Sunday, May 31, 2020

5/31/20 Loving Kindness

It is not hard to see the ones on your continent that have fear and hatred in their hearts.
They are standing out in the street with each other yelling and streaming about how they are misunderstood, mistreated and misrepresented.
This has happened before with many more hurt and even some killed.
Loving kindness is a form of peace sharing that comes from your heart.
It is a sign of compassion for the other.
It does not necessarily mean you agree or side with them.
But it tells them that they are loved and not alone.
Send that feeling out to others so they may find some peace at this time of turmoil.
We are with you.

It is very different to feel and know love exists when fueled with so much anger, hatred and fear.
These emotions fueled the fear in others and cause more and more anger, hatred and fear.
Do not lend fuel to that fire.
Stand down and call for compassion and peace.
Remember you are all in this together and war is not the answer.
We are with you.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

5/30/20 Roofers, The Prep Work

Just like the men preparing the top of the house for a new roof, you need to do some repair before you put on the last protective coating of your life’s mission.
Do the preparation; be ready; go all out.
What you saw today was a sign of preparation.
They were laying the groundwork for the job.
The sealant, the tar paper, all being put into place and then finally the roof will be carefully installed.
This is a metaphor for your life, for the prep work to be done.
It’s hard to see all of what goes on before the final stage.
The final stage of full coverage, the protective stage.
Then it will weather the storm.
Sturdy, reliable and strong, these are the qualities you might want to see in yourself.
See the preparation being done.
Then you can be sure the result you want to achieve will be accomplished.
The precision of the prep work has a direct impact on the final result.
We are with you.

Friday, May 29, 2020

5/29/20 The New Project, The Gift

Get the interference out of the way.
If you come here with too much on your mind, there won’t be room for our thoughts too.

We come today to say yes to the new project at hand.
It will surely add a perspective to your focus and understanding.
Pick up what you find to read about this subject.
It will be presented to you just as you need.
It is surely here for a reason.
All forms of gifts are.
We are with you.

Much will be discovered
And much will be learned.
From Star Woman 5/15/20

Thursday, May 28, 2020

5/28/20 Apology, big or Small and Clearing and Balancing

5/28/20 Apology, Big or Small?

I am so sorry.
Saying you are sorry to have said something or done something is as much for you as it is for them.
The size of the apology doesn’t really matter.
It is the emotion behind it that does.
It frees you of the guilt of making someone uncomfortable or hurting them.
It is the intention that matters.
Did you have a non-loving intention when you hurt them or was it by accident their feelings were hurt?
That is what you need to deal with.
A heartfelt apology will release some of that energy and balance it.
We are with you.

5/28 20 Clearing and Balancing

Clearing and balancing your energy is a good practice.
Like sweeping the house, it gets some of the staleness out and you can start anew.
Your thoughts will have a fresh new foundation on which to lay the seed of creation.
There won’t be any negative energy to counteract its development.
Start with a fresh new outlook on what you want to manifest.
There you will have a place to focus and set intentions.
We are with you.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

5/27/20 Walk with Confidence

In this state of unknowing, you seem to be clinging to the thing that you can count on, like the days of the week and the weather.
But faith allows you more than that.
It allows you the confidence to know that things will change.
There will be more and more known about this virus, this situation, and then you will be able to adjust your living conditions to someday walk out with confidence.

(Personal reflection was then noted. I choose to keep my personal today. Maybe this is something for you to reflect on.
In the end, I thank them for the self -realization and asked for help and guidance before I can walk with confidence again.)

We are with you.


Tuesday, May 26, 2020

5/26/20 The Deepest Love

Today’s lesson is about Love.
Love is so important we could talk about it every day, all day long.
So, you know of the physical love and when you feel it for someone, something, or somewhere.
We want to go a little deeper for the emotional love –
It is like the physical love but it is felt deeper in the body, the mind, even the stomach gets involved.
Now, the deepest love, the unconditional love, the love that binds you to yourself, to your species, to your energy source.
It is much harder to feel this in the physical body but it is there on the level that is part of your true nature.
It is the basis or the building blocks for these other loves.
It is a fundamental piece of who you are.
Instincts arise from this fundamental level.
So, knowing this you become aware of it and it’s part in your existence.
You can allow this part of you to arise in your own self-worth and self-description.
This unconditional love of self, mankind, and life (energy) will help to guide you to make better decisions on the way you live your life.
Reach down into the core, into this level of understanding, to know who you are.
It will make your life better in every way.
We are with you.

