Saturday, May 22, 2021

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5/22/13 A Reason


How do you deal with inner turmoil?

When you are suffering because you can't change what you see happening outside of yourself.

It is these moments that you must go within, find a quiet place and allow your heart to talk to you.

You trust that what you are feeling inside and know in your heart what is true and matters to you.

All else that is happening outside yourself is part of the duality that helps you to know your truth.

It creates the difference, the hot and cold, the light and dark which helps you to know what you want.

This is where the struggle lies.

You can't always see the big picture.

You must trust that there is a reason that the other exists.

From another perspective that could seem to be the other side of the spectrum.

So, opening to this idea allows more space in your accepting and with that space come

relief from the suffering.

You don't always have to be right.

You only have to know that you have tried to see things with love and compassion to all.

Things happen for a reason.

They are there to bring meaning or a lesson to the situation.

The possibilities to this can allow the meaning to be found.

Breathe in and relax into the idea that there are many ways to view the world.

You will find peace in knowing that we are all one.

Goodness and light are the strongest vibration and therefore are part of the answer.



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