Monday, November 30, 2015

11/30/15 Healthy, Happy and at Peace

Keeping your body healthy and running well will take that worry off your list.
Eat, exercise and rest as is needed.
It can't do its best work for you when it is so weighed down.
Use your intuition to know what is best and listen closely to your body.
It also has a voice about its needs.
Take one step at a time to make changes and focus on a healthy lifestyle.
You'll see immediate response from your body.
Be healthy, happy and be at peace.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

11/29/15 Life Without a Body?

What a concept to think about...
“Life without a body?”
Your body is just an instrument that you can use to play out your conscious thoughts.
Without it you would just have your conscience.
You are not aware of how powerful and limitless your conscience truly is while there in the body.
But when “in spirit” you will be able to experience its full magnitude.
We hope this helps you to understand.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

11/28/15 Fear

Fear can paralyze you.
At that point, you must trust that something also is happening and will step in to change the outcome.
But it puts your life suddenly into perspective.
How deep does that fear resides in you?
And how much work you need to do to release it?
Then you can live your life more freely.
Don't let life itself be what you are fearing.
Face that with love and faith.
And live it.

Friday, November 27, 2015

11/27/15 Hope

Hope is the vision for tomorrow.
In hope you set your intentions.
And in doing so, you can put energy toward the direction you want.
Don't think hope is an idol emotion.
It has some very powerful attributes.
When used properly it sets forth energy in the direction of your intention.
Allow the universe to respond to the power of your intentions.
Hope lifts your intention in the right direction.

11/26/15 Being Grateful (Thanksgiving)

Being grateful is one of the most important things you can do.
Put your life in order and know there is a powerful energy moving through it.
You certainly made all of the decisions to get you where you are today.
What you've learned and what you take with you are your decisions.
Be grateful for the awareness to know your life's value,
Not only to you, the ones around you and the whole world.
All else will fall into place.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

11/25/15 Lift!

A strong, powerful message.....

Lift your spirit up.
Find something to give you confidence.
We are trying all the time but the way of the world has strong power over your consciousness.
We leave you alone for a few hours and they have convinced you that you are less than you truly are.
You are divine.
You are magnificent.
You are God.
You are there to learn lessons but the greatest of these is love thyself and live with this confidence.
You are divine.
You are loved.
Don't ever forget that!
Walk, talk and proud.
We love you.


11/24 15 Virtues

Love is a powerful thing.
You can feel it even when the person is miles away.
You can feel it even when the person has passed away.
Allow the love to guide you to do the right thing and you will see the best results.
You should have the same love for yourself, all others, all life.
Then you will have compassion, understanding, patience, and tolerance.
These are the virtues that will help to bring about peace.
Keep love at the surface of your being.

Monday, November 23, 2015

11/23/15 Advice For Living Well

Many thoughts enter your consciousness when you meditate.
Some are simply a list of things to do.
Others seem to carry a heavier vibration.
These are the ones to pay closer attention to.
They are full of wisdom and guidance.
They really won't be just a list of earthly chores but advice for living well and solving conflict.
Sit quiet and you will hear much from your higher self and your guides and teachers.
Be at peace and love always.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

11/22/15 A Matter of Preference

Even the toughest situation can be helped by love.
Most of the misunderstandings are just a matter of preference.
That is not meant to be hurtful or an attack.
Take each one and address it with more understanding.
Then you will see the true vulnerability for conflict.
You can certainly help to improve the situation and open the doorway to communication.
Be at Peace.


Saturday, November 21, 2015

11/21/15 Values

Much is given.
Much is received.
But not all is taken to heart and turned into practice.
You must make these more valuable to your life.
You must live with no judgment and from a place of love and understanding to make a difference.
Start now and incorporate these values.
Then you will see what you want.


