Friday, April 30, 2021

4/30/21 Frustration and Repost from 4/30/14 Let Go and Let God

  4/30/21 Frustration  

Don’t get too frustrated, it’s all going to work out.

Different opinions bring in different perspectives.

It’s a necessary part of the process.

Pay attention to what you are doing, what you are reading.

The lesson will come back to you again.

We are with you, always.


Frustration is the emotion that you have when you are paying attention with your ego mind.

Don’t question or judge the chore at hand, just preform it with the best interest at heart.

It will all work out in the end.

We are with you.



 Repost from 4/30/14 Let Go and Let God


How much do you allow God to have an active part in your life?

You really feel the ownership of your life and get very possessive when someone else tries to have a say in it.

So therefore, you probably don't allow God to take control either.

He gave you free will and you use it.

Even when you are desperate asking for help and guidance you still want the ultimate control, the choice, the last word in how you choose to live or at least it feels that way.

You might practice allowing your life to happen instead of forcing it to be a certain way.

Take a more passive role in what comes your way.

There will be a more balanced flow.

You will be pleasantly surprised how just the right person or situation will come into your life just when you need it to be.

You will have less struggle and stress.

The lessons and rewards will be mixed into the flow of your life.

You won't have to strive to reach your goal it will come to you.

Try this approach and see the benefits of Faith and Trust.

Let go and let God.


Thursday, April 29, 2021

4/29/21 Higher Understanding

Of course, its not a bad thing or a waste of time to reach for a higher understanding than what might be apparent right around you.

The bigger picture shows relevance to the now.

And a higher understanding will help in sorting out the important priorities.

Let the distractions fall to the wayside.

Only the pertinent tasks will remain.

They are the ones that will benefit the most and have a larger impact on your world.

You have a part in this continuum and stepping up will bring you satisfaction.

Each part is different but just as important.

You will see and feel the progress being made.

Stay vigilant.

We are with you.


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

4/28/21 Controversial Subjects

Keep your conversations light –

Don’t engage in controversial subjects with those you know you are going to have conflict with.

It may not be worth your energy at this time to debate with them.

The truth will be brought into light, in time.

And it’s going to be up to them whether they can see it or not.

You know this.

Some must take a different approach to get a similar result.

Be patient and allow each to unfold at their own speed.

Your concern is your own peace and awakening.

We are with you.


4/28/21 Looking Forward

There is still much to see and much to do.

Are you looking forward to see past this delay?

Moving gently forward as your heart, mind and body will allow.

The laws of creation are still in effect.

Think, see and know what you want to create.

Put your energies toward that knowing, it is good.

Follow the protocol for staying safe and keeping others safe.

Building a better tomorrow for all, as well.

We are with you.


4/28/21 Loose Ends

Follow all the instructions to shore up the loose ends of the project before you declare it completed.

Those loose ends can lead to trouble if not tied in place.

All the proper conditions are done as well.

Others will then be able to see its full potential.

Credit will be given to how it is used, not necessarily how it was created.

Which was always the original intent.

We are with you.


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

4/27/21 Thoughts Create

Pay closer attention to what you are thinking.

Your thoughts create your world.

Think in the most positive way that you can, towards what you really want.

See the best situation developing and happening.

Think it, see it, and know it.

When energy is put in that direction and it is for your good, your purpose, goal, it will be done.

Catch yourself allowing doubt to enter.

Realign your thoughts towards what you want.

We are with you.


Monday, April 26, 2021

4/26/21 Getting Your Attention

You still get to choose what you want to do every day, that’s called free will.

But when the same ideas or topic is brought into your focus, there is a reason.

This one needs attention from you now!

Make room for it at the top of your list and see if you can easily fit it in.

Be kind and generous with your energy and time.

It may surprise you what you’ll find.

It has a way of working out for your benefit, and that of others, as well.

We are with you.


Sunday, April 25, 2021

4/25/21 Judgement

Judgement is an Earthly ego thing.

