Monday, May 31, 2021

5/31/21 Affirmations and repost from 5/31/13 Your Name


5/31/21 Affirmations

What is left to say at this time?

What means the most in people’s lives?

They want answers and reassurances that does not seem readily available.

The questions are actually the answers in reverse.

Because you create your own answers by your thoughts which are the questions.

Turn them around to affirmations and create what you want to see.

If you want peace, happiness and health, think and affirm that in your mind, in your heart.

Create positivity, not doubt.

Your creativity and potential are endless if you trust that it is.

Always reach for the greatest good and it will be found.

We are with you.



5/31/13 Your Name

Your name carries a strong vibration.

It is the signature vibration of who you are while here on the earth plane.

It was chosen for you with the guidance from above.

It sets well with your path and journey through life.

Its vibration is there to match the vibration of others in your soul group.

You will be recognized by your name as well as its vibration.

Some adjustments in your personal plan are made if your name is changed, for instance

a woman getting married or divorced.

When you first meet someone and learn their name, you are already seeing if you recognize

them and their vibration.

Some will feel more comfortable than others.

Paying attention to this feeling will help you find the reason or closeness for your contact.

You may even be aware that you were supposed to meet.

Being more aware, you will remember not only their name but the way the vibration feels.

Knowing this you can know the depth of the contact or communication the two of you will have.

Who did you meet today?

What was their name?

Could you feel a vibration?

How did it make you feel?

Did this person come into your path for a reason or bring a message?

Pay attention and be grateful for such awareness.

It will always serve you.



Sunday, May 30, 2021

5/30/21 Heroes and Love Forever and repost from 3/30/13 Compassion

 5/30/21 Heroes

Being a soldier is the way they lived their life.

It is also they way they left this life.

It is a most honorable service to their families and country.

Take some time to give honor and glory to these heroes.

Be them not forgotten,

  for they live on in the hearts of many and above in eternity.

We are with you.



5/30/21 Love Forever

God grant peace to the broken-hearted.

Love is forever and will never be diminished.

There is no distance between you and that love.

It surrounds and encompasses you always.

With the smallest thought, love rekindles the flame you hold so dear.

Do not fear.

No time or circumstance will change that love, only make it stronger.

Precious are those moments of your journey.

They have helped you to grow to all that you have become.

Be compassionate and grateful today as always.

Love is with you.



 5/30/13 Compassion

Let's talk about the virtue of compassion.

It is the way you view the condition of your fellow man and all that is going on around him.

Viewing it with concern and love is where compassion comes into play.

You will be able to offer the kindness from your heart that should help him deal with his situation.

Compassion is the humbling way you look at your own situation.

Being able to see things through the eyes of the heart, offering concern and any kind loving

help or understanding.

When compassion is there, you are feeling the love for yourself or fellow man.

Such high energy elevates the vibrations and allows the highest frequency to be responding.

Spiritual growth is being obtained.

You cannot go wrong by having compassion in your heart.

Eliminating judgment and seeing the oneness are ways that true compassion is being felt.

Your soul knows that life's journey can be difficult at times and offering compassion can ease the way.

Carry compassion in your heart and offer it often.

You will feel the uplifting in your soul.


Saturday, May 29, 2021

5/29/21 Opportunity

Why do you shy away from opportunity?

Trust that each opportunity is there for a reason.

You will grow with everyone.

It’s time to figure out just how it will go.

Open heart and open mind will allow the experience to be more spontaneous.

And you will find it fulfilling.

Stay true to yourself and your commitment.

Share the compassion for each other.

All will be well.

We are with you.


 More on Opportunity (I guess they wanted to make the point)


Why do you shy away from opportunity?

You still carry much fear in your heart.

Each opportunity has potential for growth and understanding

It can allow joy and peace to be nearby.

Set out with an open mind and heart.

Let go of any negative energy.

All will be well.

We are with you.


Friday, May 28, 2021

5/28/21 A Human Response

When you get your feeling hurt by someone who doesn’t understand you, you need to know that they are thinking differently about the situation.

Both of you are not thinking on the same issue.

There is fear and a bit of jealousy involved.

Human traits that create human response.

This is a surface level problem.

When you go beneath you will find love and understanding.

Now, the issue is to get you both to recognize this and resolve the situation from that level.

