Wednesday, May 12, 2021

5/12/21 Speaking to Spirit and repost from 5/12/15 Know Thyself

Speaking to Spirit

Four best ways to talk to Spirit.

Number one is silent meditation.

It is when your true self is talking and having the conversation.

The second is using your thoughts.

This is a conversation that you use when asking question or working things out.

The next is prayer – silent or out loud.

Saying a sequence of words that were developed for praise and adoration.

And of course, the last one is through visual art.

Expressing yourself with an art form that speaks of your emotions.

Spirit connects to your true self in the way that best serves you.

Here is where you will find peace.

We are with you.


It is a timeless treasure.

Feel this connection.

The reason is because we are already blended.

We are one together on this path. 

5/12/15 Know Thyself

Know thyself.

Become more aware of who you truly are.

Visit the place deep in your heart to know this.

Ask questions and see what you answer.

What do you have compassion for?

How do you help the world and people around you?

What gifts do you have and how do you share them?

These are some of the questions you can ask yourself.

Be aware of energy shifts as you search for these answers.

Here you will come to a broader knowledge of who you are.

Watch for the opportunity to learn and grow.

We will guide you.



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