Thursday, May 13, 2021

5/13/21 Served You Well


5/13/21 Served You Well

Learning how to become more connected to your spiritual side, learning to step away from your human mind and body will help you to access the wisdom that is here to help you.

It’s not something evil or bad.

It’s always been here and available to you.

Indigenous cultures have known how to do this and it has served them well.

Others labeled it wrong and evil when they became scared and uneasy with the part that they didn’t understand and control.

You have done the work to know and understand this connection, this part of you.

Now it’s easier to allow it to become a natural part of your daily practice.

We are with you – growing in trust and commitment,

 sharing the messages and wisdom with others,

 teaching how love and joy can bring peace and happiness.

It too has served you well.

We are with you, always.



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