see who you truly are.
Expanding love and divinity.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

11/21/13 Loving Messages

Your guidance can come in many ways.
Outside focuses are the easiest to choose as you walk around in a daze.
We can not get your attention until we send someone right up to your face.
So don't be so surprised when a person with your grandmother's name has some advice for you while waiting in the line at the grocery store.
She may have tried 3 other ways of getting your attention.
There will be many gifts of love and proof that we are close especially during these family gatherings.
We are there laughing right along with the others.
Look for them, familiar smells in the air, songs playing often, animals appear, coins on the floor and obs in the photos.
They are all us saying we love you and are with you.
Then remember what you were thinking about or saying at the time because that is our gift, our guidance, our love.
Celebrate, give cheer, spread love and compassion because it is these moments of interconnectedness that helps build strength and energy you need.
“Don't be sad”, we feel that energy too.
Be Love, Be Happy, we will be able to be close by.
We love you, always.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

11/20/13 Feeling Love

Happiness is a product of feeling love.
The challenge is in the knowing you are loved at all times.
You are loved just for being here and accepting the experience of living.
It is not an easy task for it comes with great challenges and lessons to over come.
Some of them are faced alone.
Here is when you must look deep inside for the courage and resolve to see it through.
Knowing that you are love and can feel it, give it at all times can be the peace you need.
Can you remember when you are happy for no reason?
Just happy and loved.
Drink in these moments and allow yourself to know that feeling.
It is powerful and you may need to call upon it again.
Don't let the happenings around you smother your light, your love.
Find a way to bring it to the surface and let that love shine through.
You heart will be gladdened and there will be the happiness that is your true self.
We love you, always.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

11/19/13 You Look Beautiful

You look so beautiful from the other side.
We are watching you going about the business of living.
We love to see you with all of your defenses up making the decisions that will best serve you while keeping in mind the good of the earth and mankind.
The shift is here, more and more of you are modifying what you are doing that effects the future.
We are so proud of your awareness and conscious actions.
We are your cheerleaders, so to speak, giving you praise when you choose the better solution.
All of these little decisions are part of the major changes that are taken place all over the earth.
They are truly making a difference.
You can feel it.
You know it is right and it becomes easier with time.
Love for yourself and others is the fuel for this movement.
It fuels you inner light and it is becoming brighter and brighter.
Lighting the way for others to see and follow.
You look beautiful, see that beauty in yourself.


Monday, November 18, 2013

11/18/13 Clear Your Mind

Remember how very powerful your thoughts are.
Take the time daily to clear your mind.
Let all the stuff that accumulates there from the day go—let it go.
Most of it is others energy and problems which you can't really do anything about anyway.
Excessive thinking about them or worrying only gives the problems additional energy and isn't helping.
Consider your own problems with the same attitude.
Don't put more energy into things that you don't want happening.
Take the time to clear your mind before you go to sleep.
“Let Go and Let God.”
You will wake up more refreshed and things will come up with a different energy or light to them.
Wake like a young child.
Ready to start the day a new.


Sunday, November 17, 2013

11/17/13 Going The Extra Mile

Going the extra mile seems longer than the last mile.
But they are the same –one mile.
It is the extra effort put in, goes past the part expected, that makes it so unique.
Doing more, giving just a little more, can sometimes make all the difference.
It is a stretch for you.
It might make it a little less comfortable but it is in this giving that you will receive more in return.
Try it out one time.
See if the extra effort when giving to someone makes you feel better than expected.
The rewards for that extra effort are worth more than double fold. ( you'd ever know).


Saturday, November 16, 2013

11/16/13 Adversary or Greatest Teacher

We have talked about having known someone through familiar characteristics.
You have possibly known this person because you've had a lifetime together previously.
Now you find yourselves, together in this lifetime, working out some of the same issues you've had before.
Sometimes from different viewpoints but much the same issues.
That is what is so familiar and why you seem to have known them more deeply than others.
You've come here together to experience more and help each other work harder in some direction.
Take advantage of this deep connection to do your most intimate work, for your souls have the commitment to be here to help at a very personal level.
They might seem like an adversary but they are your greatest teacher.
Respect and love this relationship, no matter how trying it may seem at times--
Much will be gained.


Friday, November 15, 2013

11/15/13 They Are Always There

Important characteristics that you hold so precious while here on earth you also carry with you on the other side.
They are what makes you recognizable to your loved ones and friends.
They are not lost in the passing.
If your dad was firm and always giving you directions he will probably be still firm and giving them to you now.
Recognize these characteristics in some guidance you are receiving and say “Hello” to your dad that is close by.
Your loved ones don't leave you. They are close by helping you along.
It is when you open your awareness to see and feel them that they will be known to you.
Yes, it is really them don't question or doubt!
The sooner you change your beliefs about this the easier it will be to know their love is still with you, not far away.
Allow them to comfort you and show you that they still exist and it will lessen your pain of missing them amiss.
Take time during the holidays to bring your awareness clear.
You will feel their presence, their love will be so near.
Look for those outstanding characteristics that you know of them so well.
They will show themselves again that way and bring comfort to you as well.
“Yes, It is I. “
They are enjoying you sharing the love they taught you to have.
Celebrate with joy and confidence, they are always there.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

11/14/13 What is Real?

