Thursday, October 8, 2015

10/8/15 Your Intuition

Trust your intuition.
When you have strong feeling about something, stop and listen.
Is the energy, the feeling coming from inside or outside influences.
Learn to decipher the difference.
It can prove to be your most important ability.
Your intuition is your guidance, your GPS.
Allow it to help you.

10/7/15 Believing

It is a lesson about believing.
What is true?
What is not true?
It is a matter of believing.
Nothing can be true in your human mind unless you believe it to be true.
Of course that doesn't necessarily make it true.
It only makes it possible to be true- to you.
This is a very confusing topic but on that creates your reality.
As your awareness changes and you grow the possibilities will change.
So will your beliefs and therefore what you deem true.
Allow this growth and awareness.
It will bring you much peace and understanding.
Then you may help others to open their minds and hearts to more.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

10/6/15 Balancing Energy

Shooting sparks and energy go flying out from everywhere.
There are so many changes that the energy is unsettled.
But that is actually a good thing because in this change the energy will be more balanced and stable.
It will support a greater understanding.
Always reaching for higher and higher consciousness and balancing that with love and understanding.
We are with you.


Monday, October 5, 2015

10/5/15 Welcome

There is a group of us present.
We are here to make you feel more at home with this connection.

It is important to trust and remember who you are.
You are a divine being having a natural experience here on earth in a body.
But you are but a visitor.
And you too will return home when it is time.
Until then gather each morsel of information and experience there is to learn.
You will find peace in knowing that it is a natural state in which to be for now.
Relax and trust all is well and we are with you, always.
Call upon us for strength and comfort.

10/4/15 Don't Give Up

Are you holding me?

You are a regular part of communication.
Don't give up on us.
We won't give up on you.

10/3/15 Full Circle

It takes a few very special ingredients to bring life a new.
The rest is the miracle that happens every day.
Breathing life into a new,
Then allowing that life to go full circle,
Doing every thing in its path,
To have all the experiences that come its way.
Being witness to that birth, life and even death is an experience in itself.
Gain wisdom and understanding to help you with your own mortality.
Go in Peace.

Friday, October 2, 2015

10/2/15 These Differences

Sleep and rest you are getting yourself all worked up over something very small.
Remember each of you have different likes and dislikes.
All are acceptable and fine.
Allow these differences to be what they are.
Everything is for a reason.
You will be best off realizing this and honoring the individual's space.
They will then respect your own quirkiness.

10/1/15 The Small Challenges

The small challenges that come into your life are there to strengthen your resolve.
They are there to give you the opportunity to treat others with love and respect.
Remember that as you try to work through those frustrating moments.
They are your greatest teachers and the lesson being taught is unconditional love.
Stay out of the midst of blame and shame.
All will return to peace.