Sunday, May 2, 2021

5/2/21 Human Experiences

Sometimes, you’re going to be happy.

Sometimes, you’re going to be sad.

You’re going to want to experience it all in human body.

You’ve come here to experience it all and learn from each one.

You can not shy away from each sad experience or you won’t learn enough about being sad.

We say peace, love and happiness.

But sad is a form of happiness.

It is a lower form or opposite form.

The opposite form teaches just as much, sometimes more.

Recognize this and you will learn to appreciate all of life experiences.

Life’s ups and downs, as you call them, come and go as you need to experience them.

Yes, it can’t be all up - 

But you can look at them differently, as they will have a different impact on you if you choose.

See the light and wisdom in all of your human experiences.

We are with you.



Me - (Thank you for coming in so clear today! Sending love back to you, as always). 

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