Friday, April 16, 2021

4/16/21 Mourn and Remember

Death comes in many ways.

It is not always the way one might expect.

It is not understood when it is a violent, sudden death.

You may never be able to understand the reason for such a death.

We can say many lessons and changes result from such a death but that’s not enough explanation to you, the parents.

Lessons and changes come when a child lives out a longer life too.

We have compassion for your pain and realize why you can’t understand this totally.


ME - “Please, just give me peace and healing. Close the gap in the huge whole in my heart a little each day.

Maybe it’s true, we’ll never understand but we try.”

For me, this day will always carry a memory of the students and teachers that sacrificed their lives – even if not aware of it, for change and hopefully something came out of it.

Nicole, you didn’t die that day but we honor you and Christine, along with the other VT students that started and finished their life there.”


Children die every day.

Parents die every day.

Husbands and wives die every day.

Grandparents die every day.

Every day is today for someone.


Think of a journey home, to no home you remember but you have been there and you will know.


Live your life today with not regrets or holding back anything.

Live it to the fullest. 

Get what you want out of it, for your time here is limited.

No one can physically live forever here.

You too will pass and be mourned and remembered.

But you will be coming home to a home you will know and remember well.

And you will understand your time here completely.

Every moment, all of it, will make sense and have meaning and worth.

We comfort and we are with you as you mourn and remember, those of today and every day.


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