Friday, January 31, 2014

1/31/14 All Things Possible

One of the greatest truths that you can become aware of is the truth that you are limitless.
The only limits that exist are put on by yourself.
When you start off wanting something that you think is impossible it is only impossible because of your belief.
Change your belief and you can change its possiblilty.
Allow yourself to think beyond the normal boundries to where you've never been.
It is still there even though you haven't experience it yet.
Once you allowed it to exist it is easier to obtain.
All is in the belief and achieving that realization.
Never put up false boundries. Allow all things to be possible.
See the world from a new higher perspective where all things possible exist.


Thursday, January 30, 2014

1/30/14 The Universe Responds

We are sending you these words of wisdom so that you can find the way.
Listening and taking them to heart will help you know what to do or say.
Of course, the choice is up to you because you have free will.
You can choose to stay a while where you are today.
It is more comfortable to do what you know so well.
The part of judging, ridiculing and fearful ones that walk upon the earth.
They seem stuck in this belief.   That this is what it's all about.
Somehow fighting and struggling with each other will win them some reward.
But if you hear and feel something new that rings true in your heart, then there will be a better chance for you to change your way.
Make better choices of what you do or say.
Let only love, compassion and gratitude be the emotion of the day.
There is a higher frequency that resonates with these.
Attracting back great energy to you and others in many ways.
You see and feel the difference immediately.
It can be no other way.
The universe responds to the frequency you put out.
Love, compassion and gratitude will come back right away.
Understanding this will help you walk a different way.
Finding peace and happiness that you truly seek as well.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

1/29/14 Competition

Are you always struggling to be the best?
Is first place one of your obsessions?
Just being part of the team, part of the One is elevating your consciousness.
You are becoming aware of the oneness you share with the All.
But we are of equal parts, we are all doing our part to complete the circle, the wholeness that we are.
There is no competition, there is no first place.
Struggle is counter productive in the human race.
Settle into who you are and what your part will be.
Do it well with all your energy.
Open your heart and feel the love.
Enjoy the oneness that we share--
Peace and fulfillment will then be there.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1/28/14 Who Do You Want To Be?

The physical challenge of the day will usually hold the key to a lesson for you as well.
So instead of looking at it as a problem you could view it as the messenger bringing something new.
Then the situation is decisions to be make and steps to be taken.
The way you react and handle them creates who your are today.
Step back and see yourself from a higher view.
What kind of person do you see?
One of love and compassion or one of anger and fear?
Which one do you want to be?
Which one will get you to where you want to be?
All else is trivial and can be fixed but the person you've become will stick with you for a while.
The anger and fear stays in your physical body and creates discontent and leads to disease.
The symptoms of pain and discomfort are letting you know what anger and fear you are holding inside.
Release it, let it go. Let go and let God gently.
Bring love, kindness and compassion back into your field.
You'll feel better soon.
Peace. All else is an illusion.
Find peace within yourself.
Come around full circle to where you want to be.
Start your day off with that intention and you will find everything will be all right...
Just take your time.


Monday, January 27, 2014

1/27/14 The Consciousness of Love.

The value of listening to your inner guidance.
Yes, you are on the earth plane to experience and know who you are.
So your life is orchestrated so that these experiences come into your path.
If you are so distracted by the surrounding energy you can miss the opportunity to learn and grow.
Opening an awareness that this is what life is truly about will change the way you live each day.
Once the way is seen and felt more can be recognized as valuable experiences.
Daily opportunities to learn how to be love and show compassion and understanding are right there.
Do not walk away, pass them by. We nudge you that they are there.
Respond with the part of you that knows you so well.
You'll feel it in your heart then you will know immediately.
It didn't take that much to share that love.
It was the only true response. The only reward needed is felt from within.
You are growing and expanding to become who you truly are.
Each time you light up the energy around you, making a difference,
expanding The Consciousness of Love.


Sunday, January 26, 2014

1/26/14 Death And Dying ( In loving memory of Nicole Michelle Lee) 6/22/89- 1/26/08)

1/26/14 In Loving Memory of Nicole Michelle Lee  6/22/89- 1/26/08
( I ask spirit these questions so that I may understand death and dying )

When you come to face your death, the physical one, we are talking about, you will be surrounded by your guides and teachers.
You will not feel alone if you believe and allow them to guide you.

They will comfort and show you where you need to go.
They will shed light and grace on your ethereal body so it will feel the love.

Many remember right away, where they have come from and continue to make a smooth transition.
Loved ones from spirit come to meet them and encourage their journey through the veil.