Knowing the surface problem is just a surface problem appeared so that you will find the solution needed at this time.

We are with you.


Peace, Love and understanding.

Respect each other as you want to be respected.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

5/27/21 On the Surface

 The problems lie on the surface.

Human beings can see and feel them there.

But if you go beyond, beneath the surface they no longer exists.

So, scratch the surface if you need to know the problem but go beneath to find the solution.

Your personal issues, problems also lie on the surface.

When you allow yourself to go beneath, you will find the core of who you truly are.

And it is love, wholeness and oneness, the solution to all surface issues.

We are with you.


Wednesday, May 26, 2021

5/26/21 Practicum SW circle and from Naoha

I felt a slight panic as I hardly do this with someone present.

Then I felt Spirit entering my body, mind and thoughts.

They said, trust them and let go the anxiety.

Trust that my path is truly one that I enjoy and believe in.

All that I am – All that I give – All that I receive is for the oneness and understanding of all.

From Naoha- master guide

Your path is unique and only your own.

Therefore, no one can judge the way you create and follow your path.

The possibilities are endless – more variety than all the colors in your crayon box.

Let your imagination soar beyond all that you know.



5/26/21 The Delivery

We got your back.

We are here for you.

When things go a little off course,

You can trust you Spirit Guides to keep you in line and the energy flowing.

Trust, that’s what is needed.

Just as you left them in charge of the wake up.

You can leave them in charge of the delivery.

We are here for you – always



5/26/21 Finishing the Puzzle

Yes, of course, there is a time when all the things have to come together.

All the pieces of the puzzle have to be put in.
Human nature needs to feel accomplished as well as all the other emotions of life.
It is a great feeling.
You’ve spent a great deal of your life working on this tapestry.
Maybe, it’s the time you’ve lived in one area.
Maybe, it’s the time you’ve worked at one place.
It can even be the end of a relationship.
You’ll know, you feel it.
Look at it as an accomplishment, not anything else.
Now, mystery lies ahead, a new phase, a new puzzle.
The pieces are being put on the table and you’ve begun to organize them, putting a few together.
You are beginning to see what it might look like.
This new phase in your human life will bring challenges and rewards.
The best part is you create it one piece at a time.
Remember how good it felt finishing the puzzle or turning the next page of a chapter of your life.
New mystery, new adventure, new beginnings lie ahead when you step forward.
We are with you – always.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

5/25/21 Doing Well and repost from 5/25/13 Choose Your Words

 5/25/21 Doing Well

You are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing.
You’ve come into the human world to discover being human.
So, everything you do in the human body is part of that plan.
Learning all the human traits and emotions are part of the plan.
Specifically how you will be learning is up to your journey.
The choices you make from the situation that present themselves create your journey.
If you want a change, choose differently.
Then your journey will take that different approach but you will still be learning.
Recognizing life’s lessons and relating to them will prompt movement and growth.
Opportunities will come as they are needed and you can choose the ones you want to be a part in this discovery.
This creates the flow in your path, the energy, motion.
Second guessing yourself creates resistance in your flow.
All is well.
You are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing.
We are with you.

and repost from 2013
5/25/13 Choose Your Words

Finding the right words when faced with a difficult situation.
You must first be calm so a few deep breaths will bring you some relief.
Breathe in peace, let go out.
Then be still for a moment and allow the quiet mind to have space.
Now you are ready to speak from the heart.
Feel the emotion in the heart area.
You will find that these simple gestures have taken the edge off the situation.
Now you are able to speak with more compassion.
Remember that words are thoughts that create your reality so choose the way you want
the outcome of the situation to be.
Words carry the energy of your emotions so displaying the highest understanding will bring
forth a peaceful loving resolution.
Words of fear and anger will generate struggle and resistance.
They come from your own vulnerability not creating what you want.
If you still find yourself in a volatile situation offer no words to fuel the fire.
Place your thoughts on a loving outcome and allow God's grace to enter in.
If you can see the reflection of yourself in others, you will be able to choose the way you
speak with more care.
Stepping back from the initial situation and allowing the emotion to settle will help allow you
to choose the appropriate words to facilitate the way you feel.
Carry God's love and peace in your heart and radiate light throughout the day.

Monday, May 24, 2021

5/24 21 Not Quite Perfect

Is there such a thing, perfect?

