Monday, September 30, 2013

9/30/13 Releasing The Worry

Sometimes the thoughts that fill your mind are worry, fear and the thought of inadequacy.
When these thoughts are not moving they are stagnant.
Just brewing over and over causing more pain and suffering.
You must get them to move and allow new energies to take their place.
Once you have acknowledged the main lesson, you address the issue with a gentle concern and loving kindness.
Allow it to be present for what it is worth.
Then it must move on.
This is done by letting go.
Knowing that you can’t change the things that exist by the worry or suffering you are doing.
You must allow God’s grace and the energies to affect them as they should.
Let Go and Let God.
All things happen for a greater reason than you know.
Some are not your personal responsibility.
Clear your mind, say a prayer, change your surrounding and let new energies and thoughts into your space.
Uplifted for a moment will bring in hope and a new light.
Most often just releasing these energies help them to resolve and become something else.
You must focus on your lighter side.
The side that carries the energies of love and compassion.
Here you will do your greatest work and have the best results.


Sunday, September 29, 2013

9/29/13 "What Am I Here For?"

Do you find yourself asking “What am I here for?  What am I to be doing?”
Well, you are here doing exactly what you are to do.
You are discovering things about life, all the complicated things that take place in a day or night that form together, your life.
You are doing exactly what you should be doing.
You are making choices about who you are and how you interact with other beings doing.
By making choices and having these interactions you help yourself and others discover who they are.
Everything else you are doing while here on the earth is helping you discover more and more about yourself.
You are exactly where you need to be and doing what you need to do to learn and grow.
When you are ready to move change will happen and you will grow.
You will know when it is time and where to go.
All is well and listen to your heart.
Trust that every new place or person is here to bring you more of something in your life that you need to learn.
They are the gifts.
Treasure them for what they bring and give back a gift in return for they too are learning as well.
It’s not that hard to see if you look at this with a different perspective.
Take an active role in these parts of your life.
Let them take their places as stepping stones upon your path, placed there on purpose for movement and growth.


Saturday, September 28, 2013

9/28/13 Telling The Truth

Being impeccable to your word.
Always telling the truth.
Truth never does any more harm than a lie.
Does the lie protect you from ridicule or judgment?
No, but it’s probably easier to ridicule or judge.
You put yourself in a very vulnerable place when you lie and cover up the truth.
Truth brings to light what is being felt or understood at that time.
Communicating those beliefs and its feeling helps you and others know who you are and where you are on the path.
There are no mistakes so you really can’t be wrong.
It’s your truth.
So be brave and know your truth.
Trust that the rest will fall into place just as it naturally will.
Your heart will know and show you the way.


Friday, September 27, 2013

9/27/13 Pleasure

You feel pleasure while you are enjoying the gifts of life.
They are here to help you to appreciate the life that you have.
Not all times are felt of pleasure but they occur often.
Be sure to take note of them because you learn from them too.
Relationships and interaction with others are important skills you are working on.
Through these you learn more about who you truly are.
Take time to nurture yourself and those around you.
In that you will feel more love.
You are doing well and love surrounds you.
Allow your heart to expand and fill with love.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

9/26/13 The Way to Peace

“I am a thin man, I come to you in this body because I can.”
“She has allowed me to use her as an instrument to bring forth the truth.”
“Listen while you can for it comes in peace.”
“I knew that we were coming here and I would like to see an eagle and a black hawk.”

Never the less, we come to you so that you will hear these words and know their wisdom and feel the peace.
You struggle and wander in the darkness looking for the light.
We tell you to look within because you are the light, dear ones.
It is right inside you.
You are basically all loving, compassionate and grateful beings until you turn away.
You’re distracted and taught to be shallow, angry and greedy ones because of the fear.
You must discard these dreadful energies and become the ones within.
The ones that allow you to be who you truly are.
Begin to light the way to peace by just allowing yourself to feel and be these energies.
They grow and because it feels so much better, you will light the way for you and all others around you.
It is The Way to Peace.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

