Friday, February 28, 2020

2/28/20 Peace and Gratitude

The simple sight of a bird in nature is a gift.
Looking at its beauty brings you joy.
Too often this kind of sightings and gifts are taken for granted.
Be mindful of these gifts and let them raise your vibration and your mood.
They are serving their purpose to help you serve yours.
Allowing peace and gratitude in today and tomorrow.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

2/27/20 Physical Pain

On the way to finding out what is wrong with one physical part of your body, you might just ask about the other part that seems to be ailing you also.
They may not seem related but they might have a common factor.
Your doctor for your physical body should know what it is.
The remedy might help both.
Once this is taken care of you can focus on your other goals.
Pain from the physical body is a distraction but should not be ignored when it is causing this much pain and discomfort.
Be gentle on that physical body it must last you a few more precious years.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

2/26/20 Blessings

Your faith stems from beliefs you’ve carried down through many decades, possibly lifetimes.
They are strong but not permanent.
Beliefs can be changed when your understanding and thinking has been changed.
You do this when you experience something that changes your knowledge of the real or truth about something.
Even though you may struggle with this change, at first, it will give you a much-needed opportunity for growth.
Be cautious with your change but once you are convinced, make the shift.
You will feel the difference immediately and more and more will fall into place.
You may wonder why the change didn’t happen sooner.
It was the physical resistance holding you back.
These shifts may become easier in time.
It depends on you.
These shifts and changes in beliefs will only happen when you are ready and allow them.
Do they bring you understanding?
Do they bring you balance?
Do they bring you peace?
Look for these blessings.
The knowing is there.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

2/25/20 Relationships

One of the reasons you are in the relationship is to occasionally be the strong one.
When you see the other person needs help and special care, you are there to step up and be there.
It is not always physical help they need.
Sometimes, they might need emotional or spiritual help.
You might be just the right person needed in this position.
Your past and present situation makes you the greatest teacher in this case.
Be straight and strong.
They need to hear it from your perspective.
Even the smallest details help them to make it through the same.
Being the teacher, in this case, will help you as well as move them along.
They will certainly respect your help and keep it confidential.
The similarities are coincidental but can be handled with the same care.
You are blessed for your help

Monday, February 24, 2020

2/24/20 Trust

The lesson for today is picked to be trust.
Trust that any of the other subjects that floated by your mind would have made an interesting lesson today also.
There are so many we might have stuck to but trust seemed to be the most important.
When you sit, as you do, you must trust the experience is serving you.
You must trust the experience is serving others.
There is much to learn so trust will be a key to satisfaction.
Trust that your time is not taking unjustly.
It is essential for this to be beneficial and build on your growth.
We respect your integrity and make it all the more trustworthy.
Trust is the building block of moving forward.
We are with you.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

2/23/20 no new post today re-post 2/23/14 New Movement

2/23/14 New Movement

Simply we come to you with many messages of hope and inspiration.
We are telling you how you can live your life without as much suffering.
Suffering comes when you are holding on to that which you need to release.
This is the movement in your life, the things you can not change.
They have their own movement and it no longer matches your own.
Bless it and send it on its way for it has served its purpose in your life.
It brought you to where you are today.
New movement and energy are waiting in the midst for you to allow in your path.
Be joyful and anxious for all that is to come.
We are with you.


Saturday, February 22, 2020

2/22/20 the Light That You SEe

When you see light, bent light or color fragments, you are seeing spirit energy.
They are sometimes visible to you.
They are close by because they are helping you with your energy change.
They are helping you with a shift or change in your energy.
It will happen when you are feeling the energy change and there may be a slight resistance.
You may feel a little physically ill (sick) for a bit!
It is the shift –
Thank them for their help.
Do not focus on the feeling in your body.
Know that it will change soon.
Get rest and when you awaken you will feel better.
The work will be done and you will be ready for your new energy and the challenges to come.
We are with you.

