Monday, March 30, 2015

3/30/15 Life is Love

The message is love.
(Not all of these are true but they should be true.)
It is the main ingredient of life.
You are born due to the act of love.
By purpose, as you know.
It is easy to fall in love with a new born baby.
And have love for small innocent children.
During your life time you love your parents, siblings, other relatives and even learn to love others.
You love some foods and possibly certain animals.
You love some experiences and some even love being alone.
You would be happiest if all there is was love.
But in order to know love in its truest form you must also know non-love.
So that experience is also part of life and what you see and hear.
This need is different for each person according to your plan.
So in fact, you get to choose .
Do you want and need to see love or non-love in your life and to what degree?
The more you know and understand love then the more you can choose it to be a bigger part of your life.
Examine your personal definition of love and expand its boundaries.
Include more of your surrounding beings and things into your field of love.
Open and expand your heart.
Life is Love

3/29/15 ( private ) Post from last year 3/29/14 Welcome New Growth

The earth is starting to bring forth new growth- a sign of Spring.
It is a time for change and a new growth for you also.
Take a fresh new look at who you are and what you are doing.
Make the possible adjustments that benefit your path.
Let the energy of the outdoors and sunlight bring forth such positive movement.
Open the windows of your heart and let the fresh air in.
Sweep the cob webs from the corners of your mind and allow fresh ideas and thoughts to come in.
This is a great time for progress and growth.
The rhythm of life will help to ease in these new changes.
Focus on what you want the new change to look like and be ready to allow it
Guidance and love are close by.
Anticipation fuels your growth.


3/29/15 Shifting ( private)

You may have something happening to you.
More energy in a different way is needed.
The shift will make it easier for you to hear clearer.
( That is all I want.)
Let if all be possible.
Trust the new energies coming in.
There will be more for you to hear and do.
Be not afraid we are with you.
Guiding the new way.
More lessons but you will have the guidance you need.
Move forward to be a greater help.

3/28/15 Tomorrow ( hearing the song from Annie)

You have tomorrows so that your dreams and wants can be fulfilled.
Set your intentions and stayed focused and the energy will draw them to you.
There may be challenges and lessons along the way but your goal is still within reach.
Life is change.
Guiding that change in the direction of your wants is where you want to be.
Believe in the endless possibilities.
You are closer than you know.
Tomorrows are promising.


Friday, March 27, 2015

3/27/15 Back to the Basics

Of course it is important to use natural resources for your food.
It is your source of energy.
The purest form has no chemicals added- straight from the farm, so to speak.
But man has learned how to grow more and better crops.
Some of their techniques have been a blessing to make the crop better, healthier and more abundant.
Some have not.
Some have robbed the original plant of its nutrients and digestive worth.
These are not for consumption anymore.
They are doing more harm than good.
Go back to the basics and you will find you and your body will be happier and healthier.
It will make your digestion easier.
Your body will have more energy to do what you want to do.
It may take time to make these changes in your diet but it will worth it.
We will be with you.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

3/26/15 Resources

There is enough to go around.
It just has to be developed and not squandered.
The earth is plentiful and will provide what is needed.
Fear and Greed prevents the fair distributions of resources.
Then war and violence erupt.
Only take what you can use and no more.
Learn to trust that more will be provided.
Follow your natural instinct.
Help to find balance and peace.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

3/25/15 Great Impact

There are often specific times when people come and go from your experiences.
These are in accordance with the plan.
They are there to share in the experience, either to lend or receive a life lesson.
They are there for a moment or most often a longer time.
But no matter the length of the relationship, it is most surely there for a reason.
Take these encounters seriously and gain from them all that there is to have.
Respect and honor whatever method they choose to deliver the message because in that too contains a lesson.
Some learn from a gentle reminder, where others have to be shown by a more forceful approach.
Whatever it takes, it often supplies.
When the encounter is severed the love and energy remains.
Think back upon those experiences of your life that have made a great impact.
Through the kind or harsh, the lessons were there.
Awaken to the importance of these everyday events.
They will compel you farther than you give them credit for.
Even a fleeting moment can contain a blessing, you know.
Make today count.


