Friday, April 23, 2021

4/23/21 Peace Love and Happiness


You can be anywhere in the world.

You could be in Hong Kong, or a Tibetan mountain, a German countryside, a city apartment in London, a Canadian field, or right where you are, it doesn’t matter, peace, love and happiness are still the most important thing in your life.

It will look different from each perspective but it still remains the most important.

Take a look out each window into the world and see what this tranquility of life would look like.

How would they measure? What would they gain?

Put yourself in their place. Can you feel it?

Allow your heart to feel the emotion.

Does it feel familiar? You are the same.

And in the worldview, peace, love and happiness is your true nature.

As you experience different challenges in your life you shift from this core place.

What you perceive and what you experience in your life does not change your true nature.

You can control any aspect of this by remembering who you are.

You are peace; you are love; you are happiness; you are God.

We are with you.


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