If you find there is resistance much guidance and care are provided.
You are never rushed or taken. You step at your own pace. We are with you all the way.

If death comes very quickly and its a shock that you are there, much guidance and love is there to help you to remember and understand.
We walk through the steps of your personal journey with you so you will feel more at ease and understand.

Do not weep for those who have passed for they have come home at last.
Rejoice in all their accomplishments and the love they have shared with you.

From the spirit world all is possible and they can still be with you.
Look for them in ways you will recognize.
Their laughter, their smile and their love.

Their encouragement will truly help you through your trying days and they will be rejoicing with you all the way.

Someday you too will make that step across the veil and ready you will be.
All the lessons and influence done – a life plan victory.


Saturday, January 25, 2014

1/25/14 Spirit Day

You never know what tomorrow holds.
To be always looking for it to be exactly as planned does not leave room for spontaneity.
Yes planning is a way of life here on the earth plane.
They are always asking for a plan or schedule.
But what if you just went and allowed your day to come to you?
You did what you were inspired today.
No pressure, no expectation just allow and be.
Trust that whatever was brought to you would be exactly what you need.
It might be such an adventure you would have never seen.
Take the day off. Call it your spirit day.
Allow anything to happen.
Trust that it will be perfect for what you need .
Enjoy your adventure.


Friday, January 24, 2014

1/24/14 An Honest Effort

Have sympathy for an honest effort.
It might not have met your expectations but the sincere effort was being made.
The task was larger than you thought and it took more time and energy.
So maybe it was there for another reason.
There was much to be gained.
Move on now to your next challenge for you have quite a few.
Stay honest, humble and compassionate, they are struggling too.
You will get where you need to be with love and honesty.


Thursday, January 23, 2014

1/23/14 Power To Heal

You have the power within yourself to bring much healing to your physical body.
The symptoms are bringing you clues to something you are doing that does not suit you.
Change the behavior and your physical body will respond with the healing it will need.
Be diligent in your quest to make these changes and you will see the result you want.
Treat yourself with the love and care that you would your young child.
Your physical body will grow old and age at the normal rate.
You are cheating yourself out of the full pleasure of this experience.
Be mindful of this care.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

1/22/14 Dé·jà Vu

Have you ever been, said or done that before?
There is a real dé·jà vu around when you come across people, places and things from your life before.
It's not always but once in a while the two paths come very close to each other and you can feel it.
Some of the experiences can be the same because of what you are still working through.
Talking about it and understanding why you are there again may help to release some of the karma or drama you still carry.
Don't be so obsessed with finding out all of your lives and their mystery.
Some of it you just have to blindly work through.
If there is clues you stumble upon use them to help you unlock the mystery of this life's obstacles.
Life goes in cycles and repeats itself until you find a new way, a better way of looking at something.
Use the wisdom and grace you have inside you to make a change.
It will feel different but in a familiar way.
You've come upon it for a reason and you'll know what to do.
It's time to rise above the challenge and move on to that you've known before.
Let it go now and release the energy stuck there from before.
You will feel the release and be ready for much more.
Peace be with you.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1/21/14 Your Greatest Teacher

Not everyone who is mean to you is your enemy.
They might have signed up to be your greatest teacher.
They know exactly what to do to make you question life.
That is when you come to figure out what is important and who you want to be.
Sometimes seeing their selfishness help you to find truth and compassion in yourself.
Be aware that the lessons brought to you during very stressful times are the very ones you can rise above and be more that you know yourself to be.
The answer is there so believe in the outcome you wish to see.
Come out on the positive side of this situation by making the right decisions.
Don't become the bitter and angry person you see in another.
Become who you want to see in yourself, I tell you.
Mirror back that reflection of who you would like to see.
Life is an illusion and you see yourself in others naturally.
This is not a bad situation, it is an opportunity for growth.
We are with you.


Monday, January 20, 2014

1/20/14 Be Happy With Who You Are

You are the prefect size, shape and color for who you need to be.
There are, of course, some struggles you have with who you are.
They are all part of the plan to learn acceptance and comradely.
But if you find it unacceptable and want to be something else you have the power within yourself to change most anything.
Much of your physical attributes are with you to help you learn about that sense and how it differs from something else.
When you accept and love yourself for who you are to be, it will come easier to see the benefits it brings.
You are so unique in every aspect of your being, physical and ethereal.
It's like a fingerprint you carry with you and leave upon the earth.
So these vibration and all that you are fit into your plan- to learn and understand just what it is like to be you.
Honor that experience and move pass the basic state to where you learn to create a new
A you that will also be just right.
These are a realm of your physical struggles you encounter here.
Let them not take precedence over the need to balance your inner self (that also has its struggle with you who are to be).
If you find and love your inner self you'll most likely be more accepting of what the physical is to be.
It all works together in a rhythm and harmony.
There is nothing wrong with you .
It is all right for what you are learning and moving through.
Stay focused and open to new possibilities.
You will see and understand....more is to come.


