Monday, May 31, 2021

5/31/21 Affirmations and repost from 5/31/13 Your Name


5/31/21 Affirmations

What is left to say at this time?

What means the most in people’s lives?

They want answers and reassurances that does not seem readily available.

The questions are actually the answers in reverse.

Because you create your own answers by your thoughts which are the questions.

Turn them around to affirmations and create what you want to see.

If you want peace, happiness and health, think and affirm that in your mind, in your heart.

Create positivity, not doubt.

Your creativity and potential are endless if you trust that it is.

Always reach for the greatest good and it will be found.

We are with you.



5/31/13 Your Name

Your name carries a strong vibration.

It is the signature vibration of who you are while here on the earth plane.

It was chosen for you with the guidance from above.

It sets well with your path and journey through life.

Its vibration is there to match the vibration of others in your soul group.

You will be recognized by your name as well as its vibration.

Some adjustments in your personal plan are made if your name is changed, for instance

a woman getting married or divorced.

When you first meet someone and learn their name, you are already seeing if you recognize

them and their vibration.

Some will feel more comfortable than others.

Paying attention to this feeling will help you find the reason or closeness for your contact.

You may even be aware that you were supposed to meet.

Being more aware, you will remember not only their name but the way the vibration feels.

Knowing this you can know the depth of the contact or communication the two of you will have.

Who did you meet today?

What was their name?

Could you feel a vibration?

How did it make you feel?

Did this person come into your path for a reason or bring a message?

Pay attention and be grateful for such awareness.

It will always serve you.



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