Friday, February 21, 2020

2/21/20 Write It

Write it all down.
You will be surprised all of the details you will come up with.
When ideas and thoughts come into your mind and you are not sure of their origin, write them down.
Let them flow.
Much like what you are doing right now.
At times they might not make sense until you get it all written down.
We are telling you this for a reason.
There is much we would like to get across to you.
Sit quietly and see what will come.
It will be worth your while.
Your guides and teachers are ready to talk to you too.
Helpful hints and daily guidance is just that easy.
We are with you all.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

2/20/20 Ancestral Karma

First, there is no such thing.
You do not get to pass your karma onto others in your soul family after your physical death.
It cannot be passed onto anyone.
It is yours and it is for you to work through it.
The karma or conditions that you have created for yourself stay with you until you have a chance to work through it or change its vibration some.
Your ancestors might have similar traits, challenges or conditions that they too have been working on, creating their own karma, so to speak, but it is theirs and they have to find ways - opportunities to work through them.
Karma, as you call it, can be created but not transmuted to another.
You may satisfy or fulfill the karmic condition by learning from the situation and reacting in the proper way to satisfy the condition, spiritually.
You may easily find ways to work out or balance these conditions if you understand them and keep your eyes and heart open to them.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

2/19/20 First-Class Treatment

Sometimes it is just best to get the First-Class treatment.
Sit back and put your feet up.
You’ve been doing enough.
The work will be there when you are ready.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

2/18/20 The Circle of Life

The circle is a symbol of life that represents how it goes around and around.
You may not see that from your immediate perspective but it is.
Life travels in a circle with no beginning and no end, because your life has no beginning and no end.
You are-
  Where you are –
          You are living it now somewhere on that circle.
After your physical death and then rebirth you will come around again on that circle, only remembering where you are now.
This may not make sense to you at this moment but you can grow into this understanding.
Each time you come around this circle you have more and more growth and understanding.
The moments are not lost but they are building on that knowledge.
The moments can be recreated with a different understanding and therefore is a different moment.
Progress is made.
How you do this is your choice.
Be open to this progress and new understanding and you will see more.
We are with you.

Personal note:
Sometimes I feel a little “grief” for the moments that are gone, the things I feel I missed in my life.
This may be my answer to how they are not lost but I can recreate them with a different understanding and therefore come around again and have that moment with progress.
I wonder if…
I will be open and see it.

Monday, February 17, 2020

2/17/20 A Physical Sign

A strain of the physical body comes from an imbalance, mostly something you have put into your body or on it.
The body reacts with pain or some sort of physical sign, telling you something is wrong.      
Once you find out what is out of whack, it will be easy to reverse these symptoms.
Some bodies are already strained to the point that it doesn’t take much to put them out of balance.
Thank them for telling you something is wrong before the effects are more severe.
Everyone is learning from these experiences.
Your body is your guide.
We are with you.

Sunday, February 16, 2020


Not always does it work in perfect order.
Not always does it come out as clear as you might like.
But don’t give up.
Just try again later.
We are still near.
The distractions are in the way.

Friday, February 14, 2020

2/14/20 Love

Let’s talk about love on this national/worldwide day of love.
First of all, there are many types and depths of love.
They range from a simple physical attraction to a deep understanding of the Oneness we all share.
Love is a powerful word and an even more powerful energy.
Some can spend a lifetime looking for the security of one form of love not knowing that it already is part of them.
You are love.
It is the energy that forms your existence.
It is only part of that needs this bond and security.
The deeper part of you knows and understands the universal energy of love that is the bond of Oneness we share.
Give yourself the chance to celebrate and feel that energy, that bond.
The personal physical one you have as well as the universal spiritual one you have with all.
You are love.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

2/13/20 Acceptance

2/13/20 Acceptance

Once you find out what it is you are to be doing in your life here all will come together.
It makes perfect sense.
You feel fulfilled and a sense of accomplishment and joy comes over you.
You don’t have to worry. 
You don’t have to struggle to find it anymore.
You just know it and there is complete acceptance.
You can feel it.

2/13/20 More to it?