Sunday, January 19, 2014

1/19/14 Glory To Be Here

Don't worry so much about what you are to be doing here on the earth plane.
For you are here to be just doing exactly what you are doing.
You are experiencing and witnessing all that is going on around you.
Sometimes life is full of difficult times, many challenges for you to face.
Sometimes life is less difficult but you are here to be a teacher, a light for others to follow.
Whatever you feel called to be doing, answering your inner desires, you are doing great, for sure.
Look back upon your life in the past year or two.
See the times when you have felt good about your accomplishments ( not material as much as personal).
When have you been able to help yourself or others with a challenging experience or learning something new?
Value those accomplishments, those times of joy.
For each has helped you to grow and expand to who you are today.
You may not receive a medal or reward but you are gaining the movement that you need.
The satisfaction comes from within.
Pat yourself on the back and be content that you have done your part.
Allow the natural flow of effects continue to unfold.
You have made a bigger difference than you care to know.
Does not it feel good knowing that all makes perfect sense.
Honor your life for what it is... the Glory to BE here.


Saturday, January 18, 2014

1/18/14 Challenging Situations

There are parts of your physical life that are in constant movement, forever changing, growing and decaying.
The nonphysical part is also in movement, changing, learning and expanding.
Try not to resist or be content with the way things are because this constant movement is a major part of the being process.
You may try to slow it down but you will not be able to more than hasten the speed a little.
The most natural way to gain progress is to use each moment to discover all you can about the mystery and wonder of life itself.
Use each conscious moment to stay awake and in awe of what is happening.
You will be learning and growing at the prefect rate.
Numbing yourself to what is happening and hiding from this reality will not give you full access to all there is in store.
Don't hide away from life's challenges for in them you will certainly grow.
Be brave, step out into the current of the flow and feel a little tension it creates.
You are not comfortable with the challenges but you can find love and compassion in these situations.
Learn how strong living through these situation will make you.
We will help you.


Friday, January 17, 2014

1/17/14 It Is Your Choice

You do have the power to choose your thoughts.
You can direct your conscious mind to where you want it to go.
When you find yourself thinking, speaking or doing something that you do not want to be doing, just stop.
Choose a different thought, a different way of looking upon your life.
Yes, it does take some practice to stop dead in your tracks and choose something better to think about.
But with this practice will come a new pattern of looking at your life.
You will no longer want to judge or criticize each passing moment. Find something nicer to say.
Recognize this feeling this power leaves surrounding you.
That joy and happiness is much better for you.
Life energy will flow smoother and attract a more pleasant field on which you can create.
Don't let those bitter memories or irritating thoughts stifle the fresh wondrous imagination today.
It is your choice...
create a pleasing display of what you feel inside yourself.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

1/16/14 Rules

From the time you were a small child others have been telling you what the rules to living are.
Well now is the time that you can decide which of these rules really apply.
There are so many given we are not even sure how you manage to sort them out and know one from the other.
Truly the only one that is even the slightest bit appropriate is the one about loving yourself and another.
If you understand real love and how it feels then you are set to follow that throughout your life.
Truly loving yourself and all others will be the right guidance to cover just about every situation that arises.
Allow this deep feeling to help you make the decisions in all that you think, say and do.
Simplify all the confusing rules that end in judgment and conditions.
Love is the only way.
All other rules that say what you can or can not do are merely suggestions.
You must think them through.
You are then to decide what is right for you.
Have true love in your heart and follow that through.
It will bring about the result you are looking for.
Give yourself honor and love everyday.
Then it will be easy to know the right way.


1/14/14 Wake Up To A Clean Slate

Balance in your life will help to smooth out the extremes.
Keeping your thoughts relatively positive and loving will help create the atmosphere you want.
Allow good energies to be present for your creation.
Wake up, look at this day as a clean slate on which to create your day, your life.
Possibilities are limitless, so rule nothing out.
Focus on what you want and don't weaver a bit.
You deserve it and it will match up with your frequencies perfectly.
You'll know when you discover it because it will feel familiar.
Trust you intuition and you'll go the right way.
All is well and peace be with you.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1/15/14 Listen and Know

Those of you who live alone can easily reach this level of meditation needed to reach us.
Then there is only one energy to attune to.
Others need to find a quiet place and sit regularly.
You can make a regular practice of clearing the mind, sitting quietly and listened to the small still voice within.
Most of what is said are answers to your questions about life and personnel spiritual guidance.
Write it down so you can read it later when you are more alert.
Much are advice and clues for helping you along the way.
It is important for you to know- we are always with you- here to listen and help you in any way.
Once you recognize the help given it will be easier to accept and gain the wisdom offered.
We are always with you, bringing love and peace.