Monday, May 25, 2020

5/25/20 5/25/20 Channeled Energy Ideas and Peace unto You

We urge you to sit and have a session with your Higher Self, your guidance team.
Ask them to come and blend with your mind and then allow them in.
See what kind of advice they will give you.
They will blend with your mind and their guidance and messages will come to you.
You may see things, hear things, or just be inspired.
But whatever comes, pay attention and give notice.
This is a special connection that is available to you always.
They will bring you help and much peace and assurance to guide you on your way.
It takes patience, practice and commitment but will be worth it.
Everyone has this connection.
Nurture the way it works best for you.
We are with you.

5/25/20 Peace unto You

You ask for peace.
What would bring you peace?
Would knowing that there is no death, only the physical passing of energy? (Yes)
Would knowing that you are never alone? 
You are always with your guides, teachers and loved ones. (Yes)
Would seeing the difference between illusion and reality here on this planet of chaos? (Yes)
Would the truth about who you are and what you need to learn? (Yes)
All of these and many more are your questions, are your insecurities.
Finding the answers for yourself and changing the perspective about your life are the keys to
 finding peace,
     living peace,
          having peace.
We will help you.
We are with you.

5/25/13 The Right Words (Re-post)

Finding the right words when faced with a difficult situation.
You must first be calm so a few deep breaths will bring you some relief.
Breathe in peace, let go out.
Then be still for a moment and allow the quiet mind to have space.
Now you are ready to speak from the heart.
Feel the emotion in the heart area.
You will find that these simple gestures have taken the edge off the situation.
Now you are able to speak with more compassion.
Remember that words are thoughts that create your reality so choose the way you want the outcome of the situation to be.
Words carry the energy of your emotions so displaying the highest understanding
will bring forth a peaceful loving resolution.
Words of fear and anger will generate struggle and resistance.
They come from your own vulnerability not creating what you want.
If you still find yourself in a volatile situation offer no words to fuel the fire.
Place your thoughts on a loving outcome and allow God's grace to enter in.
If you can see the reflection of yourself in others you will be able to choose the way you speak with more care.
Stepping back from the initial situation and allowing the emotion to settle will help allow you
to choose the appropriate words to facilitate the way you feel.
Carry God's love and peace in your heart and radiate light throughout the day.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

5/24/20 Your Relationship with God

A lot to give, a lot to say about the world you live in.
There are many new problems, conditionings, that have changed the way you view your position with God.
So much fear and punishment are connected with knowing Him that you avoid it and understand less.
The God Force is a part of your everyday existence.
You don’t really avoid or fear that.
You have heard, falsely, about His judgment and therefore fear has become part of how you equate your relationship with God.
We say falsely because this is not true.
It was brought into your world because of fear itself.
Fear is a way that one can gain control of another.
But if you take that fear and punishment out of the equation and replace it with love, compassion, and understanding a whole new reaction can occur.
Try having a new, one on one, relationship with your Source Energy and see how it feels.
Let go of old beliefs and conjure up new ones based on how you feel, what you see, what you understand and can now believe.
It is the love of God that steps into your life to make it work, makes you have peace, makes you have joy.
Set aside and see what you want.
He is not the punishment to fear.
He is not causing the fear.
This is manmade, not God sent.
Allow that into your heart just for a moment and see how everything changes.
We are with you,

Saturday, May 23, 2020

5/23/20 Clear Words and Very Clear

The words are clear because they come in very clear, with very little change.
They also have only one meaning and we are pretty clear about what that is to be.
They are meaningful and precise.
It was a perfectly good word of description that sets them aside.
When you called to us, we needed a way to identify what was being said and received.
Now it has more meaning.
We are with you.

5/23/20 Very Clear

The message for today is very clear.
Stay clear.
Do not let the world of illusion block your stream to Spirit, to reality.
Keep it clear, running like a clear stream.
With nothing to muddy the waters, you will hear your guidance clearly.
You will see the signs clearly.
You will know you are clearly loved and connected.
It is so simple.
We love you and are clearly with you.

