Wednesday, November 13, 2013

11/13/14 Understanding Interactions

You could be the main reason the soul is working so hard on a particular lesson.
You could be in their path for that reason also.
Together you have a relationship that is working through some issues.
Your egos are just as stubborn as can be.
Your hearts are keeping tabs on things but it is a complicated issue.
We tell you don't compromise your true self.
Be firm about what you like is fact.
Be loving and considerate but keep focus on who you are.
Watch the interaction as a dance of give and take until a position is reached that is satisfying each resolve.
With love and mindful awareness of the spirit of the soul you should be able to work it through.
Then much is gained through this experience and you can move along the path.
Be able to step back and look at what was learned.
Understanding will help you with this perspective.
Each time you encounter a challenge like this look to the lesson and you will be able to work through it much easier.
Patience, Love and Understanding being Key.


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