9/25/13 Grief

One of the lessons in life is how you will handle grief.
Each time you lose something you love you will feel grief.
And each grief is felt in a different way.
It is the feeling of loss and separation that is causing that grief.
Knowing that you are never at that loss and separation, it is only a state of the physical,
body will help you to understand and lessen the grief.
If you stay open and aware of the communication with your loved ones you can receive the signs that they are OK and nearer than you think.
It is important on their path and yours also that this contact be made.
For how can you totally understand the cycle of life without this confirmation?
When you are feeling lonely and miss them so much, look around you because they are presenting themselves in a special way.
It might not be so obvious to all that are around but you will feel their presence and know exactly what it's about.
It brings great comfort and reconnects the love that helps both you and them to stay upon the course.
You’ll be together soon enough and exult to see you come.
Until that time, live your life with all that you can because they are with you, enjoying each moment with you too.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

9/24/13 Quiet of the Night

In the quiet of the night you can really sit still and see your thoughts so clearly.
Pay attention to what you are thinking and sort them out.
What is insignificant just let it be a fleeting moment.
But then you come across some that are worth you taking a closer look at.
These are the ones that touch you heart and require you to make a stand on how you are to be.
Will you look and act upon these thoughts with love and compassion when so you see that they will impact your life and an others in a certain way?
In these times of reflection you allow yourself to be who you truly are.
And will benefit greatly.
Let this time be used for speculation and inner growth.


Monday, September 23, 2013

9/23/13 Love and Peace

Today is the day to let peace flow into your heart.
You must not struggle with who is right or wrong.
You must not struggle with the differences of race, nationality or religion.
You are all ONE ……..human beings living here to experience life.
But not the life of war.
You are here to see the beauty and the flow of nature.
Learn to get along and cooperate to bring this world to its highest potential.
Then you will benefit from that glory.
Start with the love and peace in your heart.
Look within and find it.
Share it with those around you.
Spread the light and it will grow.
Each person that you touch with love and peace will feel it and be able to share that with another.
Balance out the anger and fear.
With every thought bring in love and light, let it flow from you freely.
We remind you of this often because it is easy to be distracted by the others who are still acting out of fear.
Be a beacon of this love and light, steadfast in your glow.
Soon all around you will also be the light and more will start to know….
How love and peace is truly what you need here now.
Each one of you can make a difference, start today.


Sunday, September 22, 2013

9/22/13 Challenges

What do you do when you have challenges in your life?
You call upon your inner strength for the fortitude to see it through.
Your mind and emotions will be wavering that’s true.
But if you look inside yourself you’ll find the faith and truth you need.
You knew before you came that these challenges will exist.
So you have all the resources with you to persist.
Pray for help and guidance to come to you with ease.
Learn from each experience for that is what you need.
We are always close at hand if you need.
Just call and ask for help.
It will be there with great speed.
Look upon these moments as challenges but also as victories along the path indeed.
You are doing quite well.
We are with you.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

9/21/13 Reflection Of A Thought

All that is said is a reflection of a thought.
Most thoughts erupt from inside you but sometimes your thoughts can be messages from somewhere outside of yourself.
You then pick the thoughts that you want to share with others.
You can share your thought with others without even speaking a word.
Thoughts are energy.
Choose the ones you wish to pursue.
These thoughts can be the start of a creative project.
Remember your thoughts create your world and how you relate to it.
Most take this process for granted but this is a blessing.
Choose wisely and create the life you want to live.


Friday, September 20, 2013

9/20/13 Night Energies

Quite different are the days and nights.
You can feel the difference in the vibration.
Some are more sensitive to these differences than others.
Your body needs this time to rest and you should honor that.
Continued pushing will affect its resourcefulness.
But your life experience does not stop when you fall asleep.
You are still active in your pursuit of growth and understanding.
Hence, when you wake up sometimes with the answers to some of your dilemmas.
An occasional dance with the night air and the celestial bodies is healthy and could help to adjust some imbalances, especially when the energy is high with the fullness of the moon in your cycle.
It may coincide with some inspiration that you will clearly receive.
Open the passage way and allow these energies to flow and you will feel the difference in your ethereal body.
Your body speaks to you for what it needs in air, food, rest and creativity.
Listen closely and supply it with its needs and there will be greater possibilities.
Life is here to expand and enjoy.
Go now and live.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