3/24/15 Renewal

It is spring, a time of renewal.
The flowers and leaves will appear on the trees.
It's also time you can renew your own cloak and outward appearance.
Find the goodness and beauty inside and bring it forward.
Let others see and know what you hold within.
This beauty will affect all those around you and changes the way you feel.
Take advantage of these changes to grow.
Stand firm in your truth.
You will gain confidence, respect and love.


Monday, March 23, 2015

3/23/15 Inquiry

Investigating why you are doing things is good for you.
It leads you to learning and answering questions about your journey here.
The answers do not always come that easy but need more inquiry.
Sit quiet and listen to the conversation going on between your mind and your heart mind.
The mind is influenced by many outside forces and constantly challenging the heart.
Whereas, the heart is your soul's voice.
It has your best interest at “heart”.
When they agree and there is a meeting of the minds is the time to take action.
You will then get the best results.
Don't be afraid to say no to some of the requests.
Not everything presented is for you.
There is a lesson even in the choice.
Your heart will know.
Peace and joy.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

3/22/15 The New You

Believe in yourself.
Don't let your past dictate who you are.
These are just experiences that you have chosen to have.
They have helped you to know what you like and what you don't like.
Now it is time to like who you have become.
Make daily adjustments to become who you want to be.
Soon the past will fade away and the new you will emerge and be known.
This is life.
You are always creating the new you.
As you grow and learn you become who you are.
Each time know that you are loved.


Saturday, March 21, 2015

3/21/15 Simpler Life

Feeling overwhelmed?
Live a simpler life.
Don't get caught up in other people's stuff.
Your life has enough stuff to keep you quite busy.
Taking care of your own issues should, at best, take precedence over other people's stuff.
Start with the basics – food, water, air and rest.
Make sure you are getting the proper amount of each,
Chill out, relax and find something you like to do.
In other words, pamper yourself with the good stuff.
You will come back into balance.
Take one day at a time.
Do what is best for you each day.
You will see peace again soon.


3/20/15 Whole Again

You didn't know what was wrong.
We tried to correct it.
You rejected our correction.
Now you can pick from many choices,
You can choose from many.
You can choose the one that fits.
You look and feel whole again.


Thursday, March 19, 2015

3/19/15 No post today. 3/19/14 Set Your Intention

Many do not know how they become ”victim” to their surroundings.
You are the creator of all that is around you.
The tone and frequency of your own vibration is what attracts what becomes your environment.
So you are not the innocent victim but play a major part consciously or unconsciously in this formation.
Changing the way you think and feel changes your vibration and therefore what you attract.
Being aware of this will help you to get to where you want to be.
Be clear and set your intention.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sorry for the misspelling of thorough. Spellcheck. :(

3/18/15 Opinions

You had a difference of opinions.
You both feel that you are right.
You both are right in your own minds.
No opinion has to be right for both of you.
You just have to honor and respect each others feelings.
Love and compassion for each other can soften the conflict.
Honor their place to be who they want to be.
Peace will come again.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

3/17/15 Thorough Job

All along there has been certain things that you've come here to learn.
They have been presented to you on several occasions
Each time you have learned a bit of the lesson but not all.
So you may recognize this lesson when it is presented to you again for yet another time.
This time you might be able to see and understand it in it's entirety.
When you have accepted and learned all that you can for this lesson you will never have to experience that situation again.
Take your time and do a thorough job.

Monday, March 16, 2015

3/16/15 The Possibilities Are Endless

Most of you don’t even know the number of possibilities that you have available to you.
You think that you are stuck doing and being what you see now.
But you have choices every day that you can make to change all of that.
You are not stuck anywhere.
You are just not willing to take the steps to change.
Every small step you take towards the change you want will bring it closer to you.
Change the way that you think about the situation and you are on your way.
Think of it as an adventure towards where you want to be.
Get excited and know it is possible.
When the energy changes in this way you will feel that shift.
Stay positive and follow it through.
The possibilities are endless.


