Tuesday, May 25, 2021

5/25/21 Doing Well and repost from 5/25/13 Choose Your Words

 5/25/21 Doing Well

You are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing.
You’ve come into the human world to discover being human.
So, everything you do in the human body is part of that plan.
Learning all the human traits and emotions are part of the plan.
Specifically how you will be learning is up to your journey.
The choices you make from the situation that present themselves create your journey.
If you want a change, choose differently.
Then your journey will take that different approach but you will still be learning.
Recognizing life’s lessons and relating to them will prompt movement and growth.
Opportunities will come as they are needed and you can choose the ones you want to be a part in this discovery.
This creates the flow in your path, the energy, motion.
Second guessing yourself creates resistance in your flow.
All is well.
You are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing.
We are with you.

and repost from 2013
5/25/13 Choose Your Words

Finding the right words when faced with a difficult situation.
You must first be calm so a few deep breaths will bring you some relief.
Breathe in peace, let go out.
Then be still for a moment and allow the quiet mind to have space.
Now you are ready to speak from the heart.
Feel the emotion in the heart area.
You will find that these simple gestures have taken the edge off the situation.
Now you are able to speak with more compassion.
Remember that words are thoughts that create your reality so choose the way you want
the outcome of the situation to be.
Words carry the energy of your emotions so displaying the highest understanding will bring
forth a peaceful loving resolution.
Words of fear and anger will generate struggle and resistance.
They come from your own vulnerability not creating what you want.
If you still find yourself in a volatile situation offer no words to fuel the fire.
Place your thoughts on a loving outcome and allow God's grace to enter in.
If you can see the reflection of yourself in others, you will be able to choose the way you
speak with more care.
Stepping back from the initial situation and allowing the emotion to settle will help allow you
to choose the appropriate words to facilitate the way you feel.
Carry God's love and peace in your heart and radiate light throughout the day.

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