Wednesday, May 12, 2021

5/12/21 Practicum ( with development circle)


5/12/21 Practicum 

This is a very practical thing to do.

We’ve talked earlier today about talking to Spirit.

It’s not as easy to receive these messages when you are not alone –

But we are still here and you are able to hear us.

The message for today is to allow and believe in yourself.

No worry, nor fear, just clarity.

You can feel the tense feeling in your chest, in your heart.

Learn to let go and just speak what you are hearing –

5/12/21 Calling in Metatron (Practicum)

Projection, like a rocket going to the Universe.

Allow your focus to be on what comes back, what kind of explosion would be if that energy was able to be seen.

It’s like the fourth of July – lights and energy everywhere in such a beautiful display.

Purple, yellow, green and amber, all the colors that ever exist.

You are in awe of such a display.


5/12 /21 Calling in Naoha (Practicum)

Why is fear so important to me in this life time.

It is a way that you will learn about who you are and how you are truly connected to All, to Spirit, to God.

You don’t believe it.

You need to learn that you are glory, you are honor, you are one with All.

This is your life purpose to learn to give yourself the respect and honor you deserve.

You will slowly defeat this fear and have peace.

We are with you.


Later on....

Thank you for including me in your practice tonight.

You are doing so well –

Just have to let go and trust.

We’ve got your back, so to speak.

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