You do not know the depth of the situation to give a full description of what is truly happening.

So therefore, the judgement of it is only a surface conclusion by those not fully informed.

Be careful, it is a humanly habit to pass these surface conclusions on many things happening in your life.

And believe that you are right in your conclusions.

Leave open your opinions and defer judgement because there is so much more to be known and understood.

The energies will bring it into the light.

We will help you to see what is needed to know in these situations.

All is well.

We are with you.


Saturday, April 24, 2021

4/24/21 Divine Intervention

Divine intervention is when the right person, place or thing shows up at the right time in your life.

When you are in service for the right reason, you will have this special action helping you.

There is a much bigger purpose than you might know of and you are doing your part.

Recognize and allow this help to accelerate the project.

Usually freeing you up to continue in a better capacity.

We are with you.


Friday, April 23, 2021

4/23/21 Peace Love and Happiness


You can be anywhere in the world.

You could be in Hong Kong, or a Tibetan mountain, a German countryside, a city apartment in London, a Canadian field, or right where you are, it doesn’t matter, peace, love and happiness are still the most important thing in your life.

It will look different from each perspective but it still remains the most important.

Take a look out each window into the world and see what this tranquility of life would look like.

How would they measure? What would they gain?

Put yourself in their place. Can you feel it?

Allow your heart to feel the emotion.

Does it feel familiar? You are the same.

And in the worldview, peace, love and happiness is your true nature.

As you experience different challenges in your life you shift from this core place.

What you perceive and what you experience in your life does not change your true nature.

You can control any aspect of this by remembering who you are.

You are peace; you are love; you are happiness; you are God.

We are with you.


Thursday, April 22, 2021

4/22/21 Projects

As you face the projects of the day, look upon the outcome as a reward, knowing there is a great benefit for each accomplishment.

Whatever you do will not be wasted.

It all serves purpose.

As you grow strength and confidence, so does others, so does the One.

Remember we are all in this together.

The less you think about separation and the more you think about Oneness, the more you will understand.

As you grow, so does your light, your radiance.

And each light is part of the illumination of the brilliance of All.

Respect and honor your part of this existence.

We are with you.


Wednesday, April 21, 2021

4/21/21 Start Each Day

It is so important to wake up in peace.

Trust that all is well and you are exactly where you need to be.

Start each day visualizing exactly that and decide what the day will bring and what you want to accomplish.

This vision will help to set your ideas and energies in motion.

Trust that you will be ready for what life brings you.

Trust you will gain what you will from it.

Each day brings new experiences and challenges of your making.

So, learn how to create what you want and need.

Call and we will help you.

We are with you.


Peace be with you.

Me –“And peace be with you.”

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

4/20/21 Gratefulness

In the month of November there is a lot of talk about being grateful but that is not the only time of the year to show gratitude.

There is a lot to be grateful for now as well.

A change in the season, the plants and crops are coming up.

There is a shift in the energy and atmosphere surrounding the Earth.

The vaccines are working and people all of the world are getting vaccinated.

Respect for your time, energy and health has been realized.

Now is a good time to look at the positive side of life and see what you have to be grateful for.

We are with you.


Monday, April 19, 2021

4/19/21 Unwarranted Fear and Repost from 4/19/14 The Simpler Things


4/19/21 Unwarranted Fear

What are you afraid of?

Why so you carry that fear with you all of the time?

Did something happen that caused that fear?


Me – “The answer to that one is yes.

Not once but a couple of times I have been witness to results of actions that have caused death or suffering.

Now, I am afraid, I guess. “


Having fear of such events doesn’t stop them from happening, if they are supposed to happen.

It only causes you the stress and worry of it all of the time.

It’s hard to understand and it’s hard to change your strong predetermined habit of it that you carry.

But you might want to try.

Unwarranted fear has kept you from experiencing many things.

It has definitely come in the way of living life to the fullest.

Fear holds you back from trying something new.

You like the familiar, where you know what to expect.

