Wednesday, November 20, 2013

11/20/13 Feeling Love

Happiness is a product of feeling love.
The challenge is in the knowing you are loved at all times.
You are loved just for being here and accepting the experience of living.
It is not an easy task for it comes with great challenges and lessons to over come.
Some of them are faced alone.
Here is when you must look deep inside for the courage and resolve to see it through.
Knowing that you are love and can feel it, give it at all times can be the peace you need.
Can you remember when you are happy for no reason?
Just happy and loved.
Drink in these moments and allow yourself to know that feeling.
It is powerful and you may need to call upon it again.
Don't let the happenings around you smother your light, your love.
Find a way to bring it to the surface and let that love shine through.
You heart will be gladdened and there will be the happiness that is your true self.
We love you, always.


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