Monday, July 17, 2017

6/26/17 Listen , Pay Attention, and Follow Directions

They are all saying practically the same thing,
different words, different examples,
different methods
but will get you the same result.
If you listen, pay attention and follow directions, you will be on your way
to where you want to go-
a new understanding about life, physical and non physical
and death, physical and  no death- non physical.
A new understanding about purpose and mostly about
who you are and why you are here!
Wow, that's amazing.
Listen, pay attention and follow directions.
We are with you with love and care.
Good they unplug.

6/25/17 Give What You Get

Spread and sharing smiles is one way to share God's love and light with the world around you.
We are so very proud of you
There are no little miracles--
  in our eyes -
  or yours -
Give what you get
Always trusting your source.

6/24/17 Minor Things

Try to screen out those small minor things you let your mind go to.
Those will be taken care of.
You will not have time to work on the miracles you are to deliver.
We will work on the rest --