Sunday, March 15, 2015

3/15/15 Freedom To Choose

There is so much going on around you.
It is easy to get distracted and lost.
So you are put in the center of all of this for a reason.
It is up to you to sort out what to pay attention to and what not to.
Try not to feel overwhelmed.
Just keep to what you feel will benefit your growth.
You will be guided to some choices that you can make.
Freedom to choose and experience is always open.
We are with you.

From Lynn:
I am feeling a bit overwhelmed lately.
I will try to keep up with the post. 
Sorry if a day is missed here or there. 
Please let me know if you want off the list.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

3/14/15 Love Is The Answer

When you sit in meditation you contemplate many ideas but none so profoundly as life and how to live it.
It all boils down to love.
Love is the answer.
If you apply love to every situation you always come out with something better.
Keep reminders with you all day long to see how compassion and love brighten the day.
Try it.
Practice it and see how it will change things around and how much better everyone will feel.
Love, peace and happiness.

Friday, March 13, 2015

3/13/15 A Gentle Reminder

A gentle reminder to get out and exercise.
Now is the time to give your physical body the energy it needs.
You can only live the life you want with this energy.
It will also clear the mind and balance the chakras.
Fit some healthy raw food and deep breathing into your routine.
You will be amazed at how just a little each day can change the way you feel.
We are with you.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

3/12/15 Love Remains

Yes, it hurts when someone you love dies, the physical death that is.
You have grown to love them and count on their love in return.
But the one you love is not the physical body. 
It is the soul within.
Only the physical body dies.
The soul that you love remains.
Remains with you more so than ever.
You just have to learn how to love and feel loved again.
Open your senses to all that is around you and you will feel and know that this is true.
They will let you know that you are loved beyond the physical plane.
And that love forever remains.
Not to say that it is not difficult to live without the physical contact because it is what you've grown so used to.
But you can heal and learn to receive more comfort from beyond.
It is there. They will not leave you.
The pain will fade and with it will go the fear.
Trust new love and life will be yours to know.
Go in peace.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

3/11/15 Smile, Relax and Be Love

Smile and count to ten before reacting to any harsh confrontation.
This gives you a moment to think with your heart instead of reacting with your head.
At first you want to bark back and retaliate for such harshness.
But if you respond with compassion and love it may end right here.
True love and understanding melts away the anger and fear and softens the situation.
If you can learn to do this every time relationships will change.
They will soon learn that harshness just doesn't help them to get what they want.
This response takes a humble yet courageous stance in the face of such an attack.
Knowing and understanding who you truly are, love, will help.
Smile, relax and be love.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

3/10/15 No post today. This is last years.

 3/10/14 Believe In Who You Are

Believe in who you are.
Believe in all that is happening around you.
These are greater signs of things to come.
When you recognize them they are speaking directly to you.
Answer the call by saying I will.
Many new opportunities await for those who respond affirmatively.
You will lead the way.
You know this to be true because it makes perfect sense.
Your resistance is just your attachment to the past.
Let go and let God.
Trust that Love – You are Love.


Monday, March 9, 2015

3/9/15 Fueled By Love, Compassion and Truth

When you really are unsure of what to do follow your heart.
The emotions and hormones coming from your heart are the ones that are produced from love, compassion and truth.
If the situation is fueled by these value your heart will know and you will know.
Learning to use your heart as your stirring rods will help you find the way.
Whatever you do will be the right thing for you and many lessons to be learned.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

3/8/15 Humanity

You can roam about the earth with confidence because it all belongs to you.
Man has created the territories for his own conveniences but truly it is all one state.
Bring love and peace with you and you will be received with love and peace.
Fear and hatred is what produces the confrontations.
The barriers of language and cultures now exist but they can be crossed and diminished with true acceptance and respect.
View each other as neighbors and friends.
Treat others with respect and courtesy and they will respond with openness.
Changes in this planet and attitudes of it's inhabitants will bring about much peace and prosperity.
Open your heart and let in humanity.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

3/7/15 One Day at a Time

Just relax and take it one day at a time.
Planning too much in advance makes the possibility of disappointment greater.
Many choices are made everyday and some of them change the potential outcome of a situation.
Leave yourself open to some of these last minute changes.
Then you will see and know what you want to do and how you want to do it.
You always have the choice to change.
Be flexible and the experience will be more enjoyable.


