Friday, October 31, 2014

10/31/14 Winter Vibrations

Be careful of becoming too drab in the winter months.
Keep some color in your wardrobe.
The colors carry a higher vibration and will help you stay and feel the higher vibes.
You may what to play some music and have a mid-afternoon dance.
It will be the pick me up that you need.
Adjust your sleep schedule to fit these new things.
Everyone will benefit from these changes.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

10/30/14 Personal Growth

Be ready for change in your life – both physical and even a long term belief may be ready to be shaken.
But this is a good change that will help you grow and expand your spiritual connection.
Take it slow and you will know what changes are necessary.
Then they will be made with the greatest ease.
The guidelines are given.
You will see and feel the difference.
All is well.


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

10/29/14 How To Connect To Spirit and Spring Cleaning

As I sit here tonight I open my heart and my mind to a clear understanding of the presence of spirit in my life.
The most important concept that comes to mind is that of meditation.
It is a way that you can bring spirit, guides, your higher self and even your loved ones close.
You can feel them around you and even in your physical body (if you want).
Sit quiet, very quiet.
Breathe and invite them close.
What do you feel? What do you hear? What do you see?
This is an ancient way of communication and open to each and every one.
Don't doubt but trust that you are connected and you too can do this.
Open your heart and tell them you want to have them close.
They will not say no. They will be there.
They will get your attention whatever way they can.
Write it down to remember because it will get stronger with practice.
They are always there to help you.
Trust what you hear!

10/ 29/14 Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning doesn't only have to be done in the spring.
Occasionally weeding out of extra stuff from your life and closets lightens the load.
Growing less attached to those things of the past allows you to have room emotionally and physically for something new.
Those things are holding you on to the past when there is much to experience and see and do.
Give them away to someone new and they will serve a purpose again like you.
Others are waiting to receive that exact thing and it will fill a void for them.
Recycle, reuse is a blessed thing.
It will make you feel good to give them away knowing you have served others in a special way.
Clear out room for breathing space.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10/28/14 Bigger Picture- Judgment

This meditation started out with a vision of the Washington Monument?? Higher perspective??

Judgment is a human trait that comes from fear and ego.
So when you catch yourself in that mode of deciding what is right or wrong, good or bad, stop and think.
When a group of you decide what is the best way of doing something you decide that it is right.
But not all of the time is that what is best for everyone.
Sometimes the best thing for them, their path, is going to be the opposite way.
That's where they would learn the most.
Confusion and judgment sets in here but not so everywhere.
If you could see the bigger picture and understand all karmic energy you might be able to rethink.
The best way to avoid this situation is to give others the benefit of doubt knowing that they are following their path through guidance and doing what is best for them.
Trust, all will work out in the end.


Monday, October 27, 2014

10/27/14 None Are Wasted

Life moves along at a certain speed. It happens when it happens.
You can be anxious for certain things to happen, but in the long run, it will happen when it is time.
So don't spend so much of your time worrying and pushing ahead.
You are missing what is happening now.
Live each day as it is for each day has its own importance.
None are wasted.
Find something useful and good about each one.
If they were numbered you wouldn't want to waste any or throw them away.
Remember that when winter is here for there will be an opportunity for growth and healing.
Live life – one day at a time.
Savor the moments.
All is good.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

10/26/14 Perfect Order

The phenomena of which you are studying is such a great example.
There is only one mind.
One that is accessed anytime, any place, and by anybody.
It has all the information stored there, past, present and future.
You and everything else (human, animal and nature) can and does use this universal knowledge at different times of their life.
It is utilized to help you grow and make decisions.
The scientific mind questions the existence of such a collaboration of information and the access of it.
But I assure you of its existence and your access to it.
Believe and you will see it more clearly.
Open up and reach for this universal wisdom and understanding for growth and expansion.
One mind is what makes the world, life, be in perfect order.
You are part of that perfection and glory.
So are the butterflies.