Time to focus on what you call real.
Your reality is created constantly by you.
It is your perception of what is happening around you and even what you are only thinking about.
It is created and changing all the time.
Since much of it is formed from your thoughts and beliefs it is personal and different for each person.
What seems real to you may not be real in the same way to another.
Remember this when you are arguing with them.
It makes it hard to judge or set blame … for what is real? What is right?
Allow yourself the freedom to look upon your life and reality from a very personal view, that changes quite frequently.
Different perspectives and different viewpoints ( reality ) are the many facets that make life so beautiful and complete.
Enjoy your creativeness.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

11/13/14 Understanding Interactions

You could be the main reason the soul is working so hard on a particular lesson.
You could be in their path for that reason also.
Together you have a relationship that is working through some issues.
Your egos are just as stubborn as can be.
Your hearts are keeping tabs on things but it is a complicated issue.
We tell you don't compromise your true self.
Be firm about what you like is fact.
Be loving and considerate but keep focus on who you are.
Watch the interaction as a dance of give and take until a position is reached that is satisfying each resolve.
With love and mindful awareness of the spirit of the soul you should be able to work it through.
Then much is gained through this experience and you can move along the path.
Be able to step back and look at what was learned.
Understanding will help you with this perspective.
Each time you encounter a challenge like this look to the lesson and you will be able to work through it much easier.
Patience, Love and Understanding being Key.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

11/12/13 Generosity

Look upon these times as golden.
The opportunity to make major advancements in your spiritual life is all around you.
There is much needed in generosity to others who are displaced because of natural disasters.
See them as your brothers, see them as yourself.
What can be done?    How can you help?
It will take many years to recover and build a new.
Be grateful for all that you have and generous with what you don't really need.
Answer the call.   Make room in your heart for this love to grow.
It will fill the void you are feeling.


Monday, November 11, 2013

11/11/13 Consciously Aware

Be consciously aware of who you are at all times.
This is who you project to the world around you.
Being small and shallow will gain you no advancement.
You must be your true self.
Allow all your creative, confident and wise attributes to take the lead.
Even you will be surprised at where they will take you.
New doorways to adventure and experience will open in your direction
Allowing you to fulfill the reason you are here.
The time is now and much is in place for opportunity to serve your purpose and the world.
We are with you.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

11/10/13 Pictures- Proof Positive?

Pictures, you want pictures.
All the positive proof that what you want to be happening is happening.
Some of the real stuff is happening where you can't see it or take a picture of it, 
 in the heart.
The people you meet and interface with are all thinking about the exchange.
You can't see what they are thinking. Only their outer expressions give you a clue.
There were a few tears in the corners of their eyes.
They were saddened by your loss and praying for your healing.
Much love and compassion was exchanged . The energy was good.
A couple people were lead to come to that place to meet with you and share their story.
Again the love, compassion and healing exchanged.
Trust that many more came away with more than a free cup of coffee.
We are with you doing the “good “ work .


Saturday, November 9, 2013

11/9/13 Opportunity

Take your time everything will work out fine. We are looking after you.
The message will be well accepted and put to good use.
Many will hear the warning but only a few will heed it as well.
You've opened the door to a new awareness, its up to them to make it part of their experience.
You've done your part so well.


Friday, November 8, 2013

11/8/13 Trust Your Guidance.

Trust you guidance. We have your best interest at heart.
The road does have some twists and turns.
Some of the path may even be shaded a little but it is there for your growth and progress.
You should always look upon each experience for that challenge and growth.
If you find a pattern or theme at hand, then it will be easier to know your terrain.
You've come equipped to handle it all.
If it gets too rough just give us a call. We are here to help you.
There is certainly a balance to your life so be sure to give each part its due measure.
Walk with focus and awareness not just stumbling about.
You'll appreciate the guideposts.
They will deepen your resolve.
Remember where you've come from and believe in who you are.”
Allow your spirit to be the lead, knowing where to go.
Your time here is precious. Make the best use of it.
Walk on-- with faith and love on your side.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

11/7/13 A Choice To Make

“ Sometimes love comes in the strangest ways.”

I've come to bring witness to what is real.
The time is coming when you have to make a choice.
It isn't as obvious, what you should be choosing.
But if you listen to your heart you will be able to know.
The answer is love, the reason is clear.
Stand tall and be firm about your decision.
It will make perfect sense in the end.
Until then you must rely on your faith.
Don't get distracted by all the frills when you see how complicated they can be.
They path is rather plain but the greatest joy will emerge from the truth that you find.
That's what you've been searching for all along.
Peace, Joy, Love and all that it brings.
Live from this reality.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

11/6/13 “Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread.”