Friday, November 20, 2015

11/20/15 Wholeness of Humanity

All of the conflict and trouble in the world comes down to separation and ego.
You believe that you are separate from each other and some how better and more deserving.
But this is not true.
You all are the same.
Equally deserving and certainly not separate from the source from which you come.
If you saw the divine source in each and every one of you there would not be so much disrespect and hatred towards each other.
Judgment comes when you look at the differences and not at the oneness (sameness).
You came to earth to be different, try different things, learn in different ways.
That is human life –
But all is precious and very valuable to the whole.
Have more tolerance for these differences.
Know that they help to create the wholeness of humanity.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

11/19/15 Your Part

Only now can you begin to see – and feel- the complexity of the matrix.
You are both an integral part and a minor part.
But in both cases you effect the movement and growth of the All.
So each and every day make your choices keeping in mind that they are made for more than you.
Kindness and compassion are the tools by which guide you toward the best outcome.
It is an example by which none can argue.
You have our love and support.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

11/18/15 Trust

More trust should be given to your journey.
Not a “random accident” will happen to you but you should still be careful.
The events that happen in your life bring the needed lessons and opportunities for growth that are needed.
They are orchestrated around your movements and choices, not around every corner.
This doesn't give way to sloppiness and unhealthy lifestyles or that may be the lesson you need next.
Your path is a good one – trust.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

11/17/15 Good Work

You can keep your life as simple as you like or you can allow it to get complicated.
That is up to you.
But the most important thing for you to do and learn will be there anyway.
So don't stretch yourself out too far because there is so much right around you.
All of the things that you do have a ripple effect that touches many.
You are doing good work.
Many will reap the benefits.

Monday, November 16, 2015

11/16/15 Coincidences

You can always wait 'till the bucket falls on your head to wake up and pay attention.
Or you can pay attention to the small advice and guidance you receive everyday, knowing where it is coming from.
Yes, all of the coincidences that come your way are small signs for you to see and help you make a better choice or give you a message you've been asking for.
Life has a way of bringing to you just what you need.
You just have to wake up enough to realize it.
We smile when you get it.
We are with you.

11/15/15 World Crisis

In response to the world crisis, there will never be peace when forced with hatred and war.
They will not respond with peace no more than you are.
No side will admit that their religious beliefs are wrong.
You must make room for understanding and compromise.
Love and the value of life – all life, all humanity, all races and nationalities must be part of the consideration and respect.
You must see the oneness, the true oneness that exists.
Only then will there be negotiations.
Speak of love and peace.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

11/14/15 Language Energy

Watch your P's and Q's, and of course, all that is said and the way in which it is said.
Language and the human way we communicate is a very heavy subject.
The words and their delivery carry a certain energy with them.
This energy is easily transferred to those who hear them and others around.
You not only need to pick and choose what you say but also what you are listening to.
Music and lyrics also carry energy and a certain vibration.
Be leery of this to keep your energy high!

11/13/15 All Is Well

Just as a reminder, that all is well.
Everything is going as planned.
Don't worry so much.
You are doing what you are supposed to do – when you are supposed to do it.
As life comes at you, live it, have your best time.
Keeping in mind all that you have come to know and learn.
Face the trumpets and the challenges with love and joy.
You will see how they all fit in.
When the time comes for you to do more you will know.
Opportunities always present themselves.
We are with you, call upon our help.

11/12/15 Years Well Spent

Don't count the moments of your life into years.
They are moments (points of adventure) and they go on and on into eternity.
Years are the way you keep track of this time spent there on the earth plane.
But there are no years before or after that.
There is only growth and awareness.
You will advance as you learn and grow only.
This will be up to you and your own personal commitment.
Similar to what you might see there.
Some are happy just where you are while others are continually looking and seeking more.
Never Satisfied.
Each awakening opens the door to a new understanding which motivates more questions and opportunities to explore.
Live you time there with great curiosity and courage to seek more of what you will find as reality.
Years well spent.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

11/11/15 Peace, Love and Joy

Keep the meaning of your holidays to love.
Do what is best for your family according to each one's needs.
No competition.
Start a new tradition that you can center more about loving kindness.
Spending time together laughing and bring joy into your traditions.
We did not say buying and spending had to be a big part of your traditions.
In fact, it doesn't have to be there at all.
Peace, Love and Joy.

