Saturday, May 8, 2021

5/8/21 Rich and Famous and Repost from 5/9/15 Gotten Through


5/8/21 Rich and Famous


That is one thing Spirit is not likely to tell you how to do.

And that is how to get monetarily rich and famous.

It is just not an important thing to do.

It might seem like it here on Earth but the importance stays right here.

Yes, there are lessons involved in being both rich and famous, so it’s not totally pointless, just not for everyone.

It’s more important for you to live the life you were given, what comes to you through your life plan and your own creation.

Live it to the fullest.

Taking all opportunities to learn and grow richer and famous for the love you share.

Those opportunities are endless.

They are here for you to experience everyday of your life.

They are important and they will benefit you both now and continually.

If they were as important to humans as making money and being famous just think of the change it would bring.

It’s up to you what you spend your life doing.

Spirit is here to help and guide you through the possibilities that are good for you and bring you the peace you are looking for.

We are with you.



Repost from 5/9/15 Gotten Through


Messages come to you in many ways.
We will use any method that you are paying attention to.

Sometimes it may be something that you see or most often you may hear us.

We are the small voice that reminds you what you already know, where you need to go or what you want to go.

Do not discount our words for hocus because we are trying to reach you.

Sometime you will see something that will give you the message – bright and clear, a word, a symbol or even the exact words if we can.

Not coincidence but placed there on purpose just for you.

Take a picture with your new phones as a reminder that yes, we are talking to you.

Reminding you of our love and guidance.

You understand.

For we have gotten through.

Do not be afraid to talk to us.

We are listening all the time.

You are not alone.

Always connected to us and your source of love and happiness.

The message and sign that you receive will be your personal help.

This is always meant to be.



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