Monday, May 17, 2021

5/17/21 All with You

This is a reminder.

There is no death -

 it’s a stepping out of the human body,

  the casting off of the human covering,

   the freeing of the soul,

    the transformation to a different realm of existence.

The presence of the human body and all of the characteristics of being in that body will be gone and missed deeply.

But the essence of the Soul that once inhibited that body still exists…and is still close by you.

You can learn to have a continuing bond with that Soul/ Spirit.

There can be a new form of communication if wanted by both parties.

Open your heart and believe it to be true.

Pay attention to those perfect little things that bring them close to you.

They will help you to understand and prepare for your own transformation.

All is not gone, just changed.

We are all with you.


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