Saturday, October 25, 2014

10/25/14 The Power Within You

The power to have or do what ever you want truly lies within you.
It is only your doubt and fear that keeps it at bay.
Believe in your highest aspirations and they will come true.
Always see and feel them as there and they are.
As they begin to form and come into fruition is when you need to embrace them even more.
What holds you back?
Fear of what it might be like to have that power?
Work on changing that belief and you will see the changes that you want in your life come easier than you can imagine.
You can do this !


Friday, October 24, 2014

10/21/14 Promised

The intention is there to follow through but sometimes the energies do change.
Don't feel so guilty when everything can not be fulfilled as promised but the sense of intention is felt.
For some other reason the purpose or meaning of the promise has been directed in another even more positive direction.
You can be just as pleased with the outcome as originally planned if you look with an open heart.
The details are not what is important.
The results are what matters.
In the end, it all means the same.


10/24/14 Journey of The Soul

Bless all that stand at the foot of the grave.
For you are the brave ones that come to send them off and say good bye.
We know you suffer from the physical loss but there is not an end.
Celebrate the journey that this soul has made so far and is now embarking on yet another leg.
Rejoice and be glad that it is the way.
For you too will have your chance to go.
Then all will be revealed and you will be in spirit looking back on this physical life to see the gains that were made.
Home at last.” We say but not to rest for there is still much to do.
Pray and honor this transition. It is a sacred thing.
End of one and beginning of another journey of the soul.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

10/23/14 Living Love

You've heard the word love quite a lot lately.
We want to give you guidance on living with love.
Love can be said to be a godlike quality.
So that means you are love all the time.
There is not a time when you are not love.
Don't connect love with whether you like someone or not.
Love is much deeper and natural than that.
Treating all things with respect and honor is a way of living love.
Compassion and respect for who they are and what is happening at this time is living love.
Allowing them space and time to exercise their free will to experience life the way they choose is also living love.
Continuing with the same compassion and respect even if you disagree with what they have chosen is part of the unconditional love you are and want to feel.
You may find this to be difficult at first but it is your true nature.
Believe that, get out of your head, and allow yourself to make that a larger part of the way you live your life.
It will feel more natural the more you live love.
You will feel it in your heart, but your whole body will react to this also.
This will also effect those around you.
Expand and grow.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

10/22/14 Peace, Love and Harmony

When you feel like you are stuck and you don't have a clue.
Listen and pay attention.
The guidance is there.
It is just given in a more subtle way so you can decipher what is best for you.
There are many directions you may choose, each one being able to teach and help you on your way.
So allow your heart to weigh in and see what would please you more deeply.
Not everything is planned to a tee.
You have to let some of life just flow.
Then find what you need and enjoy what you see.
Keep to peace, love and harmony!


Monday, October 20, 2014

10/20/14 Pursue Your Dreams

Pursue your dreams.
What you dream about is part of your journey.
If you find you are thinking about certain places or activities during your sleeping and waking hours the energy is pulling you there.
If you can, go there and do that so that you get the lesson or life lesson there.
Don't put it off too long for the energy will change.
Know what is doable and do it.
You will be guided and supported.
Your path is ever changing and moving forward.
So you must move forward also doing something challenging or different.
It is good for you, your soul.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

10/19/14 Concerned About Death

No, all the messages and wisdom can't be about death but that is what you seem most concerned about.
And for good reason too.
Most don't understand how to react, how to understand, how to grieve the physical death of a close relative or friend.
And because you don't understand it creates more fear in your life about your own death.
But that is the way.
A very big part of your life lesson here is centered around your way to cope and understand death.
That's why it affects everyone.
No one is spared.
So we will talk again about the things you can understand and hopefully cope with in your life.

When it comes time to exit your life here you will leave in a way that you have chosen.
It will be an agreement you have chosen to have.
It will affect those around you in a most profound way.
It is your legacy.
All transitions (death) are guided and surrounded by love.
You will be met and helped along the way.
Surrounded by loved ones and light.
It is in accordance with what you believe- you will experience.
So it is mostly up to you, how it goes and what will happen.
Stay focused on what you want and what you believe and all will be done.
Do not be afraid.
You are never alone.
We are with you.