Does it mean no flaws, flawless, or something else?

For you, the meaning of perfect is made to order, exactly what you wanted, no deviation from the plan.

The Spiritual meaning of perfect is God.  Only God is perfect.

Everything else has something it can work on or change to become perfect, God.

But that is an on-going thing.

So, the human perfect is not quite as perfect as it might seem.

But it can be what you wanted or needed at the time.

It can bring you exactly the right situation for that particular moment, the ever-changing moment.

Call it perfect, if you want.

We are with you.


Sunday, May 23, 2021

5/23/21 Meet You There

Your Spiritual guidance is a very important part of your path, your journey to development to know who you truly are.

It is part of your daily meditation and we are here for you – always.

Know that.

It is only a short distance away.

Place your energy within that space and we will meet you there – always.

We are with you.


5/23/21 Help Me to Know What to Expect

When you need to have a choice and not a real good choice is known, how do you choose?

How do you know?

You find out all the facts you can so you know all you can.

Then ask for guidance.

Ask Spirit to help you to make the best choice for your highest good and the good of all.

Pay close attention to all of the help and guidance that will come your way.

It will be there and the way you choose will be direct and clear.

All will be given to you and the choice will be clear.

The best for you and all involved will be known.

Make the choice and stay true to your path.

All is well.

We are with you.


Saturday, May 22, 2021

No New Post repost from 5/22/13 A Reason


5/22/13 A Reason


How do you deal with inner turmoil?

When you are suffering because you can't change what you see happening outside of yourself.

It is these moments that you must go within, find a quiet place and allow your heart to talk to you.

You trust that what you are feeling inside and know in your heart what is true and matters to you.

All else that is happening outside yourself is part of the duality that helps you to know your truth.

It creates the difference, the hot and cold, the light and dark which helps you to know what you want.

This is where the struggle lies.

You can't always see the big picture.

You must trust that there is a reason that the other exists.

From another perspective that could seem to be the other side of the spectrum.

So, opening to this idea allows more space in your accepting and with that space come

relief from the suffering.

You don't always have to be right.

You only have to know that you have tried to see things with love and compassion to all.

Things happen for a reason.

They are there to bring meaning or a lesson to the situation.

The possibilities to this can allow the meaning to be found.

Breathe in and relax into the idea that there are many ways to view the world.

You will find peace in knowing that we are all one.

Goodness and light are the strongest vibration and therefore are part of the answer.



Friday, May 21, 2021

5/21/21 Your Inner Compass

When you are getting a great read on the emotion going through your body.

You know what it’s trying to tell you.

Even if you can’t put it into words.

You know that feeling – right.

It’s your intuition telling you what you already know.

It’s your inner compass and it’s pointing to where you need to go, what’s going to happen.

When it is that persistent and not changing you’ve got to trust the message is for you.

It’s your guidance speaking your language.

Helping you navigate through the maze of life.

Learn to listen and understand all that your intuition is telling you.

Trust it because it’s coming from a deep part of your subconscious.

Let it speak louder that all of the outside noises.

Tune into its vibration.

It will be a great help in the coming days future,

All is well.

We are with you.


Thursday, May 20, 2021

5/20/21 No New Post Repost from 5/20/13 This Too Shall Pass

5/20/13 This Too Shall Pass


Pleasantly surprised are you when all you've worked for is here.

You often wonder how or why.

You can't always tell when new things are going to work or satisfy your need.

You must trust that they will be until you've tried it out.

Experiences are similar in this way.

Many have to be tried before you know how it will fit into your needs.

That's why you are here, to try out many different experiences and see how they feel.

What will your reaction be to each one as they appear?

Some are a good experience and you feel happy and joy.

Others are not so good and you must know the sad and disappointed emotion.

But all are a way of learning and making you who you are.

Forming the way, you will look at yourself and life with understanding and care.

Seeing life with love and faith will help you find the best of any situation.

Getting lemons and making lemonade, so to speak.

Learning to do this......

Learning to look at the challenges of life with love and faith will help you find the

meaning in the situation.

Letting life flow even with its ups and downs is a practice that will bring you more peace.

Everything changes.

Just trust that this too shall pass and something new will come along.

Something new and it will feed the soul and move you forward on your way.