9/19/13 Nightly Adjustments and Guidance

Some of the most pleasant encounters you may have in this life are the ones you have in your dreams.
We take the opportunity to meet with you at night.
It is within the dream state that we can do some adjusting and give some guidance too.
Sometimes we come face to face or sometimes we send a guest to deliver the message.
You must take the message seriously because we know that this one is going to help you grow and help you along the way.
Work on trying to consciously recover this information and the experiences.
There is a lot to know.
Write down what you remember, try to make sense of it.
Allow truth, love and understanding to come into your heart.
You’ll make the best adjustment and be well on your way.
Grateful that we can reach you with this help.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

9/18/13 Finding Beauty

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
When you hold something so precious in your mind and heart it becomes beautiful to you.
This is the magic of giving something your loving attention.
When you look upon something with love, kindness and compassion it reflects those emotions back to you.
If it holds any imperfection or flaws look upon them with love and they are easily overlooked.
Spend time looking at the beauty in your life with gratitude.
This is how you find such balance in nature, it’s through finding much beauty throughout.
Allow this beauty and the emotion it erupts in your life frequently as you can.
It will help to over shadow the darker side that emerge, providing balance.
Don’t feel guilty for the time spent looking at life in this way for the energy that exists in love and beauty is needed to share with all.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

9/17/13 Variety of Choices

There is such a variety of choice, how could only one be right?
Many of you are living a life you feel you are dealt with little or no choice.
Believing it must be the way.
But you have the choice to change it.
It does take a bit of courage and determination.
Anything is possible when you have the source of all.
Try one and then another until you find the one that fits.
Knowing there is no mistake and you’ve done well in each and every way.
It will be all worthwhile, just see it in that way.
Life is a kaleidoscope of adventures to learn and grow through.
Many blessings to all of you.


Monday, September 16, 2013

9/16/2013 Death

Death is always knocking on the door.
It happens all around you even if you are not conscious of its existence.
You want to keep it at bay because it means the transition out of this reality.
Have you noticed how lightly you take the idea of death unless it comes too close to home?
Part of your lesson while you are here is to respond to this transition with utmost understanding.
When you accept the continuance of consciousness throughout this process and into another realm your life will be less sufferable.
Watch carefully while you are so close to nature to understand this wonder.
Then apply the facts to your life and see how it all makes sense.
You will still miss them while you are here but they are never far apart.
Don’t be so anxious to be together again when there is much still to do.
For soon enough the time will come when you will face it too.
The veil is so thin you can easily become more familiar with it now.
Allow this understanding to come into your heart.
It will help you cope and help others around you too.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

9/15/13 Intervention

The divine source of intervention comes to you through the heart.
We deliver those emotions that make your heart raise up and skip a beat.
We want to get your attention when something is happening that would be of your best interest to pay closer attention to.
We don't want you to miss the opportunity as it comes close at hand.
A situation is close by presenting you with opportunity to grow and show who you are.
The rest is up to you.
If you make the choice to become a player in this situation you will have many things to understand and learn through.
Follow that emotion that comes from the heart, it does not lead you astray.
We are with you.


Saturday, September 14, 2013

9/14/13 Gratitude

Be grateful for what you have in your life---
More will come and be grateful for that.
You need Now to learn what you can from what you have.
When the lesson changes so will the energy surrounding you.
Look forward to these changes for in them you will grow.
Live in peace and gratitude.


Friday, September 13, 2013

9/13/13 Keep Peace In Your Heart

In these days of turmoil and disruption let there still be peace in your heart.
Do not allow the action of others disrupt your own inner peace.
It is not your choice but theirs, you see, be awake and let it be.
They are acting of their own personal stories and balancing energies.
That will not effect you unless you are open to it.
Pray for those who must be part of the choices to be made.
They need your strength and support to make the brave decision and see the bigger picture.
Call upon the higher forces to come and lend a hand.
Your energy of peace and trust will help to balance the other debris.
Share that peace and love with others.
That is the way to spread the light and your greatest way to help.
Stand together as one, not as a nation, but as humanity.
Your prayers and love have more effect than you know.
Stay firm with your energy of peace.
Lend nothing to the violence and war.
Let the light prevail.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