10/18/14 Awaken To It All

After a long spell with lots of rain, the sun comes out and everything flourishes.
Life is balanced.
You may also go through similar spells in your life.
But the sun will eventually come out and things will look and feel differently.
Be patient and take advantage of these changes to adjust your energy.
Look for the good even in challenging times.
They are there to help you learn and you will see good if you try.
Start each day a new.
There are endless possibilities and boundless opportunities.
Open your eyes and awaken to it all.


Friday, October 17, 2014

10/17/14 Window Of Opportunity

The window of opportunity to witness what you want is always there.
It is there but only to those who are able to see and handle what there is.
You must be open and sincere about your purpose.
It is an opportunity to step into higher consciousness and therefore will change much of what you depend on being true now.
Seek it out with an open mind and heart and you will find it.
Step into it without hesitation for there you will find your answer and the peace you seek.



10/17/14 Trust The Journey

Much of what you seek you can find the answer.
It is there when you need to know it.
When you are ready the lesson and wisdom will come into your path.
Welcome it with open arms.
The understanding will help you know who you are and find the peace that you seek.
Allow life to take you where you need to be and trust the journey.
All is revealed and you are loved and guided.
Walk with confidence.
You are never alone.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

10/16/14 Believe

When death comes closely you must think of it as a transition, a walking from one place to another dimension.
Just walking through the veil.
Any other thinking will bring sadness and to thoughts of physical death.
It is true you are losing the contact with the physical body that you've grown so accustom to.
But contact with the internal soul will always be possible.
They will be close to help guide you and send you healing, signs and messages to you when you need them the most.
Fully accepting and understanding this takes prayers and a shift in your human belief.
You are so close, stay with it.
Ask for guidance and many signs and messages.
You will see that continued love and consciousness.
The word believe will take on new meaning.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

10/15/14 Just Your Responsibility

There are people who stroll through life not really seeing what's around them.
They are too busy with the chores and demands they encounter to stop and look for meaning and value.
This life is stressful and overwhelming.
What they do not understand is that life will happen without all that struggle and most of it will happen just the same.
You are not the only one propelling the progress.
It just is.
So take your time, less struggle, less hurry.
Don't take on all of the responsibility and demands of others.
You will see that they have their own path and function aside from your own.
Be aware of the interwoven parts of your lives but separate from the part that is not yours.
This will bring tranquility and peace to both of your lives.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10/14/15 Journey of the Soul

Much like the journey of the migrating monarch, your journey is of an epic degree.
All of the ups and downs you have encountered has proven to be learning experiences.
They have helped to strengthen your resolve and move you froward exponentially.
You have found nourishment in the vast variety of the bouquet of life and taken shelter when you needed rest or protection from the storms around you.
Stay focused on the mission at hand for you will find the ultimate reward at the completion of your journey.
The spectacular vision of billions of monarchs in the hills of Mexico likens the gathering of awaken spirits united in peace and oneness.
This is the quest, the journey of the soul.
At times you feel trepidation and it seems impossible but you are given the up-drafts to carry you along.
Each legs of your journey will prove important and add to the beauty of life's landscapes.
But nothing will compare to the magnificence of coming home.


Monday, October 13, 2014

10/13/14 Not Punishments

You have the opportunity to do whatever you want, free will.
Your choice is based on many things.
Sometimes the choice you make is not in your best interest and consequences are experienced.
These are not punishments. They are consequences.
Any punishments that are attached to your actions is done so by human rules, laws.
The universe is fair and balanced so you will see the effect of your actions.
You will learn from these experiences and then use this knowledge to make other choices.
This is the way. This is life.
Open your mind and heart to all that happens.
Accept it as it comes.