Friday, May 22, 2020

5/22/20 Free Again and Kindness

(I see a train tired up on a railroad track then it is cut loose and free again.)
When you feel tired up and stuck a little, what helps to cut the bond and free you?

  Hours Later 

5/22/20 Kindness

For today, we focus on kindness.
Kindness comes from the love you are.
Giving of yourself even in the smallest way makes you feel good too.
Although not intentional, both you and the receiver benefit from a true act of kindness.
You can see the oneness there.
Do not struggle or be pretentious in your giving of kindness because it is a selfless act.
Come at that from that perspective and it will also set you free.
Free to love, free to move away from yourself, your problems.
This is the freeing of the railroad you saw earlier.
Once freed, (it) you can go anywhere you want.
We are with you.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

5/21/20 Directions and Life is Simple

You will get the same directions from us every time you ask the same question.
Follow your heart.
You’ve come here to experience the things that should make your heart sing and be the happiest.
If you learn to trust that, then the way will be shown to you.
Your heart will know if it’s best for you and others involved.
We are with you.

5/21/20 Life is Simple

Life is simple and so it the message today.
Love like there is no tomorrow.
You won’t be disappointed.
It will bring you the peace and happiness you desire.
Time is precious.
Don’t waste too much of it.
Deal with today’s issues, now.
Then you can start every day like a new baby,
Fresh with no regrets.
We are with you.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

5/20/20 Influences

 Today, we talk about influences.
Who is influencing you?
Who do you let into your mind, your thoughts and therefore, your world?
You should pay attention to these influences and see how they help to mold and change the things around you.
If it doesn’t seem to be going in the direction that you wanted, it may be because of the influences.
Even your beliefs are changed by continual influences that you are thinking about.
Pick them carefully.
Choose them with care.
Spend only the amount of time listening, reading, and thinking about subjects that you feel are worth it.
Turn off the rest of the mayhem that is running constantly in the environment.
You will begin to see the change.
It will be good.
It will be more and more of your choice, not the influences.
We are with you.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

5/19/20 You Know That and Unify

During these times it’s hard for you to stay focused on your spiritual development.
The fight/flight response is triggered by the part of you that is dealing with shortages and fear.
You’ve asked us for help but it is to face that fear, not bringing you the supply that you need at this time.
It is exactly what is needed. You know that.
Sit and think about it.
There are much worst things that you can fear.
Let it Go! You know that.
It will all be in good hands. You know that.
We are with you.

5/19/20 Unify

What the world needs right now is peace.
It is not the typical war you are waging but it can have similar effects.
Call for peace, call for an alliance.
Working in harmony and with one goal would unify the energies.
There is no you against me.
You are all in this world together.
They have the same physical, emotional and spiritual needs as you do.
Awaken to this knowledge and take the barriers down.
It takes a village….
We are with you.

Monday, May 18, 2020

5/18 20 Life’s Puzzle / Completion

This is what I saw in my mind’s eye:
(All the signs were there and they were all lined up to fit in a linear puzzle. The puzzle was there; only a few pieces missing then two, exactly two, pieces were added and moved around until they all fit perfectly.)

So today, you look at all of the bits of information and arrange them perfectly into the puzzle until there was completion.
You can look at this as an analogy of your life.
These are going to be the bits and pieces of weirdly shaped experiences all coming together into your life.
You are the one to pick which one fits next.
Twist and turn them until they fit perfectly.
And in the end, there will be the perfect piece that will fit.
It will be the completion.
The mosaic or puzzle of all of your life experiences will be at completion (finishing end).
It is such a beautiful sight too.
I thought (Now?)
We are not showing you this because this is the time.
We are showing you this because we wanted you to know how beautiful it all fits together - well planned.
And it will be well-executed until the end.
We are with you.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

5/17/20 Trust Yourself

The message for today is simple.
Trust yourself.
Trust what you hear, see and believe about your communication with Spirit.
We are with you.
Listen, we are with you (small voice).
Believe what you see, we are all around you helping you to know and understand, we are with you as much as possible (see in mind’s eye).
Have no doubt
Together as One.
We are with you.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

5/16/20 Creative Thinking

Your time here is so precious.
Do not waste it.
Do not just sit there and watch it go by.
There is much to be discovered and much to be learned.
It can be done even from where you are.
Be creative in your thinking and you will see the opportunities arise.
They are still all around you.
Step through the resistance that you see.
Much more will be revealed.
We are with you.