Friday, March 6, 2015

3/6/15 Your Heart

Your heart seems weaken and damaged sometimes from such turmoil as death and grief.
These are the hardest of times.
They have lessons that match none other.
You are preparing for your own death.
You must contemplate all the rational meanings before coming to the conclusion of the non rational one, the spiritual one of death, the conclusion of your personal journey with the physical life.
But then your true life continues for you have much more to do.
Things that you have not yet considered are waiting for you.
It takes such a brave one to face this challenge of change.
And you will be guided and helped along the way.
Until your time in the physical is over learn what you can, and the greatest of all is love.
Do not squander a moment of that.
Nothing else makes any sense or carries any value.
Find those things that make your heart sing and revel in them.
Let the rest go.
Peace be with you.


Thursday, March 5, 2015

3/5/15 Patience

Patience, the world is not moving as fast as you might want.
All things happen for a reason and in perfect order.
You must not always question and want things your way.
Be more compliant and you will have less stress and be at peace.
There are many conditions that have to be in place for each experience.
You are only looking at one part of the complex scenario.
Live from that place of peace and you will see it all coming together.
We are sending you signs to help you slow down.
Trust and follow your heart.
All will be fine.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

3/4 /15 Pleasure

Do not fear that thing that brings you pleasure.
You are not taking away from other things.
You are bringing more balance into your life.
You can not stay rigid and serious all of the time.
There must be time for pleasure and joy.
Whatever you choose to do, allow that time to be fulfilling and pleasurable.
It helps to balance to the struggles and challenges you must endure.
Peace be with you.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

3/3/15 Your Team

You are talking to your own guides and teachers.
When you sit and contemplate the world or your personal problems you are not only going over and over it in your mind but you are also talking to your guides.
They hear your thoughts and are able to give you advice right back into your thoughts.
You can take all the credit, we don't mind, because that is what we do.
If you become aware of our influence and allow our transmissions to be more open and clear, we will do that too.
This is mostly up to you.
Either way, we are there and have been all the while.
Helping and guiding you to not only what you want but also what you need too.
We calm you down when you are anxious and not sure what to do.
We work so closely with you, your soul, that you might find it hard to tell.
But that's OK because we are your team and you are the one in charge.
Just guides and cheerleaders are we that stand by your side.
We are so close and connected that oneness does preside.
So go about your contemplating but be so open to all the influences that come your way.
All are choices.
You will know the ones that will bring you, truly, the experience that you need to learn and grow.
We are with you-- Your Team.

Monday, March 2, 2015

3/2/15 Peace Within

You have grown to value your physical life and somehow also learned to devalue your spiritual one.
You rush to the doctor when you are sick begging for a cure and relief.
But when you are imbalanced, not feeling whole and at peace with yourself who do you go to see?
At these times of turmoil and uneasiness you should become aware that all you need to know and do is there within you.
Discover what is causing this fear and anxiety.
Most likely you have forgotten you are one with the source of all that is and loved unconditionally.
Not a thing can happen or you to do that will change that.
It is a condition of your soul.
When the physical life and body ceases to exist, the soul, your true self, will be there stronger than before.
Find and trust that inner strength and balance to help you on your way.
There is purpose and meaning in every experience beyond those of the physical world.
It's what gives you the conviction to find the truth and live from that place with trust and love.
You are never alone.
We are with you- guiding and helping you to find your peace within.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

3/1/15 Pushes Your Button

There are lessons in every experience.
They may not be as clear as you might wish but they are there.
When someone you know pushes your button, so to speak, it may be for a reason.
The button is being pushed to remind you and bring to mind a value that you need to work on.
The basic values of love, humility, oneness and peace are usually the ones connected to this lesson.
Incorporate more of these values into your life and the button might not have to be pushed as often.
Thank the one who supplies these lessons for they too are doing their part.
Live with love and peace in your heart.