We’ve given you a few glances into some of the things you might be willing to try.

And they have caught your interest.

Don’t let fear come into the picture and close the doorway to these opportunities.

Trust yourself and your intuition and give them a try.

You will be led to the ones that best suit you and your needs.

We are with you.



Repost from 4/19/14 The Simpler Things

Your intelligence is expanding and expanding.

You rival in all that you can do and understand.

But it is the simpler things that are being forgotten, not enjoyed as often.

Go for a walk through the woods and notice the natural progression of the plants, animals and insects.

Enjoy a picnic with family and friends.

Build a campfire. Sit around it talking and singing.

Take on an artistic project using only hand tools.

Stand still and feel the world around you.

This time of peace and tranquility will be rejuvenating and bring you much satisfaction.

You are not striving to beat anyone at any competition or produce more and more stuff.

You are just being alive.

The mind, body and spirit will react to this retreat by lowering stress and elevation pleasure throughout.

To set aside time for this form of meditation and contemplation is so beneficial for your growth.

Take time to interact with the earth and people around you.

Set these times into your calendar of busyness for they will bring much personal reward.


Sunday, April 18, 2021

4/18/21 Supports

If there is something you think about every day, and if it is something that you are concerned and worry about, then you need to move it up to a higher priority.

The past year lots of things got put on hold but maybe it is now time to put the important things back on the list, to do list.

Your health is of great importance and these things should, of course, come first.

Your physical body and its health are what supports all of your other experiences.

We are with you.


Saturday, April 17, 2021

4/17/21 Want to See

Take some time to go over what you want to see in your life.

There are still so many opportunities.

You don’t have to say yes to all of them.

Wait to find the ones that will make you feel happiness and be fulfilled.

That’s where you will flourish and be of greatest value.

You will know – you will feel the urge to go there and not the pressure.

We are with you.


Friday, April 16, 2021

4/16/21 Mourn and Remember

Death comes in many ways.

It is not always the way one might expect.

It is not understood when it is a violent, sudden death.

You may never be able to understand the reason for such a death.

We can say many lessons and changes result from such a death but that’s not enough explanation to you, the parents.

Lessons and changes come when a child lives out a longer life too.

We have compassion for your pain and realize why you can’t understand this totally.


ME - “Please, just give me peace and healing. Close the gap in the huge whole in my heart a little each day.

Maybe it’s true, we’ll never understand but we try.”

For me, this day will always carry a memory of the students and teachers that sacrificed their lives – even if not aware of it, for change and hopefully something came out of it.

Nicole, you didn’t die that day but we honor you and Christine, along with the other VT students that started and finished their life there.”


Children die every day.

Parents die every day.

Husbands and wives die every day.

Grandparents die every day.

Every day is today for someone.


Think of a journey home, to no home you remember but you have been there and you will know.


Live your life today with not regrets or holding back anything.

Live it to the fullest. 

Get what you want out of it, for your time here is limited.

No one can physically live forever here.

You too will pass and be mourned and remembered.

But you will be coming home to a home you will know and remember well.

And you will understand your time here completely.

Every moment, all of it, will make sense and have meaning and worth.

We comfort and we are with you as you mourn and remember, those of today and every day.


Thursday, April 15, 2021

4/15/21 Much to Learn

You’re still getting the rest of that done.

Work around the hard parts until you are ready to do them.

It’s easier than you think.

The possibilities are endless.

You’re open to look for them.

Keep an open mind and a compassionate heart.

There is much to learn and understand.

We are with you, always.


Wednesday, April 14, 2021

4/14/21 In Due time and Being Cautious and Only Your Desires

 In Due time


You gave the decisions a little rest but they are still here to make.

More time to adjust and know what you seek, what you really want.

So complicated.

But change, you’ve wanted it for a while,

It will come – all in due time.

We are here for you.



Being Cautious

Being cautious still is the smart thing to do.

Many are vaccinated but not all.

