Tuesday, May 11, 2021

5/11/21 One Small Step – Creation and Just Creation

One Small Step – Creation

It’s not really only about the healing process.

But in your case, it’s a workable situation.

It helps to demonstrate that all things are possible.

You don’t have to struggle or feel defeated so easily.

You’ve asked for help and guidance.

We’ve given it to you –

Now you have to do your part, believe in yourself, believe in it all.

That’s it, you see it.

It’s worth it, truly is.

You can do it.

One small step towards the creation you want.

It’s worth it, you’ll see.

We love you.

We are with you.


One part at a time, one small step.

We believe in you.


 Just Creation

Nothing is out of reach.

You can do it all, if you put your mind to it.

Ego – apart.

Just creation.

Put your mind, thoughts and all your energy leaning towards what you want to see,

 what is good for you and all that surrounds you.

No second guesses or thoughts allowed, only positive forward motion.

Set a reminder to adjust your energy when needed.

As relief settles in, struggle subsides and there is peace.

We are with you.


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