Friday, May 15, 2020

5/15/20 Fear and Forgiveness

So much to be said, so much to be learned.

 -Star Woman

(Star Woman is Star La. Thank you)


You feel on top of the world!

So much has been said about the ideas on forgiveness and healing the broken heart.

If you can forgive yourself first, and then even the one who has harmed you but cannot forgive you.

The forgiveness will be shared and the healing done because we are One.

This is enough for you.

When you allow that into your heart and don’t expect more –

All is done, all is accomplished.

Waiting for forgiveness is not necessary.

This message was for you.

It applies to the many facets in your life that are left with gaping holes of unforgiveness.

When you forgive yourself and then extend that forgiveness forward, you will be lifted of that burden and the heart will be healed.

We can’t say that enough.

This is the answer to your question about why this is too - always comes back into your life.

Fear and Forgiveness are the two out of three “F’s” that block your growth and are the handles along the way.

The third will be revealed soon.

But there is much said and much learned tonight.

Digest it and make it your way.

We are with you.


Thursday, May 14, 2020

5/14 20 Practically Everything

Everything that happens, happens for a reason.
When it is happening to you in your life you can count on it being there for a reason.
These lessons have been brought to you at the perfect time for what you needed to learn.
There must still be something, some angle about it that you need to take another look at.
You’ve done practically everything to understand why it is there in your life again.
The last thing needed is to know it is done –
Give it over to God and know it is done.
It is time to move and grow past this.
Be satisfied that it has no power over you.
We are with you.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

5/13/20 Quarantine and Baby Ducks, Ducklings

You are staying home for the other person as much as for yourself.
This virus spreads from person to person through physical contact and being close to each other.
So, if you are feeling that you are ready to go out and leave, think again.
Think kindness and compassion.
Remind yourself it is keeping others safe too.
Much work is being done to clean up and make it beautiful and safe again.
There will still be precautions to take but you will see the beach again.
Just stay home and be at peace.
We are with you.

5/13/20 Baby Ducks, Ducklings

The ducklings stick close to their mothers.
They learn to venture into the water upon her encouraging.
They venture out away from the nest only when she feels it is safe.
The ducklings stay in a small, well-protected group even when they are out and about.
(I see them crossing the street in a line – one in front of the other. Why?)
Why ducklings?
Because you are going to go out, venture out and explore when encouraged by The Mother,
Mother Nature when she says it is safe.
You will be in a small protected group and move in a line – one in front of the other.
When you see them, you will know (Coverings on their beaks) why we brought this image to you today.
We are with you.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

5/12/20 A Drop in the Bucket and Channeled Messages

All the messages that you have received have not even been a drop in the bucket compared to the messages Spirit has delivered to people on Earth.
Spirit has had an ongoing stream of messages to those here on Earth for as long as they have been here.

5/12/20 Channeled Messages

Channeled messages are not a commodity.
When the sender and the receiver are lined up the messages come in loud and clear.
They bring much-needed guidance and information on a host of different subjects.
All bearing insight that will help and promote growth and understanding.
It may take the ego a little longer to accept this as positive help and guidance.
But it is given freely with much love and hope for the growth and progress of the recipient.
Messages from across the veil are always available.
It is a form of connection that is open to you always.
Let it find a home in your heart.
We are with you.

Monday, May 11, 2020

5/11/20 Higher Self

We sometimes are working on the heart, mind, and body aspect of who you are.
But today we would like to talk about your non-physical self.
That part of you that is always connected to the spiritual world as well as to you, your Higher Self, as you might call it.
This is a part of you that is helping you, guiding you through life, especially during the hardest times when there are so many options and choices to be made.
Your Higher Self knows that you have a life plan and what you want to accomplish.
If you have a close connection with that inner strength then you can easily tap into that guidance.
Together you can find the path of least resistance to where you want to be.
A sense of progress and peace can be had even when facing challenges (opportunities for growth).
Remember, your Higher Self is you, a team, working together.
Don’t be strangers.
We are with you.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

5/10/ 20 Riding a Bicycle

Some thoughts are going around in your mind.
They are spinning and spinning but you just can’t seem to get them out of your mind.
They are stuck.
You need to put something more creative in its place.
The thoughts that they are not helping to do anything but create anxiety and fear need to be put out to dry.
Start tomorrow with a fresh batch of ideas.
Find a creative interest that you can focus on.
It will bring you a repose which is needed.
We mentioned riding a bicycle or going on a walk because exercise will be good for you also.
Live the life that is here now.
Be the best part of it that you can possibly can.
Allow yourself some of the pleasures of each day.
We are with you.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

5/9/20 In Development

The changes are coming.

