Saturday, May 1, 2021

5/1/21 No new post. Great ones from last year 5/1/20 Welcome May, Modern Things and Stretch Your Boundaries


5/1/20 Welcome May

You couldn’t really see everything from that perspective.

There might be another place to go, traditionally the month of May is normally thought of as the month for mothers.

It has Mother’s Day in it and a month of many flowers.

Because of Mother’s Day, you often think about your own mother and the role of mothers in your life.

A mother gave birth to you and nurture you throughout your childhood.

She guided you and backed you whenever you needed it.

A mother is a constant source of love and compassion.

Many happy memories of you with your mother.

But this May, we have another Mother in our thoughts.

Most are thinking about Mother Earth.

She has become the center of our attention since the onset of this pandemic.

The virus, itself, seems to be covering the entire globe.

It has triggered many reactions by your Mother Planet Earth.

First giving off unhappy cries, wails, we must say.

There has been eruptions and tremors all over the world.

The severe storms and atmospheric changes also suggest unsettling energy.

As you welcome the month of May, think about what you can do to send healing energy to Mother Earth.

Help the balance be found to settle this, the unrest that seems to be present.

Be generous in your offering for it will be a time that will matter most.

What can you personally do to help?

Make a commitment and a sacrifice that will have a large impact on change.

There is a lot you can do to help.

We are with you.


 5/1/20 Modern Things

In modern times we talk about modern things, plastic things.

You can now days print off many things that are very useful out of plastics.

Some are helping your society by printing medical supplies and other contraptions that will aide in the making of medical equipment.

These advancements show how creative and constructive man can be.

Soon, they will have even more ideas to create – less fear, more love.

It is wonderful to see them making progress in technology and using it towards helping, healing, and unity of All. (Us!)

Be kind, be creative, and be generous.

We are with you.



 5/1/20 Stretch Your Boundaries

Everyone’s life is complicated.

Everyone’s life is unique.

So, judge not, yours against theirs because there is already no comparison.

Be happy, be satisfied with your own.

Take it to the next level.

Stretch your boundaries. Do your best.

Go beyond what you ever thought capable and you’ll need not desire or want to compare.

You are limitless with many capabilities.

Yes, each one is complicated, each one is unique.

But the sum of which is fathomable.

We are with you.


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