Tuesday, April 13, 2021

4/13/21 Worry and Change

 Worry and Change

You must not stress and worry so you are continuing to go over and over the same dilemmas without finding a solution that you are happy with.

No matter what you choose, there will be a certain amount of change.

And change brings different energies and experiences that are not what you are normally used to.

It is better to wait and see what the change brings before worrying about how it will affect you.

Look forward to this change being good for you and learning new things instead of looking for something to fear.

A positive attitude will change your experience.

Imagine us holding your hand and guiding you through this change, making it easier to comprehend.

Make small changes and you will see where it is going.

Find balance and peace along the way -

We are with you.


 More on Change

You feel it.

You feel the movement.

And even if you resist the change, it’s going to happen.

It’s best to find peace with it and allow your energies to find balance.

Look for the positive growth and understanding to benefit all.

We are with you.


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