You are doing your part.

There are many facets to this- and each one has its own placement.

Just like watching a newborn baby grow.

There are steps in development.

You already see some coming into view.

Be patient, for it will yield the best in return.

We are with you.


Friday, May 8, 2020

5/8/20 Private Island or Ship

Once you’ve been there you know what it is.

Your expectations have been set.

But what if it is different each time?

Will you be disappointed or could you allow the different experiences to bring you different lessons and understanding?

Be flexible and maybe you’ll be even more surprised.

It will be different but enjoyable –

Things change, you’ve changed.

You are growing into a new phase.

It will be good.

We are with you.


Thursday, May 7, 2020

5/7/20 Our Salutation and Tenderness

We are with you, Namaste.

Our signature closing but a very important message to you.

We are telling you that we are here with you – here by your side.

You are never alone.

So, you don’t have to feel abandon.

You can call upon us to help you.

And we will when we can.

There are times when you must work through situations on your own, so to speak.

But some help and guidance may be available.

We are with you –

Yes, it feels good to know that.

Namaste – Well, that’s your word.

You asked for that one.

But we do see the spirit or good in you as you see it in us.

So, there it is our salutation.

Never feel abandon.

Stop and call.

We will check in our usual way.

You feel us, you’ll know.

You are so very blessed and loved.

We are with you.



5/7/20 Tenderness


It’s like getting a new puppy, discovering a new part of living.

It can be exciting and hold many possibilities if that’s what you are looking towards.

Sure, there are challenges to face and responsibilities to take but the journey will make it worth it.

Treat your life with tenderness and you will be rewarded at every turn.

Be open and honest and always loving, caring and generous.

These are the “gifts” not given lightly but will be returned to you a hundred-fold.

We are with you.


Wednesday, May 6, 2020

5/6/20 Amen and So It Is

Amen, and so it is.

An ending to a statement confirming that it is so and already in the creation of which.

When given, you confirm that the statement is true and will be created as such.

Use more often when you want to give your statement the conclusion desired.


You are much provided for.

You are watched over and protected.

You are loved and loved.

This is your journey, your mission-

We will help you stay healthy.

Do not be led into that worry and thinking.

And so it is – Amen.


That was a wonderful prayer or affirmation for you.

Change the you to I am and say it often.

Always confirmed with the “And so it is or Amen.”

Allow you to believe it.

Allow it into your heart.

Rest in peace that it is true.


You come here, in meditation, to find peace.

You come here to be assured.

You come here for guidance.

This you can find within yourself when you listen and know it is true.

Get away from the chaos and find a quiet place.

Breathe in and out, calming down.

Feel the energy fill your body.

Say an affirmation of peace and love and listen-

It is there. You know it.

And so it is- Amen.

All of these things and more.

We are with you.



This is my journey.

I am well protected.

I am cared for and I am at peace.

I am love.

And so, it is – Amen.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

5/5/20 The Message of Love

You are love.
You are the energy of love.
One of the first acts of love is to love yourself.
We didn’t say pamper yourself.
We said love yourself.
Act towards yourself in a loving way.
Do the best thing for yourself.
Physical self – needs air, water, food, and sleep, all in the purest form.
Emotional self – needs support and encouragement, no doubt.
Intellectual self – needs a project or mission to grow.
Spiritual self – needs only to be reminded they are always connected to the One.
Spend time learning and doing these things out of love for yourself, your whole self.
The tools are right there.
You just need to learn to use them.
We are with you.

