Saturday, May 15, 2021

5/15/21 The Space

Sometimes, when you feel like you are struggling or squeezed into a situation, you need to go back to what you know – go back to who you are.

Present the side of you that is most at peace. 

Present love, love for yourself, love for others.

All else is just adding to the frustration.

Peace and love will give the space for the natural thing to happen.

The pressure or force will subside and what is needed will appear.

You’ve heard of “take a breath, count to ten”.

Those really work.

They allow the space.

The space in which the situation can go back on the track of which it is balanced and natural.

The space in which you are balanced and energized with your true nature.

Don’t let this struggle escalate to the next level – Breathe.

We are with you, always.


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