Sunday, October 12, 2014

10/12/14 Violence

Violence is the unnecessary hurting, mulling or killing of another human being.
It is still quit prevalent on your planet.
They do these things because they fear the other persons beliefs and they are scared of being left without.
When violence is answered with more violence it only creates more fear and misunderstanding, a volatile situation.
You should not promote violence as a form of entertainment or a solution to any situation.
It only escalates the issue at hand.
Eventually it may turn back on you, hurting or killing you.
The human mind thinks violence in self defense is acceptable but it is never the case.
It is always a negative response and will never bring about a good situation.
There is much work needed in this respect.
Start with what you are teaching your children.
They are learning that violence is a acceptable response to someone else's actions.
They are learning in a game like situation and being unjustly rewarded for this violence.
Later they will respond with violence in a real situation but will suffer a different result.
Start close to home and so not allow violence to take an acceptable reaction to any situation.
Bring love, compassion and understanding into the situation.
Seek out the truth.
Find a peaceful solution that respects both sides.
It is possible if you take the time to understand the conflict instead of just reacting.
We will guide you.


Saturday, October 11, 2014

10/11/14 Speak Often and Openly

 Speak often and openly about life and death.
Others are interested in the opinions of many.
They are looking for something that satisfies their yearning heart.
They have felt the pain of grief but look for a more peaceful; solution because
there must be more.
Openly talk and share opinions.
This will promote open thinking and exploring the possibilities that they will
want to accept.
Each discussion lays the ground work for a wider point of view.
You are there discussing it for a reason-more will come of these discussions.
Listen with an open mind and heart for all is being revealed.
It is simple but your human mind was to make it more complicated.
Only take the steps that you are ready to for many more will be revealed in due time.
Take your time much more is to be said and done.


Friday, October 10, 2014

10/10/14 The Seasons of Your Life

Here we go through some of life’s hardest questionable times.
It is not always clear how or why things happen.
But change is inevitable.
Life is expanding and moving forward, all life, your life.
It gets to a certain time and you must move and change.
The seasons of the year remind you of the seasons of your life.
But much like the seasons life is continuous and renewed.
Brought forth from what seems death back to a flourishing segment.
Have great respect for the teachers, examples of what transformations are possible.
They are there to help you understand.
It has been part of your world for a very long time and will continue for just as long.
Celebrate with joy that it is this way.
Love is there and you will know it.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

10/9/14 Changing Seasons

The winds that are about are just small and variable.
The larger strong wind that change the climate are coming there soon.
Then you will begin to see the plants and small animals change their daily mission.
For some it is a relaxing time and they love to feel the change in the air.
For others it brings an emotional state, not knowing how it will be until it is.
This anxiety last until the season is well established.
Each one reacts differently but we are encouraging you to accept this small change and understand how it affects those around you.
Your life is not disrupted too much this season.
Just stay warm and dry.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

10/8/14 Course of Direction

Much of life has its plan.
The rhythm is already set for them.
But you have more choices and many ways you can change your course of direction.
Use your wisdom and guidance to get where you want and need to be.
If you don't like the way things are going just make up your mind to do something different.
You can do it.
You are capable and strong.
Keep at it and believe it to be so and you will see the change is there for you.
We are with you.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

10/7/14 Glory to God

The birds in the sky sing glory to God.
The animals on the ground sing glory to God.
The fish in the sea sing glory to God.
But what about me?
The human species are divided at most.
Some sing glory and some will not.
They were each given a choice, free will, if you may.
The greatest gift and yet don't you see.
It has become the most challenging adversary to itself.
Some see the glory and sing praise everyday.
While others have turned their back and gone astray.
But the intention of glory and love are still there.
He waits patiently for all to become clear.
Rejoice when we all sing glory to God.
For then we will be united as one.
Divine in the essence of love and truth.


Does this seem complicated and unfair?
It is the plan to give this command.
So that you take it upon yourself for each choice, each advancement, each defeat.
Only then will you accomplish all that you've come to do.
You walked each step of the way, you've learned and earned it all by yourself.
This is the glory of God, the glory in you.
Praise be it.