9/12/13 Get Your Answer

Sit down, meditate, then ask your question.
The answer will be coming.
If you hear arguing in your head that is not the answer, it's the ego.
The answer will come from somewhere else, a small still voice.
Practice getting to know your guides and getting the answer to your questions.
It will be a practice that will be uplifting.
We are always talking to you.
You just have to learn to listen more clearly.
Separate the chatter from the guidance.
We will help you.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11/13 Who You Are

“Never forget where you’ve come from,
And believe in who you are.
You will rise above all that you are,
And know who you truly are.”  by NML
Who are you?
You redefine who you are every moment of every day by the choices that you make.
When you choose to do something or say something it says something about who you are.
You are telling the outside world what you feel inside.
Make sure that the things you are saying and doing are true expressions of the you inside.
Own It!
Don’t live your life saying or doing what you think others would want you to do.
You must live your life and be true to who you are.
This sounds easy but be honest, how much of your day are you responding to in a way that you know is acceptable and expected but not truly how you want to be.
You are conditioned to act this way
You know what is safe to do without risking ridicule and judgment.
To be who you truly are and grow from that experience you must step outside that safe zone and reveal what’s inside.
You will feel much improvement in the energies surrounding you because it is where you want to be.
We are with you.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

9/10/13 Happiness, Your Birthright

Happines, it is your birthright to live in the state of happiness.
You were born happy.
An infant wakes to this happy state everyday.
So when does this natural state leave you.
It's not until the other emotions are learned.
You learn separation, then fear and lack.
But still it is easy to make you happy.
The pursuit of happiness and pleasure stays with you as you grow older.
You are sometimes mistakenly taught that this pursuit is not in your highest good.
But that is a rare case.
For seeing life flowing easily and feeling loved would bring you happiness.
While having respect for all things and life itself you can still be happy.
Be generous and loving, share the things that make you happy with others.
There is enough to go around.
Surround yourself with that emotion whenever possible.
You will see life through those rose colored glasses once again.
Happy Birthday- everyday.


Monday, September 9, 2013

9/9/13 Being Inspired

You are being inspired everyday of your life.
We send you creative thoughts and ideas of how to go about your day.
You are so used to hearing them that you don't even know from where they came.
That's OK, as long as you are getting them.
Sometimes you just feel that one way might be better than another.
That is our guidance coming from a higher perspective, don't you see.
Give yourself credit for being smart enough to accept the inspiration.
If you ask we can do more.
Feel free to let the energies flow through you to create what you would like.
Have a wonderful day.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

9/8/13 Great Meaning

You've come here seeking answers.
The questions that have been burning in your mind.
Remember to first look within for how you truly feel.
Outside energies will only tell you how they feel.
Let your heart be your barometer.
There are times when even then the answers are not clear.
You must choose what feels best for you and then live it through as such.
Learn all that you can from where it leads then you have done your best.
There are many facets to life's experience and you are to called to live a few.
You don't always understanding why you have to bare the things that come to you.
But know there is great meaning in all that you do.
We bless you.


Saturday, September 7, 2013

9/7/13 !!! The Meditation for Peace.

Please note this was much different than other messages.

Much of the information you receive in the shape of visions and voices are the messages for others who can not see. You may not understand the whole message, so just talk about what you see.

This is a meditation

May the good news fall upon you.

May we bring you peace.

To accept true peace into your heart you must reach up for it.
It is a little higher than much other vibrations.
So lift your thoughts and look up to a higher place---A mountain ---A sky --- Beyond !
Let all else go but this vision for a moment …...and feel the sense of peace.
Breathe it in.       Take in that sense.
It will feel like excitement and joy because you know that it is true peace.
No- thing else matters for NOW.
As you let that feeling in you also allow in the healing that you need.
Each day will go smoother with this peace in your heart.
Peace be with you

I am Matter Horn and Three Wolves Dancing .

I am that I am”


Friday, September 6, 2013

9/6/13 Father Mother God

Father Mother God is the source of all that is.
But do not let that stand in the way of your true communication with (Him).
You call (Him) Father Mother God because (He) is the most like the caring parents that you perceive.
(He) has the care and love that is much like the caring parents should have.
You can talk to (Him) about everything and know it is heard.
Do not project the earth related emotions of judgment, anger or fear with the God force because it does not exist.
You can talk over your concerns and dreams and know ( He ) has bent an ear.
It is good to have someone to be able to speak your truth with.
Just talking about it will help you feel peace and serenity.
Sit and listen with your quiet mind and heart and you may find the clarity that you seek.
Father Mother God is only a thought away and always available.
Just know you have someone that cares to talk to eases your feeling of being alone.
You are never alone.