Monday, November 9, 2015

11/9/15 God = Love

Was Jesus or any man ever God?
God was never concentrated in one human form (being) while not in you and all human beings.
You are God as Jesus is God.
Each and everyone of you are God.
You carry the God Force within you.
That makes you God.
Most don't recognize this, bring light to it, allowing you to see your divinity and recognize the magic.
Love is the part of you that is God.
Love does the magic.
It is the power pure love has.
What it has done in history.
What it continues to do now.
And what it can do in the future.
Love is forever.
And with it much is recognized and accomplished.
Without it much is destroyed.
Learn to use the God Quality – LOVE in the most useful and productive way in your life and see its divinity.
That is your mission.
That is what you are here for.

11/7-8/15 ( two nights) What is sleep?

Sleep is the body's way to re-energize and restock the vital fuels that help you get through the day.
You will function whit a better clarity and motivation if you are not sleep deprived.
You organs and tissues will be replenished with oxygen and fuel.
Sleep is not only for the physical but it allows the non-physical its reprise also.
Your non-physical self takes the time while the body is resting to do so many things.

Your higher self, non-physical self takes advantage of your sleep to travel outside of you physical body.
But remains attached to return when awaken.
Sometimes you can feel the return.
You may feel disoriented for a moment.
Sleep time induces a chance for dreams and dream visits, used for growth and understanding.
If you were not asleep but consciously aware of all your adventures (while you sleep) you would be exhausted and need to sleep.
You'll never fully understand everything about sleep but know it is a very important part of your life.

Friday, November 6, 2015

11/6/15 The Heart

The heart is a muscle.
In one way, it responds physically just like any other muscle.
But it is special in the way that it connects to your non-physical self.
It also responds to your thoughts, emotions and even energies that you have little awareness of.
It is most beneficial to learn to understand your heart and how it is relaying messages to you.
The heart is an indicator that your higher self uses to talk to your conscious awareness.
Being able to understand these indicators will help you.
Spend time to sit with your self and know your heart.
You will gain much from this experience.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

11/5/15 For Humanity

Don't put too much thought into separating each other because in reality you are all connected.
What happens to one happens to the All.
Maybe not physically but certainly spiritually.
So when you are seeing violence, see it as an act of violence towards humanity – not just the persons involved.
When you see an act of kindness, see it as an act of kindness towards humanity.
Saving a life not only saves that one but the anguish of humanity as a whole, you included.
You are doing good work.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

11/4/15 Worthy Thoughts

Don't try to get rid of all of your thoughts.
These are the pathways to which guidance is delivered.
Pay attention and learn to decipher them.
Some are part of your daily living but others are your higher self talking.
It will be clear and direct – easy to follow – come from a place of love.
Worthy of your attention.

11/3/15 Real Possibilities and Opportunities

Many times you do not recognize the greatest things that you are thinking.
You dismiss them as random thoughts.
When in reality they are your higher self speaking, giving you the wisdom needed to assure you of your divinity and what you are capable of doing and understanding.
Listen to these marvelous things and see them as possibilities, opportunities of your future all laid out with the finest detail for the best results.
You will see and you will know-
They are not scientific fiction, they are real.

Monday, November 2, 2015

10/ 29/15

11/2/15 The Message

When one pays attention to only what he needs he misses the extra messages that may help you to connect to your spirit, your essence.
There is a part of you beyond the everyday chatter that is you, the real you.

Making known in a tiny voice in you head and the ache in you heart, telling you :
You are loved – beyond belief – You are loved.
Never alone.
And guided always.
Listen so you will know and have peace.