Friday, May 21, 2021

5/21/21 Your Inner Compass

When you are getting a great read on the emotion going through your body.

You know what it’s trying to tell you.

Even if you can’t put it into words.

You know that feeling – right.

It’s your intuition telling you what you already know.

It’s your inner compass and it’s pointing to where you need to go, what’s going to happen.

When it is that persistent and not changing you’ve got to trust the message is for you.

It’s your guidance speaking your language.

Helping you navigate through the maze of life.

Learn to listen and understand all that your intuition is telling you.

Trust it because it’s coming from a deep part of your subconscious.

Let it speak louder that all of the outside noises.

Tune into its vibration.

It will be a great help in the coming days future,

All is well.

We are with you.


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