The virus is still out there, playing havoc on one’s plans, one’s lives.

If you go out, follow all the rules and stay safe preventing yourself and others, that are not protected, from new exposure.

It is going to take a little more time.

Progress is being made.

We are with you.



Only Your Desires

The changes you have made and accepted into your life are good.

You will start to see and feel the difference.

You will be able to feel more at peace.

There is more to come but take small steps as they come.

There is no rush, no race, no judgement, only your own desires and comfort level.

We are with you.


Tuesday, April 13, 2021

4/13/21 Worry and Change

 Worry and Change

You must not stress and worry so you are continuing to go over and over the same dilemmas without finding a solution that you are happy with.

No matter what you choose, there will be a certain amount of change.

And change brings different energies and experiences that are not what you are normally used to.

It is better to wait and see what the change brings before worrying about how it will affect you.

Look forward to this change being good for you and learning new things instead of looking for something to fear.

A positive attitude will change your experience.

Imagine us holding your hand and guiding you through this change, making it easier to comprehend.

Make small changes and you will see where it is going.

Find balance and peace along the way -

We are with you.


 More on Change

You feel it.

You feel the movement.

And even if you resist the change, it’s going to happen.

It’s best to find peace with it and allow your energies to find balance.

Look for the positive growth and understanding to benefit all.

We are with you.


Monday, April 12, 2021

4/12/21 Decisions (personal) and repost from April 2014


4/12/21 Decisions (personal)


There is a lot on your mind, many different things.

All decisions you are trying to make.

We leave you with the peace you want to contemplate these situations, undisturbed.

Later, when you’ve gone through them with your human mind the guidance will come.

Patience, love and kindness will help you at this time.

All else follows the stream.

We are with you.



Then reposts from April 2014

4/11/14   Contemplation


Take time to be outside.

The sunshine and warm air provides an atmosphere to restore energy and release stress.

Walking helps to change your environment and the impulses to your mind.

You can think and process many things while strolling down the lane.

Walk, play or just sit to soak up the energy and relax for a while.

It will help take the edge off of what is frustrating you.

You will be able to perhaps see it with a new perspective.

There is a lot of space and different ways to approach even the most challenging situations.

Take the time to explore the possibilities before always jumping to conclusions.

Contemplation may be the key.

What guidance do you find in this time of reflection?

We are with you.




 4/12/14 Making New Choices


Become aware of all that is around you, in the many ways that we are sending guidance.

You have free will so you choose what you will do and who you are.

You make choices and adjustments all the time.

Of course, not all of them are for your highest good.

But they are your choice and you are learning through all of them.

You do not have to always make the same choices.

Sometime a different direction would be most useful.

Try it out and see.

We will guide you.

Now it the time for growth and new understanding.



Sunday, April 11, 2021

4 11/21 Peace, Happiness and Joy

You’re such a fickle being, you humans.

It doesn’t take much for you to change what you want, what you are looking for.

If something of a shiny, bright color appears you begin to think it might be better that what you already have –

what is working so well for you.

But there it is catching your attention, distracting you, so to speak.

Be careful before you make a change that it is not an illusion, not the true happiness, joy and peace you seek.

True balance, harmony.

Patience in this decision until more is revealed.

Ask for help.

We are with you.


4/11/21 Commitment (personal)

Un-committed doesn’t look so nice on you, today.

You’re wavering on staying committed or not.

Now that we are speaking, you know how you feel.

You know this is what you want to do.

Thank you.


Today, we will talk about commitment, saying you are going to show up and do something.

It is totally your choice and you can always back out if you want to.

Since you made the commitment, you can break it.

Both you and the other party are benefiting from this commitment.

And so, it the commitment is changed or broken so will the benefits received.

You will need to weigh the benefits verses the time and energy put into it, to see if you are gaining from this experience.

Until you decide, stay fully committed.

Only then will you be able to make a well-informed decision.

We are with you.


Saturday, April 10, 2021

4/10/21 Out of Sync

How many people’s lives are so perfect they don’t need advice?