Yes, you might feel this complete acceptance but there might be more to it, for later.
Your mission might feel laid out in front of you.
You might have it figured out so far.
Which is great but there might be a little more to it, as you mature into the position.
Just a little more being asked of you.
When the time comes you will know it and it will feel just as complete as now.
Open your heart, open your mind, open your soul to it.
All is good.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

2/12/20 Driven

Much of the time this is driven by the need to learn, to experience, to be able to know what everything means.
Sometimes things just become part of your life.
Take all in stride.
It will prove itself soon enough.
We are with you.
Send love and light.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

2/11/20 Birth Date

The birthing of a child is a very physical and spiritual occasion.
You know and celebrate the physical occasion for the length of their physical life there.
Many celebrate it even after the physical parting of the Soul from the earth plane.
They are remembered and honored for that occasion.
That occasion in the spiritual sense is an occasion marking the Souls acceptance of
another physical life on Earth.
It is a celebration, of sorts, also.
They have accepted this physical body and existence for the length of time needed to learn and grow from certain physical experiences.
Some have many and others not so many.
The amount and difficulty of these lessons and challenges vary from one to another.
The beginning of this existence is marked by the same birth date.
But more important, of course, will be the celebration of when the challenge is complete
and this Soul is ready and exists from this physical existence back into the Spiritual Home.
This occasion is known and can be remembered and celebrated as well.
Some might call it a rebirthing, as sorts.
This occasion is difficult for the many friends and relatives still remaining on the earth plane but they can recognize this completion of life challenges and celebrate this day as well.
There is a change in form and existence but never an end of life itself.
They are still here and their love for you continues.
You can feel it and connect with them when you try.
We will help.
Celebrate and love them always.

Monday, February 10, 2020

2/10/20 Time

Time is essential to your life here.
Everything that is happening is happening in a time sequence or continuum.
But that is the illusion on your planet. It exists to help you to understand the circumstance, to put it all into an order you can understand.
It is a reference you have learned since you were born.
It is used when you reference anything but we want you to know and understand it is for your reference. – only.
It does not exist here as it does there for you.
In order for you to learn to understand the continuance of life you must learn to not have time as your measurement of existence of circumstance.
Let that sit with you a while because it is important for you to understand.
How would you make a trusted reference without relating it to time?
You would have to learn to trust your intuition and its resonance with you.
Practice this with the familiar related issues.
Can you make reference to them without using time?
When you do this you become closer to understanding your own relationship with us, with Spirit.
Now is always.
Never does not exist.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

2/9/20 Anywhere, Anytime, We Are There

It doesn’t matter where you are, you can sit in stillness whenever you want.
The practice is the same.
We are with you.
Allow your mind to stay focused and we are there.
The guidance is welcome.
Your life can never be too complicated for our connection.
Call and it is done.
The listening is your job.
Too many distractions?
Can it be done?
All that lies ahead is part of the challenge, part of the practice.
All is well.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

2/8/20 Trust the Process

All of the words that come to mind and you hear tonight are here for a reason.
They are formulated in this order so you and others will understand.
There are so many things we could talk about but the most important tonight is trust.
Trust the words.
Trust the mission.
Trust yourselves.
For if you were to hear others just talking away it would have no meaning.
You are experimenting with the blending and noticing the change in frequency.
That is good.
Wait ‘till you feel it.
Wait ‘till you know.
The trust, “All that is given is received.”
The message carried in these words must be clear.
Allow no others to interfere.
You know when we are present.
When we are near.
The message today is trust and love.
When you are totally at peace with your surroundings and your connection with Spirit you feel it.
The peace and harmony flow throughout your body.
These are the moments of trust.
Be there – Realize – “All is well.”
You are so loved,
Lynn – “There is no place I would rather be. It’s like a beautiful sunset.”

Friday, February 7, 2020

2/7/20 Feeling Down

When life just isn’t turning out to be what you expected and you find yourself let down or depressed it is time to call in reinforcements.
Sit down and write yourself a letter.
Say exactly what is bothering you and detail out what you would like to change and why.
Focus on what you would like to change, what you think would help your situation.
Be honest.
You are worthy of the change.
While you are writing pause and listen to your thoughts coming back at you from your heart.
It is reminding you of who you are and your self-worth.
You can see the change if you want to.
You can feel it calling.
Take small steps toward that discovery, upward toward the light.
Help is on its way.
Each step toward that better feeling increases your potential to do more.
You are never alone.
We are with you and your higher- self to help you along.
Only take the steps you feel are putting you into a higher or positive place.
Each step towards a lighter more positive position will help to increase your energy.
Change can be exciting and uplifting, even the small one.
We are with you.
You are loved.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

2/6/20 Living with a Handicap

(There was a little boy being pulled away from the group because he couldn’t see – blind – some kind of patch over his eyes.)

