Wednesday, May 26, 2021

5/26/21 Finishing the Puzzle

Yes, of course, there is a time when all the things have to come together.

All the pieces of the puzzle have to be put in.
Human nature needs to feel accomplished as well as all the other emotions of life.
It is a great feeling.
You’ve spent a great deal of your life working on this tapestry.
Maybe, it’s the time you’ve lived in one area.
Maybe, it’s the time you’ve worked at one place.
It can even be the end of a relationship.
You’ll know, you feel it.
Look at it as an accomplishment, not anything else.
Now, mystery lies ahead, a new phase, a new puzzle.
The pieces are being put on the table and you’ve begun to organize them, putting a few together.
You are beginning to see what it might look like.
This new phase in your human life will bring challenges and rewards.
The best part is you create it one piece at a time.
Remember how good it felt finishing the puzzle or turning the next page of a chapter of your life.
New mystery, new adventure, new beginnings lie ahead when you step forward.
We are with you – always.

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