Not many and if they think so than they are fooling themselves –

Because life comes with ups and downs and challenges.

Not everything runs smoothly all of the time.

Occasionally, something is out of sync and need an adjustment or balancing or even some healing.

Take the time required to help put things back in order for life is easier when it is working normally.

Rest, good food, and proper exercise will be an asset to your physical and mental health.

The weather is warmer – follow the urges to take an advantage of fresh air and sunshine.

We are with you.


Friday, April 9, 2021

4/9/21 Positive Flowing Energy

Why do you wake up thinking “What do I have to worry about today?

What could go wrong and I’ll have to handle it?”

This is not a good way to look upon each day.

You should, in fact, see your life as a positive flowing energy moving in the right direction.

Wake up and follow your plan for the day.

Trust that it is all laid out for you and any decisions that you need to make will be made by you in your best interest.

If anything goes astray – no worry, no panic.

Stop and follow your intuition and all will be well.

Bless you and get some sleep.

We are with you.


Thursday, April 8, 2021

4/8/21 What You Need and The Breath of Life

What You Need

 Not always is every message what you expect but often what you need.

Therefore, you pay attention to what you feel, what you hear and what you see.

Yes, this is fun and enjoyable and brings you peace.

But it is full of important information to be known.

Digest it and allow your mind to remember and think about it when needed.

We offer it to you when we can.

We are with you.


The Breath of Life

Breathing is how you live.

Taking air into your lungs gives the oxygen to your blood, that delivers it to all the parts of you, giving you the fuel to proceed.

Most of the time, you breathe without even thinking about it.

It comes that natural to you.

When you consciously change your breathing rhythm and the volume of air you are taking in and letting out it gives your body, especially your brain, a different signal.

Long deep breaths, slowly in and out, creates a rhythm that helps you to relax.

It can create a meditative state where you can access a deeper part of your psyche.

Quick short breaths are used when you are excited or exercising.

Paying close attention to your breathing can help you to understand your body’s needs.

It is a life source for your physical body.

Breathe the cleanest, freshest air possible, always.

Keep your airway clear and functioning well.

This is what you’ll need to know.

We are with you.



Wednesday, April 7, 2021

4/6/21 Inspirational Moments

Meanwhile, in the middle of something else, you get a brilliant idea.

You stop whatever you are doing to be able to put some energy to it.

These inspirational moments are brought to you as gifts from your guides and teachers.

There is something needed and you are chosen to do it.

It may interface with other persons, places or things and that may be why the timing was so critical.

Be aware of these interwoven connections and what they bring to the picture.

Universal energy is at work and you are part of a larger plan.

It provides you the opportunity for your unique expertise to be useful within a larger united scope.

We are all in this together. 

More is gained than first realized.

We are with you.


4/7/21 Love and Respect for Love

(I was sitting for a short while – then becoming nervous because the energy and message was not coming immediately, as normal.)

We are with you always.

There is not a day when we are not and don’t come.

It’s more the energy in which you are sitting in.

Just clear the way and we are here.

Love and Respect for Love

Tonight, we talk about love.

For it is that which you are made for.

Understanding all that is involved in that is your goal and purpose.

Love is what makes every relationship work or fail.

Not just the romantic ones but all of them.

Love and the respect for love.

When anything else becomes the greater emotion and description of the relationship, it is crumbling.

Fear, jealousy, hate, discontent, they are all conditions for non-love and are causing failed relationships.

You are then allowing the human ego-mindedness to take the place of your true nature.

You are not comfortable there and not at peace.

Examine this within yourself to find the reason that this condition exists.

Rise above and come back to your own understanding of Oneness and wholeness of who you are.

Having love and the respect for love of all involved will bring back the peace you seek.

It is up to you to do your part.

It will make a difference and open the doorway to recovery and new energy.

This is human nature and learning how it works or doesn’t work is a big part of why you are here.

