Thursday, May 6, 2021

5/6/21 Life is Bountiful and from 5/6/19 Let Him In


5/6/21 Life is Bountiful

Today’s message (lesson) is about love.

Your love for your neighbor, brother, friend.

Since we are all One, it is your love for yourself, as well.

When a nee arises, you feel the pull on your heartstrings.

You want to respond, to help in any way you can.

You don’t always follow through but initially you wanted to.

Can I help? What can I do to help?

What do they need?

This is your spiritual core, self – Love.

Then the human mind kicks in to rationalize the need and your response.

The human mind sees if it is feasible for you to provide the love, the help.

It quickly weighs out the pros and cons and a decision is made.

Occasionally, the heart wins and you respond with a love offering of some type.

But just as often, the human mind rationalizes and convinces you that your response is not necessary at this time.

And this is life.

Learn to love from your heart, open up a bit more.

Learn to respond with the love to the needs of others when you feel that pull from your heart.

You’ll find it more satisfying and beneficial to you, as well.

Life is bountiful, there is plenty to love and share.

We are with you.



5/6/19 Let Him In


God comes into your lives like air comes into your lungs.

Almost unnoticeable at times.

Your thoughts can be your deliverance.

They can hold your spiritual guidance.

Pay attention to the small voice that speaks into your thoughts.

Pay attention to the small voice that speaks into your heart, not your ego.

It doesn’t speak of grander or accolades.

It speaks of peace, love and happiness!

That is God, coming to help you find the truth.

Open the airways. Let Him in.


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