“Give us this day our daily bread.”
You are given messages and guidance on a regular basis.
Whether you recognize it or not we are there to help you make decisions that help you on your way.
If you open your heart and mind to this guidance it will flow easier and become easier to recognize.
It contains a certain amount of change that you may resist at first but realize that is the method of movement.
Trusting the guidance is there for your spiritual good will support you in these necessary adjustments.
You feel safe and comfortable when your daily activities fall into a routine but that does not lead to creating a progressive environment.
Listen to your heart when you get a whim to do something different.
Be so bold to give it a chance.
You will be pleasantly surprised at how much more you can be.
Your life here on earth is forever expanding and growing in your physical and spiritual nature.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

11/5/13 Nothing Wrong

You seem to be always looking for something wrong with you.
You must start to realize that there is nothing wrong--- all is in perfect order.
Your true self is a divine soul that has come here to take on the experience of being human.
With this experience comes the challenges of dealing with a particular physical body, which is made to bring you many unique situations.
The most challenging part of having a human experience is interfacing with other humans and the world around you.
In this daily interaction you come to find differences, things you like and things you don't like.
Mostly you want to experience the things you like but you must have a sampling of what you don't want to help you realize that which you like.
This comes about at all levels of the living experience, from dealing with yourself to dealing with the world around you.
Knowing that you are here to experience this sampling will help you to rationalize it with more understanding and greater ease.
Greet those things that you don't like with new awareness.
“Ah-- now I know what I don't like!”
And be able to work more towards what pleases you.
Look for the growth and understanding that can be gained from each experience without taking a personal judgment upon yourself.
Know with each experience you are one step closer to knowing who you truly are!


Monday, November 4, 2013

11/4/13 Overshadowing

Transfiguration is the allowance of one spiritual essence to overshadow another and manifest that essence in a physical body.
Overshadowing helps to boost the energy and bring another back into balance.
We are present in that state to bring forth many messages.
There is to be a certain amount of material to be able to see the transfiguration but it is there never the less.
The energy exchanged in this process will lift one to a higher vibration allowing the messages to be received.
Overshadowing happens more often than realized.
This is the way that we can reach into your field of energy.
A different vibration is felt and then then presence of a higher frequency.
Be in allowance and receive the uplifting messages, for it is there to help you upon your way.


Sunday, November 3, 2013

11/3/13 Dream State

While you are in what you call the dream state your spiritual essence has left your physical body resting and is in another dimension.
This essence is connecting with others to be exchanging energies, learning, growing and progressing.
Much of what is taken place is not accessed by your conscious awareness upon waking.
The part that is, you call a dream.
With practice and meditation you are able to call more and more of this activity into your waking consciousness.
It may be valuable information about the lessons you are currently dealing with.
Whether you realize them or not is of little consequence because “you”, your spiritual essence, is learning, growing and progressing thru these experiences.
Some of you are more capable than others to recall these experiences.
Understanding their full value creates a larger challenge but is not insurmountable.
Most importantly do not treat the dream state so uneventful.
Your spiritual essence is bringing forth growth and understanding that is needed to help you on your journey.
Both your dreams and your waking consciousness are each a crucial part of your growth and development.
Through these you come to realize who you truly are.
Honor that with love and respect.


Saturday, November 2, 2013

11/2/13 Conscious Awareness

Your conscious awareness is everything that you can hold your focus on.
It contains all the thoughts that you think, all physical things that you perceive in your waking hours and other parts of your imagination.
Bodily functions that happen without your thinking about them are also part of your conscious awareness.
When you notice that they occur you are then consciously thinking about them.
The more you expand what you are thinking and considering, the more you are becoming consciously aware of.
Because you can only focus on so much at one time you are not actually aware of all that you are conscious about at one time.
So the words conscious awareness are a rather subjective changing condition.
It gives you a comfortable feeling being able to label and seemingly put limits on that part of your consciousness but in reality it is without limits.
There seems a finite limit to it at any given time but it changes constantly.
Only when you attempt to put a border on it will it seem to be contained.
Allowing it to be limitless and forever expanding is important to your ongoing growth and learning.
Life offers more and more for you to consider and become aware of.
Be pleased and grateful of that phenomena.


Friday, November 1, 2013

11/1/13 Sleeping

You are laying down sleeping for a very good reason.
Your physical body needs to rest and recoup energy expended.
Deep sleep, on the other hand, is for your spiritual use.
During certain cycles of your sleep patterns your spiritual essence leaves you physical body and goes into another dimension.
It's still learning and expanding and doesn't need to rest.
When it returns to the physical body together they are ready to face the new challenges of the day.
After a good night sleeping often you wake with new ideas and energies.
Take this time seriously and prepare each day for this time of rest and recovery.
This time can sometimes be more fruitful than your waking hours.
You may not remember a lot about your ventures but what you do remember is important messages.
We will talk more about dreaming later.