Be pleasantly content when you see it working out for you.

You’ll find love and the respect for love of all things to be your greatest asset.

We are always with you- allowing peace.



(Looking back, I realized that the hesitation in the beginning of this meditation was part of the lesson today.

Showing me how easily our human nature jumps to the conclusion that something is wrong, instead of love and trusting all is well.  I feel the caress of love and peace you find in your mother’s arms.)

Monday, April 5, 2021

4/5/21 He is Risen

He is risen.

The sample has been set.

Death is only a physical thing.

It has no permanence to the Soul, to the Spirit.

That has left and can be seen and felt again.

This is what you should remember and take away from this day.

You too, after death, arise from your physical body to continue in life in another dimension.

Rejoice in that understanding.

Rejoice in that knowing.

We are all one.

We are with you.


Sunday, April 4, 2021

4/4/21 You Are Not Alone

When you signed up for this tour in human flesh a lot of your soulmates signed up to be here with you.

They each have their own specification and requirements but you all are here supporting each other.

It was a package deal, so to speak.

It’s nice to know that you are not here alone and are not strangers or new to this, after all.

One day at a time using fuel from your arsenal, you carry out your plan to succeed.

Relying on the others that are here for support to fill in the gaps.

The plan is orchestrated to gain the most for each participating.

It is in perfect order.

We are with you.


4/4/21 Peace is in the Air

Take the day off for peace is in the air.

Allow everything to come to the surface.

Feel the energies emerging.

Be part of this growth and happiness.

All is well.

We are with you.


Saturday, April 3, 2021

4/3/21 Warrants Value

  Warrants Value

Begin at the bottom and work your way up.

Find what best suits you.

Nothing should restrict your way.

The mission warrants value.

The truth will be found and rest will fall away because it holds no merit.

Each step will build upon each other, understanding and knowledge, along the way.

Bring peace, love and happiness with you.

We are with you.


4/3/21 Truth (Strong)


Call upon the truth to be brought forward.

Call upon it to help show you the way.

There is no time to waste.

Progress needs to be made.

Too many are lost and wandering around not knowing what to trust.

There has been too many lies that were exposed and now; who do you believe, who do you trust?

Start at ground zero and find the balance and truth there.

Does that resonate with you?

You need to be totally convinced before moving forward.

Each step has to be concise.

One will follow smoothly after the one before.

Do not get distracted by something outside of the energy that resonates with you, your purpose.

It will make more sense as you move forward.

The truth will shine to light the way.

All else falls into the shadows and is misconstrued for its content.

Walk in the light, brave and free and at peace.

We are with you.


Friday, April 2, 2021

4/2/21 Energy Flow

There are simple physical things that are important for everything to run like clockwork.

Sometimes, the line is jammed or the battery needs charged.

Fix the mechanical power source and it goes back to working order.

The human body is like that also.

Sometimes, the power source is physically jammed making it impossible to run smoothly.

Help is needed in this matter.

Human doctors, medicines, manipulations, and healing could really help.

Once the problem is eliminated and the energy is flowing properly, the human body can return to a more normal function.

A healthy, fully functioning body will allow your life to gain the optimal experience while you are here.

Look for where the energy is not flowing freely and make the adjustments or repairs necessary.

We are with you.


Thursday, April 1, 2021

4/1/21 A Rosebud Life

 A Rosebud Life

(Hearing the saying – April showers bring May flowers.)

Some identify life with peeling back the layers of an onion but why not think about the opening of a rosebud.

A rosebud has many layers, each one brings on a different look as it gently opens towards the sun.

And it smells so wonderful, just as life is there for your pleasure.

The rosebud is surrounded by thrones that have to be avoided but up close it’s soft as velvet, bringing pleasure as you caress it.

Life can be like a rosebud.

They say, “Stop and smell the roses.”

Awaken every one of your senses.

Experience your life as it unfolds like a rosebud.

Open up to the pleasures of each experience, knowing it’s in perfect order.

We are with you.