Thursday, September 5, 2013

9/5/13 Prayers of Peace for Humanity.

Prayers of Peace
Put your energy in the thought of peace, oneness of the world of peoples.
You are no different than the next.
All are souls, experiencing thyself in a different way.
Much can be done in the way of peace and humanity.
The fight to be right has gone too far and much is at stake.
Humble thyself to know that there is more than just your opinion.
Many many ways to see the light if you open your heart.
Allow each to practice and experience God in his own way; love being the bonding key.
Can you recognize the flaw in your perception and allow a more loving community?
It starts in your own family, friends, church and comrades.
Extend it outward across the globe for all others to see.
We are One, we tell you.
Back down humbly and allow the light to spread and become a stronger force.
Work together for the good of all.
Growth and progress you will then see.
Prayers of Peace for Humanity.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

9/4/13 Trust - How to Lift the Veil

Trust what you are hearing. It is the message for today.
When you ask what we are saying it might just go away.
Listen with an open mind and heart is all you need.
We will provide the rest and it will be just what you need.

Today we will talk of sadness and how to lift the veil.
When your heart is full of sadness and you can't stop to see the joy, it is hard to reach you because of the deepness of your thought and the feelings that prevail.
But if you can see the splendid triumph by the passing of this phase, knowing that we made it home, and can now be whole and real, then reaching down to meet with you is not as hard at last.
We send you blessings everyday in symbols and designs.
They represent our love and continual care.
When you see them rejoice and know we are near.
You may feel a brush across the face with a wisp of air.
It is the kiss from heaven you been looking for.
Sit quiet, ask your question and listen with your heart.
We are helping and guiding you.
If you sense the answer, true and true, then we have gotten through.
We love you, dear one, and will never leave you alone with your sadness and your fear.
All is love.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

9/3/13 Mother Earth is Changing

Mother Earth is changing.
You can see and feel these changes.
She is reacting to the shift in the frequency of life.
More rain and thundering from below will come when she is getting settled in this way.
Time will come when she will still have a bit to give.
You must be more careful not to fill her with debris for it is making it more difficult to breathe.
But all is in your highest good for these changes will be a new foundation for your home.
Then Love and Respect will be understood and there will be much growth.
All is well and you will see the goodness in this way.


Monday, September 2, 2013

9/2/13 Oneness

The source of all energy comes from within.
It is the same source that has been here since the dawn of creation.
It exists in all things.
You are not separate from that source because it is everywhere.
The notion of separateness is made up of fear by the ego, believe it or not, as a survival strategy.
For some reason, the ego believes it will survive better on it's own.
But once it feels separate and alone, it panics and survival becomes a struggle.
When the notion of unity and oneness is reintroduced, the ego can relax into a supported loving environment.
When you find yourself struggling and feeling alone, bring in thoughts of oneness and belonging.
Surround yourself with compassion, understanding and love.
Know that the energy that allow you to be is the same energy that is in everything that surrounds you.
Comforted by this knowing, that you are a part of everything and never alone, will weaken the struggle to survive.
Nothing is more heart warming than the feeling of coming home to your source.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

9/1/13 Choices You Can Make

Life behind the veil is not much different than you have here.
We each have something we are doing to improve and move forward.
You think of us as resting at peace but we are not “at rest “at all.
We are working hard to communicate with you.
We guide you in many ways every day, bringing you all the things that spark your curiosity, that raises your consciousness.
You are able to invent new things and progress the movement of mankind into your present state of technological advancements.
We are all proud of what you’ve accomplished in such a short while.
Now is the time to use these ideas and intelligence to serve …….. another aspect of your life.
You must learn to live at peace, feed the people of this land and to also nurture Mother Earth.
Great changes are coming about and the urgent warning signs draw near.
Open your heart and your mind.
Each do what you can to spread the light, wisdom and understanding to those around you.
You can make a difference by each of you making choices that best serve you, your fellow man and Mother Earth.
Haste- Not Waste.