Monday, November 9, 2015

11/9/15 God = Love

Was Jesus or any man ever God?
God was never concentrated in one human form (being) while not in you and all human beings.
You are God as Jesus is God.
Each and everyone of you are God.
You carry the God Force within you.
That makes you God.
Most don't recognize this, bring light to it, allowing you to see your divinity and recognize the magic.
Love is the part of you that is God.
Love does the magic.
It is the power pure love has.
What it has done in history.
What it continues to do now.
And what it can do in the future.
Love is forever.
And with it much is recognized and accomplished.
Without it much is destroyed.
Learn to use the God Quality – LOVE in the most useful and productive way in your life and see its divinity.
That is your mission.
That is what you are here for.

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