Sunday, May 16, 2021

5/16/21 Duality (Gem of Life)

There are two sides to most of life’s situations.

They are opposites, so to speak.

Lots of times it is a choice of preference and it doesn’t have a right or wrong side of it.

You can be experiencing either side to see how it affects you.

But the are a few situations where it becomes more personal and trickier.

Love and hate (which includes fear) is one of those tricky situations.

It puts you true nature to the test and exposes you to being drawn off track.

A lot has to happen before it gets to this point.

These situations are being brought to the surface, more and more, as tension and human emotions flair up.

You can choose from the many shades of life to live.

It’s up to you (free will), if they bring you peace and happiness.

But when something you chose brings you the opposite you should take a longer look at your choice and why you are choosing it.

The understanding and growth from your choice is what is in question.

It should be to benefit you and the Oneness we all share.

Hate is detrimental and should be avoided.

It will bring despair and no growth or progress is made.

Duality allows you to have a sampling of the experiences here on Earth.

Choose wisely.

We are with you.


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