Monday, January 13, 2014

1/13/14 Promises

When you make a promise you are actually saying that you will try with all your energy to do what you have promised to do.
It feels so important and you must take it more seriously.
You have made a bond or covenant with the other person.
Marriage is one of the more serious promises that one makes in their lives.
Yet at times the effort into keeping all that the promise entails seems to fall short in many aspects.
More time, energy and love need to be applied to the effort of making this bond work.
When difficulty arises the bond and promise should be strengthened and become stronger.
Less broken promises should stop breaking these family bonds.
Love and respect are being forgotten and left on the side while greed and fear are running the show.
Step back and take a serious look at what promises you have made in your life and how you are keeping your word.
Start putting love and energy back into relationships and you will get that love and respect back two fold.
Positive growth and accomplishments will have a joyful result with these energies applied.
You will feel the change in your heart and peace renewed.


Sunday, January 12, 2014

1/12/14 Journey Of The Soul

You come into this world knowing that you must go through the process of dying at the end.
But because of the drama and suffering that is associated with the dying of the physical body you avoid it all cost.
You also know the grief and sadness that this death causes those who love you.
If you understand the process and the journey of the soul you would not have to fear this dying.
Death seems so permanent and causes such a divide that most look upon it with such dismay and hide.
When you are finished your journey here and ready to move on, you come to the way you have chosen to go.
It completes your journey leaving much of a tale of who you are and the truth about you (legacy).
Although coming into spirit is a freeing of the soul, the spirit still can be present whenever it chooses.
They leave you signs of their being quite close.... a smell, a whisper or even a gift.
You recognize their presence and their love is felt.
Knowing the continuance of life past the physical death helps you to understand and prepare for it.
You can glide right across the veil with no struggle.
Learn more about what you are truly about so that you can look upon this going with full understanding.
Then you will not fear the coming home.
We will be there to help you. You are never alone.


Saturday, January 11, 2014

1/11/14 You Are All That You Are

Everything you need you already have within yourself.
It is in the remembering that this wisdom is brought forward.
It is not something new.
We are reminding you of who you are and how you need to be.
When we talk of Love and Compassion it feels natural to your heart.
Joy and Happiness already resides inside you. It just wants to be awaken.
Respect and Honesty seem second nature when you are open and free.
Your energy flows easily when these emotions are recognized and allowed.
Fear and Worry are the stumbling blocks that you sometimes allow to take form.
When you can rise above and trust who you are and why you are here they will surely fade.
Love yourself and your life.
Everything that you experience is helping you to grow.
And you are Love.
Explore, Experience and Expand.
Be not afraid .
Go now and live with all the glory that you are.
You know how.


Friday, January 10, 2014

1/10/14 Welcome Opportunities

Are you taking the needed steps to add color and spice to your life?
The palate of possibilities is limitless.
When the opportunity arises do not hesitate to open the door to something new.
It is only through the change of experience that you learn what you like and what you do not like.
Through this learning you grow and come to know who you are.
Life is about the ways you deal with your inner self, your outer world and who you are.
Welcome opportunities to gain this experience and understanding.
Honor and respect this process by which it is revealed.
Love and compassion will help you with the transition.
Truth – All will be well.
Peace be with you.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

1/9/14 Go With The Flow

Life is sometimes referred to as a journey, a path, a destiny.
It is said that life flows like a river, taking you places that you are destine to experience.
Like the water of the river it meanders around obstacles and corners but always or most always heading downstream.
When you struggle against the current of your life you find the most resistance and often become quite stagnant.
Turn around, go with the flow, allow the natural progression of things to take you where you need to be.
Everything will appear just as it should and you will have more energy to deal with each incident.
You will see the beauty in the journey itself, time and energy to explore and enjoy each passing moment.
Breathe in deeply and slowly.
Allow yourself to enjoy the experience of just the being of life.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