Monday, May 4, 2020

5/4/20 Here Now

Now is the time.
Interestingly, we have been saying this for years and yet very little of you live that way.
There are always calendars and plans for the future.
But Now is here.
None really planned for this.
It will be in their plans for the future now.
No one will get stuck without toilet paper again. Ha-ha.
That’s what you hear.
But living the moment, living now –
Making the most out of what is here now, using resources and opportunities that are available now –
This is one of the “gifts” of today.
How many of you are doing that?
The new opportunities are here.
They are different but are here for the same reason.
They will bring growth and understanding.
We challenge you to live in these times, in the moment,
Take a step forward by accepting the “Now” and make it challenging and rewarding.
We are with you.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

5/3/20 Interference and Distractions and Wakes

Do not let yourself get distracted.
When you are here, meditating, you sometimes allow too much interference!

We are with you.

Be Patient, we can not say this too many times.
It takes quite a while to have all the energies and changes in place.
But it is happening.
There are interference and distractions there too.
Free will. Yes, the planet of free will includes all of that.
Focus on what you want to create – what you want to see.
Set the intention to do your part.
And then be patient.
Allow the energies to align and you’ll see.
You are watching the little seedlings grow –
Slow and easier or they won’t be strong enough.
We are with you.

5/3/20 Wakes

That is a wonderful thing to have after a passing.
Families get together to remember the physical life of the Soul.
They will tell stories and comfort the loved ones that are left on the Earth Plane.
We often overlook such gatherings to help heal and comfort them also.
Bring laughter and joy.
Even though it is something hard, it is not inappropriate, as you once felt.
It is a homecoming and there is no death – only new beginnings.
We are with you.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

5/2/20 A Treasure

Sometimes you are looking for something and what you find is something extraordinary.
But there might be other times where what you find, you might call ordinary.
Either way, you’ve found a treasure.
It’s something special in that you were looking and it was found.
It was something that was supposed to be in your life.
It is there for a reason – simple or extraordinary.
Do not let it go unnoticed.
Treat it like a child at his birthday.
Accept it with wonder.
Awe – for me?
When you do this, you may find there is more and more to see, to know, to understand about what is given to you.
Explore with an open heart, mind, and soul.
When you seek, you will find.
We are with you.

Friday, May 1, 2020

5/1/20 Welcome May and Modern Things

Welcome May 
You couldn’t really see everything from that perspective.
There might be another place to go, traditionally the month of May is normally thought of as the month for mothers.
It has Mother’s Day in it and a month of many flowers.
Because of Mother’s Day, you often think about your own mother and the role of mothers in your life.
A mother gave birth to you and nurture you throughout your childhood.
She guided you and backed you whenever you needed it.
A mother is a constant source of love and compassion.
Many happy memories of you with your mother.
But this May, we have another Mother in our thoughts.
Most are thinking about Mother Earth.
She has become the center of our attention since the onset of this pandemic.
The virus, itself, seems to be covering the entire globe.
It has triggered many reactions by your Mother Planet Earth.
First giving off unhappy cries, wails, we must say.
There has been eruptions and tremors all over the world.
The severe storms and atmospheric changes also suggest unsettling energy.
As you welcome the month of May, think about what you can do to send healing energy to Mother Earth.
Help the balance be found to settle this, the unrest that seems to be present.
Be generous in your offering for it will be a time that will matter most.
What can you personally do to help?
Make a commitment and a sacrifice that will have a large impact on change.
There is a lot you can do to help.
We are with you.

 Modern Things

In modern times we talk about modern things, plastic things.
You can now days print off many things that are very useful out of plastics.
Some are helping your society by printing medical supplies and other contraptions that will aide in the making of medical equipment.
These advancements show how creative and constructive man can be.
Soon, they will have even more ideas to create – less fear, more love.
It is wonderful to see them making progress in technology and using it towards helping, healing, and unity of All. ( Correction given 5/3/20 Us!)
Be kind, be creative, and be generous.
We are with you.

5/1/20 Stretch Your Boundaries

Everyone’s life is complicated.
Everyone’s life is unique.
So, judge not, yours against theirs because there is already no comparison.
Be happy, be satisfied with your own.
Take it to the next level.
Stretch your boundaries. Do your best.
Go beyond what you ever thought capable and you’ll need not desire or want to compare.
You are limitless with many capabilities.
Yes, each one is complicated, each one is unique.
But the sum of which is fathomable.
We are with you.