There is nothing wrong with having a handicap in your life.
This is a struggle you are given to help you learn what life is like when this occurs.
You are given other special accommodations to help work with these limitations.
Some excel very well with overcoming and accomplishing all the demands of the physical body with these handicaps.
They are given special guidance and support during these times also.
The mental and spiritual body is guided and helped to understand and flourish with the special accommodations.
They are blessed with much guidance and support.
We are all One, One Mind, One Spirit, One Consciousness.
So, what they gain from their experience is added to the Whole, just as yours.
Be sure to thank them for their contribution as well.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

2/5/20 The Perfect Combination

The combination of you and Spirit is gentle and complete when you step aside and allow it to be.
All the images and feelings will be ones you recognize, just given in a perfect sense.
The way is shone to make you feel trust and at peace.
You’ll know without a doubt, the choice that you make will be the one to help you along the way.
The guidance given will make perfect sense because it comes from within, from somewhere deep within your heart, yourself.
You are never alone.
Your Spirit is always with you.
Reach out and you’ll be there in perfect combination.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

2/4/20 Dealt Specifically to Each Person

 Life is dealt out, yes, specifically to each person.
You get exactly what you were supposed to get.
There are some changes made along the way, only as you make the changes yourself, your higher self.
But, basically, much of what is dealt to you is part of your destiny.
It contains all the particular situations that you are supposed to deal with.
The way you deal with what you are dealt helps to determine what is dealt next.
Eventually, you will go through what is in your cards, so to speak.
Try to remember this when you find a certain issue particularly difficult.
Work through it with the skills you have developed along the way.
Much to gain in this round of life.
You are doing so well –

Monday, February 3, 2020

2/3/20 Clear Message Statement

” All that is given is received.”
The meaning of all statements is not the same for everyone.
Each has its own needs and perspective.
Therefore, they will interpret the statement differently.
There is no right or wrong – better or worst.
For all is well.
We choose our words wisely and so should you.
The interpretation of what is given is most important.
Leave nothing unknown, unclear.
Then trust the message will be received just as it is needed.
It takes time to trust your instincts.
You will feel it and know in your heart.
Pause a moment and notice that feeling.
Then you will be clear and then your message statement will be clear.
We are with you.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

2/2/20 Let it Flow

As you watch the wind push the waves of the sea you begin to see how the consciousness can be also pushed in and out.
The breath of life is much like the wind.
It comes and goes pushing life in and out of your lungs.
Breathing in and out brings air into your lungs keeping you conscious and alive.
You do this constantly without even thinking about it.
Or you can do it very conscious of the rhythm and frequency.

Everything in your body runs in a cycle, a rhythm.
The breath and the heartbeat are the conductors of that rhythm.
Life itself flows through you with very little conscious effort.
And yet your conscious is so deeply rooted to the way you think or perceive.
This is only one layer of consciousness. It is tied to the physical very closely.
The other layers of consciousness are tied to the nonphysical part of you, the mental and the spiritual part of you.
These are the parts you need to learn more about.
Learning about them will bring you a greater sense of who you are and what you are capable of experiencing.
We are with you.
Like the breath and the sea. Let it flow.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

2/1/20 "Magic" of Life

There is a special time and place where magic can be found.
It happens quite often.   Now, comes to mind.
It is where children see themselves as grown-ups for just a short while.
They get to take the part they see you playing most of the time.
They get to practice what it is like to make the decisions and take the responsibility for all the events of that time.
Most of the time it goes quite well.
Each child learns what it feels like to be in that role, how they might act.
And they see the magic of it all.
They learn a lot about themselves, who they are, what they would do, as they take on these responsibilities, if only for a while.
Much growth and development comes from this trial run, so to speak.
There are always ups and downs, things they might change the next time around.
You are wondering by now when these times come.
Well, what we are speaking about are the times of your life here on earth.
It is “Magic” that you each get the opportunity to come here and work out what you might do in each situation.
Dealing with the ups and downs, acting and reacting with sole authority in this “Play” as life.
At the end of your time here, you’ll have the chance to see what it was like and change a few things for next time, when you will come again to take this role to be even more grown-up or advanced than the last time you were here.
This is a special time and you are here to experience and learn all that you can.
Enjoy the “Magic” of Life, existing here right now.