1/8/14 Nothing Is Set In Stone

There are many others that come and touch your life.
They present themselves just at the right time.
They offer their (wisdom) advice, perspective with honest intent.
At first you don't accept it because it is so different than what you know, your perspective.
Just because there is a new way to look at something does not make the other wrong, just different.
Change and growth are on the horizon.
Be brave to take another look . There is so many possibilities.
Nothing is set in stone.”
These messengers are sent to help you grow-new ideas and hope.
Allow your consciousness to expand and take on new understandings.
It's there for you to know.
Life is an adventure. Now live it fully


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

1/7/14 Life Is Not A Race

Does your life sometimes feel like a horse race?
You are coming neck and neck to the stretch, heads bumping and necks stretched out.
Well that may represent the competition in your life, the struggles and the need to be first.
But life is not a race in any way.
There is no prize for first place.
The rewards are only gained through the experience and lessons that you learn.
It may be more resourceful to take more time to see just what is happening all around you instead.
Sharing in these experiences will help to raise the consciousness of the whole.
Take your time and allow life to take you through exactly where you need to go.
Don't be in such a hurry. You'll miss the greatest show.
Pace yourself with ease, for that you will be more pleased.


Monday, January 6, 2014

1/6/14 Respect And Consideration

So you go about the activities of your day.
During this time you are mostly focused on pleasing yourself.
Decisions are made that best suit your wants and needs.
Do you stop and hesitate to really consider how you may be effecting another?
Not that much and sometimes not at all.
And yet we are all connected.
Every move and decision you make does really effect others around you.
Conflict comes into the energies when this occurs.
With a little patience and understanding it still can be worked out.
Great respect for the wants and needs of the whole should be considered.
Let not your own ego push out the good for the whole.
With love, respect and a deeper consideration, mutual loving decisions can be achieved.
Peace be with thee.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

1/5/14 Bring “Magic”

Attitude is what makes you feel the “Magic”.
It is always in your possession to create this wonderful feeling.
But the loving believing attitude allows it to come into being easier freer than before.
Deciding that no matter what the troubles around you are, you are going to be uplifted and bring a smile along.
The feeling is quite contagious and spreads quickly for sure.
Soon many more around you are smiling than before.
Allow that feeling in your heart to sit there for a while.
It is a healing energy and a respite for yourself.
You take everything so seriously and worry everyday.
Just take a small vacation to bring the magic of happiness with you today.
Look for the smiles, laughter and even some sparks to fly around.
Bringing this joy will be doing your part.
Smile and hear the song.
“Magic” is the key word.


Saturday, January 4, 2014

1/04/14 Dream Big

It is within the boundary of your imagination that all things possible exist.
Whatever you can dream of you can find a place where it can happen.
Push the limit if you want.  It will not break.
All is possibility of things possible, you see.
So when you want to dream of things to be or to have or do, remember they are all possible for you.
The world you live in is limitless.
Few have ventured to dream that big and less have seen it through.
Enjoy your fantasy and its dreaming.
It's part of your personality.
Someday you may even do those things that you think so obscure – Dream Big.


Friday, January 3, 2014

1/3/14 (added later) Lion or Fear

I was ill with a head cold so meditation was not as clear.
This is all I was able to hear. 

It is more difficult than you can tell if there was a real lion at your door or just the fear of one.
So what do you do or put your energy towards.
Fear and anxiety are real emotions that you feel.
They have to be felt with using the trust and understanding that you have.
Fear is perhaps the deepest of them all for you have developed it from Guilt.
It must be taken on as healing for you to overcome that emotion.


Thursday, January 2, 2014

1/02/14 Bring to Life

The time is so unsettling.
The earth is weathering a storm but you can do your part.
Help to bring the peace.
Take each segment of your life and sort out the debris.
Letting go of all that doesn't serve you in this capacity.
Live with leaner needs and wants of the material variety.
All that you truly need is what you think and feel.
The bond between each other is made with trust and love.
Show each other this with being close, so real.
Spend more time walking hand and hand.
Explore what you are feeling and the beauty of it all.
Bring to life what lies dormant in yourself and all that's around you.
For there is where the true treasure is and worth more than you know.
The gift of the unfoldment will prove itself to be glorious and free.
Less is more, more is less burden upon all that you see.
Be free but live your life responsibly.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

1/1/14 The Word Love

Softly may you speak “I love you” to your neighbor and your friend.
It is the best way to start things off during this New Year.
Every time you say “Love” you raise the vibration and you can feel it in your heart.
It covers the emotion that you are not alone and brings comfort to the soul.
When you feel loved much can be accomplished.
You are stronger and have less fear.
So go now and spread the word “ Love” and good will and cheer.