Monday, October 6, 2014

10/6/14 Higher Consciousness

Everyone gets a chance to awaken to a higher consciousness.
The opportunity comes when you are able to understand.
But it is by choice and some choose not to expand and move forward at such a accelerated speed.
The changes needed to open to greater awareness is too big for them to make at this time.
It would mean that a large part of their belief system would have to change.
They may be comfortable where they are believing what they have for years.
New concepts and understanding makes them feel fear and unfamiliar vibrations.
But for some this awakening is exciting and freeing.
They have felt stuck and have wanted to expand and know more and more about the universe they live in.
They are ready for the change and the new level of understanding.
It begins a quest for more and more information and truth.
They will expand as much as they are comfortable with.
Adopting and allowing all this higher consciousness into their lives.
They are then able to find value and reasons in the mysteries that surround us all.
It seems unraveling at first but as you move into this consciousness it begins to make sense.
You will find the peace you have been seeking.
Be open to change.
Allow us to guide you to higher and higher understanding.
Be not afraid for there you will find peace.
It is in the not knowing and understanding that you create fear.
We are with you always.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

10/5/14 In The Quiet of Your Mind

In the quiet of your mind you can listen with your heart.
It will lead you to where you need to be.
You will have questions and things you want to understand.
Just allow the guidance to come through.
Allow your higher self to send emotions and wisdom to your heart and then your mind will know how you feel.
This is the way.
This is so good for you.
Quiet all the distracting noise so you can find the way.
Trust what you find and live your life with more confidence an peace.


And don't eat all that sugary deserts you were dreaming about!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

10/4/14 Faith, Hope and Love

Faith, hope and love are not new words, are not new concepts.
We have been speaking about them for as long as you have been here.
Those who would listen understood their value.
We still speak to you today of these concepts because they are the key to living in peace.
Turning away from them and seeing the fear in others leads to the fear in you.

Faith to believe that there is more.
Hope that you understand and find value in your life.
And love to share your true self with everything.

Make that your daily mantra, your quest to live by and peace will find you.


Friday, October 3, 2014

10/3/14 Lessons and Learning Experiences

Most of the time you are only considering the good things as gifts.
Much of the challenges and tougher times are gifts for the soul.
The human side of you learns and seeks to understand through these harder times.
Be grateful for all lessons and learning experiences whenever they present themselves.
All that you need and want to experience will be presented.
The way you react and learn from it is up to you.
Don’t envy those who appear to have an easy life.
You truly don’t know their personal, individual goals for this lifetime nor past lives.
Focus on your own and you will feel more accomplished.
Your time here is precious, every bit of it.
Waste not with envy and greed.
Compassion and love will be a better way.


Thursday, October 2, 2014

10/2/14 Fear

Fear, a deep human emotion that keeps you from living your life to its fullest.
We can talk and talk about the fabrication of fear and the fact it has no true basis but your mind seeks to make more and more rational reasons to have fear in your life.
It uses the past, it uses the future, and it has even learned a way to create fear out of everything that is happening right now.
Don’t allow yourself the mental time to go over and over things, analyzing them for their every aspect, for this creates fear.
Go to your heart.   How do you feel about doing it?
Is it something that the having or the doing it would make you happy?
Go for it.
Sometimes just your fear creates the difficulty in doing something.
You miss out on a lot of wonderful experiences when you allow the fearful thoughts to run your life
Be pleasantly surprised at what you can accomplish when you move away from fear.
We are with you.


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

10/1/14 The Lessons and The Learning

It is easy to let negative thinking creep back into your thoughts especially when things have been tough going.
But you must stay positive.
You must figure out what is going on and what you are to learn or change.
Your faith and knowledge of how things works should help you change things around.
You don’t have to accept all of this as a kind of fate or permanent.
It is only for the lessons and the learning.
What have you learned and how can you apply this to your life?
You have also been able to feel love and compassion for yourselves and others.
You are learning new limits and boundaries which can help you heal.
Stop worrying and enjoy what is around you.
Each of them are here to be